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This is from Manga Time Kirara so it's expected...but this show is just drowning in lesbians. Drowning in them.

In general

  • Shinobu's Foreign Culture Fetish looks more like a literal blonde fetish sometimes.
    • It probably doesn't help that she suggested Alice give her a lock of her hair as a birthday present. Or how her friends think Isami doesn't let Shinobu use the computer in case she finds (and eventually starts collecting) pictures of blonde girls (accompanied by some very excited breathing by Shinobu in the Imagine Spot).
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    • Crossover Ship: In episode 6, she spends 30 minutes looking at Anime Time Kirara showcasing Yuyushiki and remarks that she kind of likes blue hair as well afterwards. Apparently, Yukari managed to expand her fetish.
    • Then there's episode 9, where Alice and Karen have a bath together, and Shinobu starts fantasising about it, murmuring with a blush that 'blonde girls bathing is a work of art'...
  • Alice's Friendly Rivalry with Karasuma and/or Karen over Shinobu is definitely this.
  • Aya is guilty of this as well. Episode 4 really takes the cake, where she practically obsesses over what's written in the letter, and by the end, is visibly relieved knowing it wasn't what she thought at all. Also some of her Tsundere antics are directed towards Youko.
  • Even Youko is suspicious, saying that she "likes looking at the curves of a woman's body". Not to mention her saying that she couldn't like anyone more than she likes Aya.

    Season 1 
  • Episode 11. Alice explains that in England, Christmas is a holiday spent with families, not lovers. She later says "A Japanese Christmas is a day to spend with Shino!", which is practically a confession.
    • Later she confess in a more explicit way, but in English, to her saying "I like you", even Youko remarks it.
    Season 2 
  • Episode one of season two explodes out of the gate with Yuri.
    • Alice and Shinobu treat being in separate classes like being in different countries, spending the whole class time depressed, then being almost Sickeningly Sweethearts about their reunion.
    • When thinking about Alice and Shino, Aya starts to miss Youko too, cue a large Imagine Spot of Youko lustfully saying Aya's name.
    • Shinobu decides to help Karen with her nervousness in dealing with the new teacher, so when Karen tries reading for the class Shinobu strokes her back.
    • Karen starts off season two by receiving some treats from her friend Honoka, when told she should give something in return by Aya, Karen decided to kiss Honoka.
  • Episode 2 of Hello includes an Imagine Spot of Alice dressed as a bride, with Shino as the groom.
  • Episode 3 of Hello is more or less dedicated to Aya trying to make her feelings for Youko clear. Too bad it just bounces off Youko's dense head. Several times.
  • In Episode 3, during a discussion about pets, Youko remarks that she'd like to put a collar on Aya and take her for a walk. It's unclear how serious she was, but it's very easy to take this the wrong way, which Aya promptly does, squealing that she didn't realize Youko was such a pervert.
  • Episode 4 of Hello reveals how Alice learned to cope with not having Shinobu in her class anymore: she had Kuzehashi-sensei make her a Shinobu hug pillow. Shinobu, for her part, has started flat-out admitting that she loves Alice.
    • Later after Karasuma-sensei confiscates the pillow Shinobu walks in a on sensei sleeping at her desk with her face buried in the pillow, much to Shino's shock and delight.
  • Episode 5 of Hello has Aya once again run away in embarrassment when Youko teases her about wanting to have a picture taken. Later on, when Alice shows her a picture taken by Isami of her and Youko together, Aya, blushing as red as an apple, offers to buy it off Alice for a thousand yen.
    • In the same episode, Isami gets Alice to fork over the ten-thousand yen ring she got from Karen by offering Shino in exchange. Alice readily accepts.
    • The aforementioned ring is also an issue, since it is in a presentation box when Karen gave it to Alice. So, what does Karen bring the ring for in the first place? To propose to somebody?
  • The first part of episode 6 of Hello!! has the first Honoka-focused segment, so this is again natural, especially when she tries to get Karens email address.
  • Every segment concerning Aya in episode 8 of Hello pretty much is this. From her worrying about Yuoko's reaction to her in a swimsuit, to her Imagine Spot of Youko wiping off the ketchup from her skirt in the World Burger joint, to the shiritori she forces Youko to play before class starts. All of this topped off with her running off screaming that Youko was a big perv before the episode ended.
    • Honoka blushing madly when she takes a hold of Karen's blonde hair, and was on the verge of sniffing it before Aya intervened.
  • Episode 9 focuses on Aya and Honoka crushes on Youko and Karen.
  • The entirety of Episode 11's segments focusing on Honoka, especially after she and Karen walk around together after getting a beach souvenir from the latter.
    • Aya reciting Juliet's lines, after Shino mentions how Youko seemed to be like Romeo.
    • Shino smelling Alice's clothes while she's gone for a week.
  • The first half of Episode 12 is focused in how much Alice misses Shino and can't stop thinking about her, no matter how much Karen tries to talk about different topics. Even Alice made Karen wear a wig and pretend to be Shino while they stay in England for a week.


  • In chapter 53 when going to public onsen Shino keep saying she wants to bath with Alice

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