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Episode 1

  • When Producer appears at Uzuki's idol training center, he was so imposing that it made Uzuki cry out for her mama, until he handed her his business card. The ominous music and the screenshaking effect as he walked closer to her helped.
  • Producer kept on waiting for Rin on her way back home, for what seems to have been quite a while. This alerts other students and he almost gets himself arrested, barely avoiding arrest thanks to Rin's intervention.
  • When Rin and Uzuki meets first time, Rin has brought her dog, Hanako along. When Uzuki comments on the cuteness of the dog and then asks Rin what her name was, Rin says that it's Hanako... which causes Uzuki to say, "Nice to meet you, Hanako" to Rin.
  • Also, while they were talking, in the background, Producer was just sitting... then a child, his mother, and a dog come along. The dog barks at Producer, the child asks the Producer if he is a bad person, and the mother apologizes for both of them.

Episode 2

  • Uzuki claims that she has some experience with idol training, such as dance moves. Cue the next scene, where during a dance training, Uzuki is the only one who falls down during a spin. After the practice Uzuki cries out, apologizing for acting as if she was experienced.
  • Feeling boisterous, Mio asks Producer why she was chosen, probably thinking that it was out of some great reason. He just replies "It was your smile", and nothing more, disappointing Mio.

Episode 3

  • Miku's repeated and unsuccessful challenges towards Rin, Uzuki, and Mio for a place as a backup dancer in Mika's concert.
    • The first time, it looks like she's challenging them to a dance-off, and a cut later Miku and Mio are sitting on the ground, exhausted... and then the collapsed Jenga tower between them is shown. Uzuki even (probably unintentionally) lampshades by asking how does it has anything to do with idol activity.
    • The second time, she barges in with a Rubik's Cube, only to be threateningly shooed off by the trainer.
    • The third time, she tries to challenge them to a card game, but Mio quickly switches it to a rock-paper-scissors battle and wins again.
  • Some of the Off-Model moments from the first half of the episode, such as this one, can be quite amusing.

Episode 4

  • Miku's first appearance in the episode has her out of character and really sleepy, but after she's told she's being filmed, she very quickly switches to cat mode.
  • When Miria and Rika does a sexy pose for their PR video, considering how neither of them are older than 13, Rin quickly blocks the camera for (presumably) censoring purpose.
  • On their way around the company, the New Generation trio encounters a person in a large, imposing monster suit. Cue Mio hiding behind Rin, who is just frowning...while holding up Uzuki who was going pale and about to faint.
    • The person in the suit turns out to be Kirari, who was working as an extra in a monster movie due to her height. Carried like a luggage by her is Anzu, who pleads New Gen for help. When Kirari was done doing her interview, Anzu runs off yelling "Working is for suckers!"
  • Ranko acts like her usual self for the PR video, but she becomes flustered after Mio stops her and calls her Ranran. She recovers herself enough to finish her spiel, and walks off, only to come back to retrieve her umbrella.
  • A moment which also serves as a funny moment in-universe is when the Producer is looking at the finished video. At the end, Uzuki, Rin and Mio realize they didn't introduce themselves, and they all freak out over it. It gets a chuckle from the Producer.

Episode 5

  • The clashing elements of Rika's Imagine Spot, which has her, Minami, and Anastasia dressed and posing in a suggestive manner... and Rika and Minami seductively talking about showing their sticker collections. Anastasia, on the other hand, only says "something something something", because Rika doesn't understand Russian.
  • Kaede drops her first pun in the anime, when Miku goes on strike and closes off the restaurant.
    Kaede: People will be shocked (shokku) to see they won't get their meals (shoku).

Episode 7

  • When trying to visit Mio's apartment, he waits outside the entrance...causing him to almost get arrested again.

Episode 8

  • Ranko in general, between her outlandish dialogue and her insecurity in confronting the Producer over her issues with her debut.
  • Producer keeps a notebook that helps him translate Ranko's chuuni speech.
  • During the segment where Ranko is swapping Producer with other pro-words, she loses steam at the end and only comes up with "pudding" before slinking off. Afterwards, Producer has written down all of Ranko's pro-words, including "pudding" (which still starts with the same kana "pu" as the pro-words), thinking they have some secret meaning and not realizing that Ranko was just trying to address him in particular.
  • Producer spends half the episode correcting himself to avoid being overly polite. He ends up being more Adorkable instead.
  • It's subtle, but when the girls are doing their stretches while exercising, Kanako can't stretch as far as she did back in episode 3. Probably from eating too many sweets each episode.
  • The end of the episode reveals that Miria is able to understand Ranko's dialogue perfectly.

Episode 9

Episode 10

  • Producer ends up getting arrested. Again.
  • Three Cool Idols wearing Passion Idol outfits is guaranteed to bring out snickers. Rin's outfit was especially hilarious given how out-of-character her outfit was to her image and personality.
    • What makes Rin's situation even funnier is that Mika secretly took a picture of her while she was still wearing the outfit...which she proceeded to send to Uzuki sometime later for Uzuki herself to show to Mio during a radio segment in the Dekitate Evo! Revo! drama cd, much to Rin's embarrassment.
  • Ranko is still wearing the Dekoration outfit at the end of the episode, even after everyone else has changed back to their regular clothes.
  • Producer's attempts at smiling, which ranges from looking awkward to downright creepy.

Episode 11

  • The oddity of putting Miku and Riina in a unit is noted in-universe, to the point where the producer is asked if they were paired together because they were the last two who had yet to make a debut.

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

  • All the girls have expected reactions when they think Producer is being haunted by a ghost. Even Rika and Mio's enthusiasm fades when they see a silhouette in a picture behind Producer too. The only one to not be scared? Miria, of course.

Episode 15

  • Kaede drops a Hurricane of Puns in every appearance. Even when she signs the fans, it's a double Stealth Pun: the fans are maple fans, with "Kaede" meaning "maple", and there's the obvious "giving (paper) fans to fans."

Episode 16

  • Nana strains herself at almost every instance to act youthful and maintain a smile. Early in the episode, it looks like she pulls something while scaling the rock climbing wall, and the pain doesn't go away until the end of the episode.
  • Halfway through the episode, there's a serious meeting discussing the futures of the "gimmick" idols. One of the attendees is... none other than the youngest idol, Nina Ichihara. Predictably, a nine-year-old has absolutely no clue what the staff is talking about.

Episode 17

  • When some of the older idols guest star in an episode Totokira Acedemy, Rika shouts out they are faking their age because they look too big to be kindergarteners. Que Nana furiously saying she's "forever 17" with Emi Namba retorting that's not kindergarten age.

Episode 22

  • When Mishiro tells the Producer he's just saved his division, he replies that he just did what he could as someone there. Earlier in the episode, Mishiro was attending the concert from a private booth and thus completely cut off from all the backstage action. Even Yui Ohtsuki, gets annoyed with the absent Mishiro as she is supposed to be Project Krone's producer, yet she's completely absent during their big debut.

Episode 23

  • It's unlikely the Producer is being snarky with Mishiro whenever she starts trying to use metaphors to describe idols but his deadpan replies are hilarious.
    Mishiro: A star that's hidden by clouds is worthless. If you can't see it, it's just darkness. Nothingness.
    Producer: All clouds clear up. And the stars are still there.

Episode 24

  • Late in the episode the camera pans over a collection of stars with the wishes of the idols performing at the Christmas concert written on them. Almost all amount to either "I want Uzuki to feel confident in herself, or "I want New Generations to perform at the concert." All except one.
    Sachiko: As I thought, I really am the cutest!

Episode 26

  • When Uzuki, Mio, Anastasia, Miku, and Riina ask Airi about the chocolate recipe she gave Rin, she replies that it contains carob powder, which comes from Locust Bean Pods. Uzuki turns Blue with Shock, thinking that they come from the locust insect, prompting the other girls, except Anastasia, to have the same reaction, culminating in all four of them running out the room screaming. One Beat later, and Mizuki realizes that she is also afraid of insects and forgot to freak out when the other girls did, before proceeding to do so in a thoroughly unconvincing and exaggerated manner.

    Cinderella Girls Theater Anime 

  • For April Fools' Day 2019 the app featured a special "Dere×Comi" comic with manga from a few guest authors. Aka Akasaka contributed "Syuko-chan Wants To Declare ~Kyoto Girls' Idol War of Brains~", a send-up of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War featuring the Kyoto idols, in which Syuko and Sae both want to choose the white lolita-style outfit for their next event, but then imagine the reactions of the other — ending with, of course, "How cute" (in Kyoto dialect).