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Awesome / Dropkick On My Devil

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Don't mess with her curry.
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  • Any time Yurine punishes Jashin for getting out of line.
  • The opening is an awesome blend of goofiness and metal.

     In the anime 
  • Episode 6:

  • Episode 7:
    • Jashin eating Poporon's halo and not suffering any notable pain from doing so. With this, she completely destroys Poporon, transforming her from a haughty angel who believed she deserved to be a full-fledged angel even if it meant murder, to a powerless girl who doesn't think twice to run away.
    • Jashin dropkicking a devil con man who sold Medusa contacts that were gradually petrifying her legs.

  • Episode 9:
    • Medusa stops the bank robbers by using her powers. After receiving a standing ovation, she leaves Jashin to deal with Officer Mei Tachibana after Jashin's self-preserving nature came back to bite her.
    • Yurine becomes aware of Poporon (who was using another name at the time) due to her having an aura similar to one of her friends. As a result, Poporon has to deal with not just Jashin, but her as well.

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