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Tear Jerker / Dropkick On My Devil

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  • Pekola's life is one disappointment after another. Having lost her halo and stranded on Earth, Pekola is no more strong than the average human. Constantly hungry, Pekola now resides in a cardboard box.
    • After working hard in a part time job, Pekola returns home only to find it destroyed by a drunken Jashin's carelessness. With nothing left to lose, Pekola weakly laughs at her misfortune.
    • Reuniting with her apprentice Poporon, what was once delight suddenly transforms into horror for Pekola when she realizes that Poporon searched her down to assassinate her so that she could permanently keep her position.
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    • Episode 8 is an even more bleak emotional ride for Pekola. Her segment begins with her getting dropkicked by Jashin who then steals her bread crusts (even though Jashin is already well-fed). When Poporon appears, she still acts like her high and mighty self, apparently learning nothing from her last experience. She derides Pekola for "befriending" a demon, and flatly rejects Pekola's offer of working together to survive in the city. Despite all this, Pekola puts her animosity aside and tries to save Poporon when she feared she was in over her head. Pekola's segment ends with her being given an ehomaki roll by Jashin who also tells her that if she ate it in a certain way, good fortune would be bestowed to her. Pekola nearly chokes to death on the ehomaki roll, embittered that it seems like her suffering is far from over.
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    • Episode 10: After slaving all day, Pekola accidentally loses her money which goes into a donation box. While initially pleased that the money would at least be given to needy children, Pekola realizes that it was actually a scam.
    • Pekola gets a job as a bodyguard for Poporon and naturally gets injured trying to protect Poporon from a mad man. However, this also leads to a genuinely touching moment of Poporon opting to pay for her medical bill.
  • Some aspects of Jashin's relationship with Medusa falls under this. From the outside, the relationship seems one-sided with Medusa being the one trying to make the relationship work by providing Jashin with money despite disapproving of Jashin's attempts at ending Yurine. While there are moments where Jashin shows that she truly does care for her, the moments where she is inconsiderate or emotionally abusive towards Medusa are more pronoun. Examples include:
    • In episode 3, Jashin gets mad at Medusa for siding with Yurine when she was only concerned for her well-being. Jashin accuses her of being a "goody two-shoes" causing Medusa to run away crying.
    • In episode 4, Medusa discovers (what she believed to be) Jashin's dead body. The fact that it was a crude prank on Jashin's part makes it all the more disgusting.
    • Episode 7: After learning that Medusa had a "new friend," Jashin becomes envious, angrily calling Medusa over to the house. Once she's there, she calls Medusa a series of horrible names, making the poor girl cry heavily as she explained that her "friend" was actually Jashin, because she had secretly been working more jobs in order to provide Jashin money. Even Yurine tells Jashin that that was low, even for her.
  • Episode 10:
    • Koji reacting in anger when Jashin claimed that Yurine died. When she tried to avenge Yurine, Jashin swats her away with her tail before rapidly smacking her with it for good measure.
  • Episode 11:
    • Pekola suggests that Poporon hadn't always been bitter, implying that something happened to make Poporon the way she was now.

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