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  • In the beginning of episode 9, Takato is utterly afraid of Growlmon from seeing him fight Devidramon. Then you see tears from Growlmon crying out to Takato not to be afraid. At that moment Takato realizes Growlmon is no different from Guilmon.
    • Guilmon gives Takato a reminder of this in episode 13 after their encounter with Yamaki left Takato unnerved about having him Digivolve further. Tamer and viewers alike are heartwarmingly surprised at how much this Digimon has grown mentally in the span of an arc.
      Guilmon: I wouldn't forget you, you're my friend! Takato, no matter how much you change, you're still you. And no matter how much I change, I hope you know I'm still me too, 'kay?
  • Takato and WarGrowlmon at the end of episode 14 after beating Mihiramon.
    WarGrowlmon: Takatomon... you are worthy Tamer. Thank you, for fighting by my side.
    Takato: I didn't do anything, but trust you, and myself, I guess. (They both begin tearing up) Looks like we're gonna need a lot more peanut butter.
    • What is special is that Takato is hugging WarGrowlmon. While he is tiny, the affection behind the hug transcends size, allowing the hug to be as big as WarGrowlmon himself.
  • Tamers has a "Crowning Character of Heartwarming" in the form of Ruki (Rika). To count:
    • The Affectionate Gesture to the Head that Rika does to Kyuubimon when she wins her first battle.
    • After making up with Renamon, she admits that a weight has been lifted and doesn't feel like making fun of the others about their Digimon relationships anymore. After struggling with their own friendship the last few episodes, Rika finally makes a confident first step in her character development.
    • Rika praising Renamon's performance and offering her an energy drink. Granted, it wouldn't be out of character in later episodes; but this was from one of the first ones, so, it is totally heartwarming.
    • Rika, seeing as she would travel to the Digital World for an unknown amount of time (and maybe never returning at all), dressing a very pink and very girly dress that she hates so much, just to make her mom happy.
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    • Rika and Renamon rushing to take Impmon to the real world even when they had no time to waste (as the ship heading there would be out in minutes). Seriously, this could go on forever.
    • Rika, before rushing to the final battle, accepting a new shirt from her mother, with a blue non-broken heart (opposite to the blue broken heart she usually wore).
      • What makes it sweeter is that right after, her mother removes her own jacket to reveal her new shirt: one with a red heart. "We match..."
    • Rika's Character Development is completed in the finale, when she cries for Renamon not to leave her, telling her that she loves her.
    • Also worth noting a moment in episode 10. When IceDevimon is about to kill Kyuubimon, Rika intervenes to stop him to which he berates her for not rejecting her injured "inferior" partner. Rika, who keep in mind up to this point was still very much of the opinion that power was the only thing that mattered in the world, retorts to him "Because She is my friend, You Monster!!"
  • What about when Impmon tears himself away from his Tamers (who can finally share him and treat him as a friend) to go rescue the others, and Makoto gives him a toy gun "So you can go blast the bad guys" (the kid's like, 4). It then turns into a Moment of Awesome when, while running in the direction of the battle, Impmon digivolves into Beelzemon, looks at the toy gun and it turns into a functioning arm-mounted BFG. There are fucking reasons why Beelzemon is this troper's favorite character from that series.
    Beelzemon: You know, Mako, this might just come in handier than you think!
    • That part is even sweeter. When Mako gave him the toy gun, Impmon was about to tell him it wouldn't help, but stopped himself to save his feelings.
    • Even after 10 years I watch that scene and it brings Manly Tears when he says "I've never felt this kind of power before, and this time I'm fighting for what's right!"
    • The fact that he fights so freaking hard to be The Atoner after realizing what he did was wrong is both heartwarming and sad in and of itself. His voice actor (both of them) really sell how complete and utterly desperate he is to make up for his wrongdoings.
    • The apology that Ai and Mako give to Impmon, and Impmon can only look away while holding back tears and saying he forgives them.
  • Takato and Juri's conversation at night about him missing his parents.
    • Takato and Juri, period.
  • The good-luck charm Takato gets from his mother, as well as the note attached to it. It's pretty different in the dub, but both versions are incredibly touching to listen to.
    • Takato's relationship with his parents, period.
  • Guilmon forever calling Takato "Takatomon". To the purehearted Digimon, there's no distinction between Humans and Digimon and sees them as equals and friends. Guilmon doesn't see himself as a miserable slave, or his tamer as a cruel master, a mindset that plagues Zhuqiaomon.
  • There's also the scene in episode 33, with Suzie meeting Antylamon for the first time and in turn, Antylamon spends a good amount of time playing babysitter to Suzie. The whole scene is just so adorable when you consider that Antylamon's a Deva, but takes time out of her guard duties to look after a human child.
    • It also helps that the scene also solidifies Antylamon as Suzie's partner afterwards, even going out of her way to stop Makuramon from harming her new Tamer.
  • Everyone's reactions to Beelzemon's supposed death — Henry and Terriermon are completely shocked, Renamon quietly mourns him and calls him "a true friend", and Takato gets as angry as he did when Leomon was killed. Keep in mind, it's only been a little while since Beelzemon was trying to kill them.
    • And yeah, Takato gets angry, but this time he manages to keep it in check, so we also get to see how he's grown as a character which is kind of heartwarming in its own way too.
  • Grani's sacrifice is a Tear Jerker to be sure, but it's also heartwarming to hear his final words to Takato and Guilmon, reassuring them this is what he wants, for they are his friends.
    Grani: Do you want to fly? I will give you my wings.
    Guilmon: Wings? I can fly?
    (Grani appears)
    Gallantmon: Grani!
    Grani: I can no longer move on my own, but I can give you the strength remains within me. You can have my wings, Gallantmon.
    Takato: Grani, you really are a Digimon, aren't you?
    Guilmon: Grani, are you sure?
    Grani: Yes, I am very sure, you are my friends, you talk to me. This is my gift to you.
    Takato: GRANI!
    • Cue transformation to Crimson Mode and a Final Justice to the face for the D-Reaper!
  • The fact that "Runaway Locomon" takes place after the series and shows that the kids and there Digimon are reunited. This is infact so heartwarming that the show's creators prefer to consider it canon.
  • "Runaway Locomon" itself has a couple:
    • Takato refusing to let go of Rika's hand even if it means he may also fall to his death. When she attempts to talk him out of staying with her, he just gets more determined.
    • Near the end, Beelzemon gets another Big Damn Heroes moment when he drops in to save Suzie and Lopmon from the Parasimon. Suzie promptly runs up and hugs his legs, thanking him profusely. Awwwwww.
    • Rika's birthday party at the end.
    • Impmon is at Rika's party. It's nice to see him there as it shows that he's definitely part of the group.
  • Rika and Renamon's first Biomerge, especially the buildup to it. The total devotion the pair of them have towards each other at that point is just overwhelming. Renamon tries to make Rika turn back because she doesn't want her to die, but Rika won't leave her side because she wants to protect her partner.
  • All the kids reuniting with their families when they finally make it home from the digital world. It's done entirely without any sound and, for the most part, no animation, but it honestly doesn't need either.
  • In the end, while Gallantmon Crimson Mode is what tore through the enemy forces, Takato was the one who rescued Jeri. The interaction the two have after she's rescued is just adorable.
  • Beyond the show itself, the show itself had a Crowning moment of heartwarming when it helped an autistic child get better, as Steve Blum himself recounts (after the 29 minute mark).


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