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Funny / El-Hazard: The Magnificent World

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  • Jinnai's behavior in general, thanks to his status as a Large Ham, but especially this one line from the first OVA, when Ifurita is ignoring him:
    "They don't make demon gods like they used to!"
  • One simple one, by Ura. Makoto is fiddling around with some strange Roshtarian technology while idly talking to Ura. As an armor cat, Ura is capable of shrugging off a lot of damage. Ura still has this to say about the experiments: Makoto experiment scary. What makes it so funny is the nervous-but-deadpan voice it's delivered in.
  • The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment mentioned on the main page is funny already for the sheer "what the fuck!?" factor of it, but Fujisawa's comment to Makoto really clinches it: "You saw that too? I thought I had the DT's!"
    • Fujisawa has another one moment's after that one. Hearing someone scream in the distance after just discovering he's out of booze "Oh s**t, someone else is out of alcohol!"
  • Kalia calls Miz 'oba-san'. Miz does NOT take it well.
  • The first thing Ifurita does when Makoto frees her from the Obedience Circuit? Offhand Backhand Jinnai in the face.

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