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  • "Mine is longer."
  • Vice President's horrified reaction to Mizuno.
  • Mizuno had tons of funny moments, in fact.
  • Kanako Watanabe. Everything this girl says or does is comedy gold.
  • The entirety of episode 5, considered to be an entire episode of incredibly screwy moments, especially the way Takuto defeats Professor Green. The ending as well.
    • "What. Seriously, what."
      • Green owns giant blown-up photos of young men hanging on her office wall for her students and the headmaster to see as they check into the infirmary!
  • Reiji when Fish Girl, telling the story of Sam the Squid Piercer, gets to the part about Sam and his girlfriend eating the squid: "I guess he also wanted to be known as Sam the Squid Eater."
    • Later on, Reiji's clear disappointment when Fish Girl skips over a battle scene, which "cannot be described in words", to Sam killing the Squid Emperor, and also leaves him hanging "just at the good part."
    • Fish Girl throwing her chains around while describing Sam learning how to fight with his spear. "Yah! Yah! Hyah!" She does something similar in the following episode while spinning around. Seems she can get a little bit carried away when telling her stories.
  • "Tafafun!"
  • The heroes get caught in bed by an early riser entering Zero Time, and Sugata is shown in his jammies and hugging a pillow. Awww.
  • The beach volleyball game in episode 17. All of it.
  • The entire first half of episode 18. Careful, it's followed by some pretty heavy Mood Whiplash in the next half.
    • God help me, but I found gg's Gag Sub "Do Not Imitate Rapists" line hilarious
  • The Innocent Onions in Episode 19.
  • The Drama Club's play, Eve Of Legend, has some of the funniest moments in the entire show.
    • The death of Jaguar's character.
    • Tiger riding in on a trapeze bar... which her skirt gets caught on.
    • "I hope your bodies are ready!"
  • The reaction to Kanako's reveal for why she has such a big boat.
  • Final episode courtesy of gg in the ending song karaoke subs. Note the change.
    • "My Dad won't steal your soul. No matter how many times he tries, I'll break you free."
  • Kanako calls one of the early Drivers to her boat for a boxing match. Simone rings the bell, a bored look on her face, likely wondering what crazy scheme her mistress will come up with next...and Kanako knocks her opponent out in two punches. And is genuinely surprised it took more than one. Simone looks like she's been shot. Doubly hilarious because the person she knocked out? George Honda- AKA, head of the boxing club. TRIPLY hilarious since this is about the second or third time he's been seen since his defeat against Takuto, and then he's not seen again in that episode!
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  • Takuto tells Keito/Kate in school that because his dorm room burned down from the fireworks they used, he's not only boarding with Sugata but he now needs a job. The conversation drives to him finding out that Kate used to hang out with Wako and sing karaoke together when they were children, and he asks her if she ever wants to become an idol, which she promptly states no. One cut later, she's singing in a karaoke room by herself for a full minute and a half........ ending with Takuto, now one of the waiters, catching her in the act. Both are dumbfounded.
    "It's a wonder..."

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