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Funny / Gundam: Reconguista in G

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  • In episode 2, Bellri runs up the stairs... and slams into a wall.
    • Also in the same episode, Noredo uses her slingshot to target at Aida's butt.
  • Reksnows launch into the forest to intercept the Montero. One of them runs straight into a grove of trees and gets knocked down.
  • Klim Nick careening through the jungle in his Montero disturbs all of the local wildlife, including a jaguar that goes all bug-eyed before fleeing.
  • Bellri, stuck in a stolen Mobile Suit with three girls, decides that he needs to relieve himself with the cockpit's built-in toilet. Bizarre music plays over this as the episode fades to credits.
    Noredo Nug: What's with this music?
    Aida Surugan: It's what the designer liked, I'll bet!
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  • Raraiya tells Klim Nick that he has beautiful eyes. Klim, without missing a beat, simply says "Yeah, I get that a lot" and continues on his way.
  • When Bellri is piloting the Core Fighter, The Engineer Happa is clinging to the outside of the window and yelling instructions... and he stays there during the whole battle. Even when Bell finally docks with the G-Self, Happa is still there, squashed up against the glass.
  • Bellri defeats Luin's Elf Bull by, essentially, throwing a water balloon at it.
    • A water balloon containing enough water for a small lake, mind you. Which is pretty funny in and of itself.
  • Bellri's mom suddenly laughing at a hippopotamus head mounted on a wall in her rarely-visited space office, since an identical one is in her normal one on Earth.
  • Poor Noredo having to constantly chase around Rairaiya for one reason or another.
  • "What!? It says here that 'assault' can also mean to attack someone!" You don't say, Bellri.
  • Episode 14: After Noredo hits Nobell with her slingshot its angry reaction is hilarious.
    • Pretty much everything involving Nobell.
  • Steer, who has been throwing out English words every now and again, reacts to a surprise with the phrase: "Oh my SU-Cord!"
    • "G-SELF! YOU SUCK!"
      • Steer again in episode 25, when she learns from Aida that Bellri went back on patrol for enemies in the midst of Atmospheric Reentry. Her only words are "Bellri! Crazy!" in Gratuitous English.
  • As the crew of the Megafauna puts on their space suits, Captain Donyell casually moves to get an eyeful of Steer's chest.
    Steer: What are you looking at?
    Donyell: Huh? My body's just floating.
  • The residential resident freaking out over the G-self crouched down facing his house, screaming "Mama". Not long after he carries the aforementioned parent outside to see it.
  • The G-IT corps force the compliance of the Crescent Ship's crew by strapping what they say are bombs to the captain and XO's heads. later, the "bombs" are discovered to be party favors.
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  • During an otherwise not particularly funny episode, Luin attempts to establish a "contact link" with Barara's new Mobile Armor Yggdrasil. She proceeds to move the much larger machine slightly out of his MS' way each time, leaving him flailing and shouting her name increasingly quickly each time.
  • Klim ordering Steer to run over his father (who was in the middle of a propaganda speech about his dead hero son) in the epilogue. Nobody onboard the ship objects much.

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