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  • The first American broadcast of Digimon Tamers is best summed up with this trope. It got a lot of stuff that shouldn't have passed onto Fox Kids. It was "the season the censors were asleep". Tamers and Shinzo (which had a lot of violence in it, too) were the last two shows by Saban before Disney took it over; hence, a GaoGaiGar-like final blaze of glory was probably Saban's intent.
  • The three main characters and the Sixth Ranger naked during their Fusion Dance with their respective Digimon. Although Barbie Doll Anatomy is in full effect after the fusion, the fusion sequences themselves show clearly Ruki's nipples and Takato's (also Henry's, although less so) genitalia.
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  • The most explicit, not to mention heartbreaking, killing of a main character seen in a Digimon anime, all with an established All Deaths Final rule in place making a return of the killed off character impossible.
  • In the original Ruki/Rika's mother was eighteen when she gave birth. The dub actually made it "worse", by aging Ruki up by three years, without aging up her mom. This means according to the dub, she was around fifteen, when she had Rika. How did they get away with that one is anyone's guess.
  • The localization team decided to have a little girl share the same name with a fictional prostitute.
  • From the first episode onwards, Renamon finishes off her (?) enemy by stabbing with hundreds of shiny things, and absorbing (eating!) the remains and Guilmon melts some real-life rats, to show us what it could do the kid right next to him.
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  • The teacher quite obviously had a hangover in one episode, but was just shown as inexplicably frustrated and rubbing her head. Then there was the clearly drunk man in the subway helped up by a cop, who instead ate a questionable ham sandwich.
  • In episode eight, there is a scene with a man and a woman. The dialogue goes like this:
    Man: Um, I've been doing a lot of thinking... (places his hand on her lap)
    Woman: Ohh.
    Man: Oh, not that. Not about that!
  • The Japanese broadcast was aired by the morning, so it couldn't exactly make sexual references at all, but that didn't impede the makers from slip some under it, like Ruki's grandmother talking to someone in a internet chat room. She types and reads, out-loud: "Don't say things like that. You know I'm too old for that. Ho ho ho."
  • "Calumon zoom zoom! NO UNDERWEAR, ZOOM!"
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  • After abducting Ruki, IceDevimon holds her very inappropriately while demanding she become his partner. Coupled with the fact that he's been stalking her from afar to determine that she's the ideal Tamer for him and that he proclaims he will kill her current partner to prove this, this all has unsettling undertones.
  • There's also the scene from episode fourteen where Digimon are pulled into Juggernaut where they are mercilessly torn apart, their screams of agony causing one of the operators to have a near nervous breakdown.
  • During the episode where Juri follows Leomon around, he demands that Juri stop cooing over him. She responds by giving what can only be described as bedroom eyes, saying "then... like this?". Leomon is understandably weirded out.
  • Henry encountering Yamaki alone in the park is very creepy, especially when Yamaki lifts the kid by the collar when Henry won't give him what he wants.
  • When Yamaki is moping around his apartment after getting canned before resolving to help the kids, there's quite clearly an ash tray full of cigarette butts on his desk next to the laptop.
  • In Episode 26, Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure, the two non-Tamers meet Babamon and Jijimon (granny and grandpa-looking Digimon) and eventually ask to be their Tamers, however the roles somehow get switched, and the human boys battle. There is a point where Babamon says, "Digimodify... STEP ON HIS NECK!" and then lifts and presents her large breasts...
  • When Jeri who has long since been Mind Raped past the Despair Event Horizon, tries to commit suicide by choking herself to death. We even see her hand squeezing her throat. You know, for kids!
  • The infamous episode thirty-four. Hint: it involves Leomon, Demon Lord and a clawed hand.
  • In the final episode, Justimon asks Sakuyamon to lend him her strength so he can beat the D-Reaper. This would be alright if it didn't involve Sakuyamon blowing off her external armor and Justimon's sword swelling to twice its length. Good Lord, the only way it could have been more obvious was if someone had made a "why'd you take off your clothes for him?" comment.note 
    • Its worth pointing out again that, despite nudity being present almost constantly in the third act, no private parts are ever shown. In the scene described above, however, the skin-tight outfit Sakuyamon is left wearing afterwards leaves... extremely little to the imagination. Sure, you don't actually see anything, but that doesn't change the fact that her nipples are quite clearly accentuated.
    • The fight between Gallantomn Crimson Mode and the disfigured ADR-01 has the latter grabbing the former in a rather sexually predatory way, giggling included. Also, it seems the makers changed their mind on the target of her kicks between photograms: one of them looks clearly directed to Gallantmon's groin before deviating weirdly to his chest.
  • After the Final Battle in Runaway Locomon one of the shots involve Sakuyamon being freed from the swamp of Combat Tentacles, or, rather, a close-up of her Breast Plate and the solitary Gainax of her chest as she's released.

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