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  • The first episode shows off Isami's fear of ghosts in, great detail (meaning we get to watch him freaking out and screaming a lot).
  • "Study! Success! Study! Success! Study! Success!"
  • Episode 4 had a scene where Ai and Haruka kept slaping each other back and forth while calling each other names until they each got tired. Ai started it because she was acting on feelings of jealousy but the whole thing de-evolved from drama to humor in moments.
  • Episode 5 has Ryōko once again irritated by one of Kōriyama's sexually-charged jokes.
    Kōriyama: So, how're your abs doing?
    Ryōko: *glaring* Have you heard of sexual harassment?
    • "I want nothing to do with the UFO summoning ceremony."
  • In episode 14, Miss Yukie introduces Atori and Tobi (in modern civilian outfits) as 'environmentalists' to Haruka's mother in order to let them stay at Haruka's house. The cheerful look on Atori's face sells it.
  • Whenever Miho scolds the semi-reformed Atori, leading to some very touching moments of heartwarming.
    • The amnesiac Atori could be pretty funny too.
  • The Hilarious Outtakes. Every single one of them. Refuge in Audacity does not begin to describe it.
  • During it's run on the Sci-Fi network, some of the episode previews referenced other media.
    Haruka: Uh, they're not dead.
  • From episode 7, when Haruka and Lilly are climbing up to get a look at the surface of La'Cryma, Lilly inadvertently glances down and promptly freaks out when she discovers just how high up they are.


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