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Ho Yay / Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

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  • Kenichi's insistent friendship with Tanimoto is also a bit suspect, especially when he invites himself over to Tanimoto's place for a number of days and "pays" him for it by cooking his meals and cleaning the house like a traditional House Wife. The fact that Tanimoto gave him a raging case of Stupid Sexy Flanders when they first met only makes it more so.
  • Upon meeting Tanimoto, Kenichi spends about as much time worrying that he'll steal Miu from him as he does just being utterly floored by his good looks.
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  • Tanimoto grabs Kenichi's hands while asking him to protect the kids from the theater club. In the following pages Tanimoto is still holding Kenichi's hands in his.
  • In Chapter 383 it couldn't be more obvious about the Les Yay between Kisara and Freya.
  • All the masters at the Ryouzanpaku keep refering to Kenichi as their "cute disciple". It can be distracting.
  • It seems we're slipping into some lesbian Foe Yay with Renka and Rachel. In the arc where all of YOMI attacks the Shinpaku, the first thing Rachel does is strip Renka.

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