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WARNING: As a Moments page, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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     School Idol Project Season 1 

     School Idol Project Season 2 
  • Episode 5: Rin spends the majority of the episode despondent due to her belief that she's not pretty enough to be the centre of µ's and perform in a beautiful dress which is a result of her self esteem issues regarding her Tomboy looks. By the time of the fashion show µ's was supposed to perform in, the girls are about to get ready for the show and put on their costumes only to reveal that Rin's outfit has been swapped out with the aforementioned dress with all members insisting that Rin should be the centre. After a lot of protests, Hanayo and Maki convince Rin that she is cute and, in a Call-Back to how Hanayo joined µ's, Hanayo and Maki push Rin to the dress. Afterwards she joins the group onstage in the dress with many in the audience remarking on how cute she is. The experience ultimately gives Rin the confidence to start wearing skirts in her casual wear outside of her school uniform, culminating in her swapping out her old practise clothes for a skirt and top combo that she wears for the remainder of the season.
    • This becomes a lot more heartwarming during Love Live! Sunshine!! when Hanamaru joined Aqours after being inspired by this moment captured in a magazine cover.
  • Episode 9: During the day of the Love live preliminary finals, Honoka, Kotori and Umi are stuck at school during a massive snowfall while the others are already at the venue. As the trio fights the harsh conditions and blocked streets, they find that their fellow classmates had shoveled all the snow and cleared the way to the venue. For a group that started out performing to a near empty auditorium, it's sweet to see them get the support that they earned. This is also the episode where they perform the famous "Snow Halation", where we get this before they start.
    Eli: Because I love our school.
    Maki: Because I love music.
    Nico: Because I love idols!
    Rin: Because I love dancing.
    Hanayo: Because I love our members.
    Nozomi: Because I love our everyday lives.
    Umi: Because I love that everyone did their best.
    Kotori: Because I love singing.
    Honoka: And because we love µ's.

     School Idol Festival  
  • One of Nozomi's menu greetings demonstrates her kind and motherly side. Granted, she never actually pats you, but the thought is still nice:
    "Once you've cleared your Goal I'll give you a pat on the head."

  • Iida Riho (the voice of Rin) and a violinist named Ayasa were guests in a certain variety show. Ayasa performed Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari. Tender Tears were drawn from Rippi and Manly Tears from the audience.
  • After Final Live, the members of µ's had become so close that they still find the time to support each other's careers despite their busy schedules.

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