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Funny / Dropkick On My Devil

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  • Episode 2
    • While talking about Jashin in the past, Medusa recalls an incident where young Jashin was bullying a young goblin who scored higher than her. And then, the goblin's father arrived, who looks and sounds a lot like Goku, save for the green skin and armor. Predictably, Jashin claimed it was Medusa who forced her to do the bullying to escape the father's wraith.
  • Episode 11:
    • While trying to act more mischievous, Jashin is forced by Yurine to retrieve a little girl's balloon. Jashin does so...only to then get lifted into the air. The ending montage consists of: Persephone II finally finding Jashin, Mei jumping onto the tops of cars when she discovers Jashin's plight, Pekola feebishly running after her, and it concludes with Jashin making it into outer space and bidding the audience farewell before doing her signature dropkick.

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