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  • Digimon Tamers had plenty of great songs. Some only heard in the anime, like the sad but incredibly moving saxophone with piano background version of The Biggest Dreamer, and some that were never even heard in the anime, and that (obviously) were never sold around the world.
  • Rika's theme from the Best Tamer album, Moon Fighter, firmly establishes her as a Badass.
  • Beelzemon's theme, "Black Intruder", makes him a Badass Biker.
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  • Hirokazu's theme, "HeroKazu", makes him a beach boy
  • Starting Point has some interesting musical variations.
  • Anytime Moumentai, in which Terriermon's dual nature is comically exposed.
  • Never Ending Story is a more relaxed, but touching duet between Jeri and Leomon. Jeri's alternate theme, Itsu ka no Iro or The Colour of Someday from the Digimon Girls Festival, is for lack of better word, street. Words cannot spoil the surprise of the tune. With lyrics.
  • "One Vision" made several moments from Digimon Tamers incredibly awesome.
    • Pretty much any moment where the Ultimate/Mega Digimon appear is made instantly awesome by that song. It also helps that the 3 different Digimon get different renditions to start up. Gallantmon goes straight into the rock chorus of the song, MegaGargomon starts up with the rock riffs from the beginning, and Sakuyamon gets an entirely different theme (More Traditional Japanese sounding) before going into One Vision.
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    • the German version is almost even more awesome for using the song's iconic badass guitar solo right at the beginning of the song.
    • It's not the first time that guitar solo appears. It's Dukemon's specific riff.
  • "EVO" and "Slash" gave Tamers its unique feeling. "Evo" also had an awesome remix in the German dub.
  • The Korean Opening. Compared to the American version and Japanese version (which felt like a very typical Shonen anime opening), the tone of this version managed to capture the anime's darker theme while remaining faithful to its Shonen feel. Even better, the lyrics are all about maturity and coming-of-age, which are recurring themes of Tamers.
  • Say what you will about the English dub, but they nailed it with the soundtrack. In addition to the reused elements of the Digimon Adventure score, they added moody orchestral pieces that were obviously heavily inspired by The Matrix. And the theme tune gets quite an awesome remix for this season too.
    • The standard Digimon Tamers English Digivolution theme (heard here and here) modifies the English "Digimon Theme", giving it a nice sort of "bite" or "edge" that seems warranted for transformation scenes.
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    • The English "Digi-Modify"/"Digi-Modification" theme practically embodies the concept of being "digital", greatly complementing the scenes when it plays.
    • The "Bio-merge Digivolution" theme takes on a mystical, contemplative mood of sorts while still incorporating pieces of the English Digimon theme song.


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