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  • In episode 1, Guren and Ceylan have more than a few amusing How Do I Shot Web? moments while in their Tenkai Knight bodies. Their helper A.I.'s blunt matter-of-fact statements about the situation, statement he considers obvious, makes him come off as a snarker, making the newbie Knights' blunders all the more funny.
    • When trying to get out of his holding cell:
    Guren: It's locked!
    Helper A.I.: Do you know the eighteen digit alphanumeric hexadecimal code?
    Guren: What? No!
    Helper A.I.: Then draw back your fist and thrust it vigorously against the door.
    Guren: You couldn't just say punch it?
    • And later on when trying to escape, by jumping out of a hole in the fortress Ceylan just made—on the top floor:
    Guren: Fire rockets!
    Helper A.I.: No such option.
    Guren: Fire thrusters!
    Helper A.I.: No such option.
    Guren: Activate parachute!
    Helper A.I.: No such option.
    Guren: Anything? Bouncy house!
    Helper A.I.: No such option.
    Guren: Crash positions!
  • In episode 2, Guren's narration of events so far.
    Guren: About a gazillion years ago, the evil warlord Vilius was just about to conquer the planet Quarton when the legendary Tenkai Knights stepped in and stopped him! ...How do I know all this? My name's Guren Nash. My friend Ceylan and I've been chosen to become the new Tenkai Knights. Bravenwolf and Tributon. Seems this Vilius guy is on the loose again, and this time he's out to conquer Quarton and more. So it's kinda like we were chosen to save the universe! Yeah, we were kinda surprised too.
    • After Guren and Ceylan return from Quarton Mr. White greets them and offers to provide them with answers, and some tea.
    Ceylan: Tea? Are the answers in tea?
    Mr. White: Yes, I see I'll need to work on my refreshments.
    • During their trip to the museum, Guren and Ceylan experience a vision of the Tenkai Dragon and the tablet they were looking at transforms into a large key right before their eyes.
    • And when the curator shows up to examine the artifact after its transformation, he becomes ecstatic upon realizing this will likely attract more museum goers. He rushes up to Ceylan and hugs him in gratitude.
    • "Tributon, of the Homework" and yes, that's a Beag quote.
  • In episode 3, watching Ceylan question every single person in the mall if they're a Tenkai Knight.
    "Yo dude, fought any robots lately?"
    "Ever been to a big square planet?"
    "Bet green's your favorite color, am I right?"
    "Hi there! Ever seen a shape shifting robot?"
    • Before that, when Guren mentions his concern about damaging their image.
    Ceylan: Come on Guren, what have we got to lose?
    Guren: Our dignity?
    Ceylan: Dignity? Never had it, don't need it.
    • After all four boys reach Quarton, Beag surprises them by being in the exact same spot they teleport too.
    Beag: The Tenkai Knights have miraculously appeared! How'd you do that?
    Guren/Bravenwolf: You know.. we're the Tenkai Knights.
    Ceylan/Tributon: Yeah, that's just how we roll.
    Lydendor/Chooki: Yeah!
    Valorn/Toxsa: Yeah!
    Beag: Roll? But you have no wheels.
  • In the opening of episode 4, the Tenkai Knights aren't getting off to a good start in their latest battle.
    Guren/Bravenwolf: What part of "hold your position" do you not get?!
    Ceylan/Tributon: I thought you said show the mortician!
    Guren/Bravenwolf: Dude, seriously?
    • The guys first attempt at Robofusion as they're about to face Granox's forces, which amounts to the four literally banging their heads together. Granox himself lampshades it.
    Granox: That's just sad...
  • In episode 6, Guren showing off his newest moves he learned doing chores for Mr. White while fighting Vilius.
    Guren/Bravenwolf: Tenkai Tikihead!
    Vilius: Tenkai Tikihead? I don't remember that one from training.
  • In episode 7, watching Toxsa and Ceylan attempts at achieving "titan mode" by eating spicy foods (in order to obtain the "fire in their belly" that Guren was talking about). After they eat chili con carne and spicy mustard fried chicken, they both look like they’re about to overheat.
  • Near the end of episode 8, we learn that the lucky charm that's been an heirloom in Toxsa's family for generations is a toy he got from Mr. White's twenty five cent gum ball machine.
  • Episode 10, Toxsa's training, that is all.
    Toxsa: Captains log, training. A Tenkai Knights' gotta do what a Tenkai Knights' gotta do.
    • In the Japanese version, there were a couple of scenes during his training that ended with him encountering a dog with its leg up.... Obviously, that was cut in America.
    • His training with Beag on Quarton is even better. Like when they're practicing charging at enemy forces.
    Toxsa: Don't you just love this? It's like berserker mode in Dragon Hammer 4!
    Beag: I have no idea what any of those words mean!
  • Granox and Rho attempting to get the Location of the Dragon Cubes from Valorn by tapping into his database. Toxsa orders the computer to redirect the feed from Valorn so that the information comes from "his own mind". Hilarity Ensues.
    Rho: What? Cheat Codes for "Dungeon Sploder 4"?
    Rho: Tuesday's Taco Day at the Cafeteria?! This data is gibberish!
    Granox: Let me try!
    Rho: I really think I'm more qualified.
    Granox: (to Rho) Go polish your servos! (to Valorn) Now then, Valorn, you're going to tell me what I want to know if I have to squeeze it out of you! Where. Are the. Dragon Cubes?! *Beat* Chooki's locker smells like cheese?
    ''Corekai attack"
    Rho smashes computer.
    Granox: What did you do that for?!
    Rho: He was feeding us useless information!
  • In episode 12, Toxsa passes the time by trying to teach Commander Beag how to trash-talk when facing the enemy. Considering this is Beag we're talking about...
    Toxsa: Think you can beat ME, you grunt level bucket heads? Don't make me laugh.
    Beag: Don't make me beat you, you bucket level grunt heads! I, uh, laugh at your attitude! (Toxsa and Beag then start laughing rather mechanically)
    • When the group discovers the Corrupted army moving in on their location, Beag tries more trash-talk.
    Beag: I laugh at your bucket hats!
  • Episode 16 brings back Commander Beag, who wishes to show Tributon/Ceylan how much he and the Corekai appreciate song.
    Beag: Sound off! Tributon is mighty! (chorus: Tributon he knows!) To shoot his Tenkai arrows! (chorus: And take down all our foes!) His aim is legendary! (chorus: His courage unsurpassed!) His Tenkai speed is scary! (chorus: He's very very fast!) We honor and respect yoouuu! (chorus: A fact there is no doubt!) In fact we think your so greeeat! (chorus: We want to spell it out!) T is for tremendous! (chorus: The R stands for rough! I is for invincible! B's for big and buff!) U is for unyielding! (chorus: T's for strength of ten!) That just leaves us O and N so now lets do it all again!
  • In episode 17, Granox and Slyger get ready to ambush the Tenkai Knights with their newest secret weapon, robofusion.
    Slyger: I can't take it! My circuits are overloading!
    Granox: You’re having a panic attack?
    Slyger: I'm excited, you fool!
    • That and the Epic Fail after they try to attack the boys the first time.
  • Near the end of episode 22, while everyone prepares to find the location of the Black Dragon Key, Toxsa makes friends with a stray cat.
    Beni: Toxsa, you ready?
    Toxsa: (a cat comes up to him and he pets it as it meows happily) Ready, and I've found a strange cat.
    • When the group gets ready to find the key.
    Toxsa: The cat and I are ready.
    Beni: Forget the cat!
    • Toxsa still goes on about the cat.
    Toxsa: The cats getting bored!
  • Episode 23, watching Toxsa and Ceylan running up a flight of stairs at breakneck speed one moment. Then barely crawling the rest of the way a scene later.
  • From Episode 28, we see how Slyger eats: batteries!!!
  • Episode 30 has Granox going through hell.
    • It begins with him fighting a normal sized Tributon while in Titan Mode. As he is about to deliver a mighty blow with his flail, said flail slams him right in the back of his head causing him to fall flat on his face and revert back into his brick form.
    • Then he is punished by Villius via electrocution, striking various poses while doing so.
    • If you listen closely in the Japanese dub, you can hear some interesting noises while he gets shocked..
    • His ways of torturing Ceylan can be considered this..
    • Said attempts forces the latter to wear a footbal helmet in self defense.
    • Then there was how the knights defeated Granox: a guessing game of who's got the weapon and boy did he lose BIG time!
  • In episode 33, Slyger and Granox manage to corner Guren. Then they start to bicker over which of them would have the honor of killing him. Guren innocently suggest that they fight over who has the honor, and the pair actually takes his advice and start fighting.
  • The fact that Chooki managed to talk Gen into joining his valley ball team in "Feeling the Heat".
  • From episode 40, Beag takes learning that his heroes are a bunch of short human kids fairly well.
    Beag: Uh, you look kind of, on the puny side. Not that that's a bad thing...
  • During the battle with Granox and Slyger in episode 45, Bravenwolf and the Corekai forces are trapped by Venetta's sticky webs. Beag comes up with a plan to help Dromus, by singing...again.
  • Episode 46, "The Four Beags" has Beag argue, with himself.
    Beag: Who are you?!
    Fake!Beag: I could ask you the same thing, you imposter!
    Beag: You could, but I asked you first! You impertinent clone of an imposter!
  • Gen's rather pathetic attempt to distract Wakamei in "Toxsa Blocked".
    Gen: Does green hair in your family?


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