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    Season 1 
Orga is secretly terrified of Mikazuki.
Orga stated that Mikazuki always looks to him to do something cool, or for guidance. However, Orga is only human. He will crack somewhere down the line if Ein or the Charclone starts killing his boys and he can't do shit about it. Either Mikazuki is the one who has to rise up and take over because Orga isn't cool and focused anymore, or in true gundam tradition will brightslap the fuck out of Orga to get him focused again.
  • Confirmed in Episode 23, When Mika is busy shredding Carta into pieces without negotiating, Orga himself is definitely not pleased, and he has to tell Mikazuki to stop going after Carta so they can continue the escort.

Orga Itsuka is going to die horribly.
I mean c'mon, guys...
  • Too soon.
  • Oh yeah, the dude is deathflagging all over the place. So the question is how? I'm guessing either Heroic Sacrifice with a blaze of heroic glory or Killed Mid-Sentence by a sniper to really push forward the War Is Hell mentality we've got going on right now.
  • Probably once they get into space, perhaps. He did show up commandeering a spacecraft in the opening...
  • Well, he's also a bit like Big Boss. We remember how that ended, right?
  • Almost in Episode 21, but Biscuit took the bullet for him.
  • Jossed for the first season, he can be seen standing on a Mobile Worker alone. Mika on the other hand...
  • One possible thing that I can see happen would be that he died and then Mika would be left without any form of moral compass. Would be interesting to see how things develop from there.
  • I think this might be possible after the events in episode 47. Plus, he had the Shiden White.
  • Confirmed in episode 48 where he got shot after Taking the Bullet to protect Ride.

Atra Mixta is going to die horribly
I mean c'mon, guys...
  • She got a Cold-Blooded Torture, but she survived.
  • Jossed for the first season - the last opportunity was in episode 24, when she Pushed Kudelia out of the way of the Axe of the Graze Ein, but was saved by Mikazuki.
  • Jossed. She survives both seasons.

Biscuit Griffon will be the brains of the group.
He is a support officer and a bookworm, which are traits of The Strategist. Will be an Actor Allusion to a certain orange mecha pilot.
  • Jossed by episode 21.

Biscuit Griffon is revealed to have a wife called Tart.
I'm not sorry.
  • Well, close: he's got twin sisters named Cookie and Cracker. It can happen...
  • He has a brother named Savarin, which is a type of cake.
  • All that's left is to find out his mother is Oven and his daddy Dough.
  • Jossed.

Biscuit has some sort of cybernetic systems hidden under his hat
In the first episode he has a line that implies he's able to directly sense the presence and direction of Ahab reactors. This implies that he has some sort of cybernetics as well and if it protrudes from his skull it would explain why he never takes his hat off.
  • The preview for #8 shows him with a full head of hair.

Biscuit will die toward the end.
Why? Because Gundam is messed up like that and because he's basically the only named member of the original Third Group that's stated to still have a family.
  • For better or worse, you were right. Biscuit got offed by Carta on episode 21 just after he mended things with Orga.

Carta will be the next one to die.
And she thinks she can get away from killing Biscuit? Mikazuki would immediately grind her into mincemeat.

Ein and Gaelio will die toward the end.
Mika has been on his killing spree, he needs not to care about his enemies.
  • Not the case for Ein: The proper question for him is how many Tekkadan members he can sweep on his own.
  • Gaelio might die in the next episode: His opponent, however, is McGillis
  • My guess is Ein and Mika will kill each-other in a Mutual Kill.
  • Confirmed... maybe. Both Gaelio and Ein take deadly wounds in their mobile suits, but IBO is one of those shows where they aren't dead until we see the body bag
    • Definitely confirmed for Ein. Jossed for Gaelio in season 1 - he almost died.

Lafter and Azee MIGHT have survived, and will receive prostethics to save them
  • The official website has not marked them as killed yet, as they did with Biscuit and Carta. So either they die of injuries on episode 25, or they live. Here's hoping they live
    • That might be the case for Azee since it looked like she was only knocked unconscious. I can't say the same for Lafter though.
    • Jossed, they do end up living as does the equally-wounded Shino, but it was close

Mikazuki would one day cross the Moral Event Horizon.
When Orga was stuck in Heroic BSoD because of Biscuit's death and he proclaimed they're in a kill or be killed situation happened, Mikazuki immediately asked when he can kill. One may ask how far would Mika reach in case of killing instinct.
  • He does, by literally shredding Carta and her bodyguards into pieces when the latter are defenseless.

McGillis is literally in love with Almiria
Why else would he be so kind to children so much he can gift them chocolates and dispose Carta on the first place?
  • Jossed Episode 25 has him admit he will take care of her but the marriage is meant so that he can gain control of her family's power with their only other potential heir no longer 'around'.

McGillis is secretly more corrupt than those whom he fight against.
  • Potentially confirmed by episode 25 If you take into account he had planned out the deaths of his two closest friends and killed one of them with his own hands, is marrying that friend's grade school age sister to gain power over that family and discredit his own father to gain control of his own. Plus he may have set off the embers that cause another world war with each economic block beginning to militarize themselves individually now. Yeah, he might be more corrupt.

Montag has his ulterior motive.
No Char Clone on a right mind would offer genuine help, go figure it out.
  • I dunno, Harry Ord offered genuine help to Loran Cehack a lot of the time, and he had no ulterior motives.
  • Apparently Todo is now Montag's henchman.
  • One may ask if his real goal was to usurp the Seven Stars family.
  • Indeed, he literally took over the Seven Star family.

This is the Dystopian future of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
The Calamity War is the resumption of hostilities between the Earth and the Vagan, and Mars ends up subjugated by Earth.

No, it's the dystopian future of G Gundam
Both series feature Nano Machines and it's mentioned that before the Calamity War most conflicts were settled by Gundams fighting one on one.

Actually, it takes place in the time between the Universal Century timeline and the Correct Century timeline.
What other explanation could there be for the large portion of Australia that's missing on the map of Earth that's shown early on? Maybe the Calamity War was a war between the Earth Federation and some other faction.

It's the Dystopion interregnum between Universal Century and Regild Century
Australia even has the crater from Operation British. The slavery and economic harships are the prelude to how the whole Kuntala thing got started.

Mika is special in some way
He's an Ace Pilot who has survived a crippling surgery three times to perform at a capacity unlike his fellow soldiers. As a CHILD. Something's up with that.

Kudelia will get the Ālaya-Vijñāna system.
  • She will go back on her previous statement and have it implanted since she has most likely not had any mobile suit training in order to be able to pilot a mobile suit, maybe even a Gundam.
  • Alternately, the Gundam Kimaris or some other model won't require it, so she gets one of those.
  • Kimaris already has an owner, that being Gaelio. All things considered, its not likely she'll get an MS

Eugene is going to betray the group and return back
He is in some ways an Expy to Beecha Oleg, and judging by his actions in the 3rd episode, it's plausible he would betray them, but eventually return after realizing Tekkadan were nicer.
  • And the way this series has been going, will probably be summarily executed.
  • Or he'll fake his death in the field and come back in a metal mask, further enforcing the Graham Aker thing.
  • Nah, I predict Mcgillis will don the mask later
    • Confirmed: McGillis donned a mask to be able to act freely.
  • Amusingly, according to an interview, he was originally going to be a traitor but it was changed since the director wanted a happy ending.

The Dandy in the OP is...
A weapons dealer playing both sides, or the one responsible for finding stuff like the Gundam Gusion and Gundam Kimaris - because he's a direct descendant of pre-Calamity people.
  • Alternatively, he's their guide from or connection to the Teiwaz organization. The guy does look like the Space Mafia.
  • Confirmed, he works for the Turbine branch of the Teiwaz faction, and currently is striking a deal between him and Orga

Ein is Aina's brother or half-brother
The names are similar and he's clearly got some sort of backstory to him; perhaps he's Norman's son with a mistress... maybe a little like another famous franchise character. Plus, it's almost mandatory for a brother/sister reveal in a Gundam series.
  • In episode 11, it was confirmed from the bullies' taunts that Ein is from Mars, which makes this even more plausible.
    • If he is related to her, he doesn't know it, since episode 24 has her meet him for the first time, and he doesn't mention her being related to him.

The asteroid in #5 becomes a Chekhov's Gun...
...when Earth decides to pull a Colony Drop on Mars. Basically repeating all the mistakes that led to the Calamity War the last time.
  • Jossed.

Fumitan Admoss is working for Gjallarhorn...
There is really something off with her that feels she was planted there and acts as Kudelia's servant...which later will be revealed she's working for Gjallarhorn as a deep-penetration agent.
  • Sort of: she works for Nobliss Gordon to ensure Kudelia dies a martyr's death

Fumitan Admoss is... something else entirely.
Note her reaction to supposedly getting shrapnel in the arm. Maybe a Technopath human interface left behind by a data entity from before the Calamity. The only clue they have is her grandmother's maiden name... Veda.

McGillis will don a Char Clone mask
Let's see, has blonde hair? Is handsome? Has a buddy with purple hair? Good with younger girls? Is possibly the rival to the hero?
  • Confirmed in the next episode preview at the end of Episode 14, with a wig to go with it

Orga's projecting
Orga keeps saying that Mikazuki is pushing him to keep on fighting and struggling to the top, but he's just using Mika watching him as an excuse to power grab. Mika just really wants to chill and is just super protective of his friends, in his own way, seeing as he grew up a battlefield.

Akihiro's Graze will be upgraded to take advantage of his Ālaya-Vijñāna system
Either that or he'll move to using a Gundam-Frame like Mikazuki.
  • He seems like a good contender for the Gundam Gusion
    • Gusion already has an owner apparently, someone from a so-far unnamed pirate group
      • Tekkadan could salvage the Gusion for themselves.
      • Confirmed. Gusion was originally going to be sold off with the other Brewer mobile suits, but Akihiro asked to keep the Gusion as a reminder of his little brother.
  • Turns out that Tekkadan's Graze is currently being retrofitted with a Alaya-Vijnana System from one of the Brewer's Man Rodi. It seems the first part of this WMG is on it's way to being confirmed as well.

McGillis will suffer some sort of severe facial injury and appear to die in battle...
Setting up a later return with a mask and a drastically different personality... oh, and probably an obsession with destroying Tekkadan or at least killing Mikazuki.
  • He better wear a mask
  • He got a mask, but he didn't suffer from any injury.
  • It happened, yet not on McGillis, but Ein.

McGillis will betray Gaelio
  • Dude looks like Garma, go figure
  • Sort of, as Montag, McGillis helps Tekkadan to fight against Gjallarhorn.
  • He does, he plotted a Uriah Gambit for Carta and Gaelio, the former was apparently killed, but not the later.
    • Pretty much confirmed by episode 24. While he fought Gaelio in episode 19, in episode 24 he reveals himself to Gaelio.
    • Confirmed by episode 25, McGillis killed Gaelio personally.

One of Turbine's wives is going to die
Well, it's a Gundam show unless it's going for the happy route like After X Gundam or Turn A Gundam.
  • Smart money's on Amida. Her Cool Big Sis personality, unique character and mobile suit design, and heavy implication that she's Naze's favorite just scream Too Cool to Live.
  • Right and wrong. Deaths happened, but not Amida: it was Lafter and Azee, both at the hands of Ein.
  • Episode 25 reveals that both of Lafter and Azee survived, so this theory is jossed. At least, for Season 1.
  • Confirmed in Episode 40, both Amida, Naze himself and several nameless Turbines crews are are offed by Iok.
  • One episode later, Lafter is assassinated by Jasley's men, this time, she is Killed Off for Real.

Where did Amida's scar come from?
  • From Naze himself, when he thought she was cheating on him. Basically meant as a parallel when Orga also goes through personal betrayal of his own.
    • Amida was a slave, Naze rescued her, the scar originated from abuse from her masters.
    • Doesn't appear to be the case. She used to be a mercenary before meeting Naze, and she comments on that scars are to be expected in her line of work suggesting she got it from a mobile suit battle.

There's some sort of story behind Mikazuki's massive jacket.
There's gotta be a reason why he wears that specific jacket, right? Everyone else in CGS/Tekkadan has a jacket that fits.

Akihiro's younger brother will appear later in the series
Only as a villain, and they'd be forced to kill each other
  • Confirmed. He appears with the Brewers and dies saving Akihiro from the Gusion.

Tied to the above one, Masahiro is the Gusion's pilot.
Here are some points hinting to this:
  • Masahiro was mentioned for the first time near the end of episode 10.
  • The Gundam Gusion is set to appear in episode 11 and its on the side of the pirates.
  • The pilot who's upper part of the face is hidden in the preview resembles Masahiro a bit.
  • The name of episode 11 is "Human Debris" and it seems that it's going to focus on Akihiro.
  • Confirmed in the website: Masahiro indeed is a pilot for the pirate group, but is not the Gusion's pilot: he pilots a grunt MS

If Masahiro and his fellow Human Debris don't die, they might defect to Tekkadan.
And take the Man Rodi that they all pilot.
  • Jossed, Mika turned them all into mush, and Masahiro let himself get killed
  • Although this is partly accomplished by Orga choosing to assimilate all the other children of the Brewers they capture.

Gaelio's younger sister will become an expy of Quess Paraya.
  • Alternatively, she may actually serve as an expy of the young Haman Karn from Char's Deleted Affair—a young, idealistic woman in love with the Char Clone of the series, yet eventually grows hardened by the potential ruthlessness of the man she looks up to.
    • If she ends up having a Gyunei and Hathaway expies arguing over her in a timeskip, then she'd fit the role, but for now, she could end up like Haman, with what her bro eventually possibly getting killed ala Garma, the sorrow could turn her into one.
      • Seems more likely she'll turn into a Haman expy, given the episode preview for episode 25. Maybe this time we'll see what would have happened if Char had actually returned Haman's affections (or at least, didn't turn her away)?

Orga might actually be a descendant of Archer/the Heroic Spirit EMIYA.
Considering the comparison has been made in the Character sheet already, I can't be the only one who thought of this. Their characterization and physical similarities are so uncanny I'm calling Identical Grandson might actually be at play.

Ein will eventually Took a Level in Jerkass become more and more dickish as the series continues
  • Then he'll eventually come in a situation where he will be in a hostage negotiation against Mika, and kill the hostage.
    • He seemed to become far more bitter in the latter episodes. Then again, as episode 19 showed, you can't be too much of a jerkass when you get impaled with a giant lance.
    • I was making a Gyunei Gus joke, but it is actually possible now.
    • On the other hand, you certainly can if you wake from a long coma to find out you've a cyborg that's been implanted with the AV system that's the same as those Tekkadan kids you hate so much...
    • And he certainly did, being responsible for the death of two named characters and wanton massacre of Mobile Workers

Kudelia's negotiations may eventually lead to war/negotiations will not go well
  • Because come on why would Gjalllarhorn's mars branch try to kill/so afraid of her in the first place? And what's to say that certain officials on earth might decline her diplomatic intentions.
    • As the main head of Teiwaz said some things(like for example autonomy or at least partial autonomy from a bigger organization) may require spilling blood.
    • Since there's been a few hints towards a second season of IBO, the first season might actually end with the negotiations starting, and while they may not immediately start the war, they might cause a war to break out in the long run (unless they decide to make the second season take place days after the ending of the first, in which case, the first season might end as Kudelia begins to negotiate, and the second season will show the talks falling apart.

McGillis has some Arab ancestry
His last name is Fareed, and donning a mask in episode 14 makes him quite his namesake (Fareed means "uniique")

The kabuki-painted woman in the second OP is...
  • Descended from another of the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn
  • Will be The Starscream, or be the one to kill Gaileo, or both
    • She seems to be a Seven Stars indeed, but doesn't appear to be going into Starscream territory. She isn't fond of Gaelio, but still respects him somewhat.
    • Her name is Carta Issue, a Large Ham Gjallarhorn officer and an overly valorous soldier.

Fumitan is gonna get killed
  • It's obvious
  • Considering that the next episode is entitled "Fumitan Admoss", she might die while attempting to protect Kudelia. Her death will made Kudelia realize the harsh reality between Gjallarhorn and the colonies and Nobliss' true intention.
    • She bit the bullet.

At one point in the show, Kudelia will get Bright Slapped
Related to above about Fumitan possibly getting killed, Kudelia will wangst and blame herself for it and then, someone (either Atra or Merribit or one of Naze's wives) will Bright Slap her and tell her to move on and do her job.
  • If she does get Bright-slapped, it's going to be because of something else. While she does get pretty distraught over Fumitan's death, she quickly recovers from it, and doesn't angst around. If anything, Fumitan's death seems to have DECREASED the odds of her getting Bright-slapped.

Ein will perform a Heel–Face Turn and become an ally of Tekkadan (possibly netting himself or bringing over one of the Ars Goetia Gundams in the process).
  • The show seems to be kind of trying to hammer home the point that Mikazuki and Ein are Not So Different. Both are from Mars and both have (or at least, had) leaders to which they were fanatically loyal. Plus, some of Ein's seniors in Gjallarhorn sort of treat him like crap for being from Mars. One almost gets the feeling that Ein would be a bit more sympathetic to Tekkadan if he knew what they had gone through to get to this point. (And maybe a revelation that he's related to one of the principal characters might speed this along.)
  • Or another route could be a Heel–Face Door-Slam or something, and rejects Mika's hand reaching out
    • Somewhat more likely to be Orga, who has adopted enemies into the ranks of Tekkadan before.
  • Nope, not gonna happen. Mika turned Ein into a kebab in episode 19
    • Nope still alive as of episode 20
  • Not likely, he's been planning to avenge Crank's death right from the beginning.
  • Unless there happens to be some scenario that forces Ein into an Enemy Mine situation with Tekkadan in the last 2 episodes (or season 2, if IBO gets one), episode 23 pretty much jossed this one. Ein has basically become a Graze, and his dedication to Gjallarhorn seems even stronger than ever.
    • What little remaining possibility of this happening was jossed by episode 24 - even if Ein found some way to forgive Tekkadan for Crank's death, it's extremely unlikely that Tekkadan would forgive Ein for killing Norba, and Naze would likely want Ein's head for killing Lafter and Azee.
    • The above has been mitigated a bit due to Norba, Lafer, and Azee all surviving. However, the theory is still jossed due to Mika finishing off Ein for good.

The mysterious teal and yellow Rodi Frame Mobile Suit seen in Episode 17's preview is a modified Man Rodi that Tekkadan ultimately decided to keep after Akihiro chose to keep the Gusion.
  • So far Tekkadan can't seem to let a single Mobile Suit go when they get their hands on it. It's like a running gag now.
  • Jossed. Those Mobile Suits apparently are worker suits used in the Dort colonies, and the workers steal them for the uprising, along with weaponry and some ships. Doesn't help them though, since Gjallarhorn sabotaged ALL of them, such as killing the suits' engines or malfunctioning the weapons for the ships. The end result is not pretty
    • Amusingly enough the second season DOES see Tekkadan use Rodi Frames - however, they are LANDMAN RODIs. No word if they were a different batch, or if Tekkadan repurchased the ones they sold but modified them.

Gaelio will get killed at least before the end of the season
  • With McGillis calling him one last time saying "Hey Gaelio, do you read me? Blame this on the misfortune of your birth."
  • Jossed, somewhat. Gaelio does die, but during the final episode of Season 1.
    • Jossed. He comes back in season 2 as Vidar, since he was Not Quite Dead.

Lafter will develop feelings for Akihiro

The Turbines will end up leaving Teiwaz
  • It's obvious that Naze, despite his line of work, has something of a conscience - or at least an affinity for Orga and Tekkadan. But as Tekkadan gets drawn further and further into the Martian independence conflict, Naze is frequently ending up in situations where he would like to help Tekkadan but has to sit back and watch because of his duties to Teiwaz and McMurdo Barristan (Who's been revealed to be in league with the people trying to kill Tekkadan's client, Kudelia Aina Bernstein). This seems almost bound to end in a situation where the Turbines are isolated from the rest of Teiwaz, and where Barristan might even deem them an inconvenience and seek to 'sacrifice' them for the greater good of the Teiwaz family. (Could this be where one of Naze's harem bites it? Possibly.) This will lead Naze and the Turbines to permanently change their allegiance to helping Tekkadan.
    • At the very least, Naze had to part ways with Tekkadan, since his ship is well-known as a Teiwaz vessel. Lafter and Azee do join up with the others though, using disguised Hyakurens to not attract suspiscion.
      • Confirmed, although under different circumstances - Naze ends up getting framed by IdIok, and he cuts ties with Teiwaz to avoid implicating Barristan.

McGillis and Gaelio will end up fighting each other.
  • With McGillis Playing Both Sides but keeping Gaelio out of the loop, and Gaelio's rivalry with Mikazuki becoming extremely personal, particularly after Ein's apparent death, it seems almost inevitable that Poor Communication Kills will come into play here and force the two into a duel.
  • Confirmed. McGillis and Gaelio clash in the final episode, with McGillis killing Gaelio in the end.

McGillis's mother was a Montag, of the Montag Company.
  • This is why he's in a position to negotiate in good faith on behalf of the company, and why he tells Orga that his "true name" is Montag when pressed. The heir to a powerful manufacturing corporation would be the Post-Calamity Era equivalent of nouveau riche, and therefore would have high enough status that a Seven Stars scion like Iznario Fareed could move in the same social circles and eventually take her as a mistress, while being of sufficiently low status that the affair coming out would be a significant blow to Iznario's social standing.
    • This is very unlikely, following the revelation of his past in Season 2. He's an orphan who lived in the streets and ended up as a child prostitute. Iznario adapted him but he sexually abused him throughout his childhood. I really doubt Iznario is the type of man who would consider having a mistress because he's a pedophile whose type are blond little boys.

If this series ends up in a Super Robot Wars game alongside Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, there will be 2 scenarios from each side's perspective.
  • Since AGE and IBO both have a conflict between the Earth and Mars, but show a different perspective in each note , it's not unreasonable to assume that Tekkadan might fight against the Earth Federation (with Gjallarhorn being a part of the Earth Federation, and Tekkadan being a company working under the Vagan). The first scenario will be from the perspective of the Earth Federation, and have the player fighting alongside Gjallarhorn against the Vagan. The second mission would have the player fight alongside Tekkadan against the Asunos. In both cases, two of the sides would eventually pull a Heel–Face Turn (the Earth Federation and the Vagan in the mission from Tekkadan's perspective, and Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn in the mission from the Earth Federation's perspective) would eventually switch sides after the first fight - in the scenario from the Earth Federation's perspective, Tekkadan would decide that the Earth Federation would likely guarantee independence to Mars if the Vagan were defeated, and Gjallarhorn's internal corruption results in them betraying their stated mission goal and allying with the Vagan (similar to the Titans allying with Neo Zeon); in the scenario from Tekkadan's perspective, Gjallarhorn would, like in the other scenario, ally with the Vagan, but the Earth Federation would offer to make Mars independent if they changed sides, and Tekkadan would accept that offer (in either case, the player would gain access to 3 of the unique mobile suits that were initially only available in the other scenario - the 3 AGE Gundams from the Three Generations Arc in Tekkadan's scenario, and the 3 main Tekkadan mobile suits in the Earth Federation's scenario).
  • Alternatively, there will be one scenario, but it will begin with the player's forces being neutral, and being forced to choose a side a la Fire Emblem Fates - if the player chooses to side with the Vagan/Tekkadan, they will immediately gain the 3 unique mobile suits used by Tekkadannote , as well as the Gundam Legalis (and later on, the Grimgerde), but will have to fight against the Earth Federation/Gjallarhorn. If the player chooses to side with the Earth Federation/Gjallarhorn, they will immediately gain the 3 AGE Gundams used in the Three Generations Arc of AGEnote , as well as Gundam Kimaris (and later on, either the Schwalbe Graze or Graze Ritter, depending on if they are able to save Ein Daltonnote ), but will have to fight against the Vagan/Tekkadan. The aforementioned Heel–Face Turn by either Tekkadan/The Earth Federation MIGHT still happen if the player makes the right choices.
  • Similar to how in FE Fates there is an option to choose neither side, maybe there will even be a third scenario (or third choice - said third choice would be to refuse to take either side), where the city of Chryse wants independence from the Vagan, and the player will team up with both the Earth Federation AND Tekkadan to fight against the Vagan (who have allied themselves with the Mars branch of Gjallarhorn), immediately gaining access to the 3 unique Tekkadan mobile suits as well as the 3 aforementioned AGE Gundams, and later on, gaining access to both the Grimgerde and another mobile suit exclusive to this scenario/choice (possibly the Gundam Astaroth).

Merribit was in a relationship with McGillis
  • Jossed, McGillis is only into Almiria, or technically, to seize the control of the Seven Stars family.

McGillis upgrades to a final white mech
Meaning all his rigs form red, white and blue, hinting at how the world order may turn into after his reforms are done.
  • Alternatively, he might have a mech named Gjallarhorng.
  • Could be true if McGillis salvaged Gaelio's Kimaris Trooper.
    • Possibly jossed by the promo for season 2, which shows him using a blue mech that looks very similar to Carta's Graze Ritter.
  • Confirmed in Episode 43, he pilots the Gundam Bael, a white mech belonged to none other than Agnika Kaieru himself.

There was a 73rd Gundam that spawned after the 72 Gundams
It was called the Ars Goetia Gundam, that used funnels with 72 different attacks, based off the 72 other gundams.
  • There's a new Gundam in season 2 whose name isn't taken from the Ars Goetia, so there's that.
    • And jossed. The new Gundam in season 2 is just a refurbished Kimaris.

Half of the Tekkadan members will be dead by the end of the show
Orga is now going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Gjallarhorn and Merbit looked very concerned about it. This might means that things could go badly for Tekkadan and more deaths for them. It's possible that Orga might die (probably in the same way as Ryu Jose, Lockon Stratos/Neil Dylandy etc.) which could affect Mika's personality.
  • Somewhat jossed. Tekkadan lost a lot of people, but all of the named characters who made it to the final battle lived.

McGillis's plan for Gjallarhorn revolves around the dismantling of the Seven Stars.
He has realized that it is the very elitism of the seven families that is holding Gjallarhorn back. Of course, this creates a unique problem for him as he himself is a son (albeit an illegitimate one) of one of the Seven Stars families. But then, it may be that very illegitimacy that grants him the detachment needed to create a secret identity to fight against Gjallarhorn forces when necessary and recommend suicide missions for his closest childhood friends.

Mikazuki dies at the end.
The cynical tone of this series might demand that The Hero Dies - or an ending where Mikazuki sacrifices himself to save those close to him may be happier than one where he survives and then has to try to adjust to civilian life.
  • Extremely unlikely - while there have been cases where a main character dies/goes missing at the end of the series, no AU Gundam series has ended with it's main character getting killed off. If anything, it's more likely that he'll end up mentally or physically incapacitated.
    • OP here. I think you could make an argument that Mikazuki's actually not the central character of IBO. Actually, you could probably make an argument that there isn't one. That's part of what, IMO, makes his death more likely. And a final fate similar to say, Kamille Bidan's or even Ein's would almost constitute a Fate Worse than Death. IBO's tone is cynical, but I don't know if it's "Yoshiyuki Tomino in the throes of deep depression" cynical. Although some of the events of Eps. 21-23 are fucking disturbing on a level few Gundam shows this side of Zeta have ever actually reached...
      • Episode 25 is simply titled "Tekkadan", and the preview doesn't hint towards Mikazuki dying - unless they decide to try and eclipse Tomino's Kill 'Em All legacy by killing off everyone in Tekkadan (which is highly unlikely, since even in the infamous Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, there have been some people who survived), this theory has definitely been jossed for the first season (assuming that it gets a second season; if not, then it's been jossed for sure).
      • On the other hand, in the preview of Episode 25, Orga can be seen standing on a Mobile Worker alone, we still cannot joss the possibility that Mika could be a Decoy Protagonist while Orga is the real one.
  • Jossed, at least for Season 1.
  • Now we're about to go on the second half of Season 2, it's possible there's a death flag on him after he got paralyzed on the right side due to his fight against Hashmel and he could no longer walk and wants to be near to Barbatos. He made it clear that there's no normal life for him if the war ends after what had happened to him and he''ll keep on fighting for Orga even at the cost of his life. I think it's possible that Mika might ended up stuck inside Barbatos for the rest of his life.
    • Another death flag for Mika, in the second OP of the second season he can be seen looking at Lycoris flowers (specifically Lycoris Radiata), a flower symbolizing death.
  • Confirmed in Episode 50, Mika dies overclocking the Barbatos, by the time when Julieta confronts him, he's already dead.

McGillis is secretly working for Nobliss Gordon
Why else would he orchestrate Mars independence on the first place?
  • Jossed in the second season, he genuinely wants to reform Gjallarhorn in his own way, and is never tied with Nobliss.

Anyone modified to pilot the Gundams will get their empathy erased.
Gundam pilots in Calamity War have their emotions eliminated in order to be True Neutral and perform without any questions, and thus made the fear of Ayla-Vijnana system justified. Mikazuki is showing signs of this, and McGillis could be a reformed sociopath who have re-learned interaction skills while keeping a higher motive hidden in himself.
  • Yeah, about that 'reformed' part....

    The Ars Goetia Gundams 
We get past Gundam homages down the line.
Let's face it, the idea of 72 Gundams named for the Ars Goetia demons is prime Sailor Earth fuel, so there's every chance Sunrise will pull this. Like:
  • #1 Baal - Devil Gundam
  • #2 Agares - RX-78-2 with G-Fighter (Just as several demons have mounts, the Gundams are sometimes synced with mobile armors)
  • #3 Vassago - Gundam Virsago, of course
    • Or, considering how the Gundam Astaroth turned out, maybe the Launcher Strike. With the cannon in this case being an Ahab reactor-driven rail gun.
  • #9 Paimon - GP03 Dendrobium Orchis
  • #10 Buel - Seravee Gundam (depicted as a big head with multiple limbs, it's perfect)
  • #14 Leraje - Gundam Dynames (depicted as a gallant and handsome archer clad in green)
  • #15 Eligos - Victory Gundam (another name for Eligos is Abigor)
  • #16 Zepar - Gundam Exia (depicted as a knight)
  • #18 Bathin - Master Gundam with Fuunsaiki
  • #25 Glasya-Labolas - Gundam Kyrios (as Gundam Labolas)
  • #27 Ronove - GP02 Physallis (described as Carry a Big Stick - like maybe a nuclear bazooka would look like)
  • #29 Astaroth - Gundam Ashtaron, of course
  • #30 Forneus - Z'Gok
  • #32 Asmodeus - ZZ Gundam
  • #34 Furfur - X Gundam
  • #35 Marchosias - Hi-Nu Gundam (depicted as having wings but mainly just spews fire)
  • #37 Phenex - Wing Gundam (spelled Pheynix here)
    • Alternatively, it could be the Unicorn Gundam 03 "Phenex" which debuted in a short movie which is curiously named "One of Seventy Two".
  • #38 Malthus - Zeta Gundam
  • #39 Malphas - Gundam Deathscythe
  • #40 Raum - Gundam Airmaster
  • #42 Vapar - ∀ Gundam
  • #53 Caim - Gundam Sandrock
  • #56 Gremory - Possibly either Nobel Gundam or Gundam Nadleeh.
  • #57 Ose - Gundam Leopard
  • #58 Auns - Shining Gundam
  • #65 Andrealphus - Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth
  • #67 Amdusias - Shenlong Gundam
  • #68 Belial - Gundam Double X
    • Unlikely, since Flauros ended up having a design reminiscent of the Double X.
  • #70 Seere - S Gundam

    Season 2 
The Second Calamity War will be break out either before Season 2 starts or sometime during.
As all of Earth's governments are now establishing their own armies and Gjallarhorn likely will lose the monopoly on Ahab Reactor tech.

The Kimaris will be repaired, modified, and given to Tekkadan in the time between Season 1 and 2
Either that or the Montag Company will keep it.
  • Possibly jossed, with Gundam Vidar resembling Kimaris and piloted by a masked guy that resembles Gaelio's body profile.
  • Jossed, Gundam Vidar is indeed a modified version of Kiramis Trooper, its serial number is also ASW-G-66.

Barbatos will show signs of actual sentience in Season 2
Mika can clearly communicate with Barbatos, eventually giving up function in his right arm in exchange for the sword acumen to defeat the Graze Ein. So far only its eyes glow in response, but their connection might become strong enough that Barbatos is actually able to speak, either on its own or through Mika.
  • Plausible, when Mika was about to execute Carta, the Barbatos can be seen shedding tears.
  • I think one possible explanation for this is that the Gundam frames possess a basic AI that allows them to function as smoothly as they do, but it is also a learning AI. As they spend time with their pilot they will begin to learn and pick up traits from them and, given enough time, might start to grow a simple form of sentience. A more sinister or cynical version could be that the Gundam frame starts to outright absorb parts of it's pilots mind, Mika loosing an arm and an eye is just the first part of that.

If not that, then maybe an added level of synchronicity...
Mika gets a special Alaya-Vijnana adaptor on his back that the Barbatos Lupus' new heavy-duty cable goes through - the adaptor stays with Mika at all times, as it's given the function of remotely summoning Barbatos to him, while exploiting the Barbatos Gundam frame system to grant Mika full use of his arm again, while his eye can only see what Barbatos sees.

Gaelio in Season 2
In short, Gaelio didn't actually get Garma'd when McGillis double-crossed him. He got badly, badly injured, but managed to survive. Season 2 will see Gaelio return, having donned a mask and new identity of his own, being forced to go undercover now that Gjallarhorn is firmly under the control of McGillis, and being from one of the Seven Stars, Gaelio can't exactly expect help from Arbrau or the other economic blocs in light of Gjallarhorn's actions in the season 1 finale and loss of influence. His goal will be primarily to try and get Almiria away from his former friend and get revenge on McGillis himself for betraying Gaelio himself and Carta. McGillis will quite quickly realize Gaelio survived his death and do his best to put Almiria on lockdown to keep her brother away (since he needs the political marriage into the Bauduin family to keep Gjallarhorn under his control) without her realizing, and this will probably lead Masked Gaelio into an Enemy Mine situation with Tekkadan.
  • Solidified... at least in Pixiv.
    • Actually quite plausible - while Ein is definitely dead, seeing as how he was linked to his mobile suit, we haven't seen confirmation that Gaelio died (and given that Norba, Azee, and Lafter all survived seemingly fatal injuries at the hands of the Graze Ein, it's not unreasonable to assume that Gaelio survived being impaled by one of the Grimgerde's blades). This could even set up a possible third season or movie sequel, with Gaelio taking Mc Gillis's place if the former is successful, and then Tekkadan having to fight Gjallarhorn again.
    • Made more plausible with a masked man resembling him appearing in the S2 OP.
    • Basically close to being confirmed. The new Char Clone for this season is named "Vidar", but he shares the same seiyuu as Gaelio.
    • Confirmed: Unmasked Vidar IS Gaelio with a long scar on the face.

Gundam Kimaris will return in Season 2
After a time skip and some upgrades this time piloted by a older Almiria still unaware of the role McGillis had in her brother's death.
  • Possibly as Gundam Vidar. Possibly.
  • Confirmed, Gundam Vidar is a heavily modified version of Kimaris Trooper, its serial number is ASW-G-66.

There will be a Time Skip.
Who doesn't want to see Orga mature into a Solid Snake-type, or Mika more of a badass, and Kudelia will have settled into her Mon Mothma role perfectly, letting something else provide the drama.
  • The PV for season 2 confirms this - while we have yet to see if Orga or Mika will turn into the characters suggested by this WMG, Kudelia definitely seems to have turned into a more Mon Mothma-esque character. IBO also gets its own version of the GM, and the Barbatos gets a new form.
    • And confirmed.

The Barbatos Mace will become a Chekhov's Gun.
If only Mika went back to space and actually met it...
  • There will be a final battle in space, Barbatos is beaten back into its season 1 appearance and Mika's trashed all its weapons... cue the mace floating towards him. That's how it happens in this kind of show.
  • Jossed, there's no sign of the original Barbatos Mace, although the Lupus Rex has a similar mace, but twice larger.

One (or more) of the Seven Stars' families will temporarily ally with Tekkadan in Season 2 in order to help topple McGillis.
  • It's the role reversal of the classic storytelling trope where a main character either joins or is the hero of the story because their father or another relative is the one causing all of the trouble. Keep in mind that Iznario's just in exile, not dead. Gaelio's father is still alive as well (even if he doesn't find out about what caused Gaelio's death, the fact that McGillis will essentially have Almiria as a political hostage is motivation enough. Carta's father is implied to be alive, but very ill or otherwise incapacitated. Also, assuming that the "Seven Stars" represent seven specific families, four of the families haven't even been represented.
    • So far, it looks like the exact opposite has happened - if anything, McGillis has allied himself with Tekkadan.

Alternatively, Carta's father would go after both McGillis and Mika.
Bonus point for piloting his daughter's own suit repaired into something else.
  • Jossed. It was mentioned that Carta's father is dying on his deathbed in Season 1 which is why Carta is under Izanario Fareed's wing and McGillis ended up taking over the Issue family (in name only) after she died.

The Graze Ein will be modified into a Tekkadan Mobile Suit.
And will probably given to Shino for repairing the Ryusei-Go.
  • I kind of doubt this one - it seems more likely that Shino would pilot a repaired Gundam Kimaris. He has no reason to pilot the Graze Ein, seeing as how it was literally a life support system for Ein. Also, all of the suits in the same vein as the Graze Ein from prior series note  have never been piloted by someone on the same side as the protagonist.
    • Jossed - season 2 has aired and there's no sign of the Graze Ein, and Ein himself is integrated with the Gundam Vidar instead.

There are more than one Graze Eins.
It's not likely the one piloted by Ein was the only existing prototype, since they had advocated to bionic augmentation for at least 300 years.
  • Considering the fact that the Graze Ein was named because Ein WAS the Graze, while it has happened beforenote , odds are that if there is more than one Graze Ein, it'll have a different name. Although considering what happened to Gjallarhorn as a result of using the first one, it seems unlikely they'd make a similar mistake.

Shino will become a Spanner in the Works and possibly foil McGillis' plan.
Thanks to Ein tearing off the Ryusei-Go's cockpit, Shino can have a clear look of the Grimgerde and the entire scene of McGillis killing Gaelio in cold blood.
  • Doubtful, since he was pretty much out cold after Ein used a piledriver on the cockpit, and he didn't wake up until after McGillis left the area.
    • And jossed. McGillis ended up working alongside Tekkadan, and Gaelio ended up being Not Quite Dead.

The number of Gundams possessed by Tekkadan will double during the second season
Mikazuki is due for a Mid-Season Upgrade, seeing as how he did not receive one (not counting new forms of the Barbatos). While it's plausible that Akihiro might not receive one (as he would still want to pilot the Gusion Rebake to honor his brother's memory), it's very likely that Norba would be the next person to become a Gundam pilot - maybe Tekkadan will discover 2 enemy pilots who each pilot a Gundam, with one going to Mikazuki for his mid-season upgrade, and the other going to Norba for his mid-season upgrade, with Orga receiving the Barbatos similar to how Jamil received the Gundam X Divider after Garrod upgraded to the Gundam Double X, and one of the other members of Tekkadan receiving the Ryusei-Go (maybe Eugene?).
  • While the part about Orga receiving the Barbatos is jossed since it shows a new form in the PV for the second season, we still have yet to learn what happened to the Kimaris, and only 5 of the Gundam frames have been revealed (including the ones in the side story manga), meaning that this WMG could still happen.
  • Possibly jossed by the PV for season 2, as Tekkadan uses completely new suits fresh from Teiwaz instead.
  • Potentially confirmed, in S2 episode 4, Tekkadan finds at least one old Gundam buried in their new half-metal mine, not shown on screen is something else, one that's "a little too big for a Mobile Suit"
  • Looking more likely to be confirmed, since episode 33 mentions Gundam Bael - and one rumor surrounding Gundam Bael is that it gets trashed by the Gundam Vidar, and Mc Gillis gives it to Mikazuki to replace Barbatos.
  • Jossed. Tekkadan still only have 3 Gundams.

The Gundam Frames will act like the Psychoframes
And specifically, Mika can communicate with past Gundam pilots or whoever killed by him using the triple Ālaya-Vijñāna system.

Season 2 will have a Happy Ending Override for Tekkadan and Kudelia
Since both of them got a happy ending in the Season 1 finale, things fall apart when a Second Calamity War broke out which will extend to the space colonies. Kudelia failed her role as Makanai's adviser. There would be conflict of interest within Tekkadan and the public began to distrust them. Likewise, Orga will discover a greater conspiracy between Nobliss, Barristan, and possibly McGillis and Naze that will cause to him and his group to leave Teiwaz after he had had enough to them manipulating and keeping secrets from him.
  • Possibly jossed by the PV for season 2, which indicates a time skip happened.
    • Don't jossed it yet. Just because there's a time skip doesn't mean everything will still be sunshine and rainbows. This theory could still happen in the middle of Season 2.
  • Uh... sort of. While not to the extreme above, it's made clear that Gjallarhorn being publicly embarrassed by Tekkadan in Arbrau had the unintended consequence of other smaller organizations making more frequent use of Child Soldiers, and the quantity of human debris actually went up instead of down. Also, Mc Gillis got away scot-free and is working his machinations within Gjallarhorn to serve his own ends, which obviously can't bode well for the near future.
  • Now we're on the second half of Season 2, Tekkadan suffered so much such as the Earth branch disbanded due to a traitor within the group, Aston's death, Takaki's resignation from the group, Mikazuki being crippled, Naze and Amida's deaths and Lafter's murder. Though McGillis is not directly responsible for these events, his actions for offering Orga to be King of Mars set Tekkadan into a route of hell.

Hush Middy will pull a Face–Heel Turn
In short, he would betray Tekkadan out of his personal hatred and jealousy towards Mikazuki, by either stabbing Mikazuki in the back or defecting to Gjallarhorn directly.
  • Jossed.

Julieta will be the first one to actually defeat Mikazuki.
Her use of dual Pile Bunker and aggressive close quarter combat skill might actually pose a serious threat to Mikazuki, and unlike most of Mika's opponents in Season 1, she seems to be the type of a professional, ruthless Combat Pragmatist.
  • Jossed in Episode 46, she is defeated by Mikazuki. The only reason why she's still alive is because Mika doesn't have any time to finish her off.
  • Also jossed in Episode 50, by the time when Mikazuki approaches her, he's already dead due to excessive bleed out.

Vidar will become the Big Bad of Season 2
He will develop a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds tendency for what happened to him, be it his mangled and twisted face as delivered by McGillis, or the loss of his friends in the hands of Mikazuki, or having his nine year old sister tormented by a treacherous friend he once trusted. He is no longer Gaelio Bauduin, he is now Darth Vidar, everyone must pay!

Vidar isn't Masked Gaelio.
He's Masked Carta. She didn't actually die from Mikazuki's attack, but was badly, badly wounded, perhaps even put into a coma. Gaelio did manage to get her medical treatment, but was able to do so secret, not telling McGillis because he'd put together that he'd actively been trying to get her killed. From there, he might have been able to suss out what his friend's actual plan was. Gaelio then left Carta with information containing his suspicions about McGillis and his intentions for Gjallarhorn for when Carta eventually recovered, because Gaelio knew he had to keep acting like he hadn't figured it out, so as not to arouse Macky's suspicions. That's why he still appeared to be surprised when "Montag" revealed his true identity at Edmonton; he was playing the part McGillis expected him to, even knowing that doing so would lead to his death. When Carta woke up, she had access to the materials Gaelio left her (including, perhaps, a heartfelt plea for her to save Almiria), and was thought dead by everyone. So she put on a mask and created the new identity of "Vidar" (a name which would mean as much to Carta as it would to Gaelio) and set about trying to take down McGillis for his betrayal of both her and Gaelio. The fact that "Vidar" shares a voice actor with Gaelio is a deliberate attempt at misdirection; the helmet probably changes her voice to sound like Gaelio's as a ploy to throw off McGillis when they finally come into conflict with each other by making him think his opponent is his old friend and not Carta. It would also make the inevitable Enemy Mine situation with Tekkadan all the more poignant as Carta was the one who killed Biscuit; having to put aside all of that and work with his killer (who, you know, might possibly be The Atoner for that now) to take down a bigger threat. I just feel that since people were calling Masked Gaelio since season 1 ended, and because they're not trying to hide the fact that Vidar and Gaelio have the same voice actor, is all a deliberate attempt at subversion. And Gundam would finally get its first mainline (not counting Gundam Build Fighters Try of course) female Char.
  • Considering that she's listed as KIA on the official website, this one has likely been jossed. Additionally, this image from the credits in episode 1 shows a strand of purple hair - Carta's hair is mostly white with parts of her bangs being black.
    • That's an edit. Though it's obvious that Vidar is Gaelio.
  • Alternate theory, Vidar is Iznario. He is the only person we know for certain is alive at the end season one that has a clue about McGillis has done.
  • Jossed. He IS Gaileo.

Vidar is Masked Gaileo, Carta AND Ein.

As in, all their still living parts all grafted together. Maybe he gets Gaileo's voice because he's the only one who still has one. It makes sense that he'd go by Vidar now because all three of them have fully succumbed to vengeance.

  • Half-Jossed, Half Confirmed, and in a roundabout way. Vidar himself is Gaileo only. However, Ein's brain (part or whole) is integrated into Gundam Vidar, and when the Type-E AV system is activated, actually takes control of Gaileo and thus a merger occur.

Radice will die in a very horrible death
He dug his own grave when he joined forces with Mossa and manipulated Takaki. He might not last for half a season. So, he either gets backstabbed by Mossa once he completed his purpose or Orga will discover his treachery and had Mika put a bullet on his brain.
  • Confirmed with him being abandoned by Mossa and receiving the Tekkadan Special, jossed as to who deliver it: just as Radice was about to be executed by Mika, he was stopped by Tataki... who then took Mika's Gun, and after the two were left alone in the room, offed Radice himself.

Galan Mossa's relationship to Rustal Elion might be deeper than we thought.
In the very episode where Galan went down, it was hinted that he serves more than a lackey to Rustal: he went out of his way to make sure nothing he does will be traced back to Rustal and even sacrifices himself to stop the Tekkadan-Mcgillis alliance in their tracks. It might be possible that Rustal's actions in building his power base involved Galan's hands-on activity beyond the usual mercenary work. Their passing resemblance to each other (notice the near-similar shape of their beards and facial structure) just smacks of the relationship between Venom Snake and Big Boss to be a mere coincidence.

Gundam Bael's Pilot
  • If McGillis was the pilot, he would use it as a symbol of authority and pilots it against Mika and Vidar and cement his Big Bad status.
  • If Mika was the pilot, then Bael would become the Gundam equivalent of Berserker Armor, further eating up Mika's sanity until he's completely dependant to the Gundam Frame, sharing the same fate as Ein.
  • If Almiria was the pilot, she would be forcefully conjoined with the Bael and be used against Vidar a.k.a. Gaelio, torturing him even further until he receive a Sanity Slippage.
  • Last but not least, if Ein somehow managed to be Not Quite Dead and was installed into the Bael, then he would become a mindless beast attacking everyone indiscriminately. Being his Only Friend, Vidar a.k.a. Gaelio would be the only one who can save the pilot and would perform a Heroic Sacrifice by a self-destruction so they can be Together in Death, mirroring the event where Kyoko Sakura spared her fallen former friend from Dying Alone.
    • The last 2 seem kind of unlikely - if Almiria ended up being the pilot, that would go straight into Dude, Not Funny! territory, not to mention that it would probably break McGillis's promise to keep Almiria happy. If the latter ended up being the case, it would be kind of an Asspull, since all signs point to Ein being dead, and the fact he's installed into the Gundam Vicar instead. Now, the first sounds like the perfect set-up for a Movie Sequel to IBO, while the latter would probably be the perfect choice for a Downer Ending - having Mika lose his humanity at the end of the series.
    • Confirmed for the first one, McGillis is the pilot of Gundam Bael, and it is indeed a symbol of authority among Gjallarhorn due to it being their founder Agnika Kaieru's machine.

McGillis goal will be...
...frighteningly similar to Senator Steven Armstrongs goal of creating a Social Darwinist utopia where the strong will get to decide their own causes and fight for their own beliefs. In essence, everyone would decide for themselves what they think is right.

McGillis is the new Emperor Palpatine, with possibly a dash of Lelouch vi Britannia for flavor.
Like Palpatine, McGillis is pulling a complex Gambit Pileup to install himself as the undisputed leader of Gjallarhorn by pitting the Seven Stars and Tekkadan against one another, with the ultimate intention of turning on Tekkadan and setting the stage for the final battle:
  • By manipulating Carta into chasing down Tekkadan, he put her in a position to get herself killed, after which the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet was left without a commander, paving his way to take it over.
  • During the battle at Edmonton, he used the chaos of the battlefield to "kill" Gaelio, leaving Almiria as heir to the Bauduin family. And as her future husband, McGillis would in turn stand to become head of the family.
    • By preventing Gaelio from engaging Tekkadan at Edmonton, he cleared the way for Makanai to become Prime Minister of Arbrau once again and expose the collusion between his own father and Henri Fleurs, disgracing him and forcing him into exile, allowing McGillis to take his place as head of the Fareed family.
  • McGillis is now head of the Fareed family, ostensible heir to the Bauduin family, and commander of the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet. Being of common birth, this meteoric rise to power is threatening to other Seven Stars; to undermine McGillis, Rustal incites the war between Arbrau and the SAU. This creates two possibilities for McGillis:
    • He obtains evidence of Rustal's part in the war, disgracing him and causing his fall from grace. And since Iok Kujan, another one of the Seven Stars, is one of Rustal's top subordinates, he would kill two birds with one stone.
    • McGillis manages to maneuver Rustal into a direct confrontation. With the OEORJF at his back and Tekkadan at his side, McGillis would in all likelihood win said confrontation. Worst case scenario, Rustal and Iok are killed and removed from the game permanently. Best case, he captures them, exposes their crimes, and is hailed as a hero for bringing them down. Either way, he neutralizes two more of the Seven Stars and possibly gains control/custody of the Arianrhod Fleet.
  • With his only major opposition among the Seven Stars now removed, a sizable portion of its military strength behind him, and the support of the remaining Seven Stars, McGillis holds the reigns to Gjallarhorn. Now, he needs to create a final enemy to solidify his power: Tekkadan. Because the deal he made with Tekkadan to govern Mars was done under the table as Montag, he can publicly disavow them and declare them traitors. He hopes that by this point, their deal has caused enough friction between Tekkadan and Teiwaz for Barriston to disown them. He also uses their association with Kudelia and her moniker "Maiden of the Revolution" to fan the flames, possibly stating that they are acting on her behalf so that she can become the ruler of Mars. He will gather his collective forces for a campaign to reclaim the "lawless Mars" as his coup de grace, with the climactic final battle of the series taking place with one of two or three possible (intended) outcomes:
    • Plan A (McGillis Wins): McGillis succeeds and annihilates Tekkadan. Earth and Mars are united under his rule, allowing him to reshape Gjallarhorn as he wishes.
    • Plan B (McGillis Fails): McGillis fails and Gjallarhorn is defeated, with McGilis either being killed or arrested afterward. His machinations are exposed, destroying his own credibility and, by extension, that of Gjallarhorn and the Seven Stars forever. Earth's governments choose to (1) take control and install a more traditional meritocratic structure; (2) dissolve Gjallarhorn completely and replace it with a new organization, or; (3) dissolve Gjallarhorn and don't replace it, instead letting the individual nations handle their own affairs, while creating a new United Nations to balance them. If arrested, McGillis is given a public trial back on Earth and sentenced to death for his crimes, both to "wipe away" the stain of the old Gjallarhorn, while the Earth governments make a decisive action to affirm their return to power over the planet.
    • Plan C (McGillis Requiem): Similar to Plan B, except McGillis is killed in the final battle, possibly with the remainder of the Seven Stars leadership of Gjallarhorn. His crimes are not exposed, so he dies a hero of Earth and the officers he placed in positions of power within Gjallarhorn use his name as a rallying cry to purge the last remaining corruption within Gjallarhorn, free of interference from the Seven Stars.
      • If McGillis actually did plan for all this to end with his disgrace and/or death, it might be because he recognized that he became just as corrupt, if not more so, as the people he was getting rid of. For his plan to have the expected impact, he himself has to be punished.
    • If Plans B or C come into play, then that would be where the Lelouch bit comes into play. He has always said that wishes to overthrow the Seven Stars to reform Gjallarhorn and remove the corruption within, and it's possible he's playing it close to his chest to make sure it happens. Or...
      • Plan D (McGillis's Counterattack): Instead of being executed, McGillis is sentenced to life imprisonment because the Earth governments don't wish to be seen as cruel as Gjallarhorn. McGillis has his loyal supporters bide their time as everyone is lulled into a false sense of security during the interceding peace, possibly installing themselves in senior leadership positions in either the reformed Gjallarhorn or new security force, before breaking him out of prison and staging a devastating counterattack. If Gjallarhorn was not replaced, then there is no unified force to stop their coordinated assault, making it all the easier. At this point McGillis would cross into more of a Light Yagami-type character, believing only he is worthy of leading this brave new world, as proven by the Earth governments because they lacked the resolve to do what was necessary and kill him.
      • And thus we have the potential set-up for an Iron-Blooded Orphans sequel movie.
      • Not going to lie, McGillis's Coutnerattack sounds like it would be awesome.

Hush is probably being set up to become a significant Tekkadan pilot when something knocks Mika out of commission, a la Raiden.
He's already a light-haired rookie who is jealous/looking up to the no-nonsense veteran protagonist (and he's already in an apprenticeship-type relationship), so something has to happen for that relationship to pay off. Except when it doesn't. And like Raiden, whether we accept him or not will depend on whether his performance does justice to Mika and Tekkadan.
  • Maybe they'll have Mika get knocked out of comission for a few episodes, and when Mika returns, Hush'll join the other 3 to become the Tiera (personality wise) of the group (assuming they go for 00's 4 Gundam pilot group instead of Wing's Five-Man Band).
  • Jossed. He died in episode 49 because his reaction time wasn't good enough. He never got to reach the full potential of becoming a badass pilot like Mikazuki.

The Mobile Armors are taking orders from a human
I think that, despite them acting largely autonomously, they still are following orders they got from a human in some way. What would the humans motive be then? My guess, None. I think, it's an orphaned child imbued with the Ālaya-Vijñāna system that gave up their body to their machine, and now has gotten numbed by the horrors of war to the point that all they know is war. Hmm... kinda sounds like someone we know. The child is most likely long dead, but the Mobile Armors are still carrying out his or her's final orders.

The Mobile Armors are the prototype Ālaya-Vijñāna system
Not only are Mobile Armors powered by children, they are the basis of the Ālaya-Vijñāna system. The children inside the mobile armor, unlike those piloting mobile suits, are basically Wetware CPU, or Brain in a Jar themselves. However, the failed attempt turned them into Ax-Crazy Eldritch Abomination, leading to the creation of Mobile Suits. Of course, due to sharing the same basis, Gundam Frame pilots will become increasingly dependant to the Ālaya-Vijñāna system and will one day share the same fate and become the same as the Mobile Armors. The true nature of Calamity War might be much deeper than we think, perhaps more of about staving off abominations created by humans, or even worse, an unending cycle of mobile weapon pilots staving off abomination who were once children for the sake of the humanity advancement.

There are more Mobile Armours somewhere in the Outer Solar System
If you can't manage to destroy or disable one (and we saw exactly how hard that was) it might be possible to at least neutralise it, at least for space based ones. Basically get it to chase you until it runs out of propellant for its thrusters and is unable to manoeuvre and do so on a trajectory that will put it on a long orbit into the out solar system (or out of the plane of the solar system). This leaves the mobile armour still functional but unable to harm anyone or to resupply so it can get back into more resource rich sections of the solar system. It's a suicide mission for the person (or persons) who do it but it prevents the mobile armour from doing more damage. But it's still there, waiting to fufill it's programming.

Mikazuki will get more crippled due to Barbatos.
The first OP for S2 has a shot of Mikazuki dragging himself across the ground with one arm, implying his legs will be lost. And then at the end of episode 11, he willingly uses Barbatos's supermode, even though he knows it probably means he will lose more of his body outside of it.
  • Confirmed except he's paralyzed on the right side.

Iok will die soon
Seriously, he has raised his death flag as of episode 11. It would be odd if he DIDN'T die soon.
  • Episode 48's preview shows him desperately attacking the Gundam Bael. It'll likely end with him and his suit cut up by McGillis.
    • Nope. He survived. Either his Plot Armor is too strong or that McGillis had a terrible aim.
  • Confirmed. He's dead. Akihiro killed him.

Rustal is a Disc-One Final Boss
To be honest, Julieta, Vidar, and McGillis have more interesting character arcs. Rustal, by contrast, seems like a placeholder. It's possible that his death might kick off an interesting finale, because nobody cares about Iok.
  • Unless Season 2 leads directly into a movie (as in it ends on a cliffhanger that is resolved in a movie - no time skip in between the end of season 2 and the movie like in Gundam 00), I'd say this one is jossed, since we only have 5 episodes left, and it doesn't look like he's going to die in the next episode.
  • Or alternatively, he might the Final Boss. I can't see how McGillis and Tekkadan are going to be enemies after what had happened.
    • Me might even have a Let's Get Dangerous! moment and finally sortie in a Mobile Suit, quite likely a Gundam Frame belonging to his ancestors, or more likely a Valkyria frame or custom Reginlaze.

McGillis is a clone of Agnika Kaieru

Mika is related to Agnika Kaieru in some way
McGillis has compared Mika to Agnika Kaieru, so there is some evidence. So, Mika is either a direct descendent of Agnika Kaieru, technically making him part of the Seven Stars, or he's a clone who somehow ended up on Mars.

The reason for the paralyzing effect of the Ālaya-Vijñāna is due to...
... the system "growing" inside a person as it is used at full power. What I mean by that is that the implant starts to expand throughout the body and starts to full on replace a persons neural pathways. The means that as a result, if it completely overtakes the nerves in one section of the body, then those nerves in question will stop working when they loose power from being hooked up. This would then also explain how a person regains neural control after they get hooked up to a system, the replaced nerves simply start working now that they have power coursing through them.

A significant number of the Turbines will be wiped out come Episode 40-41.
Naze and Amida reminiscing about how far they've come is just too big of a death flag to not pay off. In fact, they're quite high on the list.
  • Confirmed, both Amida and Naze were offed, although the latter died in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • One episode later, Lafter was assassinated by Jasley's men.

Julieta will switch sides.
Of all the villainous characters introduced in the second season, she has by far the most sympathetic set of motivations and personality. She's a polite, respectful and extremely sincere by-the-book soldier who genuinely cares for the well-being of her comrades, even if they're completely unsympathetic jerks like Iok. She fights for Rustal out an earnest sense of loyalty, and is clearly disturbed when his allies begin violating their own principles and ignoring the laws and customs of war. Although she hasn't reached a breaking point by Episode 40, there is a strong sense that she is becoming disillusioned with her own side - especially after Iok literally orders his own soldiers to risk hitting her in order to save himself. There is also a sense that she is subconsciously holding back her full strength when fighting against people whose causes she secretly sympathizes with. The evidence for this comes from her fight with Amida, who even tells Julieta directly that the reason she isn't winning despite her vastly superior mobile suit lies in the fact she isn't sincerely invested in the cause she's defending. There are a few other subtle hints as well, but overall, if I were to place my money on anyone outright defecting to Tekkadan's side during the final ten episodes, it would be Julieta.
  • Not likely, she's still loyal to Rustal, especially when she saves Rustal's life by offing Shino, it gives Mika a good reason to tear Julieta apart.
    • However, after listening to Rustal and Nobliss' conversation in episode 49, she seemed to have doubts about the man she's fighting for. Though that does not mean she'll eventually join Tekkadan. She might spare them a bit in the final battle, allowing them to flee to Earth. Then, she'll falsely report to Rustal that Tekkadan are gone for good.
  • Jossed.

Julieta will die toward the end.
And she thinks she can get away from killing Shino? Mikazuki would immediately tear her apart just like what he did to Carta, the only thing matters is whether Mika himself would overclock the Barbatos Lupus Rex just to bring her down.
  • Mikazuki was able to skewer her before he and Tekkadan fled to Mars. But Julieta is critically injured. God knows if she's going to be the next Graze-Ein.
  • Jossed. She lives.

The Tubines will join Tekkadan
Well it's hardly like they have any place to go. Also it seems just like something the Tekkadan crew would do.
  • Considering that Barristan made a promise to Naze that he'll have the girls sorted to different Teiwaz companies, Jasley would try to get them But the Turbines would consider him as creepy and in line with Lafter's death, they will have to join Tekkadan when Mika or Akihiro kill Jasley.

Place your bets people, it's the How Will Iok Die WMG
  • Impaled in his mech by the Barbatos Lupus Rex's blade-tail.
  • Pincered by Akihiro for offing the entire Turbines.
    • Confirmed. Akihiro squeezes the life out of him.
  • Drilled by Gaelio, because Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Killed by Yamagi with a Dainsleif Firing Squad.
  • Shot by Nobliss Gordon's hitmen unceremoniously.
  • Dies Taking the Bullet for Rustal.
  • A Kaizo Trap, when he thought he escaped from all these people above, only to be offed by Atra, of everyone.
  • Being forcefully installed in the Reginlaze Julia and then gets dismembered, only to be left alive inside the suit for the rest of his life.
  • Court-martialed, sent to prison, Mcgillis arranges for Orga to be snuck into the same prison, where he shanks Iok in the shower.
    • Jossed, Orga is offed by a group of assassins.
  • Assassinated by Rustal for disgracing Gjallarhorn.
  • After he completely misunderstands Rustal's demand that he display restraint, Iok is cut loose by the former. In a last-ditch attempt to regain his favor, Iok works with Jasley again to try and take out Tekkadan directly, but Jasley is caught in his scheming by McMurdo and Tekkadan is ready. In the confusion, Iok is either soon killed by Ride, who until the end of the battle remains unaware that he took out the opposing commander, or set upon by the remaining Turbines.
  • Headshot by a bazooka courtesy of Lafter. It will be classic "Char bazooka-shooting on Kyrcilia Zabi" style.
    • This one is jossed on the count of Lafter dying.
      • Then, have Akihiro or Ride do the bazooka-shooting.
  • Being converted into a Graze Ein-esque mobile suit, at the cost of his limbs and free will, and it takes Julieta's life just to put him out of his misery.
  • Alternatively, Iok himself pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to spare Julieta from being a living Mobile Suit. In short, Julieta trades her humanity for an inhuman power to defeat Tekkadan, at the cost of gradually turning into a mindless, autonomous Mobile Suit, in which everyone using Alaya system for long would eventually become. In order to spare Julieta from Dying Alone, Iok flies toward the Reginlaze Julia and fires the Dainsleif at a point blank range so they both can stay together in their afterlife, redeeming himself once and for all... Just like how a certain red haired Magical Girl spared her fallen friend from Dying Alone.
  • Be used as The Worf Effect by McGillis when the latter debuts in Gundam Bael.
    • Jossed, McGillis did fought against Iok, but he still survives, and McGillis himself is offed by Gaelio later on.
  • He won't be killed, rather he will end up disgraced and become a fugitive, but he won't have an easy time. Instead he will barely have enough to eat until he finally perishes from starvation alone in some dark back-alley.
  • Cut up by McGillis in the Gundam Bael in a Curb-Stomp Battle, as hinted in the preview for Episode 48.
    • Jossed here. Episode 48 shows that while Iok and his Reginlaze do end up getting cut up by McGillis in the Bael, he survives, albeit injured.

Azee and Shino will die
  • Lafter, Azee and Shino nearly died when Ein destroyed their Mobile Suits near the end of season one except Mari Okada miraculously saved them. Then, she killed off Lafter which probably means that the Plot Armor warranty of Azee and Shino will expire and they might die in the upcoming episodes.
    • Looking likely to be Semi-Confirmed. Shino is dead, but unless they bring Azee back in the last 5 episodes or she commits suicide off-screen in that time, odds are that she's going to survive, since she hasn't been seen since Lafter's death.
    • Half-jossed, half-confirmed - Shino is killed by Julieta, but Azee survives the end of the series.

Shino's brain will be wired onto the Barbatos.
Judging from this image, it seems the remain of Flauros will be conjoined with the Barbatos as a back unit, and if that's the case, Shino's brain could probably be wired onto the Barbatos in the form of Alaya System Type-S. In other words, thanks to Shino, Mika can finally overclock the Barbatos whenever he want without suffering from the side effect of losing limbs.
  • In order to salvage Shino's brain since Tekkadan already cut ties with Teiwaz, they have to ask McGillis's help on how to do it since he has his Montag Company and he had secretly got some AV surgery sometime. But one problem in that theory is that does McGillis have knowledge or plans on the Alaya System Type-S? I mean, it's seems that it's only in Rustal's side who knows about that. Well, Macky might discover something in Gundam Bael as well if there's secretly Agnika's brain in it but that will make his AV system on his back pointless. I think the only reason why Barbatos had Flauros's parts is that he and the rest of Tekkadan want to honor Shino's memory.
    • Jossed.

While we're at it, we're probably seeing Zeta or Thunderbolt levels of cast extinction come the Season Finale.
  • There's no shortage of Rule of Symbolism (i.e. the red spider lily motif of the 4th Opening) being invoked across most of the major characters that it might be a question of who doesn't kick it when everything ends.

IBO will end as a Tragedy.
  • More specifically, Orga's character flaws will end up catching up to him and end up destroying both him and Tekkadan, and for him to realize too late that he brought it upon all himself in his rush to make Tekkadan a recognized name.
  • Confirmed.

Or IBO will have a Bittersweet Ending
Not in the same vein as Victory Gundam but there might be a causalities here and there. The ones who would really survive are Kudelia, Atra, the younger and non-combatant Tekkadan members and Orga. Orga might finally reach the "King of Mars" goal but at the cost of the lives of his men and Mika will be completely paralyzed.
  • [[Confirmed, expect Orga's amongst the causatives.]]

The true power behind Gundam Bael
  • Now everyone on the net are fuzzing about what so special about it that McGillis is trying so hard to claim it at all costs, and one really old man among the Seven Stars is visibly shocked and afraid as McGillis got hold of Bael. Aside from being what it is, are there anything else?
    • Just as what it showed, a symbol as the true inheritor for Gjallarhorn's leadership, nothing more. It will greatly help McGillis politically, but it is not a direct force multiplier.
    • It has the ability to control (shut down/activiate/both) Ahab Reactors on Mobile Suits or, even worse, those on Mobile Armours. As the first of the 72 Gundams, it may really have that ability to do so in order to stop the rampages of the Mobile Armours......and McGillis can now use it in his advantage.
    • It is the controller of some Weapon of Mass Destruction. Judging from something blasted away a big chunk of the Moon, the possibility is there.

McGillis will willingly try to sacrifice Almiria for the sake of his vision for Gjallarhorn.
I think it's obvious McGillis can't be trusted. I have this feeling that somewhere down the road, his vision for Gjallarhorn will involve sacrificing Almiria's life for it. And knowing him, he'll reveal that he never really cared about her and tells her how she was nothing but a pawn for him to assume control just like Gaelio and Carta.
  • Alternatively, McGillis would put Almiria into a Mobile Suit and force her to pilot it, using her as a human shield against Gaelio. Wait, this sounds incredibly familiar...
  • Jossed. Gaelio killed McGillis and Almiria decided to stay loyal to her dead husband regardless of his actions.

Agnika Kaieru exists within the Gundam Bael
.A lot of the mythologies behind this mech is that the soul of its founder exists within. When McGillis least expects, the guy in question will wake up and take over McGillis' body the same way the Ein is currently puppeteering Gaellio's Gundam to keep up with Mikazuki.
  • Alternatively, Agnika Kaieru exists within the Barbatos instead of Bael, hence the reason why Mika is capable of adapting new techniques and knowledge, the guy in question is secretly guiding Mika to overcome the obstacles whenever Mika overclocks it.

Mikazuki will literally give the rest of himself to Barbatos to stop Gundam Bael.
Come on, he gave his eye and arm to stop Graze Ein. He's lost the entire right side of his body to stop Hashmal. He's going to need MORE POWER to stop the very first Gundam and its yet unknown ability. I don't see a happy ending for Tekkadan, and Mikazuki in an effort to protect his comrades will perform that last desperate act by sacrificing the rest of his body. At that point, his mind will rest inside Barbatos while his actual body will be completely vegetative.
  • In an OVA or movie sequel to season 2, maybe (since IBO is really popular, and it would be odd if Sunrise didn't make more than 50 episodes). But in season 2 itself? Doesn't look like it'll happen, since Rustal looks like he'll be around until the last episode. Unless he suddenly gets killed off in the middle of episode 46 and McGillis immediately turns on Tekkadan, it won't happen.
  • Half-jossed, half confirmed, he does literally give the rest of himself to Barbatos, but his purpose is to fend of the Arianrhod fleet, and he dies instead of becoming complete vegetative.

How the series will end.
Tekkaden will lead the offensive on the Arianhod fleet. During the struggle Gaelio will appear to challenge them, hoping that Mcgillis is with them. Barbatos, Flauro, and Guison will all be heavily damaged only for Orga to put down Gaelio with a surprise attack. Latter though being obsessed with power Mcgillis goes back on his deal and is dealt with by Mika.
  • Flauros won't be there, and Shino is offed by Julieta
  • Jossed also on McGillis who is now with Tekkadan on Mars after their rebellion failed. It's unlikely for him to turn on them.
  • Jossed. Not only is McGillis dead, both Mika and Akihiro die in the final battle and the Arianhod fleet is the one who lead the offense.

As a reward for the reform of Gjallarhorn, Mika gets his whole body back.
They've been secretly developing Alaya-Vijnana technology until Mcgillis could safely use it on himself, they're bound to have a way to fix Mika. Unless it's used as a bargaining chip. In which case...
  • Jossed, Mika dies in the final battle.

Mika will become the Final Boss, not McGillis or Rustal.
If the theory of Mobile Armors being the proto-Alaya system was true, the use of Alaya system would gradually turn the pilot into mindless beasts, and whoever pilots the Gundam Frames using Alaya system (especially overclocking them) would eventually become one with the machine, just like a Mobile Armor in the form of a Mobile Suit. The true purpose of the Calamity War wasn't just a war to shut down Mobile Armors, but instead, an unending cycle of Mobile Suit pilots hunting down mechanical beasts who were once men (and possibly their former friends). Mika himself is just the first on-screen example of what happened to the rest of the Gundam Frame pilots during the Calamity War. Reminiscent of a certain Magical Girl System...
  • Especially after Orga's death, Mika would have no one to care about, no one to keep him sane, no one to love, he would cross his Despair Event Horizon and promptly overclock the Barbatos, trading away his mind and sanity to spare himself from grieving so he can tear everything apart indiscriminately, be it Gjallarhorn, Rustal, or even his former comrades in Tekkadan.
  • Jossed for the audience. Confirmed from perspective of Gjallarhorn.

There will be a Movie or OVA sequel showing the other Gundams in action, in a way similar to ∀ Gundam's Dark History
So far, we have only seen 5 of the frames (not counting Astaroth and Vual, which are only from a manga spin-off, or Dantalion, which is from a video game), and it's stated that there are 72, with 26 still existing by the time of the events of IBO. Obviously, releasing them all as model kits isn't likely (considering that a large amount of the mechs from After War Gundam X didn't get kits, despite receiving a fair amount of screen time), but animating them all in a flashback? Now that isn't entirely out of the question.

Kudelia and the remaining Turbine members will aid Tekkadan and McGillis in the final battle
Kudelia had been sidelined for most of Season 2 so the remaining episodes are her only moments to shine. Because she's the Maiden of Revolution (and her goal for Mars independence kickstarted the entire show in the first place), she will be instrumental in bringing down Rustal. I don't know how but McGillis, Teiwaz and Nobliss Gordon might help and she might get the support from the Power Blocs such as Makanai. The rest of the Turbines will help out Tekkadan and some of them might get killed (like Azee).
  • I could see this actually happening, since for someone as important as Kudelia, it feels odd that they haven't at least shown her watching the TV worrying about what is happening to Mikazuki and co. The way I see it, she makes a speech condemning Rustal, and as a result, some of the factions that have been on the sidelines show up to help Tekkadan. I doubt they'd bring Azee back just to kill her off though - if they were planning on killing her off, they would've had her stay with Tekkadan after leaving the Turbines.
    • Confirmed in Episode 48, when Tekkadan finally gets a chance to communicate with the outside world.

The Gjallarhorn units surrounding Tekkadan's headquarters are not part of the Arianrhod Fleet
They're remnants of the Revolutionary Fleet, Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet members still loyal to him, or possibly Mars Branch defectors there to actually cover his and Tekkadan's final stand/retreat. McGillis was mysteriously absent for most of Episode 47, and said to Orga that he "needed to look after something". This could very well be one of those things he needed to "look after". Considering that the one who possesses the Bael still has the ability to awe and convince some of the younger Gjallarhorn soldiers and officers, this isn't unlikely.
  • Jossed; They are part of the Arianrhod Fleet, with Iok among their roster no less. And there's still no sign of the whereabouts of the remnants of the Revolutionary Fleet nor the Mars Branch.

McGillis still has a few trump cards left to play.
The fact he wasn't panicking and instead smugly smiling at the end of Episode 47 possibly indicates he intentionally wanted to get back to Mars for something. He did tell Orga he needed to do something and left off by himself, thus his absence for most of the episode. The only question now is, what exactly does he have left to play?
  • The fact that his Montag company hasn't made an appearance since the first half of Season 2, it could be likely that very company had a storage or headquarters in Chryse, and that McGillis had been secretly stockpiling Calamity War-era weapons, possibly even Dainsleifs of his own, and possibly even private security units with their own custom Mobile Suits.

Rustal Elion isn't just a Non-Action Big Bad.
He himself might have an extra card to play should his attempt to wipe out the remaining Tekkadan members and McGillis backfire (The episode preview for Ep. 48 shows Iok's Reginlaze desperately charging against Bael, indicating something may go downhill for him). In this case, he might likely have a Gundam Frame himself that he's been hiding all these years, and will likely use it against the remaining three Gundams of Tekkadan and McGillis, likely curb-stomping Gusion and damaging Barbatos.
  • If not a Gundam Frame, he could quite possibly have a custom Reginlaze unit similar to the Julia, or possibly even a Valkyria frame similar to the Grimgerde.
  • Jossed, in the final battle, he stays in his ship and commands the Dainsleif firing squad.

Rustal is working with Nobliss
The preview of Ep. 48 showed Rustal talking to someone in the comms and it turns out that he and Iok are talking to Nobliss Gordon, possibly about Kudelia and cutting Tekkadan's resources. If you noticed since the beginning, Rustal is too busy with Macky and never said anything about Kudelia who is the Maiden of the Revolution (he would have noticed that live broadcast that she made after the Dort massacres in Season 1). Of course, getting Kudelia killed didn't worked in Season 1 which is pointless. So, it's either he'll have her kidnapped to prevent her from contacting Makanai and supporting Tekkadan or he'll dragged her name into the mud like what he did earlier to Tekkadan.
  • Confirmed; Episode 48 shows that Nobliss is on Rustal's payroll.

Gaelio will have a Heel–Face Turn
In order to knock some sense on him, he will find out about Rustal planning to slaughter every Tekkadan member including the younger ones and be very disgusted about it. Yes, Gaelio did fought against Tekkadan in Season 1 but he never encountered the younger and non-combatant ones. And when he does find out about it, he will see that his boss had already gone too far. He had soften his opinion on AV users since he apologize to Mikazuki about misjudging him and the words that Isurugi left on him might have an impact on him ever since his experience with Ein. But if he decided to go along with Rustal's plan to massacre all of the Tekkadan members, then he's a hypocrite.
  • Alternatively, he actually kills McGillis (complete with a dying "The Reason You Suck" Speech from him) and realizes just how ruthless and corrupt Rustal really is after initially going through with cooperating with the latter's plan. Probably to the point that it's he, not McGillis or Mikazuki, that deals the death blow on Elion and takes over leadership of the Arianrhod Fleet.
    • Maybe in a Super Robot Wars game, but in the TV series, jossed - Gaelio does seem torn up about killing McGillis, but not to the point where he realizes just how ruthless and corrupt Rustal really is.

"Raise your flag" or "Orphans' Tears" will be played in one way or the other in the final episode

  • Most likely the first one, seeing as Sunrise has been marketing the last episode of the series as "The Last Flag". Also, it would be a huge disservice not to use the said song, with at the least Two Gundam series committing to the same trend.

Mikazuki actually has an Ambiguous Disorder.
Initially, when the series started, he came off as an emotionless, stoic killer. But for a guy with no apparent emotions, he doesn't seem to be the loner that would be assumed of that type of character. In fact, his close relationships are extremely strong, and one could argue that holding on to his humanity depends on them. It seems that his issue isn't so much that he doesn't have emotions as that he doesn't or can't actually emote much, which may be an indicator of another issue. It also seems that the people he cares about deepest simply understand that and don't let it deter them from building a relationship with him.
  • It's actually entirely possible that Mikazuki has Schizoid Personality Disorder. This would be consistent with his emotional coldness, indifference to a lot of things, inability to establish a romantic relationship, lack of motivation, and his Lack of Empathy.

Nobliss is behind the assassination
Those suited goons who killed Orga actually belonged to Nobliss. It's his style to send a bunch of black suits as assassins since he nearly did that to Kudelia in Season 1 except Fumitan stopped it. I doubt those are Gjallarhorn men since Rustal doesn't know about the secret tunnels in Mars.
  • Semi-confirmed. The goons did work for Nobliss, but they shot Orga without asking for his go-ahead. Neither Nobliss nor Rustal are particualrly torn up about it.

Gaelio will kill Rustal
He was very torn up when he killed McGillis. Perhaps torn up enough to take up his mission.
  • Jossed. Rustal lives and becomes Karma Houdini. Gaelio did nothing against him and remained wheelchair-bound.

McGillis' brain would be installed into the Kimaris Vidar.
Out of regret and the fact he can't bring himself to fully hate McGillis, Gaelio will install McGillis' brain into the Kimaris Vidar, further increasing the efficiency of the Alaya System Type-E as well as reuniting the trio once again, or even outright guiding him to kill Rustal.
  • Jossed - Gaelio's fight against Mc Gillis was the last time he piloted a mobile suit in the series

Julieta will kill Mikazuki
Orga's dead. I don't see Mikazuki folding to not protect his comrades as much as possible. With Tekkadan on the defensive on Mars, they really have nowhere to go when Gallarhorn can bring down more and more forces to bear from orbit. Either way, we're headed for a Bittersweet Ending or an outright Downer Ending. Julietta will be the one to do it ala Asemu Asuno vs Diesel. The Super normal pilot vs the enhanced pilot.
  • Half-confirmed, half jossed. She did confronted Mika, but when she cuts open the Barbatos' cockpit and severed its head, he's already dead due to blood loss by overclocking the Barbatos.

Hush is Atra's brother
Same hair color.
  • If they are related, it was never brought up.

Atra is a clone of Kudelia
Lampshaded in the first season when Atra is captured because he is mistaken for Kudelia . They have no problem sharing Mikazuki as a spouse because they subconsciously see each other as the same person.

Todo will take over the Montag company
Remember Todo, the guy with the Hitler mustache who tried to backstab Tekkadan and became McGillis's right-handed man? We barely saw this guy since the first half of Season 2 until episode 49. And since McGillis died, he will take over his company.

Sometime in his past, Rustal made a Tragic Mistake.
Specifically I think that he was considered a tactical prodigy back in the day, but he was still a greenhorn. I think at one point he perhaps hesitated at a critical moment or underestimated something, as in, he listened to his heart instead of his instincts. Perhaps a moment of kindness that backfired badly. And I think that mistake involved Human Debris. Thus making him abolish the system much more personal than pragmatic. (He does seem to have a slight soft spot for kids, as seen when he first tried to interact with McGillis in the past.) And I think this is what lead him to fully adopt a pragmatic and utilitarian mindset, making sure to end battles as quickly as possible to reduce overall casualties on both sides by preventing long drawn out battles, by any means necessary.

The Movie will be an Alternate Ending along the lines of Ryuki: Episode Final
  • Mikazuki's VA, Kengo Kawanishi, said "See you in the movie version!" at the end of a live-stream for the series. Now, while this might seem like he's hinting at a Compilation Movie for the series, the last TV series to receive a compilation movie was Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Additionally, the ending was highly decisive, so an alternate ending would give both sides what they want - people who liked the ending would be able to stick with the one in the TV series, and people who didn't like how the TV series ended could stick with the alternate ending. Plus, IBO tried quite a few different things (i.e., beam weaponry being almost non-existant, having the heroes be child soldiers for a PMC as opposed to official soldiers), so why not try an alternate endingnote ?
    • Just to clarify: the Gundam 00 movie is NOT a Compilation Movie; it's a continuation to Season 2. As for IBO, a Compilation Movie is possible but another idea I want to put is that because the TV series focused too much on Tekkadan, maybe the movie might show more on Gjallarhorn's side which might serve as an Author's Saving Throw to expand the characterization on other Gjallarhorn characters (particularly Julieta and Rustal) and show more certain scenes such as how Gaelio was saved and became Vidar. Of course, the ending might be same. But if the producers are willing to risk for an Alternate Ending just like Zeta Gundam movie (such as the main character surviving), then so be it. Canoncity would probably not matter in the Gundam franchise.
      • I was referring to the compilation movies for 00 (the Special Edition), not Awakening of the Trailblazer (which I am aware is a continuation movie). One of the reason why the Zeta Gundam movie was so controversial was because the editing, not to mention that the ending did kind of retcon Unicorn out of continuity. They're probably not gonna return to the PD timeline anyways, so they might as well give us another ending to go out with a bang, although giving Gjallarhorn more point of view, as well as maybe showing them regretting how things went down would ease the Broken Base.

Mikazuki survived
Mentally Due to dying while overclocking Barbatos, his mind became part of Barbatos's computer like Ein did

    Future Stories 
In light of the ending, there will be a sequel series in the future
Concerning a grown up Akatsuki serving in the military of the Outer Sphere Union (What the Mars Union will call itself after colonising the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and the outer planets). As an officer serving in the Cavalry regiment, he will encounter space pirates, rogue intelligence organizations, and secret weapons of mass destruction. And maybe, after a life threatening incident, such as fighting an enemy Gundam with just a Grunt Suit, he is "invited" to a secret organization headed by Ride Mass and Almiria Bauduin, vying for the downfall of Gjallarhorn and controlling events from behind the scenes, ala the Patriots from Metal Gear. With this in mind, the organisation, based in the Ort Cloud, have constructed a new Gundam, with its own array of Nanolaminate Armor defeating beam weaponry and advanced AV system, enabling Akatsuki to meld with the mind of his father, combining the brute force of Mikazuki and the precision of Akatsuki.

With this new, advanced Gundam, Akatsuki, in a massive twist, become the Char Clone of the series.

The future of the Alaya-Vijnana System
Rustal led a successful propaganda campaign to end the stigma on the AV and, after improving security to prevent a backlash against the user like it happened with Mikazuki, it would become a standard for Mobile Suits and trickle into the civilian sector, as well.

The sequel will feature Ride Mass as a Quattro Clone mentoring Akatsuki

Almiria Bauduin will become a villain or used by one
There was unsubstantiated word that she was driven insane by what she went through. But with that and her inexplicable absence from the epilog despite it showing every other major characters fate, there's no reason to assume it's not the case. She's the one character with reason to want the current status quo destroyed and become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.

Rustal Elion will gets a Karma Houdini Warranty
Season 1 had McGillis achieve his goals and escape karma only for it to catch up with him in Season 2, after his backstory was revealed to make his demise tragic. Rustal, who achieve his goals and escape karma, will get their turn next to continue this theme.

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