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Heartwarming / Fate/strange fake

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  • Gilgamesh asks Tine to stop acting so serious and act like the child she is.
  • After being summoned, Enkidu quickly frees the Wolf from his abusive owner. While treating Wolf's injuries, Enkidu looks at the wilderness and expresses joy that there are still places in the world that are ruled by nature, as he had feared the whole world would be overtaken by cities like Uruk.
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu's reunion.
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  • When Tsubaki is frightened by a thunderstorm, the Pale Rider attempts to stop it to soothe her. Later, he pats her head.
  • Ayaka playing with Wolf while Saber and Enkidu discuss a potential alliance. How relaxed the two are with each other, given Wolf's past and Ayaka's reservations, speaks volumes.
  • Gilgamesh promises Tine that he will remember her when he eventually returns to the Throne of Heroes, and he considers her an honorary citizen of Uruk.
  • Flat confides that he values his friendships with Lord El-Melloi II and False Berserker because they were the first people to truly accept him.
  • Flat's Servant cares about him so much that they beg him to promise that if they ever lose control and try to kill him, Flat will use a Command Spell to make them commit suicide.
  • Beautiful Assassin tries to kill Sigma, who manages to distract her and run. While running, he sees Ayaka. Assuming she is a civilian, he tells her to run and tries to take her to safety. This act causes both Saber and Beautiful Assassin to see that he has a good heart and invite him into an alliance.
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  • Sigma has a chat with Beautiful Assassin and reveals that he doesn't believe in God or anything else because of his upbringing where he was a child soldier struggling to survive. While Beautiful Assassin is a religious zealot who would be expected to be angry, she instead shows sympathy to him and says she hopes that by the time this adventure is over, he finds something to believe in.
  • Waver, as the usual restraining influence over Flat, gets on the phone with Flat's Servant, who's currently filling the role. Turns out he really cares about Flat, and clearly respects Jack for having kept the kid alive so far:
    I am frankly grateful that it was a level-headed being like yourself who appeared to Flat. If that foolish apprentice of mine has had any influence on you, for better or for worse, then I believe it would be right to say that a new facet of Jack the Ripper has undoubtedly been born. I promise to remember ‘you,’ not an urban legend or a Heroic Spirit, regardless of what you were in life. I promise to remember the you I am speaking with now as Flat’s Servant, the being who showed him the way, if only for a short time. So, please… take care of my foolish apprentice — of Flat. I don’t have Command Seals or anything like that; this is just my selfish request. But please… keep him safe for me.
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  • When False Caster meets Flat and introduces himself, he becomes happy that Flat actually knows who his son, Alexandre Dumas, fils, is and of his works.
  • Beautiful Assassin says she wishes she could have met Sigma when he was a child and save him from his abusive upbringing.
  • When everyone is sent to Tsubaki's dream world, Tsubaki shows Sigma and Beautiful Assassin hospitality and introduces them to Pale Rider, whom she affectionately calls Mr. Black.
  • Enkidu and Tine found Gilgamesh after he was fatally wounded by both True Archer and True Berserker and try to heal him, but it doesn't seem to be working. Tine is about to collapse from exhaustion and Enkidu tells her to give up and accept Gilgamesh's death, but she screams that she has to save him. Wolf tells Enkidu to keep helping her. Surprised, Enkidu tells Wolf that Tine is not like Ayaka and more resembles the humans he hates, but Wolf insists. Enkidu tells his Master he is kind and transfers some of Wolf's energy to Tine so she can keep trying to heal Gilgamesh.
  • Galvarosso Scladio, Don of the Scladio family and Cordelion's boss, foresaw his death ages ago due to an incident with some mystic eyes. He saw himself dying after giving his great-great-granddaughter a plush fox, and determined that to change fate he mustn't give her the toy. Then the day she asked for said fox came...
    Galvarosso, talking to True Assassin: "...but I suppose this is what it means to get old... If the alternative is seeing Olivia cry and sulk, I’d rather accept death... That was honestly how I felt.”
  • Tsubaki, upon learning what False Rider’s actions have done to Snowfield, refuses to be tempted by Jester’s offer to make her a queen, and orders False Rider to release everyone within the dream world.
  • There is something slightly comforting (if assuredly nightmare-inducing) about how well Francesca and True Caster get along. Admittedly they are two incarnations of the same person (François Prelati), but it hearkens back to the bizarre yet oddly endearing friendship between Ryuunosuke and Caster.
  • Saber convincing Ayaka to talk about the apparition haunting her. After having one of the Servants from Rounds of Lionheart examine the red hooded girl, finding no traces of it, after this he has said Servant use her Magecraft to decorate the apparition while playing a song. The absurdity of the situation ends up getting Ayaka to smile and steel her resolve to face whatever challenges the Holy Grail War has in store.
  • Before leaving him to search for Jester, Assassin asks Sigma to thank Ayaka for her and congratulates him for finding something to believe in, saving Tsubaki.
  • False Caster uses his culinary expertise to make a very nice dinner for Orlando and Vera. He does this because the ones orchestrating the Snowfield Grail War have chosen to annihilate the city, and Caster wanted to make what might be their last meal something they could savor. For the first time, Reeve and Dumas seem to truly get along quite civilly, with Caster even offering to serve the same meal to the rest of Clan Calatin and help work on their Noble Phantasms.
  • Even though Filia-Ishtar is not as good-natured as her time as a Pseudo-Servant, she still chooses to make Haruri her high priestess because she trusts her, then comforts her by letting the woman cry into her chest. It’s a surprisingly generous gesture.