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  • When Chiaki and Nodame first attempt to play the Mozart duet, in the first two bars or so they are perfectly in sync - until right at the end when Nodame hits the wrong note. Chiaki throws his music score at her, exclaiming they're not even past the first two bars.
  • When Nodame tells Chiaki she hasn't washed her hair for a few days. Cue Gilligan Cut to a furious Chiaki washing her hair against her will.
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  • Mine attempting to dress Nodame up to seduce Chiaki - he unfortunately can't undo the bad makeup job Nodame gave herself. When she runs to Chiaki with Tears of Joy, her face is still caked up with horribly-applied makeup - Chiaki screams and hits her before she can go anywhere near him.
  • "It's called masturbation! Okay? It means you're only pleasuring yourself."
  • In the manga only, during the exam period Mine admits he keeps failing because his father doesn't wake him up in time to take his exams. At the end of the chapter, while he and Nodame successfully take their exams and don't fail, Chiaki misses his exam because Mine's dad didn't wake him up when he slept at their place.
  • When Chiaki is sharing drinks with his new orchestra members, he notes how more mature they are compared to the loud and more childish S Orchestra. 30 minutes later, everyone is drunk out of their minds and loudly throwing fights and arguments left and right.
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  • During the drinking party, a drunk Kiyora and Mine suggest the exact same orchestra piece to Chiaki, and they hug each other while shouting, "Marriage!" Moments later, Kiyora demands the orchestra do a violin concerto, and Mine volunteers to be the soloist - Kiyora responds by hitting him while shouting, "Divorce!"
  • Chiaki's Oh, Crap! face after Nodame's dad catches him back-hugging Nodame and Chiaki finds out who he is.
  • When Nodame and Frank reunite in Paris and are conversing with one another - except they're both speaking in their respective languages and have no idea what the other person is actually saying but they keep conversing anyways, leading to One Dialogue, Two Conversations.
    Frank: (in French) ... Do you have any idea what I'm saying?
    Nodame: (turns to Chiaki and says in Japanese) Chiaki-senpai, what are we talking about?
    (few moments later after Nodame introduces Chiaki to Frank in Japanese)
    Nodame: Okay senpai, (says in Engrish) change please.note 
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  • Nodame practices her French with the help of her French guide book. The book is incredibly dodgy though, as it gives some rather oddly-chosen phrases - one of them is, "Help, get the police, I'm being raped!" Nodame says this one out loud, and the customers nearby get frightened and look at Chiaki, who panics and tries to convince everyone she's just learning the language.
  • After some initial difficulty, Nodame finally picks up the French language with ease - by rewatching the same Purigorota episode, dubbed in French, over and over again, because she remembers the Japanese dialogue off by heart. This is all while in Frank's room, who isn't pleased in the least and is able to get over his crush on her because of it.
  • Chiaki's surprise when he first discovers Nodame is a D-Cup. He doesn't get over very quickly, as seen when they later share a hug and all he can think of is "D..."
  • When Chiaki goes in disguise to check out his new orchestra in Paris, this exchange between Rolland and Theo is as follows:
    Rolland: I brought my violinist friend. He's an exchange student. His name is Nissan Toyota.
    Theo: Japanese huh? Welcome to Marlet. You have the same name as my car.
  • Mixed as a Heartwarming Moment, Tanya kisses Kuroki while he's sleeping and happily walks away to do chores, and it cuts to Kuroki's Blue with Shock face with her lipstick mark on him, showing he was awake after all.
  • The OVA special that focuses on Kiyora
    • Nodame, Chiaki, Jean, Yuko and Kiyora are at a Vienna tavern and to Nodame's disappointment they don't have musicians performing there due to the winter season. To make up for it, she performs a Beethoven movement herself - by imitating Chiaki and "conducting" with a knife while singing the tune with "nyans" (along with her "concertmaster" Kiyora who is made to join in).
    • Mine and Nodame enacting a scenario of Chiaki coming home to Nodame, with Nodame as Chiaki and Mine as Nodame. Chiaki catches the whole thing and isn't impressed in the least.
    • Mine, Nodame, Frank, Tanya and Yunlong walking across the road while carrying a banner that says "Crimson Ruby of the Orient Miki Kiyora".
    Nodame: Kiyora-san will be excited to see this!
    Chiaki: She'll cry.
    Kuroki: She'll tell us to stop.
  • In an OVA prequel to Finale, Chiaki takes a drunk Matsuda home and lets him use the toilet. Just as Matsuda unzips his pants and relieves himself, [[he realizes Nodame is in the bath and she (thinking he's Chiaki) eyes at him with her bubble stick and whispers, "Lock on." A water fight ensures between the two.
  • In an OVA taking place around the Finale season, it opens with Chiaki hiding behind a tree while looking on with jealousy, implying he's watching Nodame hang out with a guy and annoyed by it. The flashback of the events that lead to it show that while Nodame did initially go on a date with Lucas to make Chiaki jealous, he's actually watching his ''cousin'' Yuiko and Nodame's friend Lucas, who's infatuated with the former as soon as she arrives in Paris. As he watches them furiously, Nodame lurks behind him unimpressed.

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