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Heartwarming / Dropkick On My Devil

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  • Yurine is shown to be able to get along with other people quite well given how she shows Jashin herself little to no mercy whenever she crosses the line. One of the most common instances of this is providing Pekola food which she would initially try to force herself from partaking in because of her perception of Yurine being a witch (her bloodily punishing Jashin notwithstanding) only to be compelled to. As such, Pekola's initial concept on Yurine appears to be slowly dwindling down to where she thanks her for the food, though in her own way.
    • This is best exemplified when Pekola tries to give her a Badass Boast claiming that once she obtains her halo, she would exterminate her and the devil girls, Yurine warmly tells her that she does hope that she find it. From this, it becomes apparent that Yurine most likely views Pekola as a scared little kid.
  • Despite admitting on viewing her as her "personal ATM," Jashin does show — in her own way — that she cares for Medusa having bought her a panda-human doll that she wanted (though with her own money). Medusa becomes overjoyed and hugs Jashin who quietly asks her to stop hugging her in a clearly embarrassed fashion. For whatever reason despite her being a firm example of a scumbag, Medusa had always been by Jashin's side for thousands of years and shows no interest in legitimately leaving her.

  • Episode 3:
    • Koji taking a liking to Yurine and asking her older sister Yusa for permission to visit her.

  • Episode 5:
    • Minos buying Yurine a mandragora note  doll and Yurine's reaction to it.

  • Episode 6:
    • Seeing young versions of Medusa, Jashin, and Minos.
    • While unintentional on her part, Jashin saves Pekola from getting killed by her former apprentice Poporon.
    • In another moment where there is seemingly nothing altruistic in her actions, Jashin has Pekola come with her to Yurine's apartment. While for the most part it's because Yurine wouldn't believe her story if she dared to explain it, but it was also because she truly put everything into that bowl of curry that Poporon spilled.

  • Episode 7:
    • After making Medusa upset, Jashin makes up for it by having a date with her where she treats Medusa this time. Jashin even dropkicks the con man Medusa bought contacts from, and offers to let her ride her back as her legs were still petrified. Later lampshaded by Yurine who's impressed at Jashin's actions.

  • Episode 8:
    • Putting aside the fact that she tried to kill her, Pekola tries to look after Poporon, under the belief that since they were both stranded on Earth, they needed each other to survive.
    • Jashin giving the bag of peanuts and a food roll to Pekola...even though she was pelting her with peanuts just for the sake of bullying someone.
    • Yurine bonding with the little ogre during a celebration.

  • Episode 9:
    • Minos assisting Pekola in carrying heavy bags on the job. This also shows how Pekola is gradually becoming less prejudiced against demon girls since she tried to thank her for her help, but by then, Minos had already ran off.

  • Episode 10:
    • Pekola trying to protect Poporon from an assailant during one of her concerts. Regardless of how much Poporon mistreated her, Pekola was still willing to protect her, and Poporon expresses appreciation for it by paying for her hospital bill.
    • Yurine doting on Koji. When Jashin claimed that she killed Yurine, Koji's first instinct is to avenge Yurine by attacking Jashin.

  • Episode 11:
    • When Yurine gets a fever, Jashin surprisingly doesn't seize the opportunity on killing Yurine note . Rather, she asks for her friends' assistance with helping her get better. Jashin of course tries to act like she only did it because by killing Yurine she would've isolated herself from them, Medusa and Minos see through her claim. Yurine even thanks Jashin for taking care of her. Jashin also sang a song describing her life with Yurine. While she still desires to go home, she realizes that by killing Yurine, she would never see her again.
    • Medusa comforting Mei when she was drunkenly telling her about how much she hated her job.
    • Despite her frequently refusing to associate with the devil girls and Yurine, Pekola ultimately proves that she now views them as her friends. When Poporon/Noelle accuses her of this, Pekola calmly defends them by telling Poporon that it was a rude thing for her to say. While Pekola is still down on her luck, the season ends with her being relatively happy.
      • When Pekola sees Jashin floating in the air, the first thing she does is run after her.
    • Yurine was willing to invite Poporon to eat with them, and apologizes if she was being too pushy with it.
    • Persephone II finally finds Jashin...even though she was floating in the air with a balloon at the time.
    • Yurine admits to the girls that sometimes she envies them because of their massive lifespans, wishing that she could live to at least a 100 to see how the future progresses. In return, the demon girls (sans Jashin) state that humans may actually be more special because even with their short existence, they still leave a legacy that outlives them, which makes demons' long lives look lazy in comparison.
    • The little girl who lost her balloon takes an immediate liking for Yurine and waves goodbye to her when Yurine ran after Jashin.
    • Jashin bidding the audience farewell and hoping to meet again before ending the series with her signature dropkick.

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