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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. All spoilers are unmarked


  • Iide trying to change the subject by asking his friend why he is wearing a unisex skirt.
    • The fact that despite wearing a skirt, Mori refuses to close his legs and stop flashing his underwear, and instead tries to shame Iide for looking in the first place.
  • The teacher trying to get a reaction from Hidomi by making her watch hardcore porn. And the whole class is in line both horrified and excited to see the video.
    Teacher: Which one of you is next?
    Ide: I AM!
    Teacher: Eh, I don't need to test you, Ide.
    Ide: Huh?
    Teacher: Who's next besides him?
    Mori: Oh! Oh! Me!
    Ide: MORI! Tell us what you see!
    Mori: I don't think I can! I hear you have to see for yourselves!
    Ide: I tried!
    Mori: Naaasty!
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  • Jinyu apologizing to Hinae about not killing Hidomi.
  • Hinae complaining about Jinyu being a hit and run driver, only to admit she seemed pretty cool when Hidomi asked.
  • Jinyu trying to wash dishes after becoming a maid at Hidomi's mother's cafe, and breaking every single one (including somehow splitting a plate perfectly in half with her bare hands.)
  • After posing as the world's most apathetic and family-unfriendly sociopathic teacher, Haruko, in typical Haruko fashion, tops this casual insanity when her real personality slowly slips through the cracks and she wheels out of control. She slowly drifts away from a cold and shamelessly insulting monotone into an increasingly unhinged and maniacal rant before finally tearing off her disguise and telling the class to be wild, getting them all to cheer and go nuts. Must have been a lot of fun for Kari Wahlgren to dub considering that character is her debut voice acting role.
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  • The class going crazy over "photos" that are actually badly drawn pictures.
  • In a Call-Back to the first season, the first episode's Monster of the Week gets a job as a crossing guard in episode 2 despite being a giant killer robot. Later in the episode it's having a drink with Eyepatch when it's suddenly pulled through an N.O. portal and into another fight with Jinyu against its will.
  • Ide's Butt-Monkey status getting even worse in Episode 2, where he's dragged around on a leash by Haruko to be used as a weapon, a human shield, and an N.O. portal to pull through the aforementioned Monster of the Week.
    • At the end of the fight, when Jinyu transforms her car into a medbay to help Hidomi and Ide recover, she gingerly places Hidomi inside, and then just tosses Ide in backwards almost as an afterthought.
  • In the middle of Episode 2, Iide gets the shit beat out of him by abusive thugs who steal his works he'd been trying to peddle off. Iide's attempts at being a Large Ham to get them to stop were weird enough, but for no good reason they're speaking genuine Japanese with subtitles in an English dub, get an actual censored bleep, and both Iide and Mori pull on the joke further as the former cries "Yamero" (stop it), and Mori goes on about "don't they understand what yamero means, they speak the same language!"
    • Even more hilarious for those who hang on certain imageboards, given that "Yamero" became a large meme following certain Gundam series.
  • After an episode of rising emotions, and then accidentally being triggered by the thought of dying to Haruko, Hidomi finally lets the N.O. portal in her head open up. The result? She's transformed into a tiny little robot doll that looks like a bunch of scrap. Haruko can't help but stop her fight with Jinyu and be amused about how weakly adorable it is.
    • Then it taps Haruko, whose blunt response is, "No touchy." A second later Haruko gets decked with a massive explosion of a punch that knocks her right out.
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  • When Marco finds out about Mori's fake girlfriend in Episode 3.
    *long, awkward silence*
    Mori: ...go on. Laugh at me.
    Marco: *lets out a split-second of an awkward laugh*
    Mori: Stop laughing!
  • Jinyu attempts to bond with Haruko at the beach, letting her bury her in sand. Cue Haruko standing literally several feet away mixing sand with concrete in a very obvious cement mixer without a single comment from Jinyu. Jinyu then spends almost an entire day just lying at the beach in a concrete cocoon, completely nonchalant about it. At one point she delivers a speech to Ide while completely underwater from the tide coming in. By the end of the episode she reveals that she could've broken out at any time, but didn't.
    • When she performs a Big Damn Heroes rescue on Ide, she's still just lying in her concrete cocoon in the backseat of her car. When she's finally motivated to break out, she only punches out holes for her limbs, and then stands on the hood of her car in the classic Gunbuster pose, looking absolutely silly in the process.
  • As Jinyu reveals that Haruko's been stalking her and Hidomi for the past three months, it's accompanied by shots of Haruko poorly hiding herself, until the last shot is just Haruko at Hidomi's house staring at her, with her face pressed up against a window, not even bothering to hide.
  • Haruko got pregnant. In reality it's more of a beer gut from devouring Jinyu, but she plays up what it looks like for all she can.
  • Haruko accuses Hidomi of "cock-blocking".
  • When Canti's screen displays a kiss symbol, meaning the being they love will come out of his screen when it's kissed, Haruko and Hidomi literally run over each other in the most undignified manner possible, shouting "SMOOCHSMOOCHSMOOCHSMOOCH" as they try to get to Canti first.


  • Mossan gets so fed up with Kana messing around with a broom as a guitar in front of Hijiri that she hits Kana's head with her papers.
  • Pets taking a bunch of panty shots of Hijiri without her noticing. Using the flash, no less. Her malevolent grin sells it.
  • "Diabetes waits for no one."
  • Haruko opens Kana's N.O. channel by giving her a boot to the head.
  • Haruko "deflowers" Kana.
  • "MAMA LIKE!"
  • Haruko whacks Toshio out of nowhere, and a tiny little toy car pops out of his forehead.
  • Haruko makes the Mars-and-Venus Gender Contrast:
    "Women are from Mars and Men are from Venus. I don't know about you, BUT I GOT A GIANT PENIS!" (shoots Bumblebee with her strategically placed guitar)
  • Kana's reaction when her brother casually shows her that the girlfriend he's been talking about having is actually a virtual anime girl.

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