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Quotes / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

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"You have the power to make a difference, don't you? Then why not put it to good use?"
Mu La Flaga, "Phase 04: Silent Run"

"I can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on my face."

"What is it that one should be fighting against? War makes that question very difficult."
Lacus Clyne, "Phase 12: Flay's Decision"

"I have a body capable of greater strengths, and a brain capable of acquiring greater knowledge than a human being who was born naturally."
George Glenn, "Phase 14: Within Endless Time"

"What the hell can you protect when your emotions are the only weapons you've got?"
Kira Yamato, "Phase 18: Payback"

Patrick Zala: "We can no longer throw away our power and turn back from our evolutionary path, so that we may return to being Naturals."
Siegel Clyne: "You still fail to grasp the underlying truth, Patrick. We didn't evolve."

"This is mankind's dream, mankind's desire, mankind's destiny! To be the strongest, to go farthest, to climb the highest! To compete, to envy, to hate each other, and devour one another!"
Rau Le Creuset