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Episode Two

  • When Alberto shows up to stop the Feddies from opening the Unicorn Gundam, he loses his grip on the hand railing and winds up floating around the hangar, but still obnoxiously proclaiming his authority and how no one is to touch the Gundam.

Episode Four

  • The Aqua GM pilots strange obsession with firing their rocket anchors at their enemies without any benefit might count as black comedy CMOF. Especially firing them at a mobile armors claw which alone is as big as the GMs themselves.
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  • Banagher politely explaining (by that he means delivering a beatdown) to Zinnerman why killing civilians is wrong whilst the rest of the Garencieres crew pretends not to notice. Even when Zimmerman is shouting for help, his crew either look away or in one case:
    Zinnerman: (While getting literally kicked down by Banagher) Rolan, get this kid off me! (Tries to turn his head) Flaste!
    Flaste: Sorry cap, but I got my hands full right now. You're gonna have to take care of the kid yourself.
    Zinnerman: You son of a- (gets cut off with a kick in the face)
  • The Jesta pilots' response to seeing the Zeon Remnant attack force: "What is this? Some kind of walking war museum?"

Episode Five

  • Alberto's concern for Marida after her reconditioning into Ple Twelve. He tries to be nice to her and insists that she tell him if she feel at all uncomfortable or unwell, but she simply brushes it off by asking if it's an order. His utter failure at achieving even a fraction of what Marida had with Suberoa is just laughable.
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  • This dialogue between Zinnerman and Flaste, while the former's preparing to infiltrate the Garuda in mid-air:
    Zinnerman: Move the ship in closer!
    Flaste: (While inside the Garencieres' bridge) Are you really going through with this?
    Zinnerman: If I can get aboard, [Mineva]'s good as ours! (Cuts off comm feed)
    Flaste: (With a rather annoyed look) For Christ's sake, try acting your age for a change...
  • Watts raging hard at Banagher who had kicked him off his Base Jabber and into the sea.
  • Otto's beautifully-animated, zero-gravity, slow-motion Spit Take in Episode 5, after he realizes exactly who he's been ordered to work with.
    • What makes it funnier is that seconds before, he was lecturing his officers about how they had to remain composed, no matter what the situation.

Episode Six

  • Watts is fast becoming the Butt-Monkey of the series: when they were tailing the Garencieres (presumably on orders from Londo Bell), Watts (in the Jesta Cannon), who was still raging over what Banagher did to him the previous episode, spots the Sleeves freighter and proceeds to unload warning shots in front of the ship. Then the Garencieres explodes in front of him, while his fellow pilots realized that the ship's crew had already abandoned it upon meeting up with the Nahel Argama, leaving it as decoy.
  • During a rather tension-riddled scene among the crew members of the Nahel Argama, including Micott and Takuya, the latter asks the former as to what she thinks of Audrey's actions regarding her reveal of the final coordinates of Laplace's Box to Full Frontal. We are then treated with this short exchange:
    Micott: When a woman lies, my skin gets tingly, and she (Audrey) means business...
    (The rest of the crew present looks at her as she loads up her pistol...)
    Takuya: I don't understand women at all.
  • While Mineva rejecting Full Frontal's plan and decrying his claim to be Char is a Moment of Awesome, applying some Fridge Logic to her words (saying that his plan 'lacked Char's passion), reveals that she's basically saying that Frontal's plan isn't nearly ''crazy'' enough for him to be Char.

Episode Seven

  • The episode opens up with a rapid fire 100-second recap (of all things) detailing everything that happened up to the final episode, by poking fun subtly of...almost everyone.
    • It defines Full Frontal's ambition as "Talk about naked ambition!"
    • It refers Angelo as this "[Full Frontal]'s crazy, constantly angry lackey."
    • It cheekily reveals Marida likes ice cream.
    • "At least Mr Gilboa is nice" ... "And Daguza sacrifices himself. It's sad. Banagher shoots down Mr. Gilboa of all people. That part's really sad."
    • Pointing out how Riddhe becomes jealous the moment Mineva rejects him for Banagher. Then the narrator reminds herself to go back to the point.
    • All factions having different reasons about the box's contents.
    • The narrator admitting at the end she left stuff out, mildly complains about it, and tells the audience to go watch the previous episodes.
    • Then we get the actual previous episode's recap.
  • In an otherwise serious (and borderline tear-jerking) scene, Riddhe fires up the Banshee's 'green' Destroy Mode for the sole reason of taunting Banagher with stealing Mineva from him if he doesn't come back from getting himself killed via Newtype Limit Break. Banagher apparently took it seriously, considering he returned less than one and a half minutes later...
    Riddhe: You're always rushing into things prematurely, but nobody wants the outcome that you seek. Just having the possibility should be enough. You and I have to go on; we still have a lot of things left to do in this world, don't we?! I'm gonna drag you back here if it's the last thing I do! BANSHEE!!!
    (Banshee switches to Destroy Mode and starts chasing the Unicorn)
    Riddhe: How are you supposed to be with Mineva if you become that?! I'm gonna steal Audrey from you, Banagher!
  • Riddhe had another way earlier than the above mentioned: during his squabble with Marida (in the Repaired Kshatriya), he begins seeing images right in front of the green MS, particularly that of Marida, Audrey, Zinnerman, Micott, Takuya, Mihiro, and...
    Riddhe: ... Alberto?!
  • The usually composed Mineva is taken aback by Syam Vist, when it's revealed that he approves of Banagher's "choice in a partner."

Others / Meta-related

  • The 6-koma manga which came with the SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam model kit made fun of how later designs set in the UC era gets bulkier. First the stock Unicorn. Then the Full Armor with weapons from the Banshee. Then it got several Base Jabbers mounted on it. Then dozens of freaking missile launchers from Jegans variants...

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