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The customer is always right...even the absolutely rancid ones.

  • Aniyaku's song about No-Face in the English dub, notable for being the only time an actor for the dub (in this case, John Ratzenberger) was allowed to improvise.
    Welcome the rich man
    He's hard for you to miss
    His butt keeps getting bigger
    So there's plenty there to kiss!
  • Another ad lib by Ratzenberger after Aniyaku was coughed up by No-Face.
    Aniyaku: Now that is an esophagus!
  • "Sen! I'm sorry I called you a dope before! ...I take it back!!"
  • The exchange between Yubaba and Kaonashi (No Face). She sees him charging at her, decides she's had all she can stand and hits him with a full-power Kamehame Hadoken spell. She instantly regrets it as he "responds" with Vomit Storm. Yubaba didn't stand a chance.
  • The adorable soot ball creatures are working so hard, one of them collapses pitifully under the weight of the coal it is carrying... Chihiro helps it out, taking the coal off it and putting it in the furnace for the soot creature. The other soot creatures consider this solemnly, then all pretend to be crushed by their coal. Kamaji's reaction is hilarious: they're all trying to avoid work.
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  • When No Face tries to tempt Chihiro with some gold so he can eat her, Boh bites his hand. No Face holds up his hand, exclaiming a little "ow"and tries to swat Boh, but Boh's transformed bird companion flies him away the second before he he hits like a mosquito avoiding being squashed.
  • No Face's spewing, roaring rampage dwindling down to stumbling after Chihiro and hacking up some goo, after which he politely excuses himself.
  • Yubaba's frantic search for Boh. Yeah, Adult Fear may be in full force, but somehow it's amusing to see a snobby witch just losing her cool.
  • Just before, Haku tells Yubaba something belonging to her was missing. Yubaba, after a few moments, makes a panicked noise and grabs at a nugget of gold, thinking thats what Haku meant.
    • And on top of that, whatever was left of the gold they got from No Face turns into dirt right then.
    • Haku's No-Sell reaction to Yubaba breathing fire in his face and demanding to know what he did with her baby.
  • Chihiro's tentative climb down the very high, very long staircase to the boiler room—then when one of the steps near the top breaks, her running full-speed down the rest of it, screaming at the top of her lungs, and finally crashing into the wall at the bottom.
    • It happens again later when No Face is chasing her, and then No Face crashes into the wall, too!
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  • When Yubaba tells Haku that she's going to give Chihiro one final test, a whole crowd gathered on top of the bathhouse boos Yubaba and she yells, "SHUT UP!" and they quickly retreat.
  • Mouse!Boh and a sootball re-enacting Chihiro squashing the slug and Kamaji ridding her of the bad luck. You can't help but admit that it's funny and cute at the same time.
  • Most of the scene where "No Face" was eating everyone in the bath house was Nightmare Fuel... but the scene where he yells "Wipe that smile off your face! You're STILL SMILING!" before eating Aniyaku was too funny to be scary.
  • During the "stink spirit's" arrival, Sen quite understandably is covering her nose, until Yubaba snaps (while looking like she's about to faint herself) "Put your hands down! You insult our guest!"
    • The smell is so bad it makes Sen's hair stand up.
    • Just before, the Bathhouse staff try to wave the Stink Spirit away, yelling the bathhouse is closed. While some of them back away, the Frog faints.
    • It gets even funnier when the spirit holds out some slime-covered money to pay for his stay at the bathhouse, and Yubaba dumps the task of taking it on Chihiro. Her reaction is priceless.
    • Chihiro being given the money(along with a big dollop of filth). She looks so disgusted.
    • When Sen's leads the "stink spirit" to the bath, you could see Yubaba pressing herself against the wall with a hilarious expression on her face.
    • Yubaba flying down the hall shouting "Open the windows, all of them!"
    • Chihiro reacting to the Stink Spirit's noxious air burp.
    • Kudos to the English translator's subtitles that hilariously emphasize them both trying not to inhale while speaking (the dub didn't even try anything like this!):
    Yubaba: [to the Stink Spirit ] Welggum to our bazzs... [whispers to Sen ] Whadda you doing... Hurry and zhow him de bazz...
    Sen: [to the Spirit ] Pl... Pleazze.
    • Chihiro is desperately feeling across the wall for the hatch that will let her send a bath token up to Kamaji, only for it to open and smack her in the face.
  • When Chihiro returns to the bathhouse, she keeps calling Yubaba "Granny" - forgetting she's not Zenibanote  and Yubaba's reaction is priceless.
    • She didn't forget - and note Yubaba doesn't correct her.
  • Chihiro shares an elevator with the Radish Spirit. It's incredibly awkward. And hilarious.
    • And apparently, the Radish Spirit is a Troll, enjoying Chihiro's discomfort.
  • When Chihiro is trying to wake an injured Haku in Yubaba's office, the bouncing heads keep hopping around her and trying to push Haku down the vent. Chihiro turns to one of them and yells, "Shut your mouth!" The shocked expression it has is hilarious.
  • Apparently, roasted newt is the level of I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin! in the spirit world. Aogaeru asking if he can just suck on the tail is funny and vaguely dirty at the same time.
    • Lin's self satisfied look after Chihiro gets in the elevator and she finally can eat it is hilarious.
  • After all the chaos he caused at the bath house, there's something kind of hilarious seeing No Face calmly sharing a train ride with Chihiro, or eating breakfast at Zeniba's.
    • No-Face eating cheese is just funny, full stop.
  • The young actress voicing Chihiro had no idea what in the world that "break curse" hand gesture was. Miyazaki sighed that young kids no longer knew the games he did as a kid.


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