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  • Senku manages to terrify Kinrou and Ginrou with bubbles. No, really.
  • One of Chrome's "sorcery" techniques is using a ball of sulfur to generate static electricity. Senku uses a nearby flag on it and ends up with even more Anime Hair than usual.
  • Chrome admits that Senku might have him beat in the realm of "sorcery" (just plain chemistry), but if he wants access to Chrome's cache of minerals, he'll need to beat Chrome in the field that he's never lost in - ARITHMETIC. Senku wins offscreen between panels.
    • We later get to see said Arithmetic Battle. It's just as one-sided as you'd expect.
  • Senku yanks off Suika's mask with no warning, revealing her extremely adorable face. Kohaku immediately falls into Cuteness Proximity... and just as quickly backs out of it when Suika's face shrivels like a raisin due to eye strain.
  • After obtaining sulfuric acid, Senku and co. are able to knock out hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. And each time, Senku explains what they do with an increasingly demonic looking face, resulting in a very freaked-out Suika.
    • After explaining the sodium hydroxide can be used to dissolve bodies, he gives a Don't Try This at Home telling good boys and girls not to do so. Kinrou then points out that good boys and girls wouldn't need to dissolve bodies in the first place.
  • Senku wins the title of village chief and marries Ruri on the spot, no ceremony or anything. Then three pages later, divorces her on the spot, with just as little ceremony.
  • To help Byakuya train for the clothed swimming exam (one of the tests required to become an astronaut), Senku builds an electrode-riden suit to help him train the right muscle groups. He then pushes Byakuya right into a pool, where it becomes painfully clear that Senku's got some bugs to work out.
    • The crazy thing is that while the suit itself was completely useless, the fact that Senku put so much effort into helping him gave Byakuya the drive to train harder, leading to him passing the exam.
  • Lillian's introduction. She loudly complains about the narrow passageways on the ISS, and goes full diva, demanding everybody's full respect and attention... and then Byakuya bursts out laughing, revealing the whole thing was a prank she thought up. Then Shamil notes that they had practiced on the way.
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  • Byakuya plays with his food. In Zero-G.
  • Senku is discussing his plan to make the metal fibers needed to make cell phones. For which he'll need... A COTTON CANDY MACHINE!!!
    Gen: I feel like the IQ of this conversation just dropped a thousand points.
  • Senku explaining that the worst scenario after they escaped from a hole during their mining expedition wasn’t dying in the hole with Magma. It was being stuck in the water for so long that they’d have to hug each other for warmth. Magma and Chrome both agree with Senku, even vomiting at the thought of Senku and Magma hugging each other.
  • After Senku, Chrome, and Magma successfully find a critical ore deposit for making tungsten in a cave, Chrome drops a cliche'd line about their friendship being the real treasure that would normally be taken seriously in a shonen. Senku and Magma can only look at him in mutual disgust for what he's just said. Even Chrome regretted saying it the moment the words came out of his mouth.
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  • When the phone has been completed by Senku and company, Ginro convinces Chrome to confess his true feelings to Ruri - and he does by screaming SCIENCE IS GREAT. Even Ruri is disappointed.
  • Senku manages to pin Homura down!... until she tries to escape and finds it exceedingly easy to slip out. And right after the villagers thought even with Senku's pitiful strength, he would be able to hold Homura down.
  • After Chrome is taken captive by the Tsukasa Empire, Senku says that they'll see him as a harmless primitive, so he should be fine as long as he doesn't shoot his mouth off. Kohaku then asks, "This is Chrome we're talking about, right?" She even repeats it for emphasis before everyone else gets a Mass "Oh, Crap!" expression, and Senku realizes they need to speed up their timetable.
  • Some of the faces Senku makes in chapter 78, and others' reactions to them. The first being when he's gloating over having taken control of the nitric acid cave, which has even his own allies calling him a scumbag. The second when he's planning to use dynamite to blow through the bedrock so they can unearth some statues.
    Senku: On the off-chance a stone statue gets blown up, we'll just stick it back together again!!
    Yuzuriha: Ummm, just who will be doing that hellish work again, Senku?
  • After running away to avoid responsibility for Chrome's escape, Yo returns to the base a few days later to find that through Senku's leadership, the base's facilities have improved immensely. So he makes his grand return claiming to have had amnesia, which EVERYONE sees through immediately. Yuzuriha still vouches for him, since she's always looking for somebody to help her piece together statues. Yo agrees... and then he sees the full scale of the excavation project.
  • Yo and Magma very quickly establish a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork dynamic, usually by way of Magma laughing his ass off from ideas like the Earth being round and a flying machine. Followed by Yo doing his best to suppress laughter, mumbling about how he mustn't laugh at the savages.
  • Gen holds a competition to see who can design the best boat for their trip to South America. Senku's design wins easy, being a full-fledged diagram with measurements, design plans, and everything. Magma's, while dramatically underscale, is a practical vessel which he roped one of the best artists in the village into drawing out for him. Yo, meanwhile, boasts about having his already built... and it's an utterly pathetic, outright unusable wreck of a raft.
  • In order to get them across the ocean, Senku enlists the aid of a former reporter who had previously helped Tsukasa find people to revive. She leads them to the site of a maritime school where she's traumatized to find the petrified "prodigal son" of the school's owner, a passionate and very skilled sailor, but one whose personality makes her say they should revive anyone but him. So while the others are debating whether it's better to go for pure skill or someone who's almost as skilled and easier to work with, Senku goes ahead and revives the guy in the background.
    • After his revival, Ryusui Nanami pretty much instantly establishes himself as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer rivaling any other character in the series. He's so loud and obnoxious, it's easy to see why the reporter was against reviving him, but it's equally obvious that he's the only one they'll find who's capable enough to get the job done.
    • In the same chapter, Senku dubs the group who'll be digging up statues the "gorilla team", which Kohaku definitely doesn't appreciate.
  • To help speed up cloth-making, Yuzuriha enlists Team Science to make a loom. She expects a small scale hand-powered one... Senku and Kaseki give her a factory-grade one that's bigger than she is, complete with a chair, a lamp, and CUPHOLDERS. On seeing her expression of shock Senku apologizes for lack of time to make it more heavy-duty and asks if she wanted it electric.
  • After they successfully create a wheat field, Senku tries to make bread. It's a black burnt hardened rock. While the Ishigami Village residents love it, the de-petrified people can't stomach it.
  • Chapter 99 is a photo chronicle made by Minami during the ship's production. Highlights include:
    • Ryusui wanting to put a casino in the ship.
    • Kohaku getting so into skiing and swimming that she ends up just a blur, resulting in the Stone World's first spirit photography.
    • Senku manages to cobble up some chocolate using local herbs, beans, and ozone.
    • On Minami's suggestion, the crew try putting captions on the photos. Yuzuriha asks who did one of the ultra-cutesy captions, thinking it's Mirai's handwriting. It's Nikki's.
    • Attached to the above, Senku and Kaseki try their hand at captioning. The result is a technical explanation of the construction of the engine they're making, looking like something out of a textbook.
  • Chapter 100, The Perseus sets sail with its crew, and Ginro opts to stay behind, only to come swimming after them after having a tearful change of heart... except not really. He was counting on nobody on the ship being able to notice him, so he'd be able to swim back and act brave for all the women in the village. Except Senku decided to turn the sonar back toward shore, causing Ginro to be detected, and Taiju dove overboard to bring Ginro up onto the ship, leaving him stuck on the voyage he wanted to avoid. Even better, from his arbitrary decision to aim the radar back at the shore, it’s implied that Senku knew what Ginro was up to, and used the radar to catch Ginro in the act, so that Senku could essentially troll him.
    • During the crew-selection process, Kohaku points out that, with all their strongest fighters leaving on the ship, if Hyoga and Homura were to break out of their cells, they could potentially take over all of Japan, with no one left strong enough to oppose them. We then cut to Hyoga and Homura, having been transferred to a portable cell, which is pretty much a tiny doghouse nailed to the ship’s deck, Senku having decided to just bring them along.
  • Chapter 107, Kohaku is overwhelmed by an opponent and screams out "LAB!" Realizing that these people have no idea a "lab" is, Gen takes the chance to make it look like Senku and Kohaku are a couple (with Senku's name being Lab). To further the deception, Kohaku plants a kiss on Senku's cheek. The look on his face is beyond priceless.
  • Chapter 108: It's revealed that there is one survivor of the mass petrification of the Perseus' crew.'s Ginro. Once they realize that, the reactions of the shore crew are very appropriate.

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