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  • Taichi's team is dead tired after practice, but start showing off the moment Hikari drops by.
  • Taichi's response to Yamato's new band name ("Knife of Day") is to pour tons of pepper into his ramen and calling his band "Knife of Ramen."
  • Sora calls Koushirou about all the odd things that are happening while he is at a fancy restaurant with his parents. Because he is ordering for them, first in English then in French, Sora assumes there is some kind of odd interference and hangs up.
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  • In an otherwise serious moment, Mimi, being driven to the fight at Haneda airport by Maki, is rattling off questions, "how many are there?" "is Palmon there?" before going on a tangent about how this is great because she was wondering how she was going to hand out souvenirs. Maki never says a word and looks utterly bewildered.
  • Mimi instigating a Ship Tease for Sora and both Tai AND Matt by bringing up how hot the boys have gotten. Especially with the way the dub worded it:
    Mimi: (slyly to Sora) You can't keep away from them! They did get to be pretty foxy while I was gone!
    Sora: (blushes like a tomato with an expression that screams "can we PLEASE change the subject!?")
  • The way the whole Jou/girlfriend reveal when everyone meets up after the Haneda airport fight:
    • Koushirou goes off on a long, droning summary of every weird thing that happened so far. He gets to point 6 on his list before Hikari loses interest and starts asking Taichi about other things, even though Koushirou is still talking. This leads into a whole other conversation about the news coverage of the incident, with Yamato and Jou getting angry over how their partners were treated by the journalists and Taichi trying to explain how he understood where they were coming from, while Koushirou keeps talking. Taichi and Yamato get into an honest-to-God fight over it and Koushirou is still talking. Yamato leaves in a huff, Taichi goes off in the opposite direction, and Koushirou is still talking. Sora suggests everyone else leave, too, and Koushirou is, yes, not done talking. Mimi asks if someone will go out to lunch with her, and Jou bows out, because he's busy studying. (Koushirou's still talking.) Mimi wheedles him to go anyway, since a break will be good for him, but Jou just huffs and says he doesn't even have time for his own girlfriend. Finally, Koushirou shuts up, eyes popped, as everyone stares at Jou like he's grown a second head.
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    • In addition to this, absolutely no one believes that Jou actually has a girlfriend.
      Takeru: Is she human?
      Mimi: Let's all just believe him.
      Everyone present except Jou: We believe you.
      Jou: NO YOU DON'T!!!
    • Koushiro's reaction is funnier if you think of it from a shipping standpoint: Unlike everyone else, his first reaction is just a surprised "You have a girlfriend, Jou-sempai?". It seems that when he asked "You have a girlfriend?" what he really meant was "Sweet, that means Mimi's available!"
  • Koushiro is showing off some hypothetical outfits he programmed, most of them casual wear, but one has him dressed like Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow, a crab, and a blue bunny. It's not so subtly implied that he's just trying to impress Mimi.
  • When it's suggested that using the distortion-viewing goggles in a high-up place might help, the group heads to the Ferris wheel. Takeru, Hikari, Sora, Koushiro and Mimi pile into one car but Sora closes the door on Taichi and Yamato, forcing them to get the next one and actually have to talk to each other, much to their shared dismay. Mimi finds this hilarious and starts taking pictures with her phone.
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  • Yamato and Gabumon didn't join up with everyone until they got to the Ferris wheel in the first place. They've clearly been talking about this, because Gabumon all-but-literally throws his hands in the air and says he's going to hang out with Agumon.


  • The Chosen Children's trip to the hot springs, full stop. Some highlights include:
    • Maki hitting Daigo when the latter reveals to the Chosen Children that the two of them are exes.
    • Meikuumon and Biyomon getting lost in the hot springs and having to act like stuffed animals in order to not draw any suspicion and utterly failing at it.
    • The girls' "rescue mission" of Meikuumon and Biyomon from the boys' side of the hot springs. It starts with Mimi singing I Wish in order to distract some of the visitors, allowing Hikari, Meiko, and Sora to sneak past. Next, Hikari steps on a bucket and slips. This is all capped off by Sora placing buckets on both her and Meiko's head in order to disguise themselves. It doesn't work since Taichi and Yamato spots the two of them as they exit the sauna.
    • Yamato and Taichi's reactions to seeing Sora and Meiko in the men's side of the hot springs: the former just goes back into the sauna without saying a word to avoid dealing with the situation while Taichi is annoyed and asks the two of them what they're doing. This is funnier when you realize they have the exact same reaction, just filtered through their respective personalities.
    • Meiko saying that Taichi doesn't have to worry about her seeing anything because her glasses are foggy from the steam of the hot springs. Meiko takes off her glasses and gets an eyeful of Taichi anyway. When Mimi arrives on the scene in order to ask Sora and Meiko if they found Biyomon and Meikuumon, Taichi loses his cool and tells the three of them to get the hell out.
  • While sitting down to talk, Daigo offers Taichi, Sora and Koushiro some donuts. Tai accepts one without hesitating and Sora chides him for being rude. After he tempts her with one, she grudgingly takes it, saying it would be impolite to refuse. Tai simply looks at her with the absolute most smug grin possible.
  • Yamato's band has a different name—again: "World on the Knife". Hikari's cut-away reaction shot is priceless. Made even funnier because when Takeru tells Hikari the band's new name, his teeth actually sparkle. It's so random that it's hilarious.
  • Crosses over with Heartwarming since it's a massive Pet the Dog moment on Maki Himekawa's side but this exchange:
    (During Meiko and Mimi's performance)
    Daigo: I wish Izumi could see this.
    (Maki looks down in thought before pulling out her phone and taking a picture of the performance)
    (Cut to Koushiro's office, his phone vibrates. He checks his phone and finds a message from Himekawa titled "Extremely Urgent")
    Koushiro: Himekawa-san?
    (Koushiro opens the message and finds a picture of Mimi dancing in a cheerleader outfit. He's shocked at this.)
    Tentomon: Koushiro, did you get another important e-mail? (sees the picture) Uh-oh.
    (Cut back to the School Festival and Mimi receives a message on her phone. She checks it out.)
    Mimi: Koushiro-kun says he's on his way!
  • Leomon of all characters being hit with the Cuteness Proximity courtesy of Meikuumon (With Kitten Cat eyes to match with):
    • The Digimon themselves want to go to the School Festival but since Koushiro left the Digimon in his office in order to go to the Festival after seeing Mimi's picture, they decide to ask Leomon to take them to the school. Leomon is shocked and the Digimon flock to him like children and repeatedly ask him. Leomon remains undeterred in his refusal... Until Meikuumon speaks up, makes a cute face, and calls Leomon "senpai" that is.
    • Made even funnier that it struck Leomon so hard it nearly gave him a heart attack. Biyomon's reaction is just the icing on the cake here.
    • Leomon in disguise,; he wears a tall coat with all the other Digimons latched onto him like plushies. Oh, and another Cuteness Proximity attack.
  • Yamato's Skewed Priorities when they find out that their Digimon snuck out of Koushiro's office to go to their School Festival. Instead of worrying about the Digimon being found out, Yamato is offended about Gabumon not winning the Festival's Creepy-Cute Costume Contest. Continuing on from this, Meikuumon makes the students at the Chosen Children's high school be hit with the Cuteness Proximity as well when she's given the medal for winning the contest.
  • When Leomon gets killed, everyone's reaction is to just simply stare at what is happening, with only two characters having more explicit reactions (one has a Big "NO!" and the other a Psychotic Smirk) to it. This pretty much sums up how the Digimon fandom takes the "Leomon always dies" Running Gag.
  • Dub-only, this line from Tentomon:
    Tentomon: Did that Nigerian prince finally write you back?


  • Joe is positively giddy that Gomamon can now reach his Mega/Ultimate level, to the extent of cracking jokes about it. Its also possibly a meta example.
  • Joe goes on and on to Gomamon about how he plans on introducing him to his girlfriend. Gomamon only has two questions: "Do I need to wear a suit?", and "Is she a real girl?"
    • Even funnier is Joe's long pause before finally saying "Watch your mouth."
    • Joe's reaction to Gomamon's suit question is that Gomamon doesn't need to wear a suit...because casual wear will be fine. Bear in mind that Gomamon isn't human and doesn't need to wear clothes at all.
  • Tailmon telling Agumon to shut up after he keeps asking if every word he doesn't like is tasty.
  • Matt visits TK to check up on him. TK's immediate reaction? Automatically assume Matt picked a fight with Tai. When Matt denies this, TK instead assumes that Matt picked a fight with somebody else, and starts listing the other Digidestined. Even better is Gabumon lampshading that TK isn't exactly wrong.
    Matt: Why do you think I must have fought with someone?
    TK: Isn't that your way?
    Gabumon: I kinda agree.
    Matt: You shut up!


  • When Koshiro is busy explaining the reboot, to no one's surprise, once again, Koromon asks, "What's a reboot? Is it tasty?"
  • Taichi and Yamato attempt to console a depressed Sora. After both are stumped about what to do, Yamato suggests they ask Takeru. Also functions as an amusing Call-Back, because Takeru does have a better track record for getting through to Sora than they do.
  • Due to his memory wipe, Gabumon is nervous over how informal he should be with Yamato, even thinking of calling him Yamato-kun. But Gabumon comfortably calls Taichi by his first name, causing him to gripe at the level of respect.
  • Tanemon being terrified of Mimi and begging Mimi not to eat her. Mimi is annoyed by this.
  • The Running Gag of the others not believing Jou has a girlfriend.
  • Taichi and Jou's reactions when they turn around to see that the sleeping In-Training level Digimon have suddenly turned into their evolved forms. Agumon's casual response is the kicker here:
    Agumon: Hi.
  • While trying to comfort Sora over the fact that Biyomon doesn't want anything to do with her, Taichi and Yamato sit with her silently on a log in front of a running river. Soon enough, a sleeping Agumon on a log floats past them. Taichi and Yamato have a Delayed Reaction before realizing what they just saw.
  • After Piyomon and Patamon gain their Mega Forms, Joe cockly says that how you do it. Gomamon asks why he's so smug about it.
  • Continuing a grand tradition, Joe once again throws himself bodily into danger to defend the others, this time by diving onto Gennai.
    • When Joe is losing his struggle with Gennai, Gomamon saves him using Marching Fishes. Gennai gets fish-slapped.
    • To quote JesuOtaku on Twitter, Gennai is probably the first being in existence to actually be harmed by Marching Fishes. And for a split second, he suddenly gains a dumbstruck little grin, which gives the impression that he's realized this in the middle of getting slapped and is (rightfully) embarrassed about it.


  • The DigiDestined are hiding out at Nishijima's place with their Digimon and Takeru gets the idea to tell scary stories. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Yamato complains, only for Takeru to insinuate that Yamato is scared of ghost stories. Cut to Sora, Mimi, and Hikari whispering and Yamato completely loses his cool. Immediately the Digimon start whispering about Yamato, only for him to have the exact same reaction.
    • Meiko tells a scary story that has everyone on the edge of their seats. The suspense builds and builds and she tells her story. At the exact perfect time, the door opens and scares the living shit out of everyone, human and Digimon alike (except Takeru and Agumon). Cue Nishijima cutting on the lights, and the Digimon are all clinging to Meiko, who is sitting there with THE biggest smile on her face!
  • When Taichi speaks with Meiko in front of the school, all the Digimon are glued to the window watching them. Gabumon, Piyomon and Tailmon all wonder if they should tell their respective partner, which the others don't understand.

Our Future

  • When Taichi makes his way back to the group for the final fight after his near-death experience, Yamato acknowledges the situation with a smirk and two words: "You're late."


  • For April Fool's, the official website posted a fake poster of the third film. Behold, Sukamon Adventure!
  • During the Anime Expo 2017 panel (a bonus feature in the physical release of Confession), Jeff Nimoy gets a question about whether Ken will have a role in the forthcoming films. It's actually Derek Stephen Prince crashing the panel to ask him that question, and once Ken's name is mentioned, it does not take long for the panelists and fans to make the connection and crack up as a result.

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