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  • From episode 1, Takuya pausing to retrieve a soccer ball that had gotten away from a father and son.
    Takuya: I'll get it! Kids these days...
    • Just as Takuya is about to be run over by a truck.
    Takuya: Ah perfect!
    • At the start of the episode, Takuya's mom is on the phone. While talking, she tells Takuya not to touch his brother's cake. She wasn't even looking but could tell anyway.
    • J.P saying that Tommy could get a job as a fire alarm.
  • Near the beginning of episode 2, Koji spots Tommy and J.P. running off to try and escape back to the real world. He notes aloud that they shouldn't be wandering around alone, while he's doing the exact same thing.
    • Takuya and Izumi fall down a chasm, but thankfully in a pile of leaves. Throughout the whole time, Izumi was clinging onto Takuya; then she suddenly slaps him repeatedly when she realized what she was doing.
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    • Koji tells his D-Tector that he's not just some lap dog he can order around. Guess what his Digimon form is?
  • When Junpei/J.P. gains the power to digivolve in episode 5, he becomes way too happy. Cue him, in Blitzmon/Beetlemon form, dancing like a kid.
    • In the same episode, the Digidestined go to the cafeteria of the factory where the episode takes place. It turns out the only thing there which they can eat are batteries. It gets funnier when Tommy asks for something else and Minomon suggests he has a "Double-A Pie".
  • In episode 6, the train ride to the Numemon village was wild to say the least. Then it gets worse for the kids as they find out the village was built completely sideways along the mountain's sheer cliff side.
    • When the group is offered a rope ladder to get to the elder's house, Izumi and Junpei are the last to go. Junpei attempts to be a gentleman and offer Izumi to climb before him. To his confusion, Izumi looked angry, then realized too late why. She wrongfully thought Junpei was trying to use it as an excuse to peek under her skirt if he climbed up after her, resulting in Izumi slapping Junpei, calling him a pervert. Next scene shows a crying Junpei with a noticeable slap mark on his face, lamenting that it wasn't his intention.
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    • Takuya reaches the door of the house excited for food. Tomoki noticed a shadow through the window and tried to stop Takuya, who sticks his head through the door, and promptly gets nailed in the head by a stick-wielding Kouji.
  • At one pint in episode 7, "Island of Misfit Boys" Takuya, Koji and Tommy are forced to hitch a ride on a toy-sized train. Koji is annoyed at how silly the situation is while Takuya and Tommy enjoy teasing him.
    • When Takuya and Koji discover the castle where Tommy is being held prisoner.
    Koji: In that creepy castle?
    Takuya: How can it be creepy, it's lavender?
  • Episode 13, just as the group make it to Seraphimon's castle and knock on the door.
    Tommy: Maybe nobodies home?
    Takuya: Maybe you should open up a wishful thinking store Tommy.
    • While tracking the kids, Grumblemon keeps telling the other evil Legendary Warrior's that they don't have much farther to go. Much to Ranamon and Mercurymon's annoyance.
    Grumblemon: Little further.
    Mercurymon: Will you stop that?!
  • Near the beginning of episode 14, the kids are retreating from the evil Legendary Warriors on a Trailmon. Only problem is that the Trailmon is going a bit too fast for comfort.
    Koji: Hey bud, could you possibly go any faster?
    Trailmon: No problem, just hang on to your bandanna! (speeds up)
    Everybody Else: Koji!
    Koji: What? I was being sarcastic!
  • Episode 15 "Beastie Girl", Takuya and J.P. learn Koji is ticklish while trying to convince him that the group should take a break on a tropical island.
    • After the boys walk in on Izumi/Zoe changing because they think she's in trouble and she chews them out in episode 15, the boys forget she's in the room when they start changing back into normal clothes. She's noticeably flustered.
  • In episode 17 Junpei/J.P. and Izumi/Zoe compete in an eating contest. Izumi wins.
    • When they first talk over the phone, Arbormon completely fails to intimidate Datamon.
    Datamon: (hangs up phone) I have no idea what he's talking about.
  • Episode 18, "Trailmon vs. Trailmon" has the kids each team-up with a Trailmon who doesn't have a partner to win a race. Koji's partner (Franken) is, a little lacking in enthusiasm.
    Franken: (sounds bored) Yeah yeah whatever. Climb on.
    Koji: Gee, thanks.
    • Neemon and his Trailmon partner are disqualified from the race when they both decide to take a nap.
  • From episode 19, let's be honest, what's funnier than a bunch of digimon called Burgermon?
    • How about their children, TorikaraBallmon?note 
    • Two words: Burger. Competition. Just watching Takuya and Kouji go all out in making the "better" burger is hilarious, especially since Kouji steps out of character for this episode.
      • Also, what in the world possessed Kouji to make a burger using only seafood and fruit? At least the others used an actual beef patty.
  • In the episode "Zoe’s Unbeelievable Adventure", just after Takuya defeats a Parrotmon in battle.
    Takuya: (a portal which also happens to be a giant eyeball appears) What are you looking at?
  • How about cute little Patamon calling Bokomon his PapaMa. Cute!
    • When Patamon hatched from his egg in episode 28, Bokomon was a little too excited:
      Bokomon: He's...he's my little baby. Come to Mama!
      Everyone else: You want him to call you Mama?!
  • Ranamon is funny every time she has a temper tantrum. Such a little bitch, but you gotta love her for it.
  • Everything Mercurymon said in episode 16 is comedy gold.
    • Calmaramon causing damages to their villain lair due to being unable to control her Beast Spirit.
      Mercurymon: Thou hath better master it, before thou destroys us all!
    • The Japanese version.
      Mercurymon: If you're going to train, DO IT OUTSIDE!!!
    • After Calmaramon (mostly) be able to control her Beast Spirit.
      Calmaramon: *laughs* Success! At last, I have mastered my beast spirit.
      Calmaramon: If I can do that to rock, think what I could do to those kids.
      Mercurymon: Thou maketh a good point. Now thou hath better make good with a broom.
  • The episode "Darkest Before Duskmon" is one of two Wham Episodes in a row, but there's one moment where a few of the kids have an Imagine Spot where they have two Takuyas. The hypothetical situation turns out as ridiculous as expected.
    • And in another episode "Cherubimania", Takuya has an Imagine Spot where they saved the digital world and returned home. While he's enjoying a date with Izumi/Zoe, Kouji's getting chased by Junpei/J.P. and Tomoki/Tommy who are trying to kiss him.
    Kouji: I helped save the Digital World, too! How come Takuya gets to go out on a date?!
  • Near the end of "Workin’ On The Train Gang". After J.P., Zoe and Tommy learn the Trailmon "Angler" had been lying to them about dying so he could get pampered. They all Beast Spirit Evolve to teach him a little lesson about lying, but back off when he starts to cry.
    J.P.: Geez, this guys' too pathetic to beat up on.
  • IceDevimon from "Ice, Ice Baby" done in the voice of Christopher Walken. It's as hilarious as you'd think.
    • During the battle with Cherubimon, Takuya (as EmperorGreymon) takes the others someplace safe before joining the battle.
    EmperorGreymon: I'll do my best. Which as we all know, is awesome!
  • Takuya's "brilliant" plan to move the moon in episode 39.
    • Which serves as a reminder- despite their current state of being "Henshin Hero defenders of Another Dimension", they're still just kids.
    • Junpei/J.P. comes up with a plan of his own later, and it's not much of an improvement. Junpei/J.P. decides to use the cannon of his beast spirit form to fire Takuya at the planet. Even Takuya decides it was a stupid idea after taking part in it once.
  • When the kids first meet Saggitarimon in episode 40 "The Bully Pulpit". First thing he does is to try and steal all their possessions, which he mistakenly refers to as "obsessions".
    J.P.: I can't believe we're being robbed by someone this dumb.
  • From episode 45, Sepikmon makes a pretty accurate description of the power television has on people.
    Sepikmon: I look into this box and see nothing, and yet I cannot stop staring.
  • In one episode ("To Make The World Go Away"), Takuya and Koji constantly battle the Royal Knights Dynasmon and Crusadermon. After throwing all sorts of elaborate attacks at each other for a multitude of episodes (This one being no different)... they all just start punching each other. It may have been added to the dub, but Crusadermon declaring, "hand to hand!" makes it all the more amusing.
  • Get the Biggest Fire!!, the entire eight-and-a-half minute CD drama. Basically, Takuya and Kouji are tasked with singing the opening of the imaginary "Digimon Frontier Zero Two" and lots of Hilarity Ensues, mainly thanks to the band and the songwriter screwing around with them. And the fact that neither of the boys can sing.

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