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Drinking Game / Dropkick on My Devil

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Drinking game for Dropkick on My Devil.

  • Take a shot every time Jashin tries to kill Yurine only to fail.
    • If you're really daring, take another shot whenever Yurine punishes Jashin.
  • Take one whenever Pekola's stomach growls when she's out in public.
  • One for Jashin manipulating Medusa into giving her money.
    • Take two when Medusa and Jashin have a falling out.
  • Mei Tachibana trying to steal something she considers cute.
    • Whenever she tries to kidnap Jashin.
  • Take a shot for anytime Baphomet appears, doing something humorous.
    • Take another if he's eating something at the time, otherwise take two shots.
  • Take one for the many times that Persephone II tries to find Jashin only to narrowly miss her each time.

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