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  • Usagi slipping while descending the stairs and ending up descending them... with her butt.
  • The first meeting between Usagi and Mamoru. Especially her attempts to deny she's attracted to the weirdo wearing a tuxedo in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Usagi hit a solid wood door with her feet, providing one of the show's few wild takes (Her eyes turned completely white).
  • Usagi's second dream; It starts with Usagi and Endymion escaping from something... Then this something is revealed to be Godzilla, and it quickly degenerates to a Sailor V Game screen where Luna is in a bird cage and the dream ends with Luna scratching Usagi to wake her up and speaking to her for the first time.
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  • At the end of the first episode, Usagi's chagrin at finding out that her moonlighting as Sailor Moon was not a dream after all.


  • Bordering on Fridge Brilliance and Mythology Gag, Ami gets her transformation pen out of the Sailor V game... and for several scenes, even AFTER she finds out what it's for, she's using it as an actual pen!
  • Usagi basically stealing her disguise pen from the Sailor V game by shaking it out via a temper tantrum. Then she asks Motoki if she can keep it.
  • Usagi thinks the best way to figure out the secret behind the Crystal Disk is to just punch random keys. Luna responds by saying "I highly doubt it would be that easy, Usagi." Right after she finishes saying that, it does.



  • Usagi ends up sitting next to Mamoru on the bus and tries to use Luna to hide her blushing face.
  • Sailor Moon's attempt to threaten Jadeite doesn't work out so well.
    Release Rei and the others you took, right now... Mister, uh... whoever you are?
  • Rei being perhaps the first person ever to see through Sailor Moon's Paper-Thin Disguise, recalls Usagi's face (with hearts in her eyes) and ask, "Usagi, is that you?" To which Sailor Moon replies "N-no, Rei! I-it's not me! I'm not Usagi!", prompting a facepalm from Luna.
    • The English dub has a bit where Sailor Moon tries and fails at making a Comes Great Responsibility rationale to Rei. It gets even funnier in hindsight considering the actor for Mamoru is currently voicing the Trope Namer.
    • The funniest thing about this is by comparing Rei's perception of Usagi to how Usagi actually acted. When she first sees Rei, Usagi gets hearts in her eyes and is left speechless. When Rei recognizes Usagi, her image of Usagi has the girl with the hearts in her eyes, but she's also completely ecstatic with her mouth in a big, open smile. That is what Rei thinks of when she thinks of Usagi at that point.
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  • Equally as funny as it was in both the manga and first anime, when Rei tosses one of her "Akuryou Taisan" ofuda (paper talismans) at Usagi, you can't help but laugh at it.


  • Ikuko Tsukino wishes her daughter was a bit more like Sailor Moon.
    • Later, spotting the disguised Usagi at the masquerade party, Kenji Tsukino observes that "that woman looks a lot like Usagi" and wonders if his daughter will grow up to be that pretty too.
  • Luna's "you've got to be kidding me" face when she picks up the large stack of manga Usagi had stayed up all night reading.


  • Makoto trying to eat her lunch... with Usagi hovering behind her over the back of the school bench, staring longingly at the rice ball in Mako's hand. When Makoto offers her some, Usagi promptly leaps over the bench to sit beside her, protests that it's Makoto's lunch, and then reaches in anyhow.
    Usagi: Ah, maybe just one!
    • Usagi acts a lot like a small animal in this scene. Makoto is not so much making a new friend as befriending a small pet.
  • After the defeat of the Monster of the Week, all the abducted grooms wake up with one of them hugging a mannequin.


  • Sailor V's sprite in the video game speaks directly to Usagi to encourage her... giving Usagi a minor freak-out in the process, since nobody else present seems to notice anything.


  • Umino pops up out of the bushes - complete with handfuls of foliage that he was using as a disguise - to interrupt Ami, Makoto, and Usagi's discussion about Sailor V and inform them that the big news these days is Sailor Moon. Since he's already under the influence of Zoisite's brainwashing Dark Rental, this leads quickly to Umino channeling Professor Tomoe as he declares that he'll be the one to catch Sailor Moon, darkening into a black silhouette with nothing but Scary Shiny Glasses and a Slasher Smile. The girls' faces are priceless.
    • Unfortunately, this has been removed from the Blu-ray release.
  • Ami speculates that, as the leader of the Sailor Senshi, Usagi may have some kind of special ability. Meanwhile, Usagi is holding Makoto's entire lunch basket directly up to her face; when she lowers it, she has lettuce sticking out of her mouth and ketchup smeared over her cheek and nose. Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Sailor V's Super-Deformed sprite shouting at Usagi.

ACT 10

ACT 11

  • Usagi's dream. She's walking through the ruins of Silver Millennium as Serenity when she notices a man walking there, believing it's Tuxedo Mask she tries to reach him... And then a giant Luna appears to tell her to wake up.
  • Visiting Ami at home in a luxury building, Minako asks if she looks suspicious. While holding a broadsword. Without missing a beat, Rei and Makoto confirm in unison that yes, Minako definitely looks suspicious.
  • Minako's freak-out after she shatters a diamond with the Moon Sword.

ACT 14

  • After Metallia's defeat, we see the girls lives returning to (almost) normal. Usagi wakes up in time, so Shingo muses that pigs must be flying now, but Ikuko praises her for finally shaping up... Cue Usagi realizing she has forgotten her homework.
  • At the end of the episode Usagi and Mamoru are having a romantic moment, they kiss... Then a ball falls down from the sky on Mamoru and Chibiusa falls down on Usagi, kisses Mamoru, and as the poor guy is trying to make sense of what just happened and blushes, she pulls a gun on Usagi and tries to rob her of the Silver Crystal.

ACT 15

  • Chibiusa's antics. One moment there's a sad scene... And then she does something so childish or absurd, and always unexpected, you can't help but laugh.
  • The girls' speculations on Chibiusa's identity:
    Rei: "A secret love-child, perhaps?"
    Ami: "I vote for long-lost sister."
    Usagi: *strange sound*
    Minako *still eating an ice cream without any care*: "Delicious!"
    Usagi: *growls* "Guys!"
    • Even funnier when you remember that Rei is almost right: Chibiusa is Usagi's child, just legitimate... And barely so.
  • Asanuma showing up to gush upon Makoto and Mamoru... And Makoto treating him like the fanboy he is and as if he's a little child, when he's two years older. Not that you'd notice, given their respective heights...
  • Rei's horror when she notices Usagi and Minako's influence on her.

ACT 16

  • Ami's thinking about Berthier and Sailor Mars' kidnapping while swimming in the pool... And then Naru and Usagi appear from nowhere.
  • When Usagi shouts during the chess match to cheer Ami, who is it that gags her? Minako, of all people! Somehow, the hammiest, most energetic and out of control of the Sailor Senshi knew she was supposed to shut up in that occasion but Usagi didn't.

ACT 17

  • Chibiusa trying to console Usagi... Only to scare her when Luna-P shows up shouting and piss her off when she tells her where she got the Tuxedo Mask doll.
  • Usagi goes to the Crown to meet with Mamoru... And then freaks out when she notices Chibiusa followed her there. They then proceed to prove they're Not So Different... By their gluttony, rivalry at video games, and fangirling over Sailor V. The latter of which, incidentally, seems rather pleased by this.
  • Asanuma freaking out when he realizes that Luna talks, and then getting worse when he overhears the rest of her conversation with Mamoru and Usagi about Chibiusa and the Black Moon. By the time Luna repairs Luna-P, he's about to scream and have an heart attack...
    • How did Luna repair Luna-P? She hit it on the crescent symbol, accidentally resetting it.
    • Later, Asanuma asks an explanation about what he heard and saw... And Makoto has the most hilarious Oh, Crap!/WTF face when he starts with having heard Luna speaking.
  • Don't touch Makoto when she has a cold: she'll give you an electric shock.

ACT 19

ACT 20

  • The iconic scene of Usagi and Mamoru finding out that Chibi-Usa is their daughter.
  • There's also the scene when Luna and Artemis find out that they'll eventually have a daughter.
  • After all the serious events, the group returned to the past... But when they do, they (presumably) fell from the sky and landed in the park. It took Sailor Venus a few seconds to then realise that everybody else was in a dog (and cat) pile and that she was sitting on top of them! Her scream afterwards really sells it!
    Sailor Moon: Get off, Venus...
    Sailor Venus: AAAHHH! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?

ACT 22

  • Poor Venus has to stay behind when both Tuxedo Masks left to check on Pluto.
    Sailor Venus: Ahhh, what gives?! Why does everyone keep leaving me behind!? It's driving me crazy!

ACT 25

  • Demande's face when time restarts and he finds himself empty-handed in priceless.

ACT 26

ACT 27, PART 1

ACT 27, PART 2

  • Usagi and Chibiusa arguing over the latter talking to Mamoru over the phone, resulting in a Big Ball of Violence. The exasperated Mommy Ikuko has to put an end to the shenanigans by physically snatching Chibiusa out of the fray.
    • Later, Usagi, who has found out Mamoru will chaperone Chibiusa and her friends at the amusement park, calls Mamoru and tells him she'll join them. Her reaction when he reminds her she's supposed to scout the Mugen Gakuen is priceless... And typically Usagi.
  • Mamoru has a Sailor Guardian-style communicator, but with his mask in place of a planetary symbol. This is all.
  • The girls' half-bewildered half-resigned reaction when Usagi decides to infiltrate the Mugen Academy by disguising as a student with the Disguise Pen. Gets funnier when she's in and meets Michiru, who sees through the disguise and warns her it's dangerous... And, of course someone from the disciplinary committee shows up and immediately recognizes Usagi as an intruder.
  • Sailor Moon trying (and failing) to stop Chibi Moon from blowing their secret identities to Hotaru (who has already seen them transforming).

ACT 28

  • The whole scene of Usagi asking Haruka if "he" is a Sailor Guardian.
  • Up into the mountains to meditate and purify herself, Rei senses the existence of the Talismans, wonders if that's the key to defeat the Death Busters... and Makoto and the others appear from nowhere to celebrate.
  • Ami's present to Rei: a workbook for the exams. It's Usagi and Minako's horrified reaction that sells it.
  • Makoto's reaction to Haruka's Judo challenge.

ACT 29

  • Minako's fixation with Mimi Hanyuu's Mugen Academy-exclusive concert. She even uses her old compact from the Sailor V days to disguise herself and attend it...
  • Chibiusa has to go back home but it's late, and she realizes she shouldn't get around alone. She wonders if she should call either Usagi or Mamoru... Cue Haruka and Michiru showing up to give her a lift with one of their helicopters.

ACT 31

  • Walking through a crowd, Usagi catches sight of Haruka and Michiru passing by in the other direction. What do the cool, mysterious Dark Magical Girls do the moment they realize they've been spotted? Run for it like a pair of scared bunnies, that's what.
  • While not quite as funny as in the original series, Chibi Moon's first Pink Sugar Heart Attack is again an Epic Fail due to how the action was setting it up to allow her to turn the tables against Tellu, only for her to casually absorb it.

ACT 31.5

ACT 33

  • What do Cyprine and Ptilol do when Super Sailor Moon uses the Rainbow Moon Heartache? Why, they hug in terror at the incoming stream of pink hearts!
  • The discussion about the rent of Sailor Uranus's apartment.

ACT 34

  • Kaolinite's Luminescent Blush when Mistress 9 reminds her who's in command, with Mistress 9's choice of words making it look like Kaolinite is the maid who took care of Mistress 9's husband while she was away and tried to seduce him but failed.
  • Sailor Mercury's reaction when, in the Infinite Labyrinth, stumbles on an incredibly advanced computer.

ACT 36

  • To anyone who saw the first anime, Mistress 9's bewildered reaction when she gets hurt by the Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

ACT 38


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