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    Anime (Including the OVAs) 

The anime

  • In Episode 2, after most of Team C pokes fun at the StuG III they've been assigned to, Erwin (who more or less knows of her soul name's exploits in both World Wars) lists its accomplishments, and then, while pointing off into the horizon, delivers this line:
    Apologize to the Finnish!
    • Bonus funny points for the historical reference being intentionally wrong.note 
  • Also from episode 2, the introduction of the instructor.
    Isn't that the headmasters car?
    ''Now they've gone and done it."
  • Aya asks the internet how to start the tank, and for her trouble receives responses such as "Google it, noob!" and "You start by taking off your clothes."
  • In Episode 3, Mako's reaction to learning that they need to be at a friendly match by 6AM... which means she needs to get up at 5AM. She nearly facefaults, before trying to quit The Team. To make sure she wakes up on time, said team drives the Panzer IV to her house and fires a blank shell from the main gun... which just barely wakes her up!
    • And a close look at the same scene shows Mako's bed with five alarm clocks already emplaced, yet still didn't wake her up.
  • Since early tanks didn't have internal radios, it's impossible for the commander to verbally communicate with the crew over the tank's engine noise, so she has to give commands to the driver by kicking her to indicate which way to turn. Hilarity Ensues (not to mention, considerable SadoMasochism-flavored Accidental Innuendo) as Saori tries this on Hana in episode 2.
    Hana: Kick me as hard as you can!
    Saori: What?! Fine! Then LEFT!
    (Saori kicks her with extreme prejudice)
    Hana: Could you kick me a little softer?
    • In the manga, they mention that was done mainly with the smallish Japanese tanks. Cue Saori's legs not reaching Hana's shoulders in their roomier German tank and Miho handing her a stick to poke Hanna's shoulders with.
    • There's a frantic repeat of this in Episode 11 by the Kuromorimine crews, as the Student Council goes Hetzer trolling.
  • The following exchange in the 3rd OVA (the girls are climbing a ladder):
    Saori: "Don't look up at me!"
    Mako: "What's the problem? We're all girls."
    Hana: "Perhaps there's something that would be troublesome for others to see."
(Note that the director famously prohibited the animators from including any panty shots. Troublesome indeed)
  • Episode 4/The fourth OVA.
    • The Anglerfish Dance complete with costumes and a moving platform for maximum exposure.
      • Not to mention when Anzu has the student council participating in the humiliating dance, unlike everybody else, she is seen looking VERY happy and enjoying this, despite that she herself is part of the humiliation.
    • Momo's clam and collected demeanor as the shooting begins.
    Momo: "Fire back! Fire till the tank falls apart!"
  • Episode 5.
    • Mako snarkily responds to Erika's description of an unwritten rule that schools with no chance of winning shouldn't enter the tournament by saying that it would be utterly humiliating if one of those schools defeated a well-funded one like Kuromorimine.
    Erika: There's an unspoken rule that everyone knows: schools that will just embarrass Sensha-do should stay out of the tournament.
    Mako: It'd sure be pretty embarrassing if one of those teams beat the veterans that all sat around in their ivory towers coming up with that rule.
    • The Panzer Cafe. Everything from the bell to call the waiter over being a tank that makes a firing noise when pressed, to the military-style costumes they're wearing to the cakes ordered in the shape of tanks. They're brought on the tables by automated scale models of tank transporter trucks!
    • All being various bits of Truth in Television, though perhaps not all in the same restaurant. Themed restaurants with waitstaff in uniforms (maids, ninja, EFSF or Zeon soldiers, etc.), themed menu items, and some sushi restaurants have little automated trains that deliver orders to your table.
    • Miho and the others visit Yukari's house.
    Miho: Is Yukari here?
    Jungorou: And you are?
    Saori: Her friends.
    Jungorou: Her friends? (Gets shocked) H-her friends?!
    Yoshiko: Calm down, dear.
    Jungorou: But they're her friends! Friends of Yukari!
    Yoshiko: I know that. Thanks for taking care of Yukari.
    Jungorou: (In seiza position before he bows) Yes! Thank you for taking care of her!
    • Yukari's infiltration
      • adding credits to her infiltration video.
      • not to mention the fact that, in the credits, she thanks Saunders for helping make the video! And she does it again, when she makes an infiltration video of Anzio!
      • The part where she's about to change, realizes that the camera's still on, and shuts it off,
      • Also the answer she gives when asked for identification.
      Arisa: State your class and grade.
      Yukari: Uh well, the 6th Armored Division, Odd Ball, Sergeant Third Class!
      (Kei starts giggling)
    • The response by one of Saunders tank gunner when she found out she's in a middle of an ambush.
    Saunders Gunner: JESUS!
  • Episode 6.
    • Arisa's hilarious breakdown as the Ōarai tanks chase her lone Sherman. Then the Ōarai tanks end up being chased by the rest (four more) of Saunders' Shermans, while they're chasing Arisa. All while the History Team keeps quoting battles where tables were turned and/or the siegers became the besieged.
      • To elaborate more on Arisa's breakdown, she mentions how many Sherman units were produced (50 thousand), the Sherman's awesomeness (being sturdy, tough, surprisingly comfy, and so easy to drive that a monkey with a manual can do it). She then rants about what should happen to Ooarai, then she proceeds to stick her head out of her Sherman to scream right at the pursuing Ōarai tanks. However, due to the sound of the tank engines and cannon firing, we only see her mouth moves as she screams. (this being commented by Hana). The final things she mentions seems to be about her unrequited love.
    Hana: It appears she's shouting at us as they're running away.
    • How Arisa's flag tank is found is hilarious as is. Ōarai's Duck Team with their Type 89 tank comes up in the clearing in view with Arisa's Sherman. Cue a whole 20 second stare off between the Type 89 and the Sherman before any reaction is made of the situation.
  • Episode 8. Katyusha's childish antics in general, especially in the original Japanese version, when she and Nonna begins singing Katyusha.
    • Also when she and Darjeeling start the episode having tea, after St Gloriana's has been knocked out by Kuoromorimine in the semi-finals Darjeeling warns them to practice for the semi-finals, whilst Katyusha says that Oarai are just a no-name school. Darjeeling points out that they are led by a Nishizumi:
    Katyusha: Wha-?! You didn't tell me that, Nonna!
    Nonna: I've told you several times.
    Katyusha: Well this is the first I've heard of it!
    Katyusha: Surely you didn't come all this way just to tell me that.
    Darjeeling: Of course not. I just wanted to have some of this delicious tea.
    • When Katyusha meets with Ōarai she realizes she's shorter than Anzu and immidiatly asks Nonna to put her on her shoulders, declaring that all of them are shorter than her.
    Katyusha: "All of you are below me, wether it's your tanks, skills or tanks!"
    Momo: "You're sitting on her shoulders."
    Katyusha: "I heard that!"
  • Miho's idea to improve morale when the team is trapped in a church by Pravda's team? The incredibly embarrassing and demoralizing Anglerfish (Ankou) Dance. It works.
    Miho: Everyone, sing with me! I'll do the Ankou Dance!
    Momo: Hey, that's going to have the opposite effect!
    • The dance is broadcast on a HUGE screen for all to see... including Maho, Shiho and Yuri (Hana's mom). The expressions on the latter two's faces are priceless.
    • The surprise on the Pravda messenger's face when she walks in the middle of the dance number to ask for Ōarai's answer to their ultimatum and is ignored until she screams "HEY!" is equally funny.
  • In Episode 10, the demonstration of the Tiger(P), which was eagerly anticipated to even the odds... and then it gets stuck in mud, the engine overheats and it catches fire. The best part? The contrast between Miho's stunned expression and the Automobile Club's unconcerned reaction:
    Nakajima: Ah, crap. There it goes again. Hey, Hoshino! Get me a fire extinguisher!
    (Cue to disappointed faces from Momo and Yuzu, while Miho looks on, speechless.)
    Anzu: I can't really call that a tank.
  • The memorable Gay Moment between Miho and her team in Episode 10:
    Saori: "You should try getting a boyfriend yourself, Miporin."
    Miho: "I'm... I'm... having a lot of fun being around all of you. Saori-san, Hana-san, Mako-san, Yukari-san... I love all of you."
    Yukari (blushing): "Nishizumi-dono just confessed her love for me!"
  • Episode 10.5, another recap, gets to the fight with Anzio, and flat out says they were skipping past that.
  • The Hurricane of Puns shown when the School Council go to a restaurant. Every single line the store owner says has the word "Win" mangled into it. In the English dub, the pun fails to make any sense, so we get an apologetic subtitle explaining why the store owner is saying "Chicken" over and over again.
  • Episode 11.
    Saori: "Everyone! Cover Commander Miporin!"
    • Seconds later, Leopon and Mallard teams open fire at the back, while in the StuG III...
    Saemonza: Never until now have I realized how much I want a rotating turret!
    • Another one from the same episode (Overlapping with Crowning Moment of Awesome): Turtle Team going Hetzer trolling. Bonus points for Miho and Anzu invoking the infamous Hetzers gonna Hetz, to wit:
      • Doing a sneak attack at advancing Kuromorimine tanks which were pursuing the Ōarai tanks, disabling a Jagdpanther's tracks and taking out a Panther.
      • Taking out the same Jagdpanther they took out earlier (leading to a furious rant from its commander), then parallel parking in the middle of the enemy's battle formation. The startled reaction from the Kuromorimine tank crews when they realize Turtle Team is among them is simply priceless.
      • They try a third time, but this time Maho is ready for them and has one of her tanks snipe at the Hetzer before it can do anything. Anzu sheepishly orders a retreat while saying "Okay, so that's not going to work a third time, got it..."
  • Kuromorimine's Panzer III is trailing behind the Maus manically boasting about the latter's impenetrable armor. Said Panzer III promply gets taken out by a stray shot when it swerves away from its companion's protection.
  • What's the correct course of action if you have one of the worst tanks ever and you have somehow climbed upon one of the most heavily armed and armored land vehicles to have ever fought? Why, politely correcting its commander on misidentifying your tank's weight class, of course.
    Maus commander: Hey, you! Light tank! Get out of there!
    Noriko: Don't wanna! Also, the Type 89 isn't a light tank...
    Akebi: It's a medium tank.
  • Rabbit Team's grand strategy against Kuromorimine's Elefant: Go round and round the same block in a smaller, faster tank until you catch up to them from behind.
  • Sodoko deletes all records of Mako coming in late, who proceeds to break character, to put it lightly.
  • Dancing Granny.

The OVA's

  • OVA 1's swimsuit-choosing scene is an extended funny moment. From the point they enter until they exit the store there is a hurricane of rapid-fire jokes, from Yukari's swimsuit of choice being military diving equipment, to the themed suits chosen by the other teams, ranging from loincloths to dissolving bikinis to a full-body team mascot costume. Finally topped by a heavy storm starting as soon as they get to the beach.
  • The second OVA's *pam line. Complete with the bleeps AND the viking ship.
    Ayumi: Eggs and *pam!
    Aya: Eggs, bacon and *pam!
    Karina: Eggs and bacon and sausage and *pam!
    Ayumi: *pam, *pam, *pam, eggs and *pam!
    All three: *pam! *pam! *pam! *pam! *pam! *pam!
    Azusa: Shut up!
    (The three girls continue to chant "Delicious *pam!" as Azusa tells them in between to shut up, until she got tired.)
  • Ōarai's victory party in OVA 6, featuring congratulatory letters from various people, and a 'hidden talents' talent contest between the teams. Highlights include:
    • Everyone wondering if Darjeeling's letter was meant to be sent to them, or to a wedding. Each of them later received a can of Anchovies from Anchovy.
    • When told that they could not use their primary skills, everyone gets upset, except for Team Anglerfish when told that they couldn't use their talent of doing the Anglerfish Dance.
    • The Morals Committee poking fun at how they all look the same.
    • Momo freaking out at how well Noriko of the volleyball team imitated her and Hana getting overzealous at their imitations but fails to recognize their impression of her.
    • Despite being told they could not use their talent in history, Team Hippo kept inserting assorted history facts into their scenes from Little Women.
    Momo: I told you guys NO HISTORY! Clear the stage!
    • Anzu going 'off-script' during Team Anglerfish's {Sentai} team routine.
    Anzu: Shut up! The ankou will protect Ōarai FOREVER!!!
    • Crosses over with awesome due to being a Shout-Out: They didn't just make any random poses; they replicated the intricate martial arts routine of [1]!
    • The Volleyball Team getting angry at the Automobile Club using their Type 89 tank as part of their magic act.
    • Saori jumping up and down when Team Rabbit does their gymnastics act.
    • The final reveal, after the Student Council declared themselves the winner, that the top prize was effectively a year's supply of sweet potato chips.
  • This bit from The Real Anzio Battle OVA, when the rest of Hippo team learn of Caesar's childhood friend Carpaccio.
    Oryuu: Who the heck is Taka-chan?
    Saemonza: It's probably Caesar.
    Erwin: She's out of her usual character.
    (Caesar and Carpaccio continue their brief exchange of greetings, then the latter leaves. Caesar then turns to her crewmates...)
    Oryuu: Taka-chan!
    Erwin: Seems we found Caesar's other side.
    Saemonza: Whoo, Whoo!
    Caesar: (Blushing) Wh-what?! What's so weird about that?
    • During the start of the same OVA, immediately before Anchovy dramatically announces her school's secret weapon, the bell rings and everyone runs off to lunch.
    • The entirety of the Anzio team in the OVA's Post-Credits Stinger partying so hard that they overslept on the day of the finals, waking up after Oarai had already won.
    • Duck team's panicked reactions to the constant reappearance of Anzio's CV-33s; which they've been knocking over with direct hits again and again for the past five minutes.
    Akebi: They're immortal!

    The Movie (and bundled OVA) 

    Manga (Including Little Army, Ribbon Warrior, and MLLSD
  • In the Manga adaptation of the match against Anzio, Yukari and Erwin command the Char B1 bis along with Aya. They spend the entire battle talking about tanks and history no matter how bad the situation, as Aya slowly loses her mind.
  • In Episode 1 Miho had to go to the infirmary when suffering from a Heroic BSoD and Saori and Hana immediately made up excuses to join her. In Chapter 7 of Little Army, Emi forgoes such subtlety and instead drags Miho out by the wrist in an attempt to get out of class before the teacher sees them, and when she runs into the teacher, hastily makes up an excuse that she's taking Miho to the infirmary, and Hitomi and Chihiro point out that they're following because they're worried, leaving the teacher taken aback with Blank White Eyes.
  • At the end of the first chapter of the Little Army manga, when the girls worry about how their parents will react to them being late due to unexpected complications on their test run with a Panzer IV, and consider making excuses.
    Chihiro: Hii-chan, just say you were at my house and I'll say that I was at your house.
    Emi: And I was supposed to be back this late, so I'll be fine. It seems like the only one who's gonna get in trouble is Nishizumi-san.
    Miho: Whaaat!? G-guys, help me! My parents are so strict!
    Emi: You brought this on yourself.
    Chihiro: Miho-chan, you can just tell them you were at my house, too!
    Miho: ...with a tank?
  • In what doubles as a Shout Out, Ribbon Warrior shows us that Saunders used to have an M22 "Locust", but when Arisa wants to use it she learns they had lend-leased it to someone else. The American-designed Locust only saw service in British usage.
  • In Chapter 3 of Motto Love Love Sakusen, Sodoko's reaction to seeing that her school swimsuit does not have her last name, but her much-hated nickname is priceless,
    Yukari: (clenches fists) Long time no see; I'm Sergeant Third-class Oddball...
    • And after she's found out she realizes Kay and Naomi are already there on vacation, making her infiltration pointless.
  • Chapter 8 of Motto Love Love Sakusen shows Kuromorimine getting invited to the Nishizumi house by Maho to celebrate Christmas. Hilarity Ensues because of their overly serious personalities, especially because they initially think that Maho called them in to answer for their mistakes during the Tournament Finals.
    • Jagdpanther-chan arriving late... again. She gets berated by the Maus commander for the same.
    • Erika showing up in a ridiculous raindeer costume, being the only one who undeerstood it was a party. She gets scolded by the others before Maho arrives.
    • Maho announces herself by blowing a party popper. When everybody stares at her incredilously, she simply pulls out a large bundle of them, as if it would get the point across. All with a perfectly blank face.
    • Maho proposes doing karaoke, but leaves the song choices up to the commanders since she doesn't know what would be a good song. All five of them put in their school's anthem.
    • Maho tries to cut a cake, but completely fails at cutting in a straight line.
    • Most of the commanders get models of the tanks that caused them the most trouble during the final battle; "Jagdpanther-chan" and the commander of one of the Panthers each gets a Hetzer, The commander of the Maus gets a Type 89, the Panzer III's commander gets a Maus, reminding her of her failure to protect it, bringing back bad memories (although Koume is quite happy to get a model of the tank Miho commands). Erika gets an Anglerfish dance costume, and Maho gets a large stuffed creature she describes as "cute".
      • Becomes funnier when one realizes that it was all Anzu's idea, and the gifts were (presumably) different from the ones that Miho intended, as evident from her reaction.
  • Chapter 15 of Motto Love Love Sakusen: Saori and Rabbit Team are shocked to find out that Saki seemed to have fallen in love, and do everything they can to help her, even various training exercises. They then watch as Saori meets with her boyfriend, greets her, and the person pulls down her hood, revealing herself as Duck team's Shinobu, who'd been hoping to hear Saki's voice.
  • Chapter 16 and 17 of Motto Love Love Sakusen:
    • Most of the Anzio girls decide to be Ooarai students because of several reasons (thinking that Ooarai is wealthier than Anzio, the cute freshmen, etc), thus leaving poor Anchovy alone. Even Carpaccio and Pepperoni decide to leave for Ooarai (Carpaccio to reunite with Caesar, Pepperoni to steal the Ooarai tank-katsu recipe). They quickly leave after just a day after finding out that Ooarai does not have more than one meal time, Pepperoni introducing herself as an Anzio student and Carpaccio seeing Oryuo's nametag in the uniform Caesar geve her. However, they leave while taking Momo as a hostage and, as Yuzu reports afterwards, they also ate the entire carrier's pasta supply.
    • The next chapter is about Momo's time at Anzio as their POW. She then proceeds to bully her way out of prison, in the form of strict reprimands about school activities, something she felt Anzio was too slack at doing, and ordering them how to do them properly. She becomes so successful at this that a short time later, she became Anzio's new Duce.
      Anchovy: Please don't mind somebody like me New Duce, since you managed to reform Anzio, something I wasn't able to do... We will be loyal, faithful subordinates of New Duce Momochovy.
      Momo: Stop it with that! What is this, a system of succeeding the name chovy or what?
    • When Momo is rescued (along with Pepperoni, who's kidnapped by Team Duck, and Carpaccio, who comes along with Caesar), she realizes both of her positions as vice-president and gunner/loader has been taken by members of the Public Morals Committee. It ends with her silently returning to Anzio.

  • Real Life example: Construction signs in the real life Ōarai were spotted with this statement: "Construction due to damage from Sensha-do match. Please contact Sensha-do Association with regard to insurance and damage claims."
  • The Oarai waterfront hotel that gets blown by KV-2-tan was planning to undergo renovations during the making of the movie. Hotel owners and movie studio agreed for the huge blue canvases covering the construction work to be placed around the time the movie was premiered, and for the battle damage to affect those specific parts of the hotel. The side-by-side photos are incredibly amusing.
  • Another Real Life example: the following commentnote  seen at the end of a short review of the series' ending in 4chan's /a/:
    Peace and Panzer Vor!note 
    (I never thought I would utter that line in total seriousness)
  • Nobody is surprised that adult video versions of the characters soon appeared. But fans (even those who haven't watched the vids themselves) found quite amusing than the ones depicting Casanova Wannabe, never-gets-a-boyfriend Saori are... solo scenes
  • An amateur Fan Sub group that first translated to English most of the series' OVAs and suplementary material has been accused of "just machine-translating Chinese subs". As answer to that, they released an actual machine translation of Chinese subs of the Anzio Yukari's Tank Corner and of the movie (with gems like the "1935 years old beans charriot" or the "70 tons of what") and threatened to release a machine translation of the whole series in such a fashion.
  • One fanmade comic strip continued after end of the Alice War OVA where the titular character transferred to other High Schools after backing up from Ōarai. To say that the trips were not what she expected is an Understatement, and most of it is because of Alice herself:
    • First, she tried to enroll in St. Gloriana. It went well at first until Alice pontificated on the supremacy of the Centurion MBT as the best British tank, while dismissing the Churchill at the same time. Darjeeling was not amused at slightest.
    • Then she transfers to Pravda, only to make a mistake by mentioning Katyusha's height deficiency despite her age, in front of both Katyusha and Nonna. Poor Alice still didn't know what she said wrong as she was leaving.
    • Saunders welcomed Alice at first and took her on a ride in their C-5 Galaxy. Alice got too excited and played with the plane's controls, crashing the plane near Kumamoto. While nobody got seriously injured, Kay admitted that Alice may be too much for them.
    • In Kuromorimine, things went well at first with students welcoming her. Erika didn't take it too kindly seeing everyone fawning over a Shimada Protege, to which she got into an argument with Alice when Erika made mention of how the Nishizumi sisters defeated her in the last match. Alice decided to transfer to Anzio so she can beat Maho in a fair game later, while poor Erika ended up in Maho's office trying to explain what happened.
    • In Anzio, it turned out Anchovy and Pepperoni still remembered Alice's dislike for tomatoes, olives, anchovies, and cheese and managed to bake a pizza which didn't use those ingredients, just for Alice. Alice is touched with their effort... only for Fukuda to appear and say Chihatan have Alice's favorite burger. Alice immediately agreed to come with her.
    • In Chihatan, Alice was amazed at how the school's combat philosophy mirrored that of Boko the Bear. But, upon seeing the bandaged plush toy that she brought, Nishi ordered Fukuda to fix it (without knowing that Boko had bandages for a reason), prompting Alice to transfer schools again.
    • Finally at Continuation High, Mika already knew that Alice had been transferring to various schools, and was expecting that the latter would transfer again. While Mika did hint that she would love to have Alice in their school for good, the entirety of her speech about following what her heart desires touched the latter so much that the last two pics were that of her returning to Ōarai, where Miho was waiting for her with a Boko plush toy.
  • The girls learning how to play World of Tanks (while also teaching the reader) is rife with humor.


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