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  • Garyuu X A normal 20 year old teen living in the spring of his youth.
  • Chapter 40 features Kenichi's sister coming to visit her brother at the dojo. Shigure and Apachai attempt to make tea for her. It doesn't end well. Then she shows them how to make tea and they're utterly shocked at how skilled she is.
  • Chapter 60: Appachai plays some B-ball. It must be seen to understand.
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  • After Ryozanpaku disbanded for a short while, Kenichi and Mui take care of the dojo by themselves. After a few weeks of this, Kenichi and Mui finally kiss only for the masters to come back holding back a RAGING ELDER.
    Kenichi: That soon became what we called The Night That Never Happened.
  • While the Ryozonpaku gang is infiltrating Yami's base in Okinawa, Kensei Ma and Akisame are forced to fight two armed members of Yami. Akisame was going to take the left one and Kensei the right...and then they realize that the left one's a girl. What ensues is by far the most epic rock-paper-scissors match ever, made all the more funny by Kensei's insane determination and will.
  • After a close encounter with Hermit, Niijima decides to investigate Ryouzanpaku. Hilarity Ensues as he meets each one of the masters (Or, as he calls them, Youkai), but the kicker is what happens when Kenichi appears; he calmly asks the masters to leave as Niijima is clearly scared of them. Niijima flips out when the Youkai apparently obey Kenichi!
    It took several hours for Niijima to regain his composure.
  • The whole sequence of Kenichi and Ma Kensei making their way through trap-filled wilderness to sneak a peak at the Ryozanpaku hot springs, only to be treated to... this.
  • Apachai. Just Apachai. The guy is a walking CMOF.
    Answering the phone: Apachai: "Hello. We have kidnapped your child."
    Miu: "Don't answer the phone like that!"
    • At another time, he answers the phone with, "It's me, it's me, you know, me!" that infamous Japanese phone scam. (The con is that the scammer tries to trick people into thinking they're a loved one in desperate need in cash)
    • Muay Thai is the art of barehand man-killing!
  • When the masters first decide to move Kenichi into the dojo, he freaks at the idea, until Kensei explains the perks of living under the same roof as Miu. Kenichi's reaction is perfect.
    Sakaki: "Kensei, you could sell ice to Eskimos."
  • Episode 28: Kenichi receives a love letter and Miu does a terrible job of acting happy for him. Her words are polite but her movements are robotic and her face is stricken. The mystery girl is a ruse. Niijima wrote the letter to trick Kenichi into helping with a Ragnarok battle. What this makes this so funny is that Niijima dons a Wig, Dress, Accent disguise at the end of the episode, just to mock the three "generals".
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  • Boob Entrapment Manuever -Niijima to Number 20
  • "I'm not ready to die hot chicks!" - Kenichi to the Valkyrie (Episode 39)
    [Shigure shows up] Kenichi: "Goodbye, hot chicks..."
  • "Do you think mine [breasts] are... big?"
    Kenichi: [dazed look] "Yeah. Very."
  • During his reminisce with Miu and Ryūto in ep 40, Kenichi says that sitting on a familiar bench and drinking soda helps him remember his childhood. This pleases Ryūto and they talk about the events leading up to The Promise. Except, Kenichi can't remember the crucial scene. Ryūto panics and pours an entire can down his throat while shouting, "DRINK MORE SODA!". Considering that this is the First Fist of Ragnarok, it is hilarious. What's even funnier is that it actually works.
  • When Ethan Stanley appears to attack Kenichi at the urinal.
  • When Shigure and an injured Apachai started fighting Akira Hongo, one of the One Shadow Nine Fists, Akira backs off, claiming that he doesn't feel like fighting a woman or an injured man. Kenichi panics, thinking that his masters will take it as an insult, but Shigure seems delighted that someone treated as a woman and Apachai just acts grateful for the concern. It's a subtle moment, but it's a delightfully funny one.
  • When Natsu goes off on a fight, he leaves Honoka a goodbye message. It's very succinct.
  • Any occasion in which Appachai attempts to "train" Kenichi. On one occasion he even gives Kenichi his very first near-death experience.
  • In-universe example: when Kenichi mimics his masters in his fight with Odin (see All Your Powers Combined). The various masters either cheer wildly or vehemently deny Kenichi's reflection of their personalities, until Kenichi delivers a spot-on imitation of the jujitsu philosopher Koetsuji. Koetsuji smiles and approves... while the other masters laugh themselves sick.
    • Made even better by the Elder's commentary on the situation.
    Elder: As much as you hate your past, you'll still unconsciously bring back all those painful memories! Looks like the training he is enduring everyday must be scaring him to death. I'M SO SORRY KENICHI!!
  • Shigure placating a feared swordsman by giving him a hoe. It only barely makes sense in context.
    • Said swordsman is more than a little bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, he really likes attacking things, and he can attack the ground FOREVER.
    • When they meet that swordsman again, he's shown to be very good with that hoe, and he's an impressively competent gardener.
  • After visiting Miu's family grave, Kenichi decides to take her to the Botanical Gardens. He then impresses her with his extensive knowledge on plants, and he says he's reading a book about grasses that you can eat. He's reading it so when the Elder decides to leave him on a mountain to starve, he won't have to worry.
  • Chapter 183 has Kenichi try and jump from a cliff onto a snowmobile being driven by Miu, only to miss by about several dozen meters. Then Miu turns the snowmobile around and drives it towards Kenichi...and ends up running him over.
  • Kanou Shou, who's normally very confident and carefree, is trying to abscond with Miu. Kenichi gives chase by using the decorative ivy and vines clinging to the building, while shouting that the flowers are cheering him on. The look on Shou's face is a magnificent blend of WTF? and Oh, Crap!.
  • Akisame VS Ma in Chapter 388. Epic Rock–Paper–Scissors battle. That is all.
  • Kenichi bringing up some memories of training.
  • Kenichi's face in the bottom-left panel.
  • Sakaki's interaction with Sham during the arc where he and Kenichi are after Silcardo Jenezad
  • Upon meeting Natsu Tanimoto, Kenichi spends as much time worrying that he'll steal Miu as he does just being utterly floored by his good looks.
    Kenichi: Oh my god, I can see roses.
  • Kenichi deciding to join the gardening club.
    Kenichi: And from that day on, Kenichi dedicated his life to gardening innocent plants and flowers who never cornered him in alleys or tried to kick his face down his throat! He lived happily ever after!
  • Chapter 459: The Ba-style memory recovery technique.
  • After fighting Fortuna, the Shinpaku members are confronted by an APC. Sakaki steps up to take it out... Only for Shigure to pop out of the hatch and ask to take it home.
  • After Apachai hits Kenichi so hard that his heart stops beating, some quick reactions from Akisame save his life. The next day, Kenichi appears to have no memory of nearly dying. Miu confronts Akisame about it:
    Miu: "I think there might be something seriously wrong with Kenichi! He doesn't remember nearly dying!"
    Akisame: "Well, I guess we dodged that lawsuit."
  • The Shinpaku Alliance infiltrates Thor's hideout, but are discovered in seconds. How? Matsui wouldn't leave the stupid flag behind.
  • In chapter 117, Niijima tries to blackmail Kisara into joining the Shinpaku alliance with pictures of her being all adorable with cats. He notes that only he and Siegfried know where the digital copies are...and then Sig pulls out a disc. Niijima dives for it, but Sig destroys it (mentioning he deleted all the backups too). Then he tells Niijima that he doesn't want the Alliance to stoop to Ragnarok's song. And finally he turns to Kisara and pulls out his masterstroke.
    Siegfried: In return for your friendship and loyalty we will give you...THIS ADORABLE KITTEN!
  • Renka has a habit of chasing moving things!
  • The whole 'Ryouzanpaku for kids' episode is one laugh after another. Of note are Sakaki's reaction to the dojo being overrun by children, Kenichi's reaction to Akisame's...influence on his students, and much more. It gets a bit sad with Miu near the end, but Kenichi makes it all better for her.
  • When Niijima first brings Kenichi news of Siegfried and his "zombie-like" ability to get back up unharmed after being knocked down, the masters start ribbing Kenichi about what a great opponent this is:
    Sakaki: "Sounds like it's an interesting opponent he's got lined up for you! I've never fought a zombie before!"
    Elder: "I have."
    *dead silence for a few seconds as everyone stares at him. Then everyone goes back to ribbing Kenichi as though nothing happened*
  • When the principal of Miu and Kenichi's school, along with Ono-sensei, come to the Ryozanpaku for a visit. Miu has Sakaki and Shigure pose as her parents. When the principal decides he wants to ask 'Mom' a question, Shigure responds, "What is it, baldy?!" And while Kenichi and Ma Kensei are cringing from this blatant social blunder, Ono is trying to hold in her laughter.
  • From chapter 489: After a Moment of Awesome from Ukita and some silly from Shiba and Koetsuji, everyone goes swimming. (Save Ukita, who's still recovering from being beaten by Shiratori last issue.) Shiratori is in a bathrobe, and confesses that he likes Ukita. Takeda is... somewhat uncomfortable. And then Shiratori gets up to get in, taking off his bathrobe, only to find out that Shiratori is actually a SHE!! Takeda's reactions are nothing short of priceless. And then Shiratori asks Takeda for advice on how to win Ukita's affection... What's greater is when Takeda pieces together that Freya, in addition to Shiratori and Kisara like Ukita, his facial expresions say it all.
  • Chapter 497: Kensei returns from training Rimi, announcing that he's awakened Rimi's Dou Ki, saying that she's "not the same person any more." As he says this, we see Rimi standing stock still behind him with an emotionless, glazed over expression. Ryuuto worriedly calls out to her, then... realizes that she's just asleep.
  • Chapter 498: The Shinpaku Alliance head to the amusement park(with a pool). Ukita see's Shiratori in a bathing suit but shows no reaction. Only when Shiratori has covered herself up does Ukita recognize "him". Ukita believes he saw Shiratori's doppelganger and tells "him" to be careful. Shiratori promptly delivers a kick to his face, with Takeda laughing at his stupidity.
  • Chapter 501: Rimi decides to take off her weighted gold shoes and throws them off the bridge... only for Miu to chase after them.
  • During Yomi's all-out attack in chapter 503, the untargeted members of the Shinpaku Alliance start panicking. Niijima yells everyone to calm down and orders them to regroup while spanking one of the girls from The Valkyries. He puts such an effective commanding façade that it works, snapping everyone out of it and no one, not even the girl in question, calls him out for it.
  • Ogata while training Rimi:
    Ogata: "Anyway Atlanta.
    Rimi: "Yes?"
    Ogata: "Why are you wearing a gym uniform?"
    Rimi: "I was told to bring clothes which I could move in easily so. I thought it was please Kensei-Sama."
    • Cue Kensei kicking one of the logs she's pulling down the cliff.
    • The incident is later repeated, this time with Rimi wearing a school swimsuit (and once again getting booted into her latest training session). Except this time her outfit slips, revealing her chest. She's next seen sulking and asking Ogata if he saw her breasts (Ogata responding with an incredibly patient and deadpan "I didn't see them.") because she wants Ryuuto to be the first one to see her naked.
  • During Chapter 510, Freya is still stuck in Odin's wheelchair. Page 9 is hilarious with the constant focus on her butt from being crouched over and the awkward position it puts her in.
  • During the different catfights at the fight in the amusement park, the amount of Clothing Damage is ridiculous, adding humor to the seriousness of the fights. At one point Renka is totally bare-assed and Rachel would be baring her breasts if she wasn't covering them.
  • A memorable moment In and Out of Universe at the beginning of the series. Takeda, Ukita, and Koga are interrogating students trying to find Kenichi. When they here a sound from a locker, Ukita assumes he's trying to hide right under their noses. Ukita slams the locker into the middle of the room... and a doll pops out claiming "Kenichi will beat Ragnarok!" While Koga and Ukita are pissed at the taunt, Takeda is laughing his ass off at how stupid they look.
    Ukita: "Hey, Takeda, you want to tell me what the hell is so funny!?"
  • Chapter 529, Shigure tells Miu and Kenichi to go back to Ryozanpaku and by the time she's finished Miu is already saying goodbye. Kenichi decides to stay, then Shigure points to his would be training partners (aka Kagerou and Apachai) and he immediately gives his farewells.
  • Shigure: ...this is for the part I hate about you. *slices her opponent's hair*
  • Chapter 544. Shigure is being held prisoner by Yami. They're afraid to put anything in the room with her, because she can use anything as a weapon, so she's buck-naked and has her hands and feet encased in solid blocks of resin. A guy who looks rather like Colonel Sanders is intent upon convincing her to give up her father's secrets of steel. The entire time he's trying to talk to her, she says only one thing:
    Shigure: "Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert. Pervert."
  • Chapter 551. Shigure trolling Yami by making them a perfect katana... that's so tiny you'd have to be six inches tall to wield it.
  • Chapter 552. Shigure further trolling Yami by deciding to teach her guards the art of the blacksmith, and changing their beliefs in the process.
    • And then using the confusion to escape. AGAIN.
  • Chapter 554. Something about the ruthless Knight of Cerebus Ogata awkwardly trying to make sense of Eldeltraft Vonschira's...peculiar quite amusing. "What?" is his most frequent reaction, with varying degrees of exasperation.
    Eldeltraft: "The gladoluses are decorated...with the dew from the sterling creek..."
    Ogata: *stares at him* "....Sure they are."
  • Chapter 555. Kajima decides to pay a visit to Shigure and gets all flustered at her being nude.
  • Chapter 558: Kensei Ma goes after Yami's bowmaster and leaves her without a mark on her—but minus her panties. Which he's holding in his teeth. There's a nearly full-page reaction shot of the other masters present, most of whom are fairly stoic about the matter... but Apachai's covering his face, and Agaard's constant grin has been replaced by a sort of dismayed grimace. What gentlemen the Muay Thai masters are!
  • In chapter 271, Kenichi tries to use Ryuusui Seikuken to read Miu's thoughts in a sparring and then instantly goes "derp" and gets beaten. And afterwards he whines to the Elder about how it's useless if it doesn't work on Miu.
  • In chapter 215, when Kaku Shin Ten(Tai Ji user of Team Santōryū) insulted Kensei, this was how Kenichi reacted.
    Kenichi: "I dare you to say it again... No... JUST SAY IT ONCE AGAIN! SAY IT TO HIM! I DON'T CARE!"
  • At the start of the D of D Tournament arc, after the Shimpaku Alliance has revealed themselves, Sakaki punishes them for their stupidity by punching each of them on the top of the head. He works his way through most of the Alliance and goes to finish up with Takeda, who instinctively tries to dodge the hit. Sakaki simply redirects the strike and hits Takeda even HARDER, sending him flying. He's still out cold after the ceremony ends.
    Ma Kensei: If you try to dodge it, it changes and hits three times as hard!
  • During the Data Transport Arc, Miu and Thor valiantly try to protect the data disc from Rimi's attacks, only for Thor to accidentally crush it. They do their best to apologize to the rest of the group for their failure, only for Niijima to reveal it was one of several fakes (see Crazy-Prepared on the main page). The two of them are understandably furious with him for not telling him about the fake, with Thor begging Siegfried to talk him down from beating the crap out of Niijima, while Miu spends the next few panels angrily chucking pieces of the broken disc at Niijima's head.


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