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Oh yay-uh! HAIL to the Day-VUH, he who drinks of the light of man and exPANDS himself, and looks like a right BIG chick-UHN!

  • Guilmon gets a whole bunch roaming around Takato's school in the second episode.
    Principal: Good morning, cardboard box! * double take* ...Student, shouldn't you be in class?
    Guilmon: I'm in a box.
  • Anything involving MarineAngemon.
  • During one of Takato's early confrontations with Rika, Guilmon asks if the two of them are going to fight. Takato quickly denies this, on the grounds of "She's a girl! And she'd kick my butt."
  • Takato comes home after a particularly exhausting (and confusing) conversation with Jeri.
    Takato: *yelling through the house* Mom, Dad, why are girls crazy?
    Takato's mom: *yelling* They're not! *under her breath* Their husbands make them that way.
  • The adorable scene where Culumon tries to get Guilmon to leave the shelter and play. Especially when Guilmon freezes in midsentence and the two are going "Culu~?" "Giru?" at each other while sweatdrops form on both ends.
  • In Digimon Tamers Bridge Bunnies Riley (Reika) and Tally (Megumi) are doing their 'tracking Digimon bit' only to realize that the signal is coming from underneath their seats. They look down to find Calumon running around the control room. The clincher is when Tally completely loses her composure...and starts gushing over the thing.
    • Calumon's dialogue doesn't help.
      Calumon: Calumon, zoom zoom, here a zoom, there a zoom! Calumon, zoom zoom, NO UNDERWEAR, ZOOM!
  • Hypnos is run by a small enclave of powerful people with top-secret knowledge... And one who doesn't know anything about digimon and plays golf while on a conference call with the others. Even better is the way in which a female representative explains things to him. Anybody who was a fan as a child can remember this conversation with their parents.
    Female Member (dub): No, it's digiMON, not digiMEN, you dolt!
  • When Henry and Takato are trying to find a home for Calumon, Takato suggests Henry's place. After Henry brings up "Terriermon Torture", Takato goes into an Imagine Spot about what would happen. When he comes out, he promptly declares "Mom was right; my imagination is a curse." What makes this even funnier is the completely baffled look on Henry's face, an expression he had never sported before that moment and never sports again.
  • This exchange in the dub when Takato goes to Rika's house for the first time and his grandmother meets him.
    Grandmother: Oh, hi, sorry, I'm not used to Rika bringing boys home! What's your name?
    Takato: Takato.
    Rika: He's not going to be here long! (To Takato) You're not.
    Grandmother: Why don't I make some snacks for the two of you?
    Rika: That's okay, grandma, he's not staying! (To Takato) You're not.
    Grandmother: Well, bye. Hope you come and see us again!
    Takato: Sure!
    • During the same scene, Renamon grabs Guilmon and hides themselves behind the corner with him struggling against her grip. Once the coast was clear, she unceremoniously drops him to the ground.
  • The episode "Not as seen on TV"(dub), episode 9, features Takato's attempts to De Digivolve Growlmon; he tries everything, from swiping a card backwards, exercise, praying, and just plain hiding him until he reverts. Did I mention that Takato and Growlmon (a big dinosaur/firebreathing Not Zilla) try most of this together?
    • In the same episode, the random lady and her husband's toupée.
    • A little later, the same lady and her friend pass by Takato, Henry, and Terriermon.
      Lady: Oh look, little boys playing with dolls. How cute!
    • While trying to hide Growlmon:
      Takato: Is that him?
      Terriermon: That's a stick.
      Takato: Yeah, but if you look at it the right way...
      Terriermon: It still looks like a stick.
  • Also, the Good Troi Episode "Juri's Partner? My Leomon-sama!" in which Juri wandered around the city being pursued by Culumon, chasing after the aforementioned Leomon, declaring (in the dub, at the very least) that it was their destiny to be Tamer and Partner, making googly eyes at Leomon and other such nonsense. Best moments: when confronted by said googly eyes, Leomon's reaction—flinching away with the words "Ahh, don't look at me like that!"; also, watching The Stoic, badass, Mega Neko actually running around through the park to escape a little girl, and hiding behind a tree!
    • The reaction of the Power Trio is also great. "That just isn't possible..." "Tamers don't do that!"
    • A sad episode with many funny moments; One of them is when Leomon and Takato meet:
      Original - Leomon: Listen ...
      Takato: *quick monotone* I am listening.
      Dub - Leomon: Wait a second ...
      Takato: *energetic* Sir Yes Sir!
    • Meanwhile, Guilmon catches Calumon/Culumon. Then, To defend him, he throws (without looking) Calumon/Culumon somewhere behind him!
    • Early on in the episode, Jeri is talking to Kazu and Kenta about Digimon. She says "I'm not into Digimon. I don't even collect the cards." Cue an enormous stack of cards falling from her person, which she hastily tries to pick up, looking quite embarrassed.
    • The way Jeri yells "Why are we in the bushes?" when Kazu and Kenta drag her there is just priceless.
    • When Takato is calling up the other tamers and trying to pump Jeri (who is running all over the place at this point, chasing Leomon) is just pure gold.
      Takato: Jeri?
      Jeri: (on the other side of the park) Yeah?
      Takato: Are you sure he's your partner?
      Jeri: Yes!
      Takato: How come?
      Jeri: 'Cause it's destiny!
      Takato: Okay, thanks! (to Henry on the phone) She says it's destiny.
      Jeri: You can't escape destiny, Mr. Leomon!
  • The owl from the Sinduramon episode, shouting about "The DAAAY-VUH has ARRIVED! OH YAAY-YUH! HAIL TO THE DAY-VUH, he who drinks from the light of man and exPANDS himself and looks like a right BIG chicKEN!". Henry's memories really emphasize the first two words.
    • Takato and Henry's deadpan reactions to it make it even funnier. After all the stuff they've been through recently, they're seriously not at all surprised to be speaking to a talking, glowing eyed owl!
      Comment: This is why we watch the dub, people.
    • Especially this part of the conversation:
      Henry: "Why do you wanna be ruled by a digital chicken?"
      Owl: "Because he is the DAY-vuh!"
      Henry: "Well, can't argue with that."
  • When the Tamers first encounter the D-Reaper's agents. They decide to run away, but Guilmon was having a staring contest with them. He was winning too. It's less funny in the original, though, where there's no dialogue between the time when everyone else runs off and Takato pulls Guilmon after them.
  • In episode 37, when Kazu and Kenta have elected to stay behind with a depressed Jeri and Suzi:
    Kazu: Man, two sad girls. I haven't even started dating. And I've got to deal with two sad girls.
    Guardromon: (earnestly) Once you start dating, I'm sure you'll make many girls sad!
  • In the Japanese version of Episode 37, Xiaochun feels Lopmon in pain, climbs up a pillar, and her Digivice somehow takes her away to Zhuqiaomon's palace. Throughout all this, Guardromon is watching her—and says absolutely nothing. It makes the following exchange hilarious:
    Hirokazu: I told you to keep a close watch on her!
    Guardromon: I kept a "close watch."
    Hirokazu: That's not what I meant!
  • Or the dub version:
    Kazu: But you were supposed to be watching her!
    Guardromon: I did! I watched the whole thing!
    Kazu: That's not what I meant, you big doofus!
    • What makes it even funnier is that Guardromon genuinely sees nothing wrong with what Suzie is doing.
      Guardromon: Are you sure that's safe?
      Suzie: No.
      Guardromon: Okay!
  • This cute moment.
  • In the second episode, Takato's dad tries talking his wife into allowing their son to have a pet... but he acts as though he'd be the one getting a pet.
    • This comes full circle in Episode 24, when Takato's parents meet Guilmon, and his mum has an epic freakout. Before that, Takato walks into the store with Guilmon blatantly in sight, passing by a woman customer, who runs out screaming.
  • Takato (to Riley): Hey, I know you. You're that woman that comes by and buys day-old bagels.
    Yamaki: Those bagels were day-old?
  • Episode 37: Takato is telling Rika about how he talked to their parents, and pretended to be her so as not to worry the latter's mom. Rika is genuinely grateful.... until she asks him if he did anything cutesy like put hearts in the message. Cue Takato getting an Oh, Crap! look on his face, and a flashback that shows he did in-fact put hearts in his fake Rika message. Needless to say, Rika is not the least bit amused.
    • Rika then adds that he could've at least put smiley faces instead of hearts, so Takato quickly lies about doing that...she is even less amused.
  • Shibumi resembles Jesus Christ.
  • Terriermon. The little guy gets some of the best lines in the show between his snarking, and lampshading events. And of course, there's his "Momentai" catchphrase. And then there's his reaction to other characters saying it:
    "Buns and beans and sauerkraut, I'm gonna eat 'til I pass out! Yeah!"
    • And then there's his reaction to the main trio yelling to attempt to power up their Perfect/Ultimate-level Digimon during a battle.
    Terriermon (as Rapidmon): Why is everyone yelling?!
  • The time has come for Takato and the tamers to go to the Digital World to rescue Calumon, and the kids have the dilemma of how to break the news to their parents. Do they lie? Do they dance around the issue? Do they just run off without saying a thing? If you're Takato you just walk straight in with Gullimon in tow as if it's perfectly normal and just like any other day. Admittedly the existence of real digimon is already out of the bag by this point, but still... His parents' reaction is epic.
  • In episode 13, Takato has a hilarious discussion with his teacher, Miss Asaji:
    Miss Asaji: I've said this before, boys who break the rules grow up to become thugs and zookeepers.
    Takato: But what's wrong with being a zookeeper Miss Asaji?
    Miss Asaji: Oh Takato, don't be silly. For one thing you don't get any respect. You have to work all day with animals who never do what you tell them to do.
    Takato: Gee, that... kinda sounds like what you do now.
  • At Rika's party in 'Runaway Locomon', Guilmon is about to eat a piece of cake, only for Impmon to quickly jump in, snatch the cake from his claw and eat it. Guilmon doesn't notice right away and shoves his claw into his mouth.
    • Also Cyberdramon can be seen sitting at the table holding a tiny paper cup in his giant claw.
    • Shaochung singing karaoke. The song? The series opening, The Biggest Dreamer. She also had Terriermon and Lopmon as backup dancers.
  • Also in 'Runaway Locomon', Hirokazu and Kenta notice Jenya had Lopmon by his side instead of Terriermon. He explains nervously that he wound up taking the wrong dog-bunny by mistake. While he was explaining this, a bunch of Terriermons and Lopmons were running about in the background.
  • Rika references the Captain Obvious trope hilariously at one point, proving that she's lost none of her sass in Character Development.
    (to Takato and Jen) What are you two, the Obvious brothers?
  • When in the Digital World, Guilmon sees what he thought was chocolate lying out in the open and eats a piece, causing him to wretch in disgust. Terriermon also eats a piece despite seeing Guilmon's reaction to it, which unsurprisingly makes him wretch in disgust. Leomon berates the two, telling them not to just eat anything they just find lying around.


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