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YMMV / Nodame Cantabile

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  • Ass Pull:
    • The resolution of Rui's storyline in the Finale anime went mostly unexplained due to the time constraints.
    • The live-action doesn't resolve nor explain minor (and even semi-important) plotlines in the special episodes and movies; for example Tanya and Kuroki's attraction never goes anywhere despite the Ship Tease and the two becoming official in the anime/manga, and Rui's own issues are never explored even after her mother slaps her and drags her away from Chiaki and Nodame in the first movie.
  • Awesome Music: Can we just give the whole series this and call it?
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  • Gratuitous Special Effects: The Japanese live-action series, despite being a romantic comedy and drama, uses these especially for comedic effect such as when Nodame is sent flying. A little more acceptable since Japanese live-action comedies are more willing to use special effects for the sake of slapstick and bizarre scenes.
  • Ho Yay:
    • One-sided from Masumi towards Chiaki - he's not above always trying to hug him and even kisses him on the cheek once.
    • Mine always seems awfully happy when Chiaki is around and is also very concerned with getting his "radar".
    • The violinist who takes Kiyora's place as the concertmaster also showed some signs, staring intently as Chiaki was unbuttoning his shirt and following Chiaki around. He also immediately sets his sight on Matsuda once he becomes the replacement conductor.
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    • Nodame and Saiko have an... interesting encounter in a karaoke-bar where Nodame crashes into Saiko's chest and comments on how pretty she is. It's rather short-lived though, since Nodame is very drunk and Saiko clearly not interested.
  • Narm: In the live-action version, the scenes where Chiaki flashes back to his childhood traumas can be extremely narmy due to the low production values involved.

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