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  • Chiaki and Nodame playing their Mozart duet in the first episode/chapter.
  • When the S Orchestra finally performed Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 at the school concert and amazed everyone especially those who thought they were going to lose due to their reputation of being a bunch of failing students.
    • Slightly topped in the drama where Chiaki takes off his shirt beforehand and is revealed to also be wearing the S Orchestra t-shirt which he had initially rejected before.
  • The S Orchestra's fantastic take on Rhapsody in Blue.
  • Nodame and Chiaki's Rachminoff piano duet with Nodame - even though Nodame plays erratically as usual, he still keeps up with her and both play well in sync with good chemistry while still sounding wonderful. It amazes everyone listening to them and is what convinces Etoh to take her as a student.
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  • Kiyora and Kuroki redeeming themselves of their competition failures by playing to their fullest at the orchestra concert and blowing away everyone's minds including the people who mocked them beforehand.
  • Nodame acing (mostly) through her first piano competition, even making it to the finals.
    • In the finals, she has a mind blank in her last piece and while her improvising works well it still crushes her chances of winning since it's against the rules. The judges however are too captivated with her and still think highly of her piano playing - it is very likely because of this that they declare that there is no first prize winner, implying they only consider Nodame first-place worthy.
    • She leaves such an impression that Charles Auclair personally asks Etoh for her and gets him to apply Nodame for the Paris Music Conservatoire.
  • Nodame's first recital in France where she plays at a church. Despite her previous trouble with Mozart, she manages to pull his pieces off superbly as well as her other pieces. The recital is a success, the audience loves it and many people offer her more performing opportunities.
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  • Nodame playing her first piano concerto with Streseman.

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