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Eventually, the Beautiful Assassin will use King Hassan's Noble Phantasm, Azrael.
  • Maybe it will be her final attack before she is killed, or she will finish off one of the villains with it, perhaps Jester Karture. Either way, if it happens, it will be epic.

Flat Escardos will have some sort of link to Saint-Germain.
  • Perhaps Flat could have a link to Saint-Germain—either Saint-Germain being Flat's distant ancestor, or even a similar scenario with Shirou & EMIYA. They both are rather eccentric, have a fondness towards steampunk (Flat specifically having Jack be a watch because he liked its design; as for Saint-Germain, well. Look at him), both also have a mysterious focus in regards to their eyes (Zugzwang & Ayaka both felt 'fear' in regards to their eyes). Coincidentally, in FSF, Saint-Germain also met with Iskandar which ties in nicely if it was indeed foreshadowing. Whether it's true or not, it's a fun theory.

The Beautiful Assassin and True Archer will get an epic battle.
  • She is ultra religious and he absolutely hates anything to do with the gods. They are bound to clash.

If True Archer uses King's Order: The Fifth Labor, it will make a flood.
  • In the Fifth Labor, Heracles diverted two rivers to wash out the Augean Stables. Since True Archer doesn't care about innocent lives, he might use this to try to take out enemy Masters and potentially kill a lot of people.

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