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Funny / Until Death Do Us Part

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  • This scene, when the three get (more) properly introduced.
    Haruka: ... well... er... just who are you two?
    Igawa: Allies of justice!
    Mamoru: (At the same time) Criminals.
    Haruka: Huh?
  • Komura turns himself in to the police after getting saved from Mamoru by Aegis. When the arresting cop is filing out the paperwork, this happens.
    Komura: Am I 'Don-Ichi'?! Don't be taught characters by a yakuza!
  • In chapter 211, there's a funny exchange between Mamoru and Jesus:
    Jesus: And you're going to challenge that monster messed up like this?...
    Mamoru: I don't want to hear any smack talk from the idiot who launched an assault on the 24 headquarters while in critical condition.

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