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Quotes / Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

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"Hey Orga, what should I do next? Is this our place? I won't stop until we get there. I can't stop.... Hey, how many should I kill? How many more until we get there? Tell me, Orga Itsuka. You'll take me there, right? What should I do next? Who should I kill next? What should I destroy next? If I can reach your goal, I'll do anything."
Mikazuki Augus, episode 22, "Not Yet Home"

"When I first met you, I was scared. It was like you saw through all of my arrogance, ignorance, and doubts. Mikazuki, I will not be scared of your eyes anymore. My heart is one. Let's reach that destination... together."
Kudelia Aina Bernstein, episode 24, "A Future Reward"

"Naze, I'll show you the most brilliant light ever."
"I see you, Amida. I won't let you go alone, right, Amida? Women are the sun. The sun has to keep shining, or we men would wither up. Always smile for me, Amida, strongly, boldly. Flash your brilliant smile for me, and I'll be able to keep my head up all the times. As long as I stay in your sunlight, I..."
Amida Arca and Naze Turbine, episode 40, "Lit by a Blazing Sun"

"How far do you want me to go?"
"All the way. Crush them to the very last bit."
Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka, episode 41, "Natural for a Human"

"I'm the Boss of Tekkadan. Orga Itsuka. This is nothing to me. Protecting my members is my job. Shut up and let's go... Everyone's waiting. Besides... I finally understand now, Mika. We don't need any destinations. We just need to keep moving forward. As long as we don't stop, the road will continue. I'm not stopping. As long as you all don't stop, I'll be at the end waiting for you. So hear me well. Don't you ever stop."
Orga Itsuka, episode 48, "Promise"

"I am in love. Even if it's forgotten amidst the passing of time. This world that Tekkadan built for us. I love this world... that you left for us."
Kudelia Aina Bernstein, episode 50, "Their Place"

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