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  • In the pilot, Erec declares Kon a Worthy Opponent, and decides to use his ultimate attack to finish him off...Kon hits him with a Groin Attack in the middle of it. With spiked boots. Episode two reveals that he had to have one of his nuts removed! His being "off-balance" the entire episode becomes a Running Gag, and when Kon realizes what's happened, he decides to fix things by PERFORMING ANOTHER GROIN ATTACK, BUT WITH A GIANT ROCKET HAMMER THIS TIME, hereby removing the other testicle.
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  • Start of the opening song contains lyrics about "becoming a man". Cue Mariandale and "Could I help?".
  • Mariandale usually speaks with soft feminine voice... and sometimes she switches her voice to a much deeper tone. Kon's facefaults are more than appropriate.
    • Mariandale IS the joke. Imagine Lelouch in C.C.'s character avatar complete with this seiyuu.
  • Episode 3. Kon's Freudian Excuse for not wanting to let a Ridiculously Cute Critter into their group. He'd rescued a pair of kittens when he was a child, and spend day and night looking after them. The others are terrified, fearing the worst for what happened to the kittens, but Kon then reveals that despite all he did for them, they wound up hating him for some reason.
    • Kon's rant about the animal kingdom and the survival of the fittest at the beginning of the episode features the characters giving him strange looks and ends perfectly with Mariandale saying "I have no idea what you are talking about."
  • If the princess has one Idiot Hair, she's a supreme Big Eater. If she has two, then she request people to do odd things. if she has three, then she becomes a FRIGGING CHUPACABRA THAT CAN SCARE A SERIAL KILLER STRAIGHT!
  • Never mess with Mariandale while she is cooking for a princess in hyperactivity . NEVER! She WILL MESS YOU UP!
  • Erec's Imagine Spot in Episode 4; "I don't need my balls to love you"
    • This is followed by Emilia's petrified reaction.
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  • Erec's reactions to any word or statement involving the word balls.
  • Near the end of episode ten when the rest of the group complains about losing their bets thanks to Kon, Alma is shown outside tearing up her own bet that she made on him.
  • An enraged Kon threatens to neuter Pet and Erec so happens to be passing by.
    Kon(to Pet): YOUR BALLS ARE MINE!!
    Erec (covers crotch): Noooooooo!]
  • Both Opening and Ending themes counts. The former sings about taking away his virginity. The latter sings about his... well Erectile Dysfunction.
    • in Third Ending theme, they sang about Erec's schlong

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