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    School Idol Project 
Love Live! Season 1
  • Episode 1: Umi's Imagine Spot. Her "Love Arrow, Shoot!" note  catch phrase causes her to miss, badly.
  • Episode 3: The Death Glare by Umi after Kotori reveals the new idol outfit for the performance, having forgotten about Umi's warning.
  • Episode 4: Hanayo witnessing Kousaka Yukiho's attempt to enlarge her breasts and Umi (who happens to be there when Honoka's busy) practicing her poses. Both were shocked and not too pleased to see her witnessing their embarrassing moments.
  • Episode 5: Nico demonstrates how to build up a cute idol persona with her "Nico-Nico-ni!" routine and the reactions she gets, especially Rin's.
    Rin: Isn't that really pretty lame?
    • To elaborate: Nico is introduced as a terse, grumpy character with high standards regarding idols. She criticizes the others as being amateurs, as they lack stage persona. When they're confused at this, she demonstrates by walking to the front of the room, composing herself... and then launching into an uber-cutesy, energetic spiel, completely changing her body language, tone, expression, and gestures. When she's done, she promptly switches back to her regular self and sternly asks, "You got it?"
  • Episode 6: Nico gets ignored a lot.
    • When everybody's being interviewed, she starts off doing her cutesy "Nico-ni" routine before she's told to be genuine. In response, she lets her hair down and begins putting on a demure persona. ("Truthfully... I'm quite shy" she says, bashfully looking down and touching her hair.) She gets so into it she doesn't notice anyone leaving the room.
      Nico: Hey! Where the hell'd they go?!
    • When she tries to take charge of being the leader of the Idol Club...
    Nico: Well, if I must, I must.
    Kotori: I still feel like Honoka is the best choice.
    Nico (less enthusiastically): If I must, I must.
    Maki: I think we need to convince Umi-senpai to take charge.
    Nico (getting increasingly angrily): Well, if I MUST, I MUST!
    Hanayo: Maybe... we should vote on it?
    Nico (through a megaphone): I SAID, "IF I MUST, I MUST"!
    • At the karaoke place to determine who would be the best candidate at being leader...
    Nico: Well, c'mon, let's rock!
    (everyone is busy talking with each other)
  • Episode 7: Nozomi's punishment. Nico in particular gets threatened three times with it and squeezed twice when she struggles with her studies:
    Nico: Like I said before, don't worry about cute little Nico failing.
    Nozomi: (makes grabby hands and a creepy face, charges at Nico, and squeezes her!) Lie again, and I'll give 'em a nice squeeze.
    Nico: No, please don't. Just tutor me...
    Nozomi: (switching back to a friendly smile and tone) Now that's more like it.
    (and later...)
    Nozomi: Then how would you answer the next question?
    Nico: Umm I think it's a...Ni-Nico Nico Nii...?
    Nozomi: (grabby hands) Ehehehehehe...
    Nico: Oh no... No please don't! (retreats back and screams) Get away from my boobs, you— you grab-maniac!
    Nozomi: Next time you goof off, they're grabbing at MAX powernote !
    • Later Nozomi catches Rin, Honoka, and Nico practicing on the school roof instead of studying like they planned to do. The three girls freak out and all start trying to blame each other for the mess...not that it matters, because Nozomi then punishes all of them off-screen, including Nico, again. By the end of it, the three are all wiped out.
    Nozomi: Whose idea it was isn't important. Because... (makes grabby hands and a creepy face) there's enough discipline to go around! (chuckles mischievously)
  • Episode 9
    • Kotori in the maid outfit running away from the group. When μ's visits an idol shop, they happen to notice one of their members (Kotori in a maid outfit) asking the shopkeeper to remove the maid picture of her. When they confront her, Kotori is surprised that they're there and tries to lie her way out by acting like a foreigner (or in the case of the dub, an alien, complete with a British accent,) with only Rin falling for it. After her 'act', Kotori quickly runs away from them while Honoka and Umi chase after her. She manages to escape and assumes that no one can catch her since she uses a shortcut until Nozomi appears behind her ordering her not to run or she'll punish her.
      • Eli's rather deadpan expression when Kotori was pretending to be a foreigner is what sold the scene.
    • Eli joins μ's and tells the group not to get too over confident about the opening school ceremony success. Umi cries with joy as she's excited to finally find someone in the group who's more reliable than she is (and no longer being the "only girl with discipline"), which shocks Eli. Cue Rin saying "You make it sound like the rest of us don't have any common sense." upon hearing it.
  • Episode 10:
    • What the girls really think of Nico before they realize she was a third-year student.
    • The entire pillow fight scene is absolutely hilarious. That is, until Umi gets woken up... What actually happened is during the entire summer camp, Maki was the only one who refused to play by Eli's 'no calling Senpai' rules. Nozomi decides to force Maki to join in by tossing the pillow at Nico and blaming her (after the girls minus Umi get woken up by Honoka's eating sound). So the girls end up having a pillow fight until they accidentally hit Umi, which causes her to snap. Umi takes out her anger by knocking out Nico, Honoka and Eli with her 'supersonic pillow' and it takes a combined attack by Maki and Nozomi to knock her out before she takes out Hanayo and Rin.
    • When the girls all gather around for dinner, they each have a plate of curry rice...except for Hanayo, who has a plate of curry and a bowl of rice.
  • Episode 11: The third-years approach Honoka, who is in a depressive slump, and Nico calls out Nozomi's name. Nozomi, on command, jumps Honoka and squeezes her.
  • Episode 12: If you look closely at the list of School Idols, one of them named the group as "george"

Love Live! Season 2

  • Episode 1:
    • The entire scene where Honoka makes her opening speech as the new Student Council President by catching the microphone in the air and starting a song and dance sequence. Unfortunately the above incident never happens due to Honoka's Performance Anxiety. Seriously, how did Honoka end up being Student Council President in the first place?
    • Hanayo running past a sign that says "Don't run in the hallway!" When she runs back the other way with Rin, Maki, and Nico, the sign is shown again, except the wind blows it off.
  • Episode 2
    • When μ's enters Maki's family summer villa for practice, the girls happen to notice the fireplace and intend to light a fire. However, Maki tells them not to as she believes that Santa Claus will have a hard time coming down the chimney. This causes Nico to crack up about her belief but before she can say anything her friends stop her from destroying Maki's belief, while Maki is puzzled by her friends' action.
      • Later on, when they light the fireplace to warm up Rin and Nico:
      Honoka: Hey guys! The fireplace IS real!
    • Any scenes of Umi and her obsession about mountain climbing. Poor Rin.
  • Episode 3: The girls in μ's are invited by A-RISE, μ's school idol rival, to UTX High School. Upon meeting with them A-RISE lists everyone's skill sets and strength. What is Nico's? A-RISE thanks her for sending them flowers in the past and comments that she's the little imp in the group.
  • Episode 4:
    • Honoka Lampshading how everything is going according to her dream.
    • Long after the others found out μ's was going on to the preliminaries for the Love Live, Umi is still covering her ears and wondering if it's over.
    • The entire Nico chase scene. Especially the part where Nozomi uses Rin to slide in between two vans, since she isn't able to fit through, because her boobs are too big.
    • The entire 'backup dancers' scenes. Nico's siblings, Kokoro and Kotaro, reveal that μ's consist of Nico and her backup dancers. They even visit Nico's house to see badly photoshopped photos of Nico as the main leader. This doesn't sit well with Eli, Maki, Nozomi and Umi. The moment Nico returns home and sees μ's, Umi gives her a Death Glare. Cue Nico's Screw This, I'm Outta Here! moment, knowing that she's in deep trouble. Unfortunately, Nico gets caught when her sibling Kokoa exits out of the elevator; Nico makes a funny facial expression when Rin comments about her having another sibling.
  • Episode 5:
    • Umi's memetic poker face. Also an Epic Fail, considering that she was making some very obvious expressions beforehand, aka the last thing you want to do in these sorts of card games.
    • Rin, as temporary leader, finally snapped the moment she realize that Honoka is unable to come back and she has to wear the cute and swan-lake outfit. She tries to run away but this causes Nico to give her some payback for catching her last season.
  • Episode 6:
    • Honoka, Kotori, Nico, and Maki playing with dolls while discussing the Halloween event, speaking through a ghost, a pumpkin, a Jack Skellington-esque doll, and a golem respectively.
    • And a moment later, when Eli drops her seriousness as well:
      Maki: So this is our opening move, then?
      Eli: *leaning towards her with a serious expression* It's so cute.
    • The funny and ridiculous ideas for the Halloween special to boost up their popularity for the preliminary round:
      • Umi suggest doing a 'club version'. Some agree but those who had to wear a Chemistry, Kendo and 'drama' club theme outfit...didn't seem to like the idea. Also Rin fooling around in her swimmer outfit in the foreground while Honoka tries to justify that they weren't.
      • Nozomi then suggests to be each other, with Honoka as Umi, Kotori as Eli, Umi as Rin, Rin as Maki, Maki as Nozomi, Hanayo as Nico, Nico as Kotori, Nozomi as Honoka, and Eli as Hanayo. Unfortunately the end result makes everyone realize it's strange. It's lampshaded by Eli:
      Eli: *Hanayo-esque voice* All... of you.... all of you..... *normal voice* are weird.
      • Bonus points for Hanayo being more Nico than Nico.
      • Eli suggest to do something that is not rock but more onto the Punk rock version. It didn't turn out well, as they're called to the principal.
      Everyone: NOW FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE NEW AND IMPROVED μ's! *cue Hideko, Mika, and Fumika running away screaming*
  • Episode 7:
    • When Eli asks Nozomi if she wants to grab another parfait with her, Nozomi makes a face that looks less like "Sure! I'll split another parfait with you!" and more like "I want you in my bed."
  • Episode 8: When the girls are trying to figure out some ideas on how to express love in their next new song, Kotori suggests they watch a romantic DVD movie she brought. One Gilligan Cut later, most of the girls are seen crying while two of the girls are seen sleeping during the movie. The best expression goes to Maki, who shows absolutely no signs of emotions and Umi, who's so traumatized that she cowers in fear as if she's watching a horror movie. She even switches off the television during the movie's kissing scene, indignantly stating it's not something girls would do in public. There's also this line from Nico:
    Nozomi: You're crying.
  • Episode 11:
    • The girls' adventures on their day off together, notably Honoka and Kotori's penguin imitations and all nine idols striking identical one-legged poses while at the flamingo display.
    • Eli and Nozomi getting way too engaged in a game of air hockey.
    • Honoka suggests a group picture with everyone to commemorate the occasion. Seeing them all trying to fit in a single photo booth is quite hilarious. However, it then leads to one of the saddest scenes in the entire series...

    The School Idol Movie 
  • After coming back from New York, the girls realize that μ's is popular across Japan.
    • Nico daydreams that she's giving her usual signature Catchphrase to her fans. However instead of her usual "Nico-Nico-ni!" Catchphrase, she says "Nico-Nico-Nui~!" while the rest of the girls look at her, puzzled at her actions.
    • Due to μ's popularity, the following day in school Hideko, Mika and Fumika bind and gag Honoka, trying to persuade her to reconsider disbanding μ's.
  • Thanks to Honoka having written the wrong hotel address on the paper-slip she gave to Umi, Kotori and Rin, instead of taking them to the ritzy 5-star-hotel on Broadway, the Taxi driver brings the trio to a crumbling barely-held-together by duct-tape roach-motel that looks like a crime-scene from a murder-horror film like Saw or Se7en. Rubbing salt in the wounds, the second the taxi leaves, the water tower on the roof loudly collapses in a cloud of dust, to a muted-piano parody of the grand orchestral motiff of the Ritzy Broadway Hotel.
    • Making the comedy of errors even more ludicrous, Sunrise decided to name the murder-motel "Sunrise Motel" in faded letters; and apparently it is based on an actual'' murder-motel, albeit from Chicago, where the victim's corpse was stored in it's water tower.
      • Umi, when she makes it to the actual hotel, was naturally not amused, and gave Honoka a spectacular chewing-out for her careless stupidity before collapsing in an adorable bundle of tears, refusing to leave her room until coaxed with a delicious dinner downstairs.
  • Nico's "Nico-Nico-nii" becomes a Funny Background Event during the character intros after hers is over.
  • The return of Umi's poker face (or lack thereof).
  • Honoka's dynamic entry onto the (wrong) subway train and everyone else trying to catch her attention.
  • ?←HEARTBEAT is a groovy song with funny choreography, becomes extra funny when the normally serious Eli gets involved.
  • What's the first thing Honoka wants to do after finding out that the group's fame is driving more business to her parents' store? Negotiate a bigger allowance!
  • Rin somehow manages to convince some school idols to perform together by claiming to be a herald of school idols while posing like the Statue of Liberty.
  • A-RISE's leader Tsubasa collaborates with Maki to write a new song and moves in pretty close to her (enough to make her blush) while doing so. Nico sees this and freaks out.
  • Honoka's Dad dance sequence.

    School Idol Festival 
  • For April Fools' Day 2015 and 2016, you could get alpaca cards. Now if only you could put them in a team...
    • For April Fools' Day 2017, Klab took it one step further and changed the chime when you hit a note to this.
  • Putting more than one of a particular character on your team can create some amusing mental images, such as nine Nicos on a stage all doing the "Nico Nico Nii~!" together.
    • You actually need to do that and play a certain song ("Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita!" for Nico) to get their character title in the game.

    Anthology Manga 
Despite not being canon to the official storyline, the anthology manga does share a number of laughs:

  • Anthology 1:
    • Chubby Live!!! (ぽちゃライブ!!! Pocha Raibu!!!) by nachucoco (奈月ここ): Nico forces herself to train both Hanayo and Nozomi after she knew that they ate too much.
      • And because of Nozomi and Hanayo's bouncy and stretchy training, Nico angrily blew the whistle just to stop them from training at one point, know.
      • The end of the story's page also points out that neither Nozomi nor Hanayo learnt their lesson.

  • µ's Sweet Memories:

  • µ’s Precious Days:
    • Battle: General Winter by Donten Takasaka (also known as higheast): After building a snow hut to warm themselves until the blizzard's gone, Eli orders Nozomi and Maki to continue the training.

    Other Media 
  • OVA: Nico pummeling Nozomi's Gag Boobs, while Nozomi just stands there with an unfazed smile.
  • Audio Drama: Mitai Shiritai! Mode Check has the girls waltzing through an idol goods store as Eli and Maki (unsuccessfully) trying to reign them in. Hijinx ensue:
    Maki: It'll be an embarrassment for all of μ if someone's seen doing something ridiculous.
    Eli: Yeah, yeah you're right. We mustn't embarrass ourselves-
    Eli: Aaah. Already?
    Eli: You know, Honoka, we should be a little more quieter in the sh-
    Eli: Rin, you too be quie-
    Eli: Not you too, Nozomi.
    Eli: Hey, hey, hey, hold on! This is not what we're here for! We're supposed to get ideas for our costu-

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