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Notwithstanding the overall theme of things, the series gets in some funny bits as well...

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    Season 1 
  • Notwithstanding the rousing ear worm effect the first OP has, the Freeze-Frame Bonus of Tekkadan while eating can elicit some funny reactions: Norba and Eugene getting at each other's necks; Akihiro worfing a huge amount of food; and Mikazuki looking on like nobody's business.

Episode 1: Iron and Blood

  • With the Gjallarhorn troops assaulting the CGS base and the remaining forces of the Third Group, First Group were high-tailing it out of the battlefield instead of positioning for a pincer attack like how it should have been. Orga's response? Order Biscuit to remote-trigger the flares from First Group's convoy to lure most of Gjallahorn away.

Episode 2: Barbatos

  • The Mood Whiplash when we go from Mika realising the Barbatos hasn't been fueled properly to Nadi realizing the Barbatos hasn't been fueled properly.
  • Danji's death. While it's a tearjerker, Shino said that he wanted to die smothered between boobs.
  • The sheer appearance of Biscuit's twin sisters, Cookie and Cracker.
    Biscuit: I'm sorry. It's been really hectic here. (patting their heads and looking decidedly not hectic)
  • The hilarious dissonance of Cookie and Cracker narrating the next episode previews for a show like this.
    Cracker: Hey, Cookie. Miss Kudelia is a very pretty girl, but she seems a bit clumsy.
    Cookie: Don't say that, Cracker. Miss Kudelia is working very hard. We should teach her lots of things.
    Cracker: Yes. And praise her when she is a good girl.
    Both: Yes!

Episode 3: Glorious Demise

Episode 4: The Price of Life

  • Kudelia's expression when she tries to pull out a corn.
  • The twin Griffon girls are at it again, this time teasing Atra as to her Longing Look towards Mikazuki and Kudelia.
  • When the Tekkadan's newest logo is painted at the HQ, one of the soldiers asked if the logo is a fish. The artist chastised him, clarifying that it's a flower.

Episode 5: Beyond the Red Sky

  • Atra trying way too hard to get on board the Isaribi, by nailing the Team Chef job. Not because Mika and Kudelia would be together on the ship for up to five months. Totally not.
  • How did Tekkadan deal with Todo who nearly compromised the operation? By delivering him to Gjallarhorn in a pod half naked, roughed up, Bound and Gagged, and with a message doodled on his stomach: "This looks like one of yours, so you deal with him." McGillis couldn't help but laugh as the rest of the Gjallarhorn soldiers present remain confused.
  • For your consideration, the next episode preview as narrated by Norba Shino.
    "Maybe I should teach (Eugene) a few things, like HOW TO SEDUCE A WOMAN IN A SMART MANNER!"

Episode 6: As For Them

  • While the Tekkadan kids are practicing how to read and write, Mikazuki is struggling to write his name as he wrote with reverse-shaped letters.
  • As if acknowledging the sheer amount of exposition in this episode, Kudelia explaining a particularly lengthy bit earns applause from Atra.

Episode 7: Wailing

Episode 8: The Form of Closeness

  • During Maruba's freakout In the Hammerhead's bridge at gunpoint from Orga, the Bridge Bunnies are seen yawning and checking their nails as if they already knew how it will end up.
    • Mind you, Tekkadan were fighting the Turbines to the death just a moment ago.
  • Naze pointing out the sheer Ho Yayness of Tekkadan is hilarious, even moreso coming from a guy with enough harem to manage an entire SPACE SHIP!
  • Speaking of Naze's harem, the reactions given upon the reveal thereof. Especially Kudelia's.
    • And again when Kudelia and Atra get to see the nursery and the five bouncing babies (well, one's asleep) of fairly close age, with Lafter attributing it to Naze's 'energy'. Atra's face is somewhere between "yeeeeah, okayyyy..." and "OMG get me outta this madhouse".
  • A few days after the battle, several of the younger kids are talking about how impressed they are that Akihiro and Mikazuki are training with the Turbine pilots even though they are already so strong, "unlike some people." Cut to Shino and Eugene.
    • On their end, after being on a ship with mostly men, the sexual frustration is finally getting to Shino and Eugene, who both complain about how the Turbines won't come near them.

Episode 9: Sakazuki

  • Eugene spending an entire exposition scene stuffing as many cannolis into his mouth as he possibly can, without stopping to breathe in between bites.
  • Amida tries to give Atra love advice by using food as a metaphor. Atra mistakes her usage of meat as being literal.
  • Tekkadan going out and getting totally sloshed in celebration of their new wealth and prosperity. Orga gets so wasted that he passes out with a Luminescent Blush on his face the entire time.
    • There's also Orga puking in front of Ride (who seems to be no older than twelve) after patting him on the head, giving the poor boy a massive shock.
  • Shino ends up oversleeping because he spent the previous night with a prostitute.

Episode 10: A Letter from Tomorrow

  • Orga gets reacquainted with Merribit, the woman who gave him her handkerchief in the previous episode. Thus treating the viewers of one of the few scenes where he's definitely not as cool-headed as usual.
  • During Atra's pep talk with a troubled Kudelia, she mentions that the latter is still part of the Tekkadan "Family" so as to not let her feel down with how Kudelia's parents are treating her. Atra then comes to the realization from connecting the concept of family to that of the Turbines: a Freeze-Frame Bonus clip of her with Mika and Kudelia with a child each. Not to mention that they look JUST LIKE THEY DO NOW. Mika's usual nonplussed expression is the icing on the cake. And just before that there's the unlikely image of Azee with a baby. At this point there's no denying the Build Fighters influence any longer.

Episode 11: Human Debris

  • Mikazuki rushes to the aid of Akihiro and Takaki using a rocket-booster supplied by Teiwaz, with Nadi Kasspa in tow. He disengages from it to enter battle; leaving Yukinojo to pilot it away. Mikazuki is equipped with the Ālaya-Vijñāna system that lets him naturally pilot any compatible machine. Yukinojo lacks this. All he can do is scream as Mika leaves him to blast through space. Moments later, after Mikazuki has performed the initial rescue...
    Mikazuki: Head back to the Isaribi, Akihiro and Takaki. I'll be the rear guard.
    Akihiro: What about that?
    Mikazuki: "That"?
    Cut to Yukinojo's gargled screams as the rocket-pack continues to tear through space.
    Nadi: H-HELP ME!
    Mikazuki: Oh... He's moving away from the enemy. We can collect him later.
    Akihiro: How cruel...
    • We later see Atra in the lunch hall, fanning the poor man.
  • The Bauduin siblings' banter could count as this, especially when it culminates in Almiria pointing out that her older brother happens to be busy with work every time he receives a marriage offer.
    Almiria: Father doesn't know what to do with you.
    Gaelio: (annoyed) I really do have work to attend to!

Episode 13: Funeral Rites

  • While Naze was in the middle of kissing Amida during a meeting, he talks about the need to leave offspring behind when death gets going. "Then, the woman next to you suddenly looks really pretty." Merribit turns to look at Orga, who was making a bad face at Naze the entire time.
  • One of the Tekkadan kids who lost his comrade came crying at night. Atra offers to hug him.
    Kid: "No way; your chest is too flat, Atra." *runs into Fumitan*
  • Kudelia's reaction when Mikazuki kissed her. Funnier in hindsight since Mika was present during the meeting with Naze minutes ago, and witnessed the latter's public display of affection with a completely deadpan face.
    • Gets into Awesome and Heartwarming territory, considering how the chorus of Orphans' Tears completely synchs with the kiss.
    • Capped off with Mikazuki's reply
      Mikazuki: I thought you were cute.

Episode 14: Vessel of Hope

  • The episode opens up with Kudelia still thinking about that kiss from Mika from the last ep. So much that she consults Fumitan about it. Still Cannot Spit It Out though, prompting a chuckle from the latter.
    • Better yet, before seeing Fumitan, she crouches down in the middle of a hallway fretting about it. Cue Mika walking right by her, looking like he just got out of the shower. Even better still, the shot with her crouching obscures his legs, making it look like she got a real eye-full, before he continues on his way.
    • It gets worse when you take Mika's always-deadpan face into account. Poor girl.
  • The reason for Kudelia wanting to go shopping on Dort 3: to get some cleaning materials for the Isaribi, and new clothes for the crew. And they even get to fill up at the least six trolleys full of them.
  • When the girls asked Mika and Biscuit as to the last time they took a bath, Biscuit starts sniffing himself. Then Mika joins in by smelling his armpit, then Biscuit's. Extra funny since Mika was seen to have come out of the bath hours before he joined the shopping trip.
    • Then Atra mentions that Yukinojo probably smells the worst of the lot - cut to Nadi in the hangar back on the Isaribi, looking around like he might have heard something, then scratching his head and dismissing it.
  • And then there's the other guys making the transaction - one of the warehouse civilians mistakes Merribit for the legendary Kudelia, then another guy tells him that Kudelia isn't quite that old. Merribit's reaction is a thing of beauty.

Episode 15: Trail of Footprints

  • While waiting for his brother, Biscuit starts to get emotional and nervous as to how to confront him after a long time. Atra takes a leaf out of Bright Noa's book and slaps him in the back, causing the big guy to slightly jolt.
  • Inside the Hammerhead's bridge, Lafter converses with Naze and Amida regarding the situation that Tekkadan got themselves into. Once the mention of the workers' revolt popped up, Lafter jokingly proposes a strike... By bringing up the fact that Naze has not paid enough attention to her. Naze tries to smooth-talk his way out of the situation by pinning it all on Orga. It doesn't work—in fact, the entire bridge joins in (in a rare case of the downsides of a harem coming up).
  • Atra pretends to be Kudelia to protect Biscuit and the real Kudelia from Gjallarhorn in a hostage situation. The moment came out of frickin' nowhere and Biscuit was left speechless. Becomes less funny when you see what happens to her, though.
    • Adding to the humor is Hisako Kanemoto as Atra using "watakushi" when referring to herself as Kudelia, while Yuka Terasaki as Kudelia uses "watashi".
  • Mikazuki carrying Atra over his shoulder after rescuing her and Biscuit from Gjallarhorn has shades of being heartwarming, but is mostly this. Atra's embarrassed cries as he lifts her over his arm especially so.

Episode 17: Kudelia's Decision

  • Dante volunteered to pilot the Barbatos so he can deliver the mobile suit to Mikazuki, only to pass out due to the excessive amount of data processing without a limiter. Nadi chastised the unconscious Dante in a futile fashion, leading the engineer himself to deliver the mobile suit.
  • When Mika (in the Barbatos) crossed swords with Gaelio (in the Kimaris), Mika immediately recognized him as "Chocolate Man's companion". Naturally, Gaelio is angry, leading to this exchange:
    Gaelio: I'm Gaelio Bauduin!
    Mika: ... Gali Gali?
    Gaelio: Is that on purpose!?
    • Extra Funny was Akihiro's comment:
    Akihiro: (in the Guison Rebake) What's a "Gali Gali?"
  • Everyone's reactions to Shino launching in the Ryusei-Go. Tekkadan are perplexed by the strange name Shino gave to the upgraded Graze Custom, while Ein becomes convinced that the Ryusei-Go's garish color scheme is a deliberate insult to Crank's memory.
    • It cannot be emphasized enough: the Ryusei-Go is a salmon-pink recolor of the series' grunt suit. Just when you thought this series will be foregoing the Char Custom Rule, they throw this atrocity at us.
    • Another point to be made: Shino is not used to flying a Mobile Suit, and thus while defending the Isaribi from Gjallarhorn's Grazes, he rams one away to protect the ship... And the Graze simply fires its bazooka at the ship. Everyone starts berating Shino that he needs to finish off an enemy, and he simply yells back that it's his first time, and to cut him some slack.

Episode 18: Voice

  • Minutes after Tekkadan gets acquainted with the masked man, Orga and Biscuit were weighing in on his offer during a hallway conversation. As the said masked man approached them, Mika appears from the other side, deadpan as usual:
    Mika: Oh, it's the chocolate man.
    • Cue Orga and Biscuit bolting in shock, realizing the identity of the masked character.
    • Extra Funny would be the response:
    McGillis: (presumably to Biscuit) How are your sisters?

Episode 19: The Gravity of Wishes

  • Norba reacting to Eugene's despair that he might fail by assuring him they all know Eugene isn't infallible and won't hold it against him if causes them all to die.
  • Almost everything about Carta Issue is so comical and over the top. Also, the Outer Earth Orbit Joint Regulatory Fleet's haminess.
    • After referring to McGillis as "that blonde idiot", the very next shot is of five of her crew members, all of whom look exactly like McGillis. Two look at each other and shrug.
    • There's also her dressing down of Gaelio for not sticking to proper formalities when speaking to her. She threatens to punish him if they fail their mission, leaving Gaelio flabbergasted.
  • What was meant as an awesome moment is tarnished by some Mood Whiplash, when Eugene hooks up his Alaya-Vijnana system to the Isaribi which also remotely controls the Brewers vessel as a decoy. The result is a Psychic Nosebleed that should leave him a few quarts low, but he's still livid. And the need to turn off the artificial gravity means it's all floating around his face. You know Biscuit will make him clean that up.
  • Crosses into Black Comedy, but after Ein takes the bullet for Gaelio and gets impaled for it, the camera cuts to Mikazuki who is frustrated that Gali-Gali managed to avoid another one of his attacks.

Episode 20: Brother

  • Tekkadan just had their first taste of what Earth has to offer, and they don't really like seafood. But what's funny was the background event with Mika and Atra:
    Mika (while watching Atra cook the seafood dish): What stinks, Atra?
    Atra: Be quiet.
    • What made this scene really funny was the fact that Orga and the rest of the Tekkadan crew was having a serious conversation, while Mika just didn't give a damn.
    • Even better: Mika assumes Kudelia isn't accustomed to fish either, and offers her something else to eat, which would be Heartwarming material if his idea of a meal wasn't Mars palms. No, REALLY.
    • Heck, their reaction to see a live fish for the first time. When the fish first jumps out of the pot, everyone in Tekkadon, including Mikazuki, freak out.
  • The next episode preview narration is done by Carta Issue, and she's as enthusiastic as ever.

Episode 21: To The Place Of Return

  • When Gjallarhorn first attacks their base, Akihiro struggles to shoot the ships that our out at sea. Lafter and Azee starts to lecture him on how to properly aim, but then Mikazuki cuts in and tells him to just rely on his Alaya-Vijnana, which instantly works.
    Lafter: (pouting) Using the Alaya-Vijnana is cheating.
  • While Carta and her squad were introducing themselves to Mika and Shino (in a ceremonial formation, no less), all of a sudden one of the Graze Ritter escorts gets shot in the head, with a bullet coming off-screen.
    Carta: We are the Outer Earth Orbit Joint Regulatory Fleet!
    (cue one of the Graze Ritters getting its head blown clean off)
    Akihiro: (With a confused look complete with sweatdrop) Uh... I'm allowed to shoot, right?
    Mikazuki: Of course.

Episode 23: The Final Lie

Episode 24: A Future Reward

Episode 25: Tekkadan

  • When Ein calls out Mika for killing Crank, Mika literally doesn't even know who Crank was.
    Ein: "It's you again, the sinful kid who killed Lieutenant Crank."
    Mika: "Who's that?"
    Ein: "How dare you?!"
    Mika: "Hey, stand still."
  • And when Mika lands the final blow.
  • In the aftermath of the climactic final battle, Atra has to teach Kudelia how to comfort Mikazuki in the wake of him losing the use of his right arm and eye. The weird part is that she apparently learned it from Baymax.
  • For those who aren't fans of Ein, it's darkly hilarious that Mika ignores most of his self-righteous ranting throughout their battle while trying to think of the best way to beat him and finally make him shut up. And even Mika can't let the sheer gall of Ein calling him a monster go without comment.

    Season 2 
  • The new OP has its work cut out showing off all the new characters properly - there's something to be said about Dane Uhai dragging Zack Lowe into frame in time with the theme.

Episode 1: New Blood

  • When a butterfly lands on Julieta's finger, she quickly eats it. Kujan is noticeably disturbed.
  • Shino has now named his whole squad the Ryusei Unit! Derma and Dante are less than enthused.
  • Biscuit's little sisters finally go to school! They claim they can now read more books than Mika, much to the latter's chagrin.
  • Ride speaking up, cutting off and giving orders in place of Akihiro. Yes, that little kid twice shorter than him.

Episode 4: The Trigger of Success

  • The episode has a mine under Tekkaden's control discover a Gundam Frame - said frame is the Gundam Flauros - while excavating. Among the members of Tekkaden who observe this is Norba...who had earlier expressed a desire to pilot a Gundam at least once; now, not only does he get that chance, he also has the opportunity to paint one pink; you can just see him imagining the finished design in his head. Now, not only is there a Ryusei unit in the series, there's also a Ryusei GUNDAM in the near future.

Episode 5: Inauguration of the Arabrau Defense Forces

  • When Mika notices Orga is getting thinner, he gave Orga his trademark Mars Palms by dropping them right on his food without anyone asking beforehand...

Episode 6: Silent War

Episode 7: My Friend

  • Mikazuki's "I can't believe Orga ordered me to save the Choco-Man" face.
  • Hush's first attempt at piloting a frame into battle goes about as well as one expects. Mikazuki ends up saving him by kicking him out of the way of an attack.
    • Later, when Hush is reflecting on his failure and the realization of just what a gap there is between him and Mikazuki, leading to Dane trying to comfort him...
      Dane: "Being able to accurately judge your situation... is probably one of the natural talents of a pilot."
      Dane: "What?"
      Hush: "I've never heard you say so many words. I'm just surprised."

Episode 8: Sovereign of Mars

  • Hush is determined to improve himself so that he can become a competent mobile suit pilot who doesn't hold Mikazuki back in battle. What winds up happening as he trains, is hilarious.
    Hush doing push-ups beside a mobile worker.
    Zack: "Stop acting like Mr. Akihiro. Are you trying to bulk up?"
    Hush: "Shut up. I have to give it everything I've got to not hold Mr. Mikazuki back."
    Zack: "Oh? So it's 'Mr. Mikazuki' now?"
    Hush: "Got a problem?"
    Zack: "Eh? No, not a bit. It's nice of you to respect seniority."
    Dane walks over and promptly sits on Hush's back, squashing him.
    Dane: "Since you're working so hard, I thought I'd help you out."
    Hush: Twitching underneath Dane's very large body "Thanks, but no thanks..."
  • Near the end of the episode, Azee teasing Lafter over her not-so-subtle feelings for Akihiro.
    Azee: Don't worry, I won't tell Naze.
    Lafter: IT'S NOT LIKE THAT...........but for now, don't tell him about it.

Episode 9: Vidar Rising

  • Once Mikazuki (unwillingly) takes Hush under his wing, Hush never stops acting like he is Mika's personal manservant.
    Atra: "Something happen on Earth?"
    Hush: "I've decided to study under Mikazuki."
    Mika: "And it's annoying."
    Hush: (Looks at Mika) "Don't mind me."
    Mika: "I said-"
    Hush: "I'll get tea."
  • Chad panicking about Nadi and Merribit dating, and the non-reaction from the rest of Tekkadan.
    Ride: "You didn't know?"
    • And he actually cries that he was left out of the loop about this.
  • Iok Kujan berating Julieta for getting in the way, despite how ineffectual he is.

Episode 10: Awakening Calamity

  • During the downtime, Mikazuki and Atra decides to leave the Tekkadan base to go and spend some time with Kudelia at her office. Hush, once again, decides to invite himself to come along.
  • After receiving their paychecks, Shino tries to recruit some members to Tekkadan to join him in going to the local Brothel. Eugene turns him down and Chad is still too depressed over Merribit no longer being single. Only Zack takes up his offer.
    • The next day Shino is oddly respectfully to Zack, when Eugene asks about this. Zack is about to reveal something that Shino did at the brothel, only for Shino to cover his mouth and beg for him to shut up.
  • The fact that Shino was dead serious in having his new Gundam painted pink.

Episode 11: Stained Wings

  • Even during a life or death situation, Mika's main concern is eating his Mars Palms.

Episode 12: Battle for Chryse

  • Shino is extremely surprised that his custom Shiden is piloted by Ride.
    Shino: "Is that...That's my Ryusei-go III!!!"

Episode 13: Hunter of Angels

  • In what has to be the most severe case of Mood Whiplash to date, the aftermath of the final battle with the Hashmal, which resulted in Mika losing the use of a leg on top of his existing handicaps, has Atra grappling with the idea that the next time Mika redlines the Alaya-Vijnana system will most certainly be the last, and wants Kudelia to do something about it.
  • As a result of Shino getting Gundam Flauros, he gives Ride his Ryusei-go III. Who gives it a more average paint job compared to the bright pink it used to be. Ride then tells Shino to stop calling it Ryusei-go and renames it Riden-go. Shino obviously disagrees with the rename.
  • Earlier in the episode, it was stated Mika uses Hush to carry him around and we see it in action with everyone not really giving it a second glance as Mika tries to talk to Orga when being carried over Hush's shoulder. That's right, rather than something akin to Hodor or Luke Skywalker like everyone expected, the hero that destroyed the Mobile Armor and singlehandedly prevented a second Calamity War is being carried around like a sack of potatoes.
  • The unexpected screech, reminiscent of a car slamming on its breaks, just after Mika throws his Cricket-bat at Hashmal's face. Made double funny, since they're fighting on sand, and Barbatos was spinning in a circle, across said sand.

Episode 14: Counsel

  • Atra's terrible attempt at flirting with Mikazuki:
    Atra: "Babies are, uh, great huh?"
    Mika: "Yeah, those lumpy wrists."
    Atra: "Yes! Babies are cute, aren't they?"
    Mika: "Yup."
    Mika: "They look tasty. Like ham."
    [Atra's grin turns into an angry pout, putting away the sandwiches from Mika]
    Mika: "I can't reach."
    Atra: "No more."
    Mika: "I...I can't reach."
  • Also in this episode, we are treated to a flashback as to how Naze and Amida met and how they created the Turbines. And it shows that Naze is indeed a ladies' man, just like another dandy we know.
  • A very subtle one for anyone who's followed enough of this series (or milllenial Gundam in general) to know how the breather eps turn out - our heroes are meeting with McMurdo Barristan again, and usually someone like Kudelia or Biscuit plays Mr. Exposition for our heroes, but the problem is our heroes in this case consist entirely of Mika, Atra and Hush Middy, and all the real exposition comes from one of the Teiwaz office people while our heroes, well...
    Hush: "Nobody told me we were dealing in something so dangerous!"
    Atra: "How would I know about that?"

Episode 15: Lit by a Blazing Sun

  • Norba Shino actually thought ahead for once instead of Orga, then decided that Akihiro's unit be called the Muscle Platoon. Not the biggest case of Mood Whiplash to date considering they're planning a rescue mission for the escaping non-combatant Turbines, but it definitely came out of nowhere. Akihiro even complained on spot.
  • When Akihiro tells Lafter to protect the rest of the Turbines and asks that he let her protect her back for once. She leaves but not before saying the next time they meet, she plans on squeezing him tight after they escape. Akihiro quickly wondered (with a sweatdrop) why she wanted to strangle him.

Episode 16: Natural for a Human

  • There's a follow-up to what happened two eps ago (see above) when Mika gets to be around some actual babies for a bit, and decides that yes, he would like one of his own. And just because Atra asked him, he agrees to having a baby with Atra. Atra's ensuing Heroic BSoD is a thing of art.
    Hush: What's wrong?
    Atra: (hands clutching her head, her hair hiding her eyes) I'm sorry. My brain's trying to process too much stuff.
    Hush: Huh.
    Atra: Could you clean up the dining hall for me?
    Hush: Okay.
    Atra: And then make tomorrow's breakfast and do the laundry?
    Hush: It's that bad?
  • After Naze's funeral, Lafter decides to ask Akihiro out for drinks. Akihiro completely misreads her signals and attempts to invite the rest of Tekkadan along with them. Eugene and Shino predictably chew him out for it.
    Shino: Are you stupid?
    Akihiro: Oh, you two were listening. Do you want to-
    Shino: Where are your brains?! Go with her alone! Don't you realize what this is?
    Akihiro: Huh? Why alone?
    Eugene: There might be some love there that you can't buy with money.
    • Extra funny points to Eugene, for masking it as "an order from the Deputy Boss."
  • While it gets hit with a massive case of Mood Whiplash, while out shopping Lafter comes across a teddy bear with bushy eyebrows and a permanent scowl. She thinks its cute because it looks like Akihiro.
  • People were previously complaining that the names of the Gundams were getting long. Now, Orga outright calls out the name "Barbatos Lupus Rex" for being a mouthful.

Episode 17: Settlement

  • In a case of Black Comedy, Jasley's men comes to terms with the fact that they're not going to beat Tekkadan before Jasley does. One of their suggestions is for Jasley to try and apologize. A little to late for that, but the thought was nice.

Episode 18: Revealed Intentions

  • A bunch of Iok's men arrive on Rustlal's flagship and beg Rustal to allow Iok to participate in the upcoming battle. Rustal responds by telling them that they are the 40th messengers Iok has sent with the exact same message. It turns out that Rustal put Iok under house arrest to prevent him from screwing up again, and he is both amused and impressed with how Iok still has so many loyal subordinates despite all the mistakes he's made. He then allows Iok's men to get into the fight to regain their leader's glory.
  • This exchange between Mika and Isurugi
    Mikazuki: Where's Chocolate?
    Isurugi: The General is preparing the finishing touches. Also, don't call him that.

Episode 20: If this is the End

  • Before their final charge towards the Arianhrod Fleet, Orga gets briefed by Eugene, Chad and Dante as to the status of the Hotarubi's evacuation. Despite being frustrated as to the amount of casualties piling up, they convince their Boss that they wish to see the battle to the very end. In comes Shino, saying that he still have not given the fleet a taste of his "Super Galaxy Cannon".
    Orga, Eugene, Chad and Dante: What? "Super Galaxy?"
  • Shino's first thought to thank Yamagi for helping him is to take him to a brothel. Yes, Shino is so dense that he thought the best way to thank the gay Yamagi who is also in love with him is with girls. It's darkly hilarious in how off he is.
  • When Iok sees that Shino's Flauros has a railgun pointed at them, he quickly steps in front of Rustal to guard him. While it's a touching gesture on his part, it's not going to save him at all.
  • A more meta one but there's nothing else to describe the ridiculous amount of death flags Shino was raising since becoming a MS Pilot in Season 1. It only took a very tense moment with a very worried Yamagi to really hammer in the fact that Shino's the next one to bite it.

Episode 21: For Whom

  • While retroactively heartbreaking, the double reveal that 1. Everyone Can See It where Yamagi and Shino is concerned, and 2. being both comrades in Tekkadan for half a lifetime and all, Shino was less concerned about the Ho Yay and more concerned about Incest Yay Shipping is a hilarious (and much needed) piece of Mood Whiplash.
  • While attacking Mikazuki, Julieta keeps boasting how she is Rustal's loyal bodyguard and would anything for his sake. Then, she got impaled mid-speech by Mikazuki, who is telling her to shut up. Considering that Carta and Ein are the biggest offenders of Talking Is a Free Action in Season 1, you have to wonder if Gjallarhorn has an instructions manual for averting that.

Episode 22: Scapegoat

Episode 23: Promise

  • Before Kudelia and Atra left for Chryse with Orga, Chad, Dante, and Ride, they each gave Mikazuki a kiss on the cheek. Cue Hush covering his face in embarassment.

Episode 24: McGillis Fareed

  • After 49 episodes, Eugene is going to finally pilot a Mobile Suit into battle for the first time (Moreso the very same Shiden that was for Orga.) While he's outlining the plan to the Tekkadan members present, the younger kids start snarking in the background how he's always been beaten by the more experienced pilots in every mock training session.

Episode 25: Their Place

  • Mikazuki and Akihiro decides to stay back to hold the line to allow the rest of Tekkadan to retreat. The two fire off a final round at snark against each other.
    Akihiro: You little....I won't carry you out of here when this is over.
  • As a Call-Back to Shino's funny moment in Episode 15, Akihiro ultimately calling himself the group's Muscle Unit.
  • After their serious talk about Julieta's future in Gjallarhorn leadership, Tekkadan's humanity, and the reforms Rustal has made to Gjallarhorn following Mikazuki's death, the now-wheelchair-bound and AV-less Gaelio begins flirting with her, beginning with asking her out for dinner.
    Julieta: (annoyed) You've grown quite frivolous. When you had your mask on...
    Gaelio: That was ages ago. I'd always been like this. Or did you like me better then?
    Julieta: (pouting) I want to have some meat
    Gaelio: Good idea. I like you better with a little more meat on you.
    (Julieta proceeds to push Gaelio's wheelchair very quickly, the latter pleading her to cut it out.)
  • When Kudelia goes home to the farm to spend time with Atra and Akatsuki, Mika and Atra's child, the latter, running while under one of the sheets Atra is hanging to dry, runs up to Kudelia, who catches and carries him.
    Kudelia: Have you been good, Akatsuki?
    Akatsuki: (nods) Yes.
    Atra: Yeah, right. Good boys don't play with the laundry.
    Akatsuki: I was good.
    • He says that as he buries his face in Kudelia's chest. Kudelia's face reacts accordingly, as does Atra's.

Meta and Out of Canon

  • The idea that Shino loved the Ryusei-Go so much he decided to give his new MS the same paintjob.
    • The running theme of Shino's equipment being pink, really.
    • Takes the cake with Gundam Flauros... which is immediately claimed by him, painted in pink (and given the eye decals) and called Ryusei-go)
  • When Hush Middy was shown in the trailer for season 2, many people mistook him for Argi Mirage from the Gekko side manga.
  • On the merchandise side:

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