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  • Graham finally pauses in his rant to consider what he said. "Huh. That was actually quite clever." Strikes a pose. "Men!" Goons applaud obediently.
  • Graham again pauses in his villain rant to throw and catch his monkey wrench. "Catch!"
  • "Oh Dune, you poor, poor faceless bastard!"
    • "How were we to avenge our friend if he can't talk, much less find his own face?" Wise words, Ladd Russo. Wise words.
  • Isaac and Miria realizing that they are immortal SEVENTY YEARS LATER
    • There is also what ensues if they are ever allowed near a car. After running over Dallas and his goons, they accidentally hit Szilard, who jumped out a window right before them. Isaac panics and sets the car in reverse, and manages to run over Dallas again. And the best part about this... THEY ARE USING SZILARD'S CAR!
  • Something about Claire "The Rail Tracer" Stanfield having a normal and almost civilized lunch with Rachel so he could get love advice is pretty damn hysterical. Rachel's 0_0 reaction throughout only enhances the funny.
    • Right before that when he walks up to Rachel and Czes. He acts chummy and says he's going to let them both off the hook for their actions on the train. It suddenly clicks in Czes's head who this man is. Czes starts screaming bloody murder and runs away. Claire gets this looks on his face as if he's thinking, "Huh...what a weird little kid."
  • "Your ticket, please."
    • Your mileage may vary on that one though—Jerry Jewell's delivery of the line made it downright creepy.
  • Ladd knows how to make an entrance:
    Ladd: Thank you! Fuck you! A villain has arrived!
  • "...Wasn't he just dead a minute ago...?"
  • This exchange:
    Thug 1: (with machine gun) Everyone, down on the floor right now!
    Thug 2: (dual-wielding pistols) Hands in the air, all of you!
    Nick: (holding small knife) Everybody freeze!
    Crowd: ...
    Old Man: W-Which one should we do?
    Nick: ...Sorry for the confusion. (ducks out of the room)
    • Which is then made all the better because Isaac and Miria managed to comply with all three at the same time.
  • There's also that bit in the Bonus Episode where we find out how Claire found out Chane's location...
  • There's a scene in episode eight where Isaac and Miria think that Jaccuzi's dead. They start to cry and melodramatically state that the poor boy will always live on in their hearts, complete with Chopin's Etude 10 playing in the background. The music abruptly stops and starts in between scenes of a completely unharmed Jacuzzi running down the hall, trying to get their attention.
    • Nowhere near as funny as HOW they came to the conclusion that Jacuzzi is dead, complete with an imagination spot that has Jacuzzi being eaten by a giant snake that is made to look like it was animated in crayon.
  • "Know where a real cowboy keeps his gun? His heart!"
  • Isaac: "This train has become like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms."
  • There's also a funny scene in the episode which flashes back to Ladd's meeting with Graham Spector. Ladd is told by his uncle, the Boss of the Russo family to send a message to someone. Ladd responds that when his uncle uses vague phrasing like that, he is likely to interpret it as "feel free to go crazy and kill everyone". His uncle repeats his instructions with a sly smile, and Ladd goes positively giddy and thanks his uncle. As Ladd leaves, the uncle mutters about Ladd being a "crazy bastard". Ladd goes back in and asks, "what was that?". His uncle then shouts for him to get going.
  • The "We all came here alone" scene in the bonus episode was a Heartwarming Moment but Graham's reponse to is this trope. "Can't argue with that logic."
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  • Victor "comforts" Firo about going to Alcatraz with the knowledge that, what with looking so young and feminine, he'll probably be quite popular there.
    Victor: Well, what if I told you you'd be popular inside? You're pretty enough I wager you'd be a minor celebrity there in a matter of days. Then again, I suppose the warden over there has things locked down tight enough that nothing like that would really happen, so you don't have to worry.
    Firo: ...Noah, mind if I kill your boss?
  • Jacuzzi collapsing when he meets Claire, who introduces himself as the Rail Tracer.
  • Rachel receives a huge reward for helping rescue the Senator's wife and daughter. What does she do with it? Retroactively buy a ticket for every free train ride she's taken. Claire must have left quite an impression.
  • Jacuzzi and Goose's fight being interrupted by Isaac and Miria swinging past on a rope screaming their heads off. Goose gets knocked on his back, sits up, and wonders, "What the hell just happened?"
  • The entire dominoes sequence. Firo walks in on Isaac and Miria setting up a massive number of dominoes to knock down later, then notices other people helping them out one by one. Randy and Pezzo aren't terribly surprising. Lia is probably to be expected. Even Mazia is fairly plausible. Ennis? Not so much. At that point, Firo gives up and joins in.
  • In Deep Marble, the series' equivalent of Nyarlathotep decides to pay Victor Talbot a surprise visit... to correct a spelling error.
  • Luchino's expression in this illustration. It's very rare for the series to go that cartoony, so it's extra hilarious in that regard.
  • The Demon appearing to a drowning Elmer in the form of a jellyfish and telling him that he'll grant him one wish. This exchange happens:
    Elmer: Arabian genie?
    Demon: Yes. But you only get ONE wish, not three.
  • It happens at a crucial moment, but Szilard scolding Ennis like she's five when after Isaac and Miria run him over.
    Isaac: It's Ennis!
    Miria: Ennis! Help us!
    Szilard: What is this? Who are these people? How do they know your name? And why are they in MY car!?
  • Firo and Claire reunite in 1927 and decide to catch up. After discussing how their lives have been, Firo proclaims he's grown up, but given his Older Than They Look status, Claire finds this statement hilarious.
    Firo: Nah, I've changed. Don't you think I look more mature?
    Claire: Do you want me to say you've gone from 'cute' to 'sexy'?
    Firo: I'm gonna knock you down.

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