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  • The sheer amount of homoerotic subtext in the first episode, and the legitimate fan reactions to it seriously predicting a Genre Shift to gay romance. Either the writers were trolling hard or they were really, hilariously oblivious (for the record, it doesn't appear to be going that way in the following episodes).
  • Goto posing on top of a building as Flamenco at one point in order to help hide Hazama's identity.
    Oh no. This actually feels really cool.
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  • A group of thugs that Flamenco Girl had previously beaten up have her surrounded... and look really confident, because this time, they're all wearing groin protection.
  • Mari making Goto wear a police uniform and asking him to "arrest" her. When he tells her he's already given his heart to someone, she immediately assumes he's talking about Masayoshi.
  • Episode nine. Goto goes directly to Mari in order to convince her that directly challenging King Torture is a bad idea. She's somehow convinced him to start trying on uniforms for her within the first five minutes of the visit, and Moe is not pleased.
  • Episode 18 has this golden piece of dialogue:
    Masayoshi: You're wrong!
    Alien Flamenco: Wrong? How so?
    Masayoshi: Well... I DON'T KNOW!!!
  • In Episode 19, Mari and Masayoshi tailing Goto as he goes to his date. The Pink Panther-inspired background music only makes it funnier.
    • Midorikawa/Flamen Green dealing with a bunch of fangirls at college.
    There's a 98.29% chance women will bother me until I complete my doctorate.
  • Everything that comes out of Lady Axe's mouth in Episode 21.
    • Moe has a very... particular version of the series' events so far.
    Remember how, when Mari saved the world, Hazama helped out a bit?
  • Everyone thought episode 22's title, Samurai Flamenco, Naked!! was going to be figurative. It wasn't.
    • What seals the deal is Sawada's reactions during the entire scene.
    Sawada: Stop this. You're ruining my plans–
    Masayoshi: SHUT UP!
    "This is literally the only anime I watched that reduced the final antagonist to an awkward third wheel in the heat of the moment."
    • Bordering on dark humor but you have to admit it's quite funny watching Goto dual wield his and his girlfriend's phones in class.

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