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Although many parts of Noragami are serious and grave (it's eternal matters, after all...), there is still enough lighthearted and funny moments to prevent it from being too solemn:

  • Chapter 1: The chapter opens with a girl crying in a bathroom stall calling a number scribed on the wall. Then she looks up to see Yato and Tomone trying not to fall.
    • When the client, Mutsumi is asking why everyone hates her. Yato just comments that using her name to describe herself instead of "I" is pretty arrogant.
    • When Yato is asking for his fee. He puts up 5 fingers, Mutsumi thinks that it's a like 5 thousand, or 5 hundred thousand. Yato gets mad and says it's about 5 Yen(about 5 cents)
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  • "I'm wired? At this day and age?"
  • Hiyori calls Yato out for being a Big Eater, saying he'll get sick. His response? "I'll be fine. Gods don't need to poop!"
    • Even funnier considering Japanese mythology and their relationship with excrement.
  • The Mistaken for Pedophile moment from episode 4.
    Yato: [to Hiyori and Yukine] Be careful. Don't look that guy in the eyes.
    Hiyori and Yukine: Huh?
    Yato: Doing that can be dangerous. You might never get away. Despite his tough exterior... he has a thing for kids like you!
    [Hiyori and Yukine whimper in horror.]
    [Daikoku is so pissed, he kicks Yato into orbit.]
    • Just to clarify, Daikoku loves kids, he does not love them.
  • Yato holding a lengthy conversation with a man falling off a building, and even exchanging business cards with him on the way down.
  • Yukine, deciding to get his crap together, asks Hiyori if he could borrow some of her old textbooks so he can learn and start acting like a normal kid again. Cue both Hiyori and Yato crying, either due to being so proud of Yukine or because of how friggin' adorable that is.
  • Chapter 25...oh dear. The biggest CMOF in the series, without a doubt. Yato possesses Hiyori's body and causes mayhem and humiliation around the school, running around, deliberately causing panty shots, hitting on random guys and teachers, and saying weird things in order to advertise himself. Then he saves Hiyori's reputation with a crowning moment of awesome by saving a student from falling from a third-story window.
    • Made funnier by the fact that it becomes a Running Gag that all the males at school seem to think Hiyori will "service" them for one reason or another through the rest of the manga to this point...well, at least until the hospital incident.
  • Chapter 41 rivals chapter 25 when Yato, Yukine and Hiyori finally go to Capyperland together. Hiyori constantly trying to keep Yato from finding out Capypers aren't real, Yukine becoming happy go lucky like Yato when the Capyper's notice him, Yato's overall antics to make Hiyori happy for it all to end in disaster when Kofuku and Daikoku show up on the rides.
    • At the night parade and fireworks, Kofuku calls on Daikoku to kill a cockroach that startles her. All hell breaks loose as Kofuku panics about the ayakashi vent she's opened and Daikoku just facepalms in his fan.
  • The reason Kofuku made Daikoku her shinki, because he was hot.
  • Yato's general affections toward Hiyori, which include: Wearing her old middle school uniform and sobbing in public while trying to avoid her and threatening to beat up her male classmates.
  • Bubble era Yato.
    • Two words: short shorts.
  • Chapter 39, the reincarnated Ebisu cheerfully calls Bishamon "Pervy-san" (or "Ms. Crazy Chick" in the anime), believing that was her real name, thanks to Yato's less than pleasing influence.
  • Chapter 40 has Yato being his usual Troll self by revealing that Kazuma has hoarded pictures of Bishamon (as well as has been secretly helping Yato survive by helping out his various business ventures). Yukine realizes this is the first time he has seen Kazuma so flustered, and uses it to his advantage to try to beat Kazuma in a training exercise by encouraging Yato to continue to piss him off.
    • During all of this, Bishamon was actually rather nonchalant about learning these facts. Until the child Ebisu comments "I can see a naked Pervy-san" in one of the doujinshi that Yato drew, causing her to beat up both Yato and Kazuma.
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  • At the end of chapter 42, Kofuku and Daikoku reminisce happily about destroying Japan's economy at the end of the Bubble Era when they partied too hard and Ebisu showing utter disdain to them for it.
  • Episode 9 of Aragoto: Ebisu remarks he doesn't know how to tie his shoelaces and asks if Yato knows how to do a bow knot. Yato snarks back that he is better at bondage knots. Ebisu, without a beat, says it's very impressive. And later, Ebisu introduces Kunimi as being very good at tying knots and asks him to try "bondage knots" next time.
  • During Chapter 58, Yato is able to attend a celebration held by the gods. Highlights include:
    • The Rookie of the Year Award, going to the newly christened God of Fortune, Tama the Stationmaster.
    • During the celebration, the Shinto Pantheon participates in a matchmaking ceremony in which they choose people's soulmates. Guess what happens when they come across Hiyori's string? Yato uses Yukine to cut it, much to the latter's chagrin. The thread immediately attaches itself to another man, and when Yato and Yukine notice that it's not a very attractive man, they cut again, with Yukine a willing participant. This happens multiple times.
      • What's even funnier is the type of men Hiyori gets attached to: The first is a middle-aged gambler, the second is a homeless hippy, the third is a gullible cultist, and then she gets attached to the gambler again. Yato wails in distress that Hiyori has horrible taste, while Yukine notices that all these men suspiciously seem to have traits that can also refer to Yato.
  • The third OVA where a desperate, jaded author tries going on a killing spree in a ski resort so that he can write a book about it in prison and become famous. However, he makes a big mistake in trying to make Yato his first victim, as due to Yato's godhood, killing him through normal means is impossible. After multiple failed murder attempts (including bludgeoning, poisoning, and setting him on fire), Yato ends up inspiring the author to keep trying to write without committing a crime to do so, and the author decides to write a book about Yato.... that immediately makes the publisher he submitted the book to question his sanity, as he claims it to be non-fiction.
    • When the author complains about how music idols get book contracts so easily, Yato gets extremely defensive over idols and the amount of work they actually have to put in. This is because, as it turns out, one of Yato's many past schemes to market himself included trying to be one and failing miserably.
  • The omakes where Yato's father trolls him by pretending to be Hiyori. They always end with Yato in a rage and in tears (much to Yukine's annoyance).
  • In chapter 74, Hiyori and Yato decide to celebrate the day they met Yukine as his birthday. They end up going with his plan, a flash mob.
    • To elaborate, it's made funnier by the fact that Takemikazuchi and Kiun, typically a Blood Knight and The Stoic respectively, take part in it, all while Hiyori wears her old uniform (complete with Yato commenting how much she fills it out now).
  • When Yato starts trying to become a God of Happiness, after slaying 50 ayakashi in one day he has Hiyori step painfully over his back. As Kofuku and Daikoku praise him, Yukiné tells them to not encourage him...with a map in front of him with a lot more than 50 markings on it. Daikoku's response says it all.
    Daikoku: This Yatogami's cult is turning into a real dark operation...
  • While in Yomi, Yato comments on how Izanami looks like a high school girl. The look on Ebisu's face in the manga is priceless.
    Yato: Don't you look at me that way.
  • Chapter 73: Ebisu goes missing, Kunimi freaks out and when they finally find Ebisu and Kunimi asks for time off, it turns out to have all been elaborately setup by Ebisu to teach Kunimi a lesson.
  • Kuraha gets the short end of the stick by being used as target practice for Yukiné, threatened to be shaved, Bishamon dressing up as a lion in an omake, etc.
  • Kazuma promises to get Yato a smartphone. It turns out to be a carrier pigeon with the name "Smartphone" on its own ascot. Yato is predictably exasperated, yet seems to warm up to the idea.

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