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Alice is a ghost who returned to help her Digimon sacrifice himself to help the Tamers, then escort him to the afterlife.
As Alice walked away, the "remnants" of her Digimon accompanied her. They both vanished. Her father keeps a picture of her that he looks at with sadness. Even the Japanese producer of the series has commented on his
webpage that this is a haunting theory.
  • You mean that there are other theories for that event?
    • You mean this is the default theory? I always figured that she couldn't cope with losing her partner and just ran away somewhere.
      • My understanding is that it's a case of Ascended Fanon. The original intent wasn't for Alice to be a ghost, but the way Dolphin looks at the photo got fans speculating, and the creators decided that their alternative interpenetration was as valid as any other.
  • ALTERNATE BUT SIMILAR: She's in a coma, like Shibumi, and is able to project her image. Everything about the ghost theory (her sudden appearance and disappearance, Dolphin looking at her picture sadly) still fits. The reason she looks more solid than Shibumi is because she's a child, and as it's been established, the thoughts of children have a greater power.

Alice was working for Millenniumon

There is a valid in-universe explanation for why Ryo was in Adventure 02 without all the WonderSwan game stuff.
When Ryo won the card tournament, the creators and animators of 02 in the Tamers universe decided they'd give him a cameo appearance when Ken gets struck by spores.

All Digimon universes (each season after 2 being an alternate reality) are interconnected through the Digital World.
Explains how the first two season's exploits are shown in their entirety as a kids' show in the third, and how Canon Immigrant Ryo is able to help our heroes out.
  • It was explained in the games that there is more than one digital world, and they all work as alternate realities. They were created by Millenniumon during the events of the third game "D-1 tamers". All of the digimon-verses are interconnected, not through the digital world, but through Ryo and Milleniumon. Ryo is in the Tamers universe because of the events of the second and third games.
  • In the games, the common starting point of all Digital Worlds was the first computer, ENIAC.
  • Jossed by the shows themselves; the maps, lore and very nature of the Digital World is different in every show.
The entirety of Season 3 was a massive Gambit Roulette by Ryo's partner/villain Millenniumon.
Having seen the future, Millenniumon realized that he would inevitably be fused with Ryo's digimon to create a new being — which, incidentally, would end Milleniumon's independent existence. Being the time-traveling god-thing he is, Milleniummon helped mutate a dormant program of one world into an
Artifact of Doom and influenced a government organization in that same world, all to create a device that would have the side effect of reverting a Digimon's data to a devolved state. This is exactly what happened in the end: all the Digimon reverted to Baby II/In-Training forms. This also reversed the fusion between Millenniumon and Monodramon, but Milleniumon made sure no-one was aware if it. Millenniumon himself is currently in hiding, not wanting to attract anyone's attention until it's too late.
  • Milleniumon is still Monodramon. Milleniumon is Ryo's true partner digimon, and the reason he did what he did during those games was to be Ryo's partner or else came from jealousy of the other digimon that Ryo had partnered with during his adventures. That's why Cyberdramon was so wild - it was two digimon in one. Milleniumon being behind the events in Tamers would undermine why he did what he did in the games in the first place.
    • Are we missing a few manuals here?
    • Technically, Milleniumon only claims to be Ryo's true partner. Milleniumon is also completely Yandere for the only boy who ever defeated him, so his claims aren't necessarily the absolute truth.
Hypnos could have retrieved the kids from the Digital World more easily, but they wanted to do it in a way that would make it harder for dimensional passage afterwards.
Note how easy it was for the kids to get to the Digital World. Then Jeri creates gravity in the dimensional void by defining which way she thinks "down" is. The natural laws in the void between worlds are shaped by willpower. Hypnos later rescues the kids through a lot of brain-constipating rocket physics and programming and necessary travel vehicles to make later attempts to cross over encounter the same obstacles.Fat lot of good this did, though, because....
The Children are now Digital Humans, like Gennai from the first two seasons.
This is how Dobermon's sacrifice enabled them to fuse with their Digimon in the "real world." They're now partially made of digital matter. The Monster Makers made sure the Red Card didn't affect them (they're not going to banish their kids), leaving Digital Matter still on Earth, and so the dimensional separation wasn't complete. This is what let Takato summon the portal at the very end.
  • A side effect of this is that they probably no longer age. (They probably could appear to age if they willed it.)
    • Maybe they can't age without somebody hacking their data. After all, it seems that their partner Digimon couldn't age; natural (i.e. permanent) digivolution is equivalent to aging, and Calumon's Shining Digivolution had no effect on them; maybe they're stuck with that too. This could make the rest of their lives interesting.
  • I so support this.
An adult Takaishi Takeru is a Canon Immigrant who was pulled into the Tamers universe and took on the identity of Yamaki Mitsuo.
Yamaki looked a lot like a much older Takeru from Digimon Adventure 02. His growing to hate the Digimon in the Tamers world and his viewing them as embodiments of chaos and disorder and dangers to humanity may have come from his hatred of dark, dangerous Digimon as a child, which only festered because of all the hardships he would have faced after being torn from everyone he cared about when he was pulled into the Tamers world. He had a hand in creating Hypnos to make sure that he could protect people from the chaotic Digimon who may threaten them.
  • If someone is interested, there is a fanfic somewhere in about this.
  • One problem, tho'. How's he an adult when Ryo, also from the Adventure-verse, is still a kid?
    • Time-space distortion from travelling between universes? It happens in other universe-crossing sci-fi, so why not?
  • Hikari came with him. She's the kids' teacher.
    • Not possible, since the kids teacher (in the original version) cares only for her standing in the community, and chose to be a teacher because it was an easy job. Unless, that's how Kari really is...
      • Yes, I do like the idea that she's secretly a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, while her goody-goody persona was only a mask. Or alternatively, because of her Big Brother Worship she has low-self esteem due to not reaching her own fractured idea of what/who she has to live up to, and transfers these feelings onto the community as a whole. Thus seeking approval from them, by becoming a teacher to gain a good standing within said community. Plus, she wants an that's easy after constantly having to deal with the pressures of being The Messiah, and saving the world every other day.
      • What's not to say she have donned a pair of Jade-Colored Glasses growing up?
  • His girlfriend always reminded eerily of Yolei/Miyako.
    • Or, Given the Hikari theory above, OT3 implications...
Jeri's dad is Yakuza
He's a big, heavy-set man who appears to own quite a large house despite being the owner of a rather sparsely occupied bar. Also, Jeri's mother died mysteriously. This was the original plan before the TV executives drop kicked that idea from a great height (Digimon being, you know, a kids' series), and there's no reason it can't still be true.
  • He seems inclined to deal with things sternly and seems somewhat inclined to physical discipline. It fits!
    • So this makes Jeri the Yakuza Princess, then?
    • According to early notes by Chiaki Konaka, Jeri was supposed to be named Mishio and her parents would work in the Japanese red-light district. For those of you who don't know the red-light district is an area in a place we're the businesses are all sexually themed like sex clubs, strip clubs and prostitution rings. This could have meant that her father would be involved in the Yakuza being the owner of a prostitution ring and her mother would be a prostitute.
Guilmon is the reincarnation of Season Two's Blackwargreymon, or some of BWGmon's data was mixed in when Guilmon was being born.
While Guilmon is a Virus type, he's very calm and gentle and doesn't much care for other Viruses; not caring for Viruses is reminiscent of BWGmon. When he gets angry, his eyes go all freaky and look just like BWGmon's.
  • They're even voiced by the same guy!
  • And didn't Takato design Guilmon to be better than Agumon? As in Blackwargreymon's rival?
  • Nope, the Diginomes made Guilmon, based on Takato's designs. He likely kicks himself later for putting a digital hazard on Guilmon, assuming the below wild mass guess is false.
    • That doesn't mean that the Digignomes didn't use Blackwargreymon's data.
    • Well, do remember that 02 happened in 2002, while Tamers happened in 2001... Note that Ryo left before 02. Besides, wasn't BlackWarGreymon's data used to make a barrier between the real and digital world? (not that it worked).

Jeri has some sort of mental illness.
The way she spaces out, reacts to people and things, and even her dog puppet (when she's already 11) are indicators that she might suffer a light mental problem, possibly one type of autism. It could make things a bit more interesting, since it's not normal to see mentally challenged people being portrayed in anime with a big role.
  • To be fair, Jeri's mother DID die when she was very young. This incident could have mentally traumatized her, which could explain some of her behavior to others.
    • I'd say Jeri is just a very, very, very mentally troubled kid. We should be thankful she's a good person.
  • I believe Jeri has something akin to Dependant Personality Disorder, rather than autism. Her desperate need to be around people and need to make them like her (and succeeding, to a point) really hints of this.
  • I don't think there's anything to suggest a mental abnormality in Jeri, but there's plenty in there to suggest psychological abnormality. More specifically, while she tries to hide it with a cheerful, optimistic, quirky persona, she's terrified of being alone. The hand-puppet is an imaginary friend made manifest, because she doesn't want to ever be on her own. When Leomon first appears she attaches herself to him like a limpet, and she tends to be very clingy (emotionally, not literally) with her friends. Given her backstory it's certainly understandable she's that way.

Ruki's dad is a lolicon.
It could explain how a a mother can have a 10-years old kid and still look as young as her mid-twenties, to the point of still being a supermodel. Ruki's dad possibly got her when she was around 13 or something.
  • She was sixteen when she had her, so about 15 or so. Not Lolicon, but she certainly wouldn't be legal in most countries (including most of Japan).
    • That depends, the national age of consent is 13, though individual prefectures can (and do), make their own laws raising it as high as 18. Since we have no idea where she conceived we can't really know. Of course this only applies to the original Japanese. In the dub Rika is 13, so 12
      • Or, a slightly more legal possibility: Ruki is adopted. That would make it perfectly legal for her parents to have gotten her while her mother was only 15-18 years old. It would also help to explain some of the arguing and huge differences between Ruki and her mother, if they're not biologically related in any way.
    • Or in another tangant: They both were minors? Since ruki does really look like her mom except for her hair color, which she could have inherited thanks to her father.

Takato is the real Digital Hazard sealed in human form and Guilmon is his avatar.
Unlike the other tamers who found their partners, Takato created Guilmon from a drawing he made. There are two explanations for this that come to mind. Either there is something very different about Takato, or Guilmon was created the same way the Adventure digimon were. In other words, The Powers That Be of the digital world made our favorite bread-snarfing dino from Takato's data. This carries the unfortunate implication that from a programming standpoint, our little Gogglehead is identical to a digital Eldritch Abomination. Something that destroys the world simply by existing. Guilmon became Megidramon because of Takato's anger, but many fans noticed that Takato mysteriously gained a red Battle Aura identical in color to Megidramon's shortly beforehand. Coincidence?
  • The red aura could be of Growlmon digivolving into MegaloGrowmon, since immediatly afterwards, MegaloGrowmon comes from behind him to attack Beelzemon. Notice that Growlmon digivolved without digivice/blue card input. Just pure anger...
  • Imitatin' other Entries, there is a fic...It's on recommendations, look it up.
    • Please name the fic - it's not immediately obvious from the recommendations on the page.
      • Is it the fic, 'Dimensions'?
  • Well, in that sequence we also discovered that Guilmon's contracting eyes are a golden eyed version of Takato's Red Eyes when he's angry.
    • Also, note that the red eyes are not a natural eye colour; it's also unique, since his parents actually have brown eyes.
  • Also, in the CD message in a packet, the short story after the series, it states that Takato (who has no computer or computer skills), somehow manages to destroy a firewall designed to stop humans. Why?, because it prevents him from entering the digital world through the portal that he discovered/created by wishing i.e., he really wants to break through. To stop him they cover it with concrete.
  • So, he's Lain, as a boy?
    • Well, he doesn't have multiple personalities, but from the little of the digital hazard that was shown I would guess that he might as well be.
  • Further evidence: Nowhere on the original Guilmon drawing are there hazard symbols.
    • Guilmon was made by the Diginomes, based on Takato's drawings. As for him not drawing a digital hazard on Guilmon and breaking a firewall? I got nothing.
  • Takato is Lucemon sealed into human form.
    • Lucemon has blue eyes, that doesn't explain the red eyes. If Takato is a digimon sealed in human form, it probably is Chaos Gallantmon/Dukemon, who if I'm not mistaken actually has red eyes. Thus Guilmon (as Megidramon) would be his ride.

Ai and Makoto weren't invited to Ruki's birthday party for a reason.
Impmon and the Tamers wanted to limit the life-threatening drama they go through until they're much older. And the twins aren't happy about it.
  • I didn't invite four-year-olds to my eleventh nor thirteenth birthday party either...
  • But Rika wasn't the one doing the inviting.

Why we don't have Digimon.
Inside the show, it was speculated that the the D-Reaper was so advanced because it had come from another dimension. Now, since different dimensions each have a Digital World, then what if the D-Reaper had invaded the Digital World of our real world? That would explain why there aren't any digimon in our world... Note that it didn't invade the real (human?) world because it had not created J-Reaper.

Yamaki used to be a chain smoker.
Why else would he fiddle so much with a lighter?
  • In Episode 24, we DO see cigarettes in his office
  • He's still a chain smoker. In his office and at his house, his ashtrays are filled with used cigarettes. He just isn't seen smoking them onscreen. Link.
    • I always read it as him trying to give up, but completely failing by the halfway point of the series.

The portal shown at the finale of the series was eventually used
But not in the series or audio tapes. After recieving messages from their Tamers, the Digimon would find their way to it and return. It's still there, they just hadn't used it yet. Well someone had to give a suggestion to give them a happy ending after that!
  • Not sure you noticed, but that portal was covered in concrete because Takato had almost forced his way in, so that portal is useless... That doesn't mean there couldn't be another portal, though, after the CD Drama Message in a pocket and original story ~with~ though.
    • True...but just because concrete can stop a human, doesn't mean it can stop a Digimon.
    • Let's not forget all the Digimon that bio-emerged WHILE that portal had not yet been dug up by Guilmon, from Episodes 1-13. And no one even said the CD drama had to be the ending of the English dub instead of Runaway Locomon (in which the portal presumably was used given that the Digimon are all back on Earth), some prefer the CD drama as the canon ending but it has also been argued that the main "canon" is the Japanese version, so if the dubs, including the English dub, are non-canon, aren't they their own universes and couldn't they atleast fit with the movie with no other place to go? (This troper of course will have a harder time making arguments for the Japanese version though but he is an English dub purist). IMO Runaway Locomon is the canon ending for the English dub, Takato and probably the other tamers used the portal to get there, reunited with their Digimon, less dangerous this time with the D-Reaper gone and Zhuqiaomon on their side now, Dolphin made another ark to send them home, and six months later... Locomon. (This troper has received many arguments from a potential arch-nemesis though)

Impmon's Champion and Ultimate forms are Devimon and SkullSatamon.

Since he warp digivolves, it's never shown on-screen just what Impmon's natural evolution line would have turned out to be. On the Digi Wiki, one possible digivolution shown for Impmon naturally is Devimon, and one for Devimon is Skullsatamon. Skullsatamon can digivolve into, you guessed it, Beelzemon. Now while there's no concrete evidence that this could be the case, the best proof is in the character design. Look how much Devimon and SkullSatamon resemble Beelzemon in Blast Mode. Beyond that, they're all Dark Digimon consistently described as "fallen angels", whom are Virus types, and in the Nightmare Soldiers family.

Taking this idea one step further, since Impmon was originally going to be Tamer's Big Bad, it's possible they were going to include Devimon and Skullsatamon as a Shout-Out back to the original show until the idea was jettisoned, leaving only Impmon's Mega form for the final product of the show.

  • SkullSatamon is a jogress and Devimon comes from Demidevimon. It is true that Digimon evolution has always been variable and since this is an "alternate universe" they don't have to Digivolve the same way but it would be weird to change those two. Just saying his other two forms are unrevealed makes more sense.
    • SkullSatamon being a product of DNA evolution means nothing in other Digimon 'verses. Take a look at later seasons where Armor Digimon show up as normal Digimon by the score, or Xros Wars where even some of the Legendary Warriors get included. "It would be weird" is no reason at all. And, funnily enough, in Digimon Masters, Impmon's Champion form is ''Ice''Devimon and his Ultimate is, you guessed it, SkullSatamon. Though personally, this troper's always liked Astamon despite his being Belphemon's Ultimate. It just makes sense with the suit and the gun and the head-thing, you know?
    • It's probably none of the above, given that the main trio's Child to Adult evolutions are very direct by digimon standards. Both colors of Devimon make sense for Beelzebumon, as does Wizarmon if you're going the Baalmon route, but have little visual similarity to Impmon, making his theoretical Transformation Sequence the odd one out. The closest thing would be Boogiemon and Phelesmon if they were purple instead of red.
    • I don't think you should rule out Wizardmon just because he doesn't look like Impmon, Digimon evolution is complicated as they have many evolutions, and what they become depends on how they're raised. If Impmon is a good guy and Ai and Mako treat him well, it would be odd for him to evolve into something evil like Boogiemon.

There IS a way for deleted Digimon to be restored.

It was just never said and/or discussed on the show. Besides, Dobermon's data got restored, so why can't the data of the other Digimon be restored?

  • Dobermon wasn't restored, he disappeared never to be seen again while Alice watched sadly. In my opinion the most interesting question is what is Alice, and what would it mean if she was a ghost. Is it that she is in a coma, like shibumi was, or is it that she actually died and remained a ghost?
  • Gorillamon seems like a much better focus for this theory. He could have been Not Quite Dead but since it was mostly off screen we have no way of knowing.
  • Certainly not all digimon, but Juri's digivice made a hologram of Leomon that seemed to hear her, and it's possible that Impmon kept some of Leomon's data. Combine these fragments of mind and body, call in a favor from digignomes, and you *might* be able to reconstruct a Liollmon with severe amnesia. That's the absolute best that can be done without crossing the line from loophole to retcon.

The Tamers series takes place in an Alternate Universe where the European colonial empires were much stronger...
...and one of them took at least a portion of the Middle East from the Ottoman Empire. The evidence for this is the fact that Kazu has what looks like the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, a Christian kingdom that ruled over parts of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, etc in the 12th century, and was apparently revived as a colony in the 19th century. Kazu, or someone he knows, must have visited the region on holiday and got him that t-shirt as a souvenir.
  • Kazu's t-shirt has the symbol for the Crest of Reliability (Joe's crest) on it from the earlier seasons of Digimon.
    • There are some serious differences between the symbol on Kazu's shirt and the Crest of Reliability. The crest looks like the British flag, while the symbol on Kazu's shirt looks much more like a Christian religious symbol, and somewhat like the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem than does the crest of reliability.
  • It seems a bit of a stretch that such a colossal historical and political change could happen without being addressed in the series. Try to imagine what could have happened if the USA lost the Indipendence War, or if Napoleon managed to estabilish a Continental Empire...

The reason Cyberdramon is so strong and can Biomerge in the real world is Milleniumon
This seems kinda obvious. Milleniummon was Zeed Milleniummon at the time of the DNA Digivolution, and it would make sense that if he's still in there, he'd make it easier to fight with Ryo, hence the Biomerging. It also explains why Justimon is one of the most powerful Biomerges in the show aside from Crimson mode.
  • I have to disagree here. In the Cd Drama Message in a Packet, ryo states that he knew that he was made of data before returning to the real world, even though he doesn't specify exactly what had made him like that. On the other hand, Justimon is not one of the most powerful biomerges in the show. He doesn't even manage to destroy any particularly powerful agent (like that green one) by himself! In the final battle, he does manage use Sakuyamon's power... after both are nearly exhausted, thus the amount of power he has to handle is not even that big.

The D-Reaper is Missingno
The D-Reaper: a realativly simple computer program similar to different from the digimon that became a lovecraftian horror and tried to absorb the digital world. Hmmm, why does that sound so familiar?

The Partner Digimon All Die
The CD Drama's only logical conclusion. Every Digimon that wasn't already mega became one to defeat D-Reaper in the Digital World. All but one partner regressed to babies to defeat D-reaper on Earth. The babies then got sent back to the Digital world to be eaten. Digimon are largely homicidal and cannibalistic. Marine Angemon is the only one who could have survived but why should it get anymore special treatment?
  • Keep in mind that there probably aren't any more digimon (with a few exceptions) other than the partnered digimon, as the D-Reaper had already deleted a third of the digital world a week before the finale... which is not a particularly consoling thought, but still.
  • Also, Impmon has been shown to digivolve to Beelzemon through will alone, without Calumon's help. Between Beelzemon and Marine Angemon, the Partner Digimon should be fine.

The "other Dimension" that Shibumi theorizes D-Reaper might have interacted with is the Dark Ocean
Because all the eldritch stuff comes from there and we already know that the Tamers-Dimension is in the same Multiverse.

Ryo and Matrix Evolution(Ultimate)/Biomerge Evolution
Ryo is already made up of data in the Tamers' Real World to begin with that's why he and Cyberdramon could evolve to Justimon. My guess is during the explosion with his battle with Moon=Milleniumon in D-1 Tamers, his physical body actually died but his consciousness/soul/spirit/etc. survived and became digitalized(that’s why he didn’t go back to the Adventure/02 world because he was already dead there, I think). Or his body actually became digital like Takato, Jian, and Ruki. Thus, this allows him to Matrix Evolve to Justimon in the Tamers' World.

Calumon is Patamon's and Gatomon's offspring
Calumon has a purple and white coloring and a body structure like Gatomon, and ears that seem to allow him to fly like Patamon. He looks very cute (like both parents).

Calumon is Gatomon's and Gomamon's offsrping.

Ruki's dad is Valmont.
Well, that's where her acts are coming from. They're Not So Different. And the reason why he and her mother divorced was because of his criminal activities as the mastermind of the Dark Hand.

Justimon is not Cyberdramon's true mega form
On the CD Drama Ryo talks about "evolving to ultimate in the truest sense of the word" - maybe that implies Justimon ISN'T the true ultimate form? And isn't it strange that all the digimon took on humanoid forms in their mega level? It seems likely that the mega forms were "modified" so that they fit their Tamers' anatomy. And come on. Cyberdramon is a dragon through and through. How on earth does he become a power ranger that has nothing whatsoever to do with his previous evolutions?
  • That's canon, actually: None of the Bio-Merge Megas are their true Mega forms; Cyberdramon's is ZeedMillenniumon, Guilmon's is Megidramon, and Terriermon's and Renamon's are never shown, in Tamers, though given the above pattern, it doesn't bode well. The Tamers do actually Humanize their partners, when they merge, and the Tamers take on Digimon-like traits in return, such as no visible anatomy.

The man who picks up Ryo upon his return to the Human world is a Gennai-like person
This would explain why a random mannote  from the Tamers universe would just pick up Ryo (who's from the Adventure universe) upon arriving in the Human world. By extension, this would imply that Ryo is still following the orders of Gennai and Azulongmon, perhaps to prepare him in fighting some potential threat in the Adventure universe. Out-of-Universe further explanation, Bandai may have also planned a fifth Ryo Akiyama game for the WonderSwan in which he would return to the Adventure universe to fight said threat.

Ryo's earth "Father" is not his real father but a sleeper agent installed by Millenniumon

The original is still on Earth in the Adventure-verse. In order to secure his existence, Millenniumon, manipulating events while partly sealed within Monodramon, arranged for Ryo to have a life to live that would interfere with his memories of the Adventure-verse, to which Millenniumon has no desire to return and risk encountering the Adventure Digimon, who know him and have defeated him in the past. In order to arrange this, he created a new "family", consisting of Ryo and his father, a randomly selected man Brainwashed into his new role by Millenniumon meddling with his own personal timeline.

For a time, he withdrew himself from Ryo's life to keep from triggering any inadvertent memories and began to struggle with Monodramon for control of their shared body, eventually reaching the stalemate in the form of Cyberdramon, who constantly risks going wild from Millenniumon's power and rage. However, he kept tabs on the human world from his mental prison, noticing Ryo's obsession with Digimon cards and realizing his unconscious ties to his own history. However, he also learned that there was a Digimon television show in the works based on psychic impressions from the Adventure-verse and decided to remove Ryo from the human world lest he come across it, drawing him into the Digital World to be his Tamer.

He did nothing to relieve Ryo's "father" of his state, and Rumiko eventually realized that no, her husband wouldn't be coming home after all.

Midna and Link are Takato's mother and father
Zant as a last dick move after Midna and link reunite was to throw them out of their home dimension. His plan was to thrown them into scraed relm but he messed up and thrown them into Japan. Midna and Link disgused themselves as the closest thing they could become to a normal human Ordan natives. Takato was told about his family history and only his partner Guilmon knows. Takato inherts his dad's Triforce which fussed with the Digitale hazerd and surpressed it leting Takato stay his nice shy self. His mega forms Megidramon and Gallantmon/Chaosgallantmon are his twili side at full max and he override the trifoce. He with out being awere of it controled Megidramon A manifestion of his famlies bloodlust and hate. Gallantmon he is in more control but more intouch with his Hylian side and Chaosgallantmon is his twili side. Crimson mode is him in perfect balance with his true iner self.

Millenniummon had something to do with Guilmon's creation; Guilmon was created to defeat the D-Reaper
Though it is established that the Digi-Gnomes were the ones who created Guilmon, but why they would incorporate the Digital Hazard into him knowing it would cause him to eventually become Megidramon is rather suspicious. Thus it could be reasoned that Milleniummon, wanting to destroy everything in existence in the event that Ryo foiled him again, was working on creating an ideal Digimon to carry out that backup plan. However, it was then taken over by the Digi-Gnomes to create (while also incorporating some of Takato's specifications) the instrument of the D-Reaper's defeat.
  • Unlikely; Millenniumon sought Ryo as his partner, therefore destroying everything makes no sense.

Jeri's Leomon was killed off because the writers thought it wouldn't make sense to A) biomerge a digimon and partner of opposite genders B) biomerge Jeri with a quadrupedal digimon.

Tamers is a prequel to Frontier.
All digimons that returned to baby form in Tamers' last episode appeared again in Frontier's episode "The Odd One Out".
  • Inherently jossed by the differing mechanics regarding Digi-Eggs, and the fact that Takato and Guilmon showed up.

The reason why Jeri's father says that she 'left without saying something' in the dub when Jeri asked Leomon to tell him is that he only pretended to tell Jeri's father, not understanding the consequences it might later have.
Think about it. He was originally incredibly freaked out by Jeri's insistence that he was her partner, running from her until she actually got her Digivice and healed him. They then left for the Digital World not too long afterwards so he wouldn't have had time to get used to being around humans who had a connection to Jeri who weren't also Tamers. Also, Digimon generally don't tend to have 'parents' as such, so he'd have no idea that he might get his Tamer into trouble later on when they got back. Or else he'd planned to take the blame when they got back himself but... well...

Beelstarrmon was designed for a sequel season that may or may not exist depending on Tri's success.
Why does Beelzebumon have a Distaff Counterpart? Because Impmon was paired with opposite sex twins instead of one child! So if he gains the ability to Matrix Evolve after that, he will become both Beelzebumon and Beelstarrmon at once.

Terriermon learned a bit of Cantonese from somewhere
Hence his catchphrase "momentai"—Cantonese for "no problem!"

(Note that I have seen very little of the Digimon series and have no idea if this would be an in-character catchphrase for Terriermon; this was just my impression based on hearing it being used in the English dub.)

  • Yes, that's pretty much what happened in the Japanese original.
  • He almost certainly learned it either from Henry or someone in his family. Janyu is from Hong Kong, so Cantonese is probably his native language, and words and phrases from it would get used a lot in the Wong household.

Runaway Locomon and Message in the Packet are both cannon
Sometime between the two timeline, the likes of The Men in Black invaded their houses, abduct the digimon away and flash-thingied them such they they do not remember anything starting from the time they reunited with their digimon after.

In the Tamers digital world, digimentals are dug out of the ground like gemstones.
That's why Armor digimon are so common, and why multiples of the same Armor digimon can exist, while explicitly referring to them as such. Armor evolution is clearly less advanced than the current system with Culumon, since almost no Armor forms above Adult level have been designed. However, when Culumon escaped, this obsolete power source became popular again.

Royal Knights are an Outside-Context Problem in Tamers

With Gallantmon being (officially) part of Royal Knights, this group can be seen as an unexpected opponents against D-Reaper, the reason why he's on par with the latter. If D-Reaper noticed the Royal Knights, then every member of the group will get screwed.

  • A few theories: Agents of D-Reaper knew the existence of Soverigns but not Royal Knights who are guardians of network security. Almostly none of the residents in Tamers knew the existence of Royal Knights group. As lampshaded in later entries like Frontier, they fought for justice of Digimon World. Cue Gallantmon decided to Save Both Worlds after D-Reaper mysteriously drawing attention of Royal Knights group.

Takato and Juri will get together, but it WILL NOT be a healthy relationship
So we know Takato has feelings for Juri, that's been evident since episode one. Juri herself seems to dance around the possibility of reciprocating those feelings, before we realize that due to her psychological issues she has difficulty forming healthy relationships in general. Juri displays many traits characteristic of a dependence disorder and low self-esteem, and this is not something that would just go away. Even though she conquered the darkness in her heart do defeat the D-Reaper, she has significant amounts of therapy ahead of her (and that's just dealing with her pre-Digimon issues- being the host of a computer generated Eldritch Abomination that nearly killed everyone you love would probably leave a few scars) and we know that while her father does care about her, and she realizes this now, he still is not equipped to deal with those issues.

Takato, meanwhile, has feelings for Juri, and those feelings are unconditional, which as seen with Leomon, is the thing she has desperately searched for. Having realized that she can control her own destiny, Juri is now likely to search for happiness on her own, through Takato. Any potential confession Takato might make would most likely be met with positive results, particularly based on how clearly she can see that he cares for her (he saved her from the D-Reaper, for crying out loud) and because she still has low self-esteem and does not want to be alone or unloved, she would likely approach any relationship with the dependence and desire to please that she has done in all her interactions until now. And Takato, a 10 year old, will not likely be able to distinguish genuine affection (which Juri likely has, but her desire to please him would simply be greater) from the amount of clinginess Juri would likely display. None of this speaks towards the development of a healthy relationship, especially since both parties would have buckets of PTSD from events in the Digital World and the D-Reaper, and the relationship would only get more intense, dependent, and unhealthy as they are on the cusp of puberty.

Megidramon is Guilmon's true Mega form.
Ignoring other media's where Guilmon can reach Gallantmon without the use of Biomerge.The fact that Guilmon lacks a natural Mega form (along with all other Partner Digimon save for Monodramon, whom is a reborn Milleniummon and Impmon). Leads to the horrorfying possibility that perhaps Megidramon is what Guilmon was destined to digivolve to.

Consider that Guilmon has been shown to have traits of aggression and savage nature in him that Takato frequently worried about (I.E when he first became Growlmon), As well as the fact he bares the Digital Hazard and is a Virus type by nature, It's likely that Takato's enraged forcing to make Guilmon reach mega for the first time wasn't so much of a Dark Digivolution as much of a Gone Horribly Right situation.

  • Debunked by canon. Gallantmon is directly said to be Guilmon's "true Ultimate" in the series. The partners also don't lack a "natural" (and gods do I hate that term) Mega form - they're the ones we see them take with Biomerging.

Ryo was reborn in the Tamer universe without his memories
Ryo's last game implied that he chose to leave the Adventure world for a new one, and that's how he became a Tamer. But he still has a father, and Message in the Packet shows that Cyberdramon was the first Digimon he ever met. Easy answer is that when he left, he was reborn, but retained his Digimon commanding and survival skills.

The D-Reaper originally intended to abduct Takato
If you recall, the D-Reaper is powered by negative emotions. During the episode where Leomon was killed off, Takato was showing extreme bouts of anger. And anger is a very strong emotion. At that moment, the D-Reaper decided to capture Takato and use his enraged state to further power itself to destroy the Digital World and eventually, the Real World. Fortunately, Takato snapped out of it after his anger turned Guilmon into an unstoppable killing machine. Missing its chance, the D-Reaper decided to abduct Juri instead.


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