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Kenichi will become far superior to his masters (except maybe the Elder) one day.
  • Even if he has no natural martial arts talent, he is uniquely suited to practicing Katsujinken. Many people, including Shigure, have remarked that he naturally has no killing intent, even while fighting, whereas most of his masters have had to train hard to suppress theirs (like Ma) or never bothered to do so in the first place, instead fighting only enemies they know can survive their attacks (like Apachai). This unique trait not only means that he nearly always exists in a psychological blind spot for his enemies, but also that he can learn any technique he is taught without having to bother teaching him to hold back with it (which is the bulk of martial arts training), because he does it naturally. This means that while he's slower to learn than a talented martial artist, on the whole he'll learn things faster anyway because he has less to learn.
    • In fact, the only worthy final arc for the series is Kenichi defeating his masters one by one, finishing with the Elder. For that last one, Kenichi will throw down the gauntlet by asking Miu out. Before, during or after this, he will throw one of his actual gauntlets to the Elder's feet and one character will provide a new page quote for Throwing Down the Gauntlet.
The whole Yami vs. Ryouzanpaku battle is really just a contest over who can train a better spouse for Miu.
  • Elder Hayato has "defeat me" as a qualification for a reason and this is the reason. He doesn't want to lose to Yami. Even the females disciples are involved.

Kisara will take her rivalry with Miu to the next level by competing with her for Kenichi's heart
What better way to crush her the spirit of that "dairy cow" then by stealing her guy in addition to breaking a rib or three?
  • Jossed. Kisara has been shown to be all kinds of Tsundere for Ukita. In the final chapter of the manga, they are shown together on what is implied by Kisara's outfit to be a date. Without Shiratori to mess things up this time.
Kenichi's earth is the past version of Naruto
  • Look at Kenichi's eyes in certain scenes those rings do they not look like the rinnegan from Naruto
  • Can't be. There's no way the ninjas of Naruto would develop less weird eyebrows over time.
Kenichi's earth is the past version of Fist of the North Star
  • Can you honestly tell me you've never expected Sakaki to say "You're already dead" during one of his fights?
Chikage Kushinada is actually much older than she looks, and will rapidly age to her appropriate appearance
  • She will very likely end up with large breasts. Kisara will not be happy.
Saiga's mother (and Hayato's wife) was just a normal woman with no martial arts ability.
  • Saiga blames this for why he wasn't a super-prodigy like Hayato, and slowly becomes obsessed with martial arts lineage and the creation of the "perfect warrior". He married a woman from the secret super-ninja village in order to try to improve his bloodline, and he started YOMI as a way to recruit and train the most talented martial artists in the world. Hayato decided to train Kenichi, who has no talent, but plenty of willpower, in order to prove Saiga wrong.
    • This would explain how Saiga was such an unacceptable in-law for the Kuremisago. An non-martial artist mother is the only way the son of Hayato "The Invincible Superman" Fuurinji's son couldn't win the clan's acceptance by beating the loudest complainer (and the mandatory quiet follow-up challenger) senseless.
The last YOMI member is Berserker
  • Hell, every other named character is still around and he was described quite pointedly as a sheer genius. It's why he, unlike the other nine hundred thousand named characters so far, hasn't shown up again since.
    • Jossed. Though one of the shadows of Evil Mentor Kensei's new disciples looks suspiciously similar to Berserker.
      • In light of the new chapters, The leftmost person is the newly revealed Rimi, so we'll probably find out about the other two soon enough.
      • Chapter 479 confirms it, although he still remains a Face Framed in Shadow—which other character in the series blows bubble gum the way he does?
      • It's probably what Ryuto wanted to tell Kenichi at the aquarium, before they were interrupted by Rimi and Miu. Think about it, Berserker tried warning Kenichi that Odin was invincible, if Bersekers now on his level, it makes perfect sense to warn him.
      • Confirmed as of Chapter 490.
Miu's mother was from the Kuremisago, i.e., the same ninja village as Kanou.
  • She was shown to wear some rather unique battle attire in a flashback, and Miu has heard of the name before. Not much else to go on, but there you have it.
    • Confirmed in chapter 430.
  • Alternavively, she is in some way related to Shigure, though admittedly only suggested because she has the same eyes, and she's making the same pose Shigure does when she's attacked in the hot springs...
    • There is no reason that both WMG cannot be true. Shigure herself is a prodigy and her father was a superbly talented swordsmith and Master class swordsman. They could easily be descended from the Kuremisago in some form.
The Elder used to have no talent, and by the end Kenichi will be 'the elder' to a new generation of martial artists.
  • Partly jossed unless The Elder was blatantly lying about his past of never have been defeated, and taking down numerous dojos when he was younger than Kenichi.
Kenichi will end up with an Unwanted Harem of martial arts masters like the Demon Fist God.
Eventually Kenichi will study weapons under Shigure and he will be given the other sword made by her father.
  • All the other masters have taught Kenichi their signature styles, except for her. He'll probably need a weapon eventually, and this would be the best sword available.
    • He does have TWO weapons already, albeit they're defensive weapons: the chain-mail shirt given to him by Shigure, to protect him against weapon-strikes, and the arm-guards given to him by the Elder and that used to belong to Miu's father.
    • We may see this happen since Shigure seems to be making weapons for the members of the alliance. She may already have his sword.
Sakaki is the uncle of Kenichi
  • Seriously, look at Sakaki's sister during the Flashbacks and comprae the body and the hair color with Kenichi's Mother. Hell, even the story of her studying in the University, her personality and mannerism and what we know of Kenichi's parents almost mesh seamlessly. Reason why when Kenichi's Father came to "save him" both of them had such rapport.
    • Furthermore, on the topic of Saori Shirahama. She's content to be a housewife, but possessing large breasts in a World of Steel Buxom, and yet the story has put more emphasis on Kenichi's father and his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass qualities. My theory: She retired from the world of martial arts or whatever wild past she had and settled down. She didn't keep in touch with Shio, so that's why Sakaki doesn't recognize Kenichi's father as a brother in law, nor Kenichi as a nephew. Meanwhile Kenichi, even if he does know his mother's maiden name, has simply had no reason to think about it and put two and two together. Saori, on the other hand, is perfectly aware of this and it's why she has supported Kenichi's training at Ryozanpaku.
    • And Also, Kenichi's mom is a good cook, and in the flashback they really loved Sakaki's sister's food.
Nijima is the secret love-child of Hiruma Yoichi and Sena Kobayakawa.
Chikage Kushinada is Miu's aunt.
  • We know Miu's father was Hayato's son, but we have no knowledge of who Hayato's wife was. We also saw him speak civilly with Chikage's master and likely mother, Mikumo Kushinada, who is much older than she looks. The conversation heavily implied a past relationship as a Battle Couple. Put this next to the various parallels seen with Miu and Chikage, and the idea of a blood relation isn't so far-fetched. Chikage being Miu's half-aunt is the most likely scenario.
    • Couldn't be. The Elder said he only met Mikumo during WWII, and he hadn't even seen her since then. He even said she was exaggerating their relationship with her "burning fires between us" comment.
Alternatively... Chikage Kushinada is Miu's half-sister.
Kenichi will end up with Renka, after all she does fall for him at the end of chapter 69
  • To help avert first girl wins Miu turns him down after he finally confesses.
    • Doubtful, as Miu gets insanely jealous when any other girl professes an interest in Kenichi.
    • Kenichi seems utterly ignorant, willfully or otherwise towards Renka's affections towards him, instead focusing his devotion entirely on Miu.
      • Read Chapter 423. That is all.
Kenichi will defeat Miu some day.
  • Since it's been brought up so often how much more skilled Miu is than Kenichi, it would be a definitive milestone in his progress if he were to finally win in a match against her.
    • On that day he will finally tell Miu how he feels.
      • That'll only happen if he can get over his psychological block that prevents him from fighting with women.
      • He technically does in the midst of snapping her out of Junazard's brainwashing.
The weirdness of a characters eyebrows is directly proportional to their fighting ability.
And once the eyebrow-weirdness scale is maxed out, the eye glowing starts, it just fits too well to not be true.
The entire story is a propaganda piece related by Nijima.
  • This would explain why random masters who should have no interest whatsoever comment on his "tactical genius" every time he opens his mouth. He's trying to inflate his image with the general public.
Kenichi's moral values will be put to a serious test when one of his masters gets killed.
  • He will find himself in a similar situation as Tsutomu Tanaka (who can be seen as an older version of Kenichi), desperately wanting a revenge, in a danger of falling down the path of asura.
    • Averted as of Chapter 408 but it'll still happen later on. Specifically, it'll be [[spoiler: Akisame, in a fight against his best friend Furinji Saiga, the One Shadow himself.
      • Likely Jossed, since this would have Kenichi end up like Tanaka, who's master was killed in cold blood by Ogata. Since Tanaka's last words were, "Don't be like me." before being killed himself, it's likely Kenichi won't forget.
Koga The Kicker is gonna show back up
  • He will have taken many many steps in badassery, but compared to everyone else, it won't be enough. Cue curb stomp battle.
The members of Shinpaku Alliance will start to live in Ryozanpaku's dojo
  • It's a place too big for only two highschool students...
    • Considering the events of Chapters 409 and 410, that might actually happen.
The Special Black Force Whatever are Japanese
The leader wanted Freya to join. Why would he want some random foreigner to join a black ops team from another country? Also, the first guy pretended not to speak japanese... But later, they note that he speaks it perfectly. It's likely that they wanted to pretend that they weren't Japanese to uphold their secret.
  • Wouldn't they be recognized as Japanese, just by appearances?

Kenichi's refusal to fight girls is because of a traumatic event in his past.
  • Kenichi told Kisara that he just doesn't believe it's right for him to fight a girl, but...could it be that his psychological block that prevents him from fighting female opponents could be linked to an as-yet-unrevealed traumatic event somewhere in his past?

Tirawit Kokin and his master will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Considering that Kokin appears to hold no grudge against Kenichi following the end of their fight, and his master Agaard respects Kenichi's tenacity and holds Apachai's strength and ability in high regard...

Honoka, Kenichi's little sister, is already learning martial arts from Tanimato.
  • It comes from certain chapter title-page, rereading some chapters. Usually, she has a throwaway skill like invincibility in Othello and flying kicks (as noted by Kenichi in an omake/mini-comic), but they might all be Checkov's Skills.
  • Chapter 353's title page actually shows Tanimoto critiquing Honoka's choking technique (while otherwise ignoring her, but still).

The Elder used his "memory erasing technique" on Miu during her childhood, to block out the memories of her father and his (appparent) murder of her mother.

The Final Boss will be Berserker.
  • Formally a notable Dragon while in Ragnarok, he was All-Talent-No-Training, the complete opposite of Kenichi. If someone trained Berserker to make full use of his enormous talents, he'd be absolutely unstoppable. The ultimate opponent. He's also the one character from Ragnarok that hasn't re-appeared (even Loki is still around), didn't show any remorse for his defeat, and Never Fought Kenichi.
    • Would also provide some symmetry with the precursor Manga, where Berserker was the final boss in an abridged version of the Ragnarok arc.
    • What appears to be Berserker is among the silhouettes of the new disciples that Ogata has gathered, so it is quite possible he'll be at least Kenichi's Final Boss, the masters can have the Big Bad.

Chikage will train Ukita
  • She's already used him as a puppet to fight off members of Yami. Ukita's position as the weakest person on the team would make him a perfect candidate for her style, which emphasizes using no power at all while fighting.

Sakaki knows Hokuto Shinken
Forget the details and face the facts

The series will end with a time-skip showing Shinpaku as the next generation of Ryozanpaku
And Ryozanpaku left the dojo to fight evil in the world...destroying everything around it

The Elder was once a follower of the Path of Asura and a member (founder?) of Yami
  • Saiga killing Miu's mother caused him to have a Heel–Face Turn, and his period spent Walking the Earth with Miu as a young child was as much him playing The Atoner as the Warrior Therapist for the traumatized Miu.
    • Try further back. He and Mikumo fought against YAMI in World War II. On the other hand, considering how many years back it was, he was probably very young, and quit when the war started, or was never a member at all.

The Elder would actually love Kenichi and Miu to get together.
  • His threat towards Kenichi is just a Batman Gambit. Elder knows Kenichi could never beat him. When Kenichi is willing to disregard the Elder for the sake of love, he will have shown the true courage the Elder is waiting for, and he will relent.
    • This doesn't seem unlikely: he seems to almost treat Kenichi like his son at times, both encouraging him gently while sternly pressing him to surpass his original limits. His aggressiveness at Kenichi's affections towards Miu is really no different from the hellish training everyone else puts him through every day.
    • Or, the Elder actually believes that Kenichi will eventually surpass him and is using Kenichi's rather obvious feelings for Miu to motivate him to get stronger.

The first skill Kenichi learned from Miu will be a Chekhov's Gun in the series' final fight.
Likely, through some unforeseen circumstance, Kenichi will have to face the series' Big Bad Miu's father. And then the skill he learned from Miu at the start of the series, to shift his feet a particular way, will be used to help defeat the Big Bad.
  • The last opponent Kenichi will face will probably be Kajima Satomi. Otherwise, this guess still stands.
    • This has actually already happened. Kenichi used those first skills he learned early in the fight with Odin, who was the Big Bad of the Ragnarok arc.
      • Except that wasn't the series' final fight—not for the manga, at least.
  • [[spoiler:The idea of Kenichi eventually facing Saiga in combat may have just been strengthened.

Miu's father (the leader of Yami) will defeat and possibly kill his father (the Elder).
  • Really, this is such a common cliche.

YAMI, YOMI and Ragnarok are all attempts to replicate Ryouzanpaku.
  • Gatherings of talented individuals through all levels of mastery stemming from Saiga? Sounds like someone has daddy issues and is trying to prove to Hayato that a place like Ryouzanpaku can exist between followers of the Satsujinken.

Akira Hongo, YAMI's God Fist, will experience a Heel–Face Turn.
Whether or not he becomes an ally or supporter of Ryozanpaku, Akira's already shown himself to be, at least, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold where his former student Shou Kanou was concerned (in flashback at the end of the D of D Tournament saga, it's revealed that Shou didn't actually kill the little bird that the YAMI elders told him to, but rather crushed some grapes incognito to fool them into believing he had done so. When Akira found out, he simply shrugged and told Shou to do as he liked.) And now, in the present arc, Akira's revealed himself to have been profoundly affected by his protege's death, indicating that perhaps he's not as big a Jerkass like some of the other YAMI masters (though not Affably Evil like Agaard).

Suzuki Hajime, the martial artist who showed up in Hongo/Sakaki's flashback is the father of Kanou Shou
There are a lot of similarities between them. Both of them have the same eyes and same hair color. As seen in chapter 438, Suzuki is also good at imitating techniques, which Kanou was also good at. His death probably drove Hongo to join YAMI.
  • A couple of things wrong with this WMG. For one thing, Hajime is too young in that flashback, nor does he last long enough, to have fathered Kanou. Then there's the fact that Hongo killed Hajime when they and Sakaki had to fight each other for the right to enter YAMI's ranks.

The Sei Dou Goui (Roar as One) technique is an incomplete technique
Ogata was experimenting with the notion of mixing Sei and Dou energy together to greatly increase one's combat prowess, and taught the technique to Ryuto just to see what would actually happen. The Ryozanpaku masters have already seen this happen before and, as such, are QUITE disgusted that Ogata would teach such a thing, and presumably never explored it after knowing about its harsh aftereffects.

But, the combat effects are way too awesome to dismiss! What if there WAS a way to pull it off without horrendously damaging your body? We've already seen it used twice in the series (once with Ryuto, the second with Shou Kano) - Rule of Three suggests a third appearance likely, and in a "complete" Kajima Satomi, the leader of YOMI!

  • Or, alternatively, it could be done by two people fighting as a pair, each using one type of ki. In what is no doubt a completely unrelated coincidence, Kenichi is a sei-type while Miu is a dou-type, and they're highly likely to have at least one major fight as a pair by the end of the series.

Sakaki's title is not just a title, he really is a 100 Dan.
  • He just doesn't have them all in the same stye of karate, for example, tenth dan in ten different styles.

Akira Hongo will kill Silcardo Jenazad
Ties in with some Fridge Brilliance: the two are opposites of each other in terms of temperament and title, even though they're both members of YAMI. Hongo's title within YAMI is "God Fist," whereas Jenazad's is "Demon Fist." Hongo cares about the well-being of his students, even if he doesn't openly show it; Jenazad has demonstrated that he'll kill his students (directly or indirectly) for sheer bloodlust's sake. Hongo has a sense of morals; Jenazad is pure evil. And at the moment, Hongo is seeking vengeance against Jenazad via Enemy Mine with Ryozanpakou because the latter crossed the Moral Event Horizon, taking advantage of Hongo in the process by causing Hongo to almost kill Kenichi so he could kidnap and brainwash Miu.
  • Chapter 463 sets up the God Fist and Demon Fist to fight each other.
    • Chapter 475 confirms the WMG.

Connected to the above WMG and comes with a good helping of Fridge Brilliance. Remember when "God Fist" Akira Hongo sought an audience with the One Shadow prior to joining forces with Ryozanpaku to hunt Silcardo Junazard? Well, it would appear that the One Shadow definitely did not approve of what took place when Junazard kidnapped Miu, and so he gave Hongo permission to do what was needed after the latter came to him—and Hongo sought audience with him specifically to ask for permission to kill Junazard.
  • Taken one step further in chapter 466 when it's revealed he is actually John.

Akira Hongo is The Dragon to the One Shadow
Loosely connected to the above two WMG posts; this one is based on the fact that Hongo's deceased disciple, Sho Kanou, was considered a prodigy even among the YOMI disciples and was touted as the strongest of them all, next to the One Shadow's own disciple. Plus the fact that Saiga would seemingly easily give Hongo permission to have an Enemy Mine with Ryozanpaku for the purpose of taking out Silcardo Junazard.

The whole storyline is really a movie or TV series being produced in-universe, with the characters being actors playing the roles
Therefore, in "real life," away from the cameras, Kenichi is in fact a Nice Character, Mean Actor while Tanimoto is a genuine Mean Character, Nice Actor; all the fight scenes for the Ryozanpaku and Yami masters are done using special effects and stuntmen; Nijima's appearance is in fact a costume; Saiga is in fact a jovial and rather comical kind of guy even outside his John disguise; Sakaki is a strict teetotaler; Apachahi only plays the role of a man-child when on-set; Junazard is in truth a young man playing an old guy who happens to look young; Akisame does in fact like green peppers and even orders them regularly on pizza; etc.
  • Adding to this WMG, here's a potential "behind the scenes" interview with the "actors" (this one based on a behind-the-scenes episode of The Simpsons):
    Interviewer: Chikage, is there something you wanted to tell us about your role on the show? You indicated there was some kind of shocking revelation about your character...
    Chikage: They wanted me to get artificial puberty early! They even tried to secretly feed me growth-hormone pills! (cue horrified gasps in background)
    (interview shifts to Akira Hongo)
    Hongo: (looking his usual stoic self) Growth-hormone pills? Fed to Chikage? How absurd. I mean, how were we going to get them mixed into her chocolate packets? (realizes what he just said) Uh, could you edit that last part out?

Tanimoto's adoptive mother was NOT responsible for his adopted father's death
Rather, the senior Tanimoto was murdered by Yami agents and his wife was framed for it. Although we don't know the precise timeline of events, Tanimoto's adoptive mother was caught suspiciously quickly for being the mastermind and the executives at his adoptive father's company were equally quick at taking advantage of the distraught kid. If they were killing to drown a child then certainly killing a grown man is not beyond the pale for them. Finally, in Tanimoto's flashback, his adoptive mother looks and sounds just as surprised and distraught as he himself.

The Elder is Exalted

He punched a pool in half, therefore it stands to reason that he can also punch a river in half.

The current arc will focus on Ukita genuinely increasing in badass
Alternatively, he'll start getting nudged to pull a Face–Heel Turn specifically because he Can't Catch Up to the rest of the Shinpaku Alliance.

The reason Kenichi is so powerful is because he has no natural talent.
Okay, think about it. Yes, we know Kenichi has absolutely NO talent for martial arts. So, how is he able to defeat people like Koukin who is overloading on talent, and supreme training? It can't just be because he overloads himself on training. It's because Kenichi's lack of natural ability is his Disability Superpower! The masters know that if they give Kenichi a normal kind of training, he would die in an instant. Therefore he gets a different training regimen, that trains him enough that he doesn't die, (Barely,) but teaches him techniques in a way that YOMI members don't do. This kind of training is able to replace the natural talet for different ways of fighting, which evenly matches him against YOMI members.

Love is a central theme in the entire series.
Specifically, there's the love that's unrequited and that causes the rejected character to go all-out in an effort to win the love interest's heart (Kenichi wanting to become strong enough to protect Miu, from early arcs coming down to now, as well as Ukita displaying his Determinator attitude to the point of invoking a Heroic Sacrifice to prove his love for Kisara. Then there's the love that's spawned from the desire to protect the love interest, who in this case has already reciprocated (the aforementioned Kenichi and Miu, plus Saiga's reason for his Face–Heel Turn even though he wound up killing his wife). Then there's the more platonic love where one wishes to fight on behalf of family members or friends (Kenichi for the Shinpaku Alliance, Hayato Furinji and Saiga for Miu, Freya and her grandfather for each other, even Akira Hongo for the memory of his disciple Sho Kanou).

Berserker will fight Kenichi and lose, but he'll pull a Heel–Face Turn and become an ally.
Since it had actually happened in the prototype manga where Berserker was the Big Bad, the author has plans for it to happen in this series proper, in even more spectacular fashion. Especially since it's been revealed that Berserker is currently a member of YOMI.
  • As of the end of Chapter 499, Berserker is confronting Kenichi one-on-one...

Tanimoto might be a descendant of the Kuremisago.
Tanimoto explains that Shou Kano used to get close and talk with him even if he didn't know why. Kano considered most martial artists (Except for Miu, who happened to be a descendant from the Kuremisago too) to be Insects so there was no reason why he would try to get close to an insect, much less when Tanimoto was in Ragnarok back then.

Kajima Satomi has no talent.
He is Kenichi's Evil Counterpart: a man who doesn't have any talent for martial arts whatsoever, and earned his skill through heavy training, the only difference being the fact he uses his skills for evil. This was hinted when he was first introduced, when he compared himself to Sho Kano, saying Sho was weak because he had never lost. He is the opposite of Kano: instead of being strong because of talent, he is strong because of effort.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 555.

Saiga actually wants Miu to be on his side, but he wants her to come to him of her own free will instead of via Mind Control.
This will turn out to be the real reason why he helped Ryozanpaku rescue a brainwashed Miu from Junazard while being in disguise himself. It's also the reason Hayato doesn't want Kenichi to tell Miu anything about having met Saiga just yet.

Yami, of the Unarmed division, MOSTLY Isn't evil. They're Well Intentioned Extremists
It's stated specifically that Saiga came to believe that a bit of blood is worth it if it stops a greater evil. Based on what we've seen of him, and most of the masters of the unarmed division, they don't kill everyone just for the hell of it despite the fact that they very well could (see Tenmon Li), and it wouldn't technically against their beliefs. Akira Hongo, despite being in a functionally unthinking safe mode doesn't kill Miu during his major fight with Sakaki. Saiga, doesn't utterly murder the group of people that kidnapped his daughter, despite having multiple opportunities and implicitly the skill to more than match everyone around him. One of the Fists, Diego, is shown planning to blow up an entire boat full of people. An entire boat full of people who specifically came to bet on battles to the death between people, and are ALSO people in high positions of power. True, he ALSO has that boat surrounded by several people who came to watch the ship explode and sink. On the other hand, the bomb that was to sink the ship, assuming i didn't mistake the power stated, and that the power stated is accurate (and i'd bet that the masters would know) was a MEGATON explosive. Considering that those ships that came to watch the other sinking ship were relatively close by and further in a circle around it, and finally full of people coming to watch a ship full of people sink (and presumably are in the same position as those on the ship in question) it would be pretty easy to see it as a plan to do some serious cleaning of the wicked in the upper echelons of power. Further, given that MOST of their disciples have proven to be fairly decent, if not outright GOOD, people (if willing to kill), it doesn't strike as a group of evil.
The Elder is a pillar men
It would explain everything.

The Master who left Ryouzanpaku is Miu's Dad
Okay, this is REALLY obscure, but it was a plot point both in the previous manga before the reboot (back when Ragnarok was Viper), but it's also mentioned again in chapter 91, page 4 so it seems to fit best that it's Miu's dad who was the guy who left. Either that or the entire plot thread has been dropped entirely, which I hope isn't the case, the series is relatively free of plot holes otherwise, but unless it's this, I don't see how he can throw somebody in without it being seen as an ass pull since this plot thread has gone unmentioned since this page.
  • Wasn't that Ogata? As in, the Sage Fist and caretaker of Ragnarok? They say that Ogata was a disciple, and was forced to leave by the elder, and then descended into Satsujinken. I always assumed Ogata was the man.

Kenichi's mother is actually related to Ba Kansei. By extension, so is Kenichi
Take a look at Renka. Now look at Kenichi's mother. Do a double take if needed. There's also the whole "the female one is the forceful one" thing with both of them. This means Renka is actually seeking to commit incest, perhaps (and likely) unknowingly. Kansei is said to have a total of three kids, and Renka is the youngest one, so Kenichi's mom could be one of the older two.
  • Kensei is only 41. He couldn't have a daughter as old as Kenichi's mother. Also, Saori isn't Chinese, any resemblance to Renka is likely a coincidence. Saiga looks like a blonde Akisame with no moustache but they aren't.related.

Tsuji has been killed by a Yomi member for the title of "Strongest"
He's the guy that beat Kenichi for the title of "Strongest Disciple" and made a point of disappearing and never fighting Kenichi again. However, one of the things Yomi was after is the title of "Strongest Disciple", so obviously if and when Tsuji ran his mouth about having beaten Kenichi, someone from Yomi found out, and proceeded to track him down and challenge him for the title, killing Tsuji. Whichever member it was, they will serve Kenichi with a guilt trip for having lost to the guy.

Kenichi's father is a member of the weapons division of Yami
If only because it'd probably be the biggest twist in the series, it is possible. Since in this series, random nonfighters can pull stunts like Nijima can, why is someone who is so skilled with a weapon not involved in the martial arts world at all? Simple. He is.
  • Perhaps that's the reason he didn't want Kenichi training at Ryozanpaku. He didn't want to expose his son to Katsujinken.
  • This wouldn't really make much sense unless he is using his gun ownership as a coverup. It's pretty much universal that all martial artists in the series have a distaste for guns and thus don't use them. Even weapon users don't like guns at all. If he is a member of the weapon corps, his weapon would probably be a crossbow or something else so similar to a gun that the techniques would transfer over.
  • Even though this troper would find that to be completely also doesn't sound very probable. Just for the fact that Guns Are Useless. Especially with masters. Christopher Eclair casually sidesteped around gunfire like it was no big deal. So unless futuristic super guns exist in this world, a gun isn't a good weapon against martial artists after a certain level.

Saiga will train Kenichi
Now that it has been revealed that Saiga wasn't the one who killed Shizuha and is not the one shadow he will decided to train Kenichi.

Mikumo is actually a Fallen Hero
As shown in a flashback, she fought alongside the Elder at one time during their youth, which means she was one of the good guys. Her current pushing of the Eternal Setting Sun plan as the series' Greater-Scope Villain is because she saw or experienced something that resulted in her being Maddened Into Misanthropy, to the point that she decided on the Kill 'Em All! route to either take revenge (if it was something personal that happened to her) or to right what she saw as a grievous wrong.

Christopher Eclair trained Minako Aino
Minako's kicks are in Savate style and supremely powerful, and it would take a special kind of master (read: an utter madman who is nonetheless that competent) to keep up with her...
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