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  • The entire premise is funny, being the result of what happens when a few mages hear about the Holy Grail War, only manage to copy a few parts of the ritual, and then fudge the rest. Needless to say, their False Grail War is more than a little crazy.
  • When Flat is discussing summoning catalysts with El-Melloi II, he ponders whether he could theoretically summon Napoleon as a Servant with a portrait. An annoyed El-Melloi II replies that if he were Napoleon, he'd rather face the firing squad than form a contract with Flat. Flat then lists some people who looked for the Holy Grail, and includes Godzilla on the list.
  • When Gilgamesh notices Rider coming to interrupt his duel with Enkidu, he prepares to intercept with an enraged look on his face. Enkidu immediately begins lecturing him on a king letting his anger show.
    • Gilgamesh actually calls him on this, complaining that Enkidu never stops nagging him. And only him, since Enkidu acts as the All-Loving Hero to everyone (and thing) else.
  • Orlando hangs up on Dumas after the latter's request to check out the local casino, complaining what kind of Heroic Spirit would go to such a place in the middle of the Holy Grail War. Cut to Gilgamesh in the middle of a winning streak at said casino.
  • After blowing up an opera house, Saber and Ayaka are arrested. Saber jumps on top of a firetruck and declares to the reporters that he will compensate for the damages. While everyone is weirded out by his speech, Flat is enraptured by it. Flat then says they have to become friends with Saber, while False Berserker asks him if he even understands what "Holy Grail War" means. And while False Berserker tries to communicate with him telepathically, Flat instead answers him out loud, which makes it look like he is talking to himself.
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  • Jester starts telling Reeve and his officers that trying to fight him is pointless and he will kill them all, then Hansa splashes coffee on Jester's back. Jester turns around and says that was rude, then Hansa splashes more coffee in his face.
  • Lord El-Melloi II discusses the current state of the Holy Grail War with Rocco Belfaban, of the Clock Tower's Department of Summoning. The problem is that Rocco is blissfully ignorant of all things technological. When El-Melloi II says witnesses to Saber blowing up the opera house are uploading the event on several social networks, Rocco says he's never heard of a spell called "Social Network". El-Melloi II gets an email from Flat on his phone, and Rocco thinks the phone is a magical device that can receive telepathic messages. El-Melloi II says he needs to write an email back, and Rocco wonders where is his pen and paper.
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  • Gilgamesh decides to regale Tine with tales of his old kingdom, Uruk. Tine goes This Is Gonna Suck.
  • False Berserker assuming the shape of Assassin of Black. Flat freaks out, drapes the Servant with a blanket and orders them to change into something else before someone sees them and calls the cops.
  • Several mages attempt to raid the hotel Flat is staying at. Flat and False Berserker repeatedly knock them out, paralyze them with magic, and stuff them into a room. False Berserker and the prisoners themselves wonder why Flat won't just kill them.
  • While Sigma is talking to False Assassin, he tells Watcher to shut up. Watcher then reveals that Sigma is the only person who can see or hear them. Sigma asks why he wasn't told that earlier, especially since False Assassin thought he said that to her.
  • At one point, Sigma lies and claims he summoned True Lancer, and his identity is Charlie Chaplin. False Assassin doesn't know who that is and doesn't care, Saber gets excited as he watched one of his movies earlier, and Ayaka and Faldeus think it doesn't make any sense.
  • True Rider's Master nicknames her "Polyte" after her true name Hippolyta. True Rider thinks it is embarrassing, but relents when her Master attempts to nickname her "Hippo".
  • When Gilgamesh, Saber, and Sigma confront True Archer, Saber compliments Gilgamesh, causing Gilgamesh to call him a mongrel and say he hasn't given him permission to look at him. He tells Saber to be gone and fires a volley from Gate of Babylon. While the swords are flying toward Saber, Sigma immediately bails, while Saber asks Gilgamesh if he meant be gone from the field or the world. He then effortlessly bats the swords away. The narration then points out Saber's next words are practically suicide to anyone who knows Gilgamesh, "Say! Since you have so many... would you mind giving me a few?"


  • The author had to assure fans that True Rider is not a Saberface and all they have in common is their hairstyle.
  • Nasu said he'll wait for a materials book to explain how in the world True Archer turned the Nemean Lion's skin into a strip of cloth because it is not relevant to the story.
  • In a way, what Tsubaki's parents wanted to summon wouldn't happen anyway, as it was later revealed that Qin Shi Huang Di is a Ruler according to Grand Order, a class that oversees wars instead of fighting in them. The fact that their plans would fail even if the summoning system wasn't buggy is somewhat hilarious.
  • Remember how in Fate/Grand Order's Babylonia Singularity Ishtar somehow lost Gugalanna? Well, that was because Filia grabbed him to attack Gilgamesh and Enkidu, thinking there would be no problem diverting the bull from some world "not connected to anything". One way or another, she did deserve that "I am an worthless goddess" sign.

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