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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked.

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     Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 1 
  • At one point in the opening, everyone is sitting on a stone wall, and Yoshiko is lying onto Hanamaru's lap like a pillow. Then, as everyone gets up, Yoshiko nearly falls down.
  • Episode 1:
    • From the English Dub: "Oh no, she's brain damaged!"
    • The entire episode debut of Yoshiko Tsushima a.k.a Yohane. Especially her loss to Hanamaru in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors when Hanamaru recognizes her from middle school.
    • The Comically Serious Dia slams her palm onto the desk when she objects to Chika's club application and hurts it in the process.
    • Chika Takami tries to stop Riko Sakurauchi from jumping into the sea since it was April, despite Riko already wearing her swimsuit. However, they end up both falling into the sea instead.
  • Episode 2:
    • Dia Kurosawa showing her fanatic Fangirl skills when Chika says μ's name wrong. Especially Chika accidentally turns on the PA System, letting the whole school knows of her FanGirl moment. Funnier when both Chika and her friend You Watanabe gives her a suspicious stare and grin due to that.
    • Chika mispronounces "Muse" as "Moose" in the English dub.
    • How does Chika manage to lure out Ruby Kurosawa from her hiding spot? Baiting her with a lollipop candy.
    • Yoshiko's class introduction. She introduces herself as the fallen angel, Yohane and invites the class to make a deal with her. After a pause where someone gulps, Yohane realizes her mistake and bolts out of the classroom.
    • After school, Chika notices Riko at the beach. What's the first thing Chika did after she greets her? Flip Riko's skirt to see if she's wearing her swimsuit casually.
      • To be honest, Riko has a lot of funny moments in this episode. From the time she gets really annoyed with Chika's persistence to joining her idol club to the part where she gets busted by Chika, who only realizes that Riko is her next door neighbor when she's singing 'Yume No Tobira' with her piano.
      • Also, her introduction to Shiitake, complete with eye-twitching.
  • Episode 3:
    • Mari Ohara's introduction and characteristic as the school director. Dia isn't too impressed at this...
      • And even before that, there's Mari's helicopter nearly running over the second years so she can land right next to them...on the beach no less!
    • This line from English Dub's Chika when Mari jokes that they'll be performing at Tokyo Dome.
    • Riko's Epic Fail method of trying to bypass Shiitake, Chika's pet dog. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Episode 5:
    • Anytime that Hanamaru gets so excited in seeing technology gadgets (E.g Laptop, television, and Auto sensor faucet) just like a kid in a candy store due to her being raised in a temple.
    • "Five Mermaids"!
    • Yoshiko. Just Yoshi... well, Yohane. Yohane's worried that the class will start talking badly of her due to her class introduction as seen in Episode 2. However, Hanamaru tells her that the class didn't do that but just wondered why she was absent. Listening to her advise and ask for her assistance if she ends up back to her Chuunibyou mannerism, she returns back to class. Good news is it did works out well but the moment one of the classmates ask her to do fortune telling... Let's just say that she manages to make a very bad impression in less than a minute. Even Hanamaru comments it after Yohane ask why she didn't stop her.
    Hanamaru: I didn't think you would bring those stuff with you, zura.
    • The entire scene where Chika's pet dog, Shiitake chases after Riko. Riko's reputation just keeps adding up.
    • "Wow! Pretty Bomber Head!". Needless to say, Dia is pissed. note 
  • Episode 6:
  • Episode 7:
    • Before heading to Tokyo, Chika's sister, Mito, makes Chika wears a flashy outfit. Riko sighs on her choice of clothes until she is shocked to see Ruby wearing the flashy outfit too and Hanamaru wearing a miner's outfit. But the best outfit goes to Yoshiko, who wears her usual Elegant Gothic Lolita dress, only with white makeup and long fingernails, and attracts the attention of a large crowd, while Chika, Hanamaru, and Ruby sit in the front and quietly snark at her. You doesn't look too pleased with this.
      • Even funnier is the little girl that watches Yoshiko intently. Even after she scares off the crowd, the little girl is still standing there, prompting her mother to quickly drag her away.
    • The moment the girls arrived at Tokyo, with the exception of Chika, all of the girls run off to different parts of Tokyo to buy stuff including Riko attempt to buy a Yuri book and You buying a lot of cosplay outfits, which she starts wearing different outfits the rest of the day.
  • Episode 9:
    • When Chika asks Ruby more about Dia's past, Ruby proceeds to run like hell, prompting Yoshiko to lock her down forcefully. However, this angers Hanamaru.
    Hanamaru: *smacks Yoshiko on the head while still smiling* Stop that, zura.
    • Next, Riko confronts Dia about why she was so quick to take Kanan's side. Dia then proceeds to run away, again prompting Yoshiko to lock her down in the exact same manner as Ruby. They really are sisters, after all.
    • Before that, there's the equally awesome scene of Chika yelling at the third years. The three third years simultaneously blinking while Chika rants at them and their stunned reactions the entire time sold it. Not to mention Chika's "huh?" reaction after that scene when she realizes that she'd basically just talked down her seniors note .
    • Just before Chika yells at the third years, Hanamaru can be seen covering her ears. Looks like years of being friends with Ruby taught her to anticipate when someone's about to make a lot of noise.
    • Hanamaru stops Yoshiko from interjecting with a "Yohane" statement at an improper moment by forcibly covering her mouth and wrestling her away.
      • And she holds her in place for the rest of the scene. Yoshiko's disgruntled expression and Hanamaru's nonchalant grip on her just adds more fun to it.
  • Episode 10:
    • Good god, everything about Dia. Full stop. Mari mentions that after joining the new Aqours, she no longer needs to hold back on her fanatic fan behavior.
      • Her interactions with Ruby get called a sister comedy act. It gets funnier when you realize that this is probably what Dia and Ruby were like before Dia initially tried to become an idol. The scene is both funny and adorable.
    Ruby: Ganbaruby! note 
    Yoshiko: ...What's with the sisterly comedy act?
    Dia: It's not a comedy act!
    • The return of μ's note  infamous Summer Training Camp schedule chart. How Dia obtained it is anyone's guess, but she insists that everyone tries out that schedule chart anyway. That evening, when they do try what's on the chart, everyone collapses on the beach with the exception of Kanan, who's barely even winded. Mari seems to be relaxing on a bench and Riko is looking at Mari as though she's wondering where the bench came from. Dia regretfully wonders how μ's pulled this off, unaware that μ's never followed the chart, to begin with.
    • Poor Hanamaru being the only one to show up at the early practice. Even Dia, who organized it and insisted on it, didn't show up.
    • When the group is washing off after training, Yoshiko randomly pops out of a water barrel and says "Little demons!". Hanamaru tells her to cut it out with her usual smile.
    • Dia assigns the task of advertising to Kanan. The way she says it? Even funnier is when Chika asks what a "scrub" is, only for Riko to tell her not to bother.
    Dia: Use your glamorous (extra emphasis on the glamorous) body to draw in customers! Those scrubs can't compete with the beauty of a woman!
    Chika: What is a scrub?
    Riko: You better not know.
    • While some girls are being assigned with different tasks by Dia, she assigns the task of cooking to You, Mari, and Yoshiko. While You makes a very delicious dish which sells out very quickly, Yoshiko and Mari, uhh...
    Yoshiko: *cooking black takoyaki with a red inside* Hahaha... Tears of a Fallen Angel... descend!
    Mari: *mixing a cooking pot like a witch's cauldron* Unbelievable... The Stewshine is complete! (Or, "Shiny... COMPRETE!")
    • What sells this is You's facial expression upon the two's cooking.
    • Later that night, since both Mari and Yoshiko never get their food sold, the girls decide to have it for dinner.
      • They first try Mari's, whose Stewshine actually ends up tasting delicious when most of the girls assume she's a Lethal Chef. Turns out that Mari uses high-quality ingredients which each bowl sums up to nearly 100,000 yen. Cue to the girls, minus Mari and Yoshiko, doing a Spit Take. When Mari shows no surprise of it being expensive Kanan's says this line below:
      • Next was Yoshiko's 'Tears of a Fallen Angel', which taste incredibly spicy due to using Tabasco sauce instead of octopus. This happens upon poor Ruby's eating 'Tears of a Fallen Angel':
      Ruby: *face turns red after eating one takoyaki* PIIIIIGIIIIIII!! *starts jumping around outside the beach like crazy* HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!!!!
  • Episode 11:
  • Episode 12:
    • The Previously On… speech done in Yohane's style.
    • The Shout-Out Meme quote by Mari after Aqours passed through the qualifiers of Love Live:
    • A flashback shows that most of the girls have their own fans when a group of school fangirls asks for their autograph. Assuming she's famous as well, Dia offers the fan to sign her autograph. Unfortunately, she was shocked that the fan asked her "Who might you be?".
      You: (to Chika) I think you could have left out the part about Dia-san...
    • In Tokyo, Dia warns the girls not to get lost in Tokyo seriously. Ruby tells the girls with a flashback of Dia getting traumatized from visiting Tokyo after just viewing the confusing map of train lines.
    Little Dia: "It's all a mess... It's all a mess... It's all a mess..." *begins to cry* PIIIIIGIIIIIII!!
    • Hell, little Dia has the exact attitude as Ruby before she becomes student council president even her flashbacks in previous episodes.
    • Riko trying way too hard to hide her yuri collection, only for it to fall out of her locker and for her to react as though she's just revealed her secret Porn Stash. In the next scene, there are marks over Chika's eyes from when Riko covers them to prevent her from seeing it.
      • Riko must have apparently pressed her hands on Chika's eyes a little too hard, so much so that by the time she let her go, Riko's handprints are still visible on Chika's face.
    • When Chika states that they're going to see someone at the shrine, Dia and Ruby enter full-on Fangirl mode, thinking it's Nozomi. Their reaction at the end when it's revealed to just be Saint Snow is hilarious.
    Dia and Ruby: Could it be? Could it be?! COULD IT BE?! COULD IT BE?!
    Sarah: Good to see you.
    Dia and Ruby: (deflated) Oh...
    Mari: Who did you think it was gonna be?
  • Episode 13: The introduction of Chika's mom. Riko's facial expression sells it even mistook her for being a ghost when Riko first sees Chika's mom.

     Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 
  • Episode 1:
    • Hanamaru's push-up Epic Fail. She did not even reach number 2 before she falls down.
    • When Riko tells everyone that Yoshiko has to go home earlier due to her curfew, she explains with a Cutaway Gag that her mom caught Yoshiko in her Fallen Angel outfit... DURING HER LIVE STREAM RECORDING, which leads to Yoshiko pushing her mom out of the room and locking her room.
  • Episode 2:
    • When Riko questions Chika regarding her progress with the lyrics, Hanamaru and Ruby manage to take a peek inside her lyric book. Turns out that Chika drew scribbles of a fuming Riko, which once Hanamaru finishes flicking through, Riko appears in front of them, obviously pissed at Chika while wearing the exact same expression as Chika's final doodle of her.
    • When the girls were playing dodge ball (as a bonding activity), Mari intended to strike the ball at Hanamaru until Yoshiko steps in and intend to use her Dark Space-Time Consumption power. It obviously didn't work, and the ball smacks directly in Yoshiko's face. Later, when the girls laugh at Yoshiko's face mark, she proclaims it is a stigma face.
      • Related to the above is what happens immediately after Yoshiko gets hit in the face as the ball, somehow, bounces off Yoshiko's face to knock Hanamaru upside the head, then it bounces off Hanamaru's head and knocks Ruby in the head.
    • The Running Gag of Hanamaru somehow managing to find both Chika's and Yoshiko's lyrics notebooks and the latter two's subsequent loud reactions to it.
    • Hanamaru's convenient censoring of the third years' bodies while they were in the bath. Her blocking the camera's view away from Dia's body, in particular, is the most hilarious since Hanamaru had absolutely no reason whatsoever to move the bottle in front of her apart from censorship.
    • Kanan subsequently hugging a pillar and Dia out of fear while the entire group sans the absent second years stayed inside the temple for shelter.
    • The Kurosawa sisters' simultaneous screams when a bug appeared on Yoshiko's notebook.
  • Episode 3:
    • The rejected ideas where Aqours tries to find a way to perform at both the preliminary Love Live show and their school open house due to the distance being too far.
      • Chika first suggests using Mari's helicopter. Of course, Mari shoots her idea down even though she plays along. But the funny part is the Cutaway Gag where Chika's the pilot of Mari's helicopter. Hanamaru, Yoshiko and the Kurosawa sisters like the idea until You says this line:
      • Then Chika suggests using You's family boat. Cue to another Cutaway Gag where it shows a luxury liner, which is obviously Mari's family boat, where the girls are enjoying themselves while Riko's parasailing. The real Riko then claims she would never say what Chika imagined her saying. Cue to You:
    • The oddly amusing way Mari mutters "Whoops" as she steps off of the map like she's annoyed.
    • "Eternal life... Phoenix!"
      • This happened during the lottery for the Love Live Preliminaries. Aqours intends to get an earlier performance order so they won't need to rush for the school opening performance. At first, they were about to get Chika to draw the lot, but Riko suggests to pick another since Chika's horoscope/fortune for the day says her luck is bad. Yoshiko volunteers but was shot down by the girls due to her very bad luck. But she manages to win rock-paper-scissors (with help from Hanamaru who smacks her behind) and was selected to do the lottery. At first, it turns out to be No.1 pick... until it moves to No.24 instead. Cue to Yoshiko's line above which Hanamaru tells her it is not something to be happy about.
    • After the Love Live! preliminary performance, Aqours uses one of Chika's classmates' family mandarin orange groves to cut time short and has one of her friends help. Upon riding on the monorail vehicle (a mini train), it was moving very slowly. Fed up, Kanan decides to try to speed it up and accidentally breaks the lever... somehow. Then the vehicle reaches insane speed, and the girls react the same way as if they're in a mini roller coaster.
    Kanan: It broke off.
    Everyone else: EH?! *vehicle suddenly speeds up*
    Before they eventually sped up thanks to Kanan somehow breaking the lever, Chika, for some reason, is the only one carrying a big goofy grin on her face while the others all have the same bored, doubtful deadpan reaction to the monorail's slow speed.
    Hanamaru: (deadpan) Not even Yoshiko's ideas are this crazy, zura.
    Yoshiko: (also deadpan) It's Yohane.
    The Aqours girls all getting mikans in their mouths when they sped through a bush during the above scene was also hilarious.
  • Episode 4:
    • Dia's many Epic Fail attempts of trying to make the first and second-year members of Aqours call her '-chan' honorific instead of '-san' due to the fact that she got jealous of Kanan and Mari being called with '-chan' by them. However, due to Dia being a Team Mom and acting seriously, it doesn't end well.
      • Her wild imaginations of being called 'Dia-chan' by Chika, Hanamaru and You. She laughed so hard that the girls thought something was wrong with her. Funnier when you see Dia making a huge smile when she imagines You showing a photo of them together.
      • After her failed attempt during the Flea Market, Kanan and Mari crack up laughing when Dia told them her problem privately, even when both girls promise not to laugh at Dia's problems.
      • During the Aquarium job, Dia tries to follow Kanan and Mari's suggestions. However, it ends up very awkwardly to the point where Chika and Hanamaru assumed that she's super upset when Dia tries to bring up small-talk with an awkward smile, while You and Yoshiko assume that something's wrong with her when Dia calls them with a '-chan' honorific. Thankfully Kanan and Mari clear up their doubts.
    • The entire scene where the dolphin makes a sound during Dia talking to Kanan and Mari about her jealousy of both girls being closer together and not being called with a '-chan' honorific. If you think about it, it sounded like we, the viewers, are trying to voice out for her or the fact that the dolphin's laughing at them (mainly Dia).
    • When the girls discuss jobs they could look for, Chika imagines herself as a studio photographer... with a bowler hat and a white mustache while using an old-fashioned camera.
    • Considered also a Heartwarming Moments, a little girl tries to buy a penguin doll for 5 yen from Chika. When Chika resists at first, the little girl tries to use her cuteness with background bubble effects. Chika gives in and sells it for that amount.
    • At the Aquarium, Ruby, and Riko run away from a sea lion. It's sensible for both to think it was bigger up close than they expected. But Riko? She runs because she also thinks it has dog-like whiskers.
    • When the flea market didn't turn out well, it turns out that only two people did not manage to sell their items. The first is Mari, who happened to bring a large statue that seems to look like herself, and the second is Yoshiko who tried to sell a box of black feathers. Then as the wind blew her feathers all over the place, Yoshiko monologues about the feather in her Chuunibyou manner, with a dramatic background sound effect. Chika's sister is not amused.
    • During the Aquarium job, Chika and Hanamaru are washing dishes... in front of a mountain of soap suds.
    Chika: Hey, aren't there too many bubbles?
    Hanamaru: I put all the detergent in so that they'll get cleaned sooner, zura.
    Chika: Wow! Good thinking!
    • ... until Hanamaru accidentally slipped an empty bowl out of her hands. It landed on top of Dia's head when she goes to check on them. Dia's reaction sells it as both Chika and Hanamaru were worried she would snap.
  • Episode 5:
    • In the first half of the episode, EVERY moment where Riko tries to face her fear of dogs.
      • You, and later Chika, tries to make Riko pet Shiitake. Unfortunately, after a Jump Scare, she backs away.
      • And when Riko found Yoshiko with a stray dog, Yoshiko sics the dog after her, TWICE. The first one is just for kicks, but the second time is because Riko refused to take care of the dog even before Yoshiko could ask a favor to her, to the point where Riko tells her to give it to someone else. Eventually, she gives up.
    • After Riko finally faces her fears, Riko's mom let Yoshiko in so she could take the dog back in her care. Unfortunately, both argue that neither girls could take care of it; even declaring the dog's name. Amusingly, Riko's dog name, Nocturne, is a bit out of character for her. The looks on Riko's mom sells it as well.
      • Then it turns out that the dog's actually a missing dog by the name of Anko. Despite returning it, they did not take it well. Yoshiko cries adorably when the owner took Anko back.
    • The following day, both Riko and Yoshiko are so depressed that they drew, in the dirt, their own picture versions of the dog (Riko's drawing is hilariously bad) and toss their sticks in a "go fetch" manner, in sync. Bonus points if you realize that the pictures they drew are actually their voice actresses' drawings.
      • Seeing the scene above, Hanamaru acting like Yoshiko. That is all, zura.
    • During a strategy meeting, Mari just sits there with a pair of glasses on. Then the girls find out she'd been asleep the whole time. Not only are her glasses opaque with fake blue eyes, but Mari also put on some stickers with the same blue-eyed design, from the last time she fell asleep, underneath the glasses.
  • Episode 6:
  • Episode 8:
    • Hanamaru wears so many layers in the winter cold that her steps become outright stomps and her voice gets deeper. Then she tumbles into Ruby, Yoshiko, and You. Twice.
    • The girls go sightseeing and make their way to the Goryokaku Tower where a couple of funny exchanges happen:
      • First with Riko and Yoshiko:
      Yoshiko: What a sight...! There is no mistake. This is, indeed, the magic circle that I've always dreamed of!
      Riko: Calm down.
      Yoshiko: Whoosh! With this, I can summon the legendary super colossal little demon!
      Hanamaru: Hold on a sec, zura.
      Riko: Is that big? Or small?
      • And another one with the third years:
      Kanan: I'm not afraid at all. (Kanan looks down at the glass floor and sees how high up she is before leaning on Mari and wrapping her arms around her.) Hugguu...
      Dia: H-Hey! Are you okay Kanan-san?
      Mari: Wow, you're so bold, Kanan!
  • Episode 9:
    • Hanamaru asks Yoshiko if she would like to come along with her and Ruby. With a soft chuckle, Yoshiko then goes into one of her monologues... and doesn't notice Hanamaru and Ruby have left the room without her, causing her to rush out after them.
    • Riko angrily texts Yoshiko and sends her an animated sticker of herself when the 1st years are late. However, what's more interesting is that this was even before Yoshiko gets to key in her reply...
      Yoshiko: Ugh! It's from Lily! She said, "Where are you? You should be getting ready to go home."
      "Little Demon Lily"'s text: Don't call me Lily! What's with that name anyway?!
      Yoshiko: (shocked) She read my mind?!
    • After the first-years insist on staying behind at Hakodate, Mari makes Dia imagine a bit too hard during the flight home about those three splitting from Aqours and forming up with Leah as Saint Aqours Snow. Dia makes a loud outburst in panic while scaring the stewardess, before both Mari and Kanan calm her down.
      • Even funnier, they really do use Saint Aqours Snow as their group name for the performance, according to the credits.
    • When Sarah realizes that the first-years are staying over at Leah's place, Yoshiko manages to convince Sarah their lies, which she buys it. Ruby, Hanamaru, and Leah were shocked, not that it worked, but the fact that Yoshiko managed to speak to her normally without her usual shtick.
    • On the seesaw, Yoshiko sees Hanamaru eating and declares that managing one's weight is important for a school idol. Hanamaru and Leah call out Yoshiko on her own words as the latter pokes Yoshiko's cheek. After a second of slow-motion wobbly cheek, Yoshiko hops off the seesaw (making Hanamaru and Ruby hit the ground on their end), runs up the nearby slide, and screams toward the sky.
  • Episode 10:
    • While doing New Year's calligraphy, Chika quickly uses her brush to put ink blots on the fur over Shiitake's eyes.
    • Her calligraphy reads "New Year's present" because she wants one in the form of pocket money (which on New Year's is typically given only to children). She tries to not-so-subtly hint that she wants some by saying she's low on "round stuff", with her mother responding by offering her a daruma doll, an umbrella, and a New Year's ball.
  • Episode 11:
    • While approving the students' proposal for the festival, Mari uses an ink stamp... not on the paper they brought, but on their foreheads. She later uses it on Dia.
    • The chaos that happens when the girls see two people in walrus costumes and investigate something under a white cloth running around the school.
      • Yoshiko follows the others into the dark room proclaiming that the atmosphere is pleasant, but as the cloth rushes past her, she loudly and quickly bolts out of the room, slams the door shut, and decides to stand guard instead. Hanamaru calls her out for being wimpy.
      • The two walruses suddenly stand behind Ruby and Yoshiko, scaring them. Their resulting scream also spooks Shiitake, who was hidden under the cloth and proceeds to run through the hallway and head outside. This startles all the students along the way and ends with Shiitake knocking down the festival arch that Chika, You, and Riko just finished setting up.
    • One of the classmates holds up a book she used as a reference while making the waitress outfits. It turns out to be one of Riko's yuri magazines, and she is understandably shocked, bringing her memetic "diamond face" again.
  • Episode 12:
    Riko: Silent Cherry Blossom Nightmare!
    Hanamaru: She's fully becoming Yoshiko-chan, zura.

    The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow 
  • Ruby imagines showing up at the worn-out school building and seeing everyone crammed inside the single room against a cracking window. In a Continuity Nod, Yoshiko even manages another "Welcome to Hell Zone".
  • The entire scene where Chika, Riko, Yoshiko, Hanamaru and Ruby spot You talking to a handsome boy (who is actually her cousin, Tsuki Watanabe.)
    • When the 1st years spotted them, they were so shocked that they ended up telling Blatant Lies with each other's Borrowed Catchphrases when Chika and Riko ask them what they saw.
      Ruby: There's nothing to see-zura.
      Hanamaru: It's just us 'little demons' seeing stuff.
      Yoshiko: PIGII!
    • Eventually both Chika and Riko head outside to find her; they assumed that what happened was You finding new outfits. However, Chika freezes in place upon seeing them together. When Riko finally sees them, both her and Chika start to pinch each other's cheeks assuming they're dreaming. Luckily Yoshiko snaps them out of it.
    • This leads to the funniest Hidden in Plain Sight spying moment. Notable mentions are:
      Yoshiko: *holds up the statue she's been hiding behind* The number you have dialed is not in service.
      • Funnier is that You didn't even notice the rest of the girls.
      • Upon the reveal that Tsuki is a girl, everyone sighs, tired from thinking she's a boy.
  • The debut of Mari's mother. You can be pretty sure that she's crazier than her own daughter.
    • Her helicopter entrance much like Mari's greeting back at Season 1 Episode 3. Similar to Mari's, her helicopter manages to do a helicopter flip before meeting them.
    • At Mari's place, her mother sends a pile of coins falling onto the first-years and second-years. Hanamaru reveals it to be chocolate by unwrapping one right away and biting into it.
      • Funnier yet is that the girls actually react in slight disappointment after learning that the coins actually weren't real money.
    • She posted the missing-persons poster of the third-years, as featured in a promo, IN ALL OF VENICE. This mother means business. If you're curious about how it looks like, this was posted on Twitter here.
      • Both nicknames are actually based on Kanan and Dia's catchphrase. Kanan is marked "Hug" while Dia is marked with "Deathwar", a Gratuitous English rendering of her "desu wa" Verbal Tic.
  • At Italy, the girls (and Tsuki who come along as their guide) manage to find Dia, Mari, and Kanan. However upon realizing what's going on and a couple of locals finding them based on the missing-person poster, Mari decides to toss a cosplay outfit which both Watanabes try to grab similar to what happened back in Season 1 Episode 9. The girls are then convinced that Tsuki's really her cousin.
  • Upon arriving at Firenze (thanks to Mari's hint), every moment where Yoshiko is acting as her Chuunibyou angel persona. No, not her fallen angel persona but her angelic angel persona.
    • After finding out that the name 'Yohane' is being worshipped as a real angel, she was so happy that she made plans ahead of everyone. After reaching Firenze to have lunch, Yoshiko left the group and headed to Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the famous Duomo (cathedral in Italian) in Firenze, to 'convert' her Chuunibyou persona to an angelic angel persona by taking a selfie inside. After that, she wears small angel wings, places a white feather on her hair bun and acts more 'angelic' before regrouping with the girls.
    • She continues this shtick until she slips off the balcony at Mari's hiding house and lands onto one of the tree branches.
      Riko: So she really has become a fallen angel!
  • When the girls return back to Japan and visits their new branch school, three students come to visit to help them out (courtesy of Tsuki). However those three students happen to be Yoshiko's former middle school classmates and recognize her; they are also fans of her live webcam sessions. This causes Yoshiko to bolt out of the room in sheer embarrassment, only to be stopped by Riko and Hanamaru.
    Yoshiko: How cruel... I've been betrayed by my little demons...

     Love Live! Sunshine!! Manga 
  • Chapter 9:
    • As You Watanabe wakes up late, she decided to rush to school wearing sports shoes while doing her morning running practice at the same time. As she arrives at her destination, one of her teachers besides the gate noted that she didn't wear her proper school shoes, which she had left behind at her starting line. This caused her to turn back and recover those shoes...only to be late when she returns to school.

     Real Life (Voice Actresses) 
  • Sexy Home Tutor, the infamous sketch that spawned lots of Memetic Mutation within the fandom thanks to CYaRon's hilarious acting. While Shukashuu and Anchan succeeded in playing their roles as a student and a sexy home tutor, the problem came in when they chose Furirin to be a sexier home tutor (which may not have been the wisest choice considering she plays Ruby Kurosawa). What results is a hilariously bad attempt by Furirin at being sexy that looks more in character for Ruby than a sexy tutor, and has the entirety of Aqours, including the other members of CYaRon, bursting out laughing, and ending off with a clumsy attempt by CYaRon to say Ruby's catchphrase, "Ganbaruby", together.
  • During a panel with the second years, they were challenged to draw an item or event based on questions asked and match their answers together. Rikyako infamously drew a terrible, anatomically inaccurate elephant for the first question, with such features as a mouth above its trunk, deformed ears, disproportionate legs, a long tail and eyes that would not be out of place on a human. Upon revealing her drawing, the entire staff immediately burst out laughing, while Anchan and Shukashuu are unable to figure out what it is and find it disturbing and scary. Anchan then proceeds to suddenly and awkwardly volunteer to show her drawing next as if nothing happened. After everyone shows their drawings, Anchan tells Shukashuu that they should set their drawings down and sit in silence, embarrassing Rikyako even more. She then attempts to defend her drawing by saying she forgot about the trunk after already drawing the mouth, but Anchan and Shukashuu immediately point out the several other things wrong with it. The elephant goes on to become a running joke for the rest of the challenge, with Rikyako even requesting that the drawings be shown in reverse order for the next question.
  • CYaRon! Niconama 21 April 2017
    • CYaRon's rather ridiculous introduction involves camera tricks to hide Shukashuu behind a water bottle and Furirin to yell at the said water bottle.
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Nicolive Extracurricular Activity ~In The Aquarium! Float Around Sunshine! !~
    • Aqours delivers lines written by series author Sakurako Kimino for their appeal time. Kinchan starts ad-libbing during Arisha's time and it only escalates from there culminating during Aikyan's time where the rest of Aqours syncs on a very Yohane pose.
  • Uraraji Narikiri Advice Corner with GuuRinPa as hosts. Narikiri Advice Corner is a segment in the radio program where the trio answers problems sent by fans while acting as a random member of Aqours. Hilarity Ensues notably when any one of them gets to act as Ruby since they can imitate her flawlessly. Some of the highlights include:
    • Episode 87 - "Cleaning the room before the year ends"
      Anchan: (as Ruby) It's Onee-chan!
      Aikyan: (as Dia, badly note ) BUU BUU desu wa!
      Arisha: (as Dia) And who might you supposed to be?
      Anchan: Who the.... (Begins to crack up while clapping her hands, knowing what's going on.)
      Arisha: I am the REAL Kurosawa Dia!
      Aikyan: (Break her character back to Yoshiko's) You're wrong! I'm Kurosawa Dia!
      Arisha: Yoshiko-saan!!!
      Aikyan: It's Yohane!!
    • Episode 90 - "Give me a push to propose to my girlfriend"
      Anchan: (as Dia) You're saying something like that is a problem?
      Arisha: (as Ruby) Onee-chan, don't get so angry!
      Anchan: Silence, Ruby.
      Arisha: UYU
      Aikyan: "Sile"-*laughing*
    • Episode 92 - "Boxes are piling up. What should I do to remember the recycling date?"
      Aikyan: (as Ruby) I saw Riko-san ordering some books somewhere...
      Arisha: (as Riko) Ruby-chan, you can't say that!!
      Aikyan: PIGYAA!!
      Anchan: (as Chika) What are you talking about?
      Arisha: It's nothing, it's nothing, Chika-chan!
    • "Need to advise in saving money!"
      Arisha: (as Chika) Ah! I thought of something good! Every month from your job why don't you just collect your pension withdrawal money~?
      Anchan: EEEE- You shouldn't say something like that?!
      Aikyan: Don't said that?! (begins to crack up)
      Anchan: BAKA!!
  • It's brief, but at one point during Aqours' performance of Jump up HIGH!! during the second day of their fifth Live, Arisha holds up the muffler towel advertizing the Live upside-down, realizes her mistake, and quickly rushes to fix it.
  • The Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS live stream featuring the second years has a punishment game wherein the voice actresses have to match their answers and if they don't, the person who has a different answer gets to wear a Halloween costume. Rikyako manages to be the only one to lose in the entire segment and has to suffer wearing a horse mask until the end of the stream. What makes this even funnier is that Rikyako's succeeding losses sent Anchan and Shukashuu into fits of laughter for the rest of the segment.

     Anthology Manga 
Love Live! Sunshine!! Comic Anthology 1
  • "You's favorite" by Tohoni (茶戸): You repeatedly gets captured on every trap (with various uniforms as bait) provided by Riko and Chika.
  • "Special Training at the Maid Cafe" by Teioteiteio (ていお亭ていお)
    • Dia is ultimately concerned on Ruby's safety on working as a waitress-in-training (along with Hanamaru and Yoshiko) by Mari.
    • Yoshiko has a "special" seat provided for the customers...with the desserts served with raw seafood.
    • After seeing that Ruby's in trouble, Dia immediately became a waitress in the last minute to save the day just to make sure nothing happens to her, with some disastrous results before Mari relegated her to dish-washing:
      • She had her name and a drawing of a vicious bear applied in ketchup on a customer's omelet rice
      • She forcibly substitutes Ruby in a requested photoshoot from another customer
      • She attempted to add the "magic" ("Moe Moe Kyun") on a customer's dessert by adding a raw crab on it.
      • Her other attempts include performing the flying daggers trick.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Comic Anthology 3

  • The first comic from "Summer debut" submitted by AiAi (アイアイ): How to take the loneliest Kabedon by Riko. It only makes it funnier when Maru found this out in the 2nd strip.
    • In the 9th strip, Riko and Maru took a selfie just to find out that someone in a mask interfered their photoshoot with puppets (from the April Fools special).

Gasshuku (Summer Training Camp) Chapter

  • "Training Camp Break" by Mezashi:
    • While Yoshiko believes that cutting a watermelon is a waste, Her chuunibyou tendencies strikes when she claims that she is going to pulverize it with her powers, with Chika laments that this would be an even bigger waste.
    • Chika tries to cheer the blindfolded Riko by letting her think that the Watermelon as her doujin..which ends up Riko chasing Chika in blindfold.
    • Due to Ruby's fear of the dark while blindfolded, Dia attempted to replace her..which she also ends up being afraid to the dark as well, much to Ruby's dismay.
    • Also, this gem:
      Mari: "Fuck it up, Dia!"
    • As Hanamaru is unable to find the watermelon, Yoshiko attempted to guide her...until she realized that Hanamaru can smell the fruit.
    • Mari decided to turn all of the chopped watermelons into one of her ingredients for her Stew-shine.
    • While Yoshiko accepted Hanamaru's gratefulness for helping her while being called as a "Guardian Angel", Yoshiko took some time to realized that Hanamaru should have called her a Fallen Angel instead.
    • The last strip of Chika trying to plant watermelons on a huge flower pot, much to Riko and You's surprise.
  • An appropriately-titled chapter: "Guilty Kiss", contributed by Harutsugu Nadaka aka 梅干 (Umeboshi or UmeboC):
    • Riko is forced to stay with Yoshiko to assist her usual "Fallen Angel" rituals...with her cloak worn under the summer heat.
    • Also, Riko's reaction on Yoshiko finding out her Yuri doujin stash.
    • Before Riko and Yoshiko could finally kiss (with Yoshiko still having her mask on), Chika and Mari took a picture behind their door before their lips could even make contact.

  • What does Aqours do for April Fools 2017? ''Puppets!''
    • Riko wakes up seeing Chika and You have pig noses, the two girls immediately laugh and say that the three of them are the "Three Little Pigs." After saying this, they hear the roar of the big bad wolf, which turns out to be... a coelacanth.
    • After the three escape the big bad coelacanth, Chika and You take off the pig noses because school idols don't have those things. Riko, on the other hand, gets stuck with her pig nose until the credits.
    • Chika beating the shit out of Kanan and Ruby is a highlight. It's even funnier for the latter since Chika headbutts her while she's in the middle of a monologue.
    • According to Chika, defeating a demon will turn them into legends, and is a prerequisite for idolhood. Said demon turns out to be... a coelacanth.
    • A flabbergasted Riko cluelessly watches the rest of Aqours perform "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?".
    • It even ends with a puppet version of "Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou."
  • April Fools 2018 has an Uranohoshi shopping program featuring a special Nesoberi in a follow-up video to the birthday-item videos throughout 2017. Fun fact 
  • The Serious Business food argument in the First Live: siu mai, ramen or curry? Ironically, Hanamaru argues in favor of ramen despite noodles being a disliked food of hers.
  • "Welcome to the Awashima Hotel ♥" is hysterical. It starts off with Dia and Hanamaru getting into a disagreement, and things quickly escalate from there, as Hanamaru ends up running away and locking herself in one of the hotel rooms. What follows is one of the funniest exchanges in Love Live history, as Dia desperately tries to get Hanamaru to come out, doing things such as ordering her to come out, screaming, pleading, and even going as far to impersonate her sister, Ruby.
    Dia: In return, I... I shall lock myself inside, in your stead!
  • The song "G-Senjou no Cinderella" has the waltz featured prominently in the lyrics... but the song plays like a New Jack Swing and/or Broadway musical number.
  • Kanan's solo song "Sakana ka Nanda ka?" consists of the lyrics of her wanting to become a fish. (Seriously.)

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