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  • Adaptation Sequence: Sailor V Manga —> Sailor Moon Manga —> Anime —> Musicals —> Non-canon video game —> Live-action television series —> Another anime
  • Affectionate Nickname: To create a new bond between her new Sailor Scout cast mates, Kotono Mitsuishi gave all of her new scouts nicknames such as "Jupiko," "Urao," and "Nepuko" as her sincere way of accepting them into her Sailor Moon family.
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  • Ascended Fanon: In the period when Youtube creators started making fan videos wih clips from the 90's series, it was common to see the already existing stock footage edited in some way to make "new" attacks for the Sailor Guardians. Somehow, it became incredibly common to portray the windy part of Sailor Pluto's Dead scream as her Chronos Typhoon attack. When Season 3 came along with shout-outs to the old anime everywhere, guess what Chronos Typhoon looked like. Combined with Hilarious in Hindsight as the creators in the Japanese communities weren't active to that extent, and the staff probably didn't know about the fanmade videos.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Diana is voiced by the famous Japanese singer and actress Shoko Nakagawa.
  • Channel Hop: Crystal was originally streamed worldwide on the Nico Nico Douga service. Just before the final episodes were taken off the website, the updated Crystal episodes from the Blu-Ray release moved to Tokyo MX.
  • Creator Couple:
    • Cristina Hernández voiced Chibi-usa in the Latin American Spanish dub, also serving as the dub's director. Her husband, Ricardo Tejedo, voiced Zoisite.
    • Dubbing House's co-founder, Paola Felgueres, is the wife of Nephrite's Latin American Spanish voice actor, Jesús Guzmán.
  • Directed by Cast Member: The Latin American Spanish dub is directed by Cristina Hernández, who provides the voice for Chibi-usa.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • With the news that Crystal is a Truer to the Text re-adaptation of the manga similar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the new anime is quickly gaining the title of Sailor Moon: Sisterhood.
    • Season 3 is somewhat disparagingly referred to as "PreCure Moon" by fans who find the updated art style to be more reminiscent of a Pretty Cure show (Akira Takahashi, who took over the role of character designer beginning in Season 3, previously provided the character designs of Suite Pretty Cure ♪ and DokiDoki! PreCure.)
  • Hey, It's That Sound!:
    • Some of the sound effects in Crystal are derived from Hanna-Barbera's own sound library.
    • For Season 3, the series also reused the original sound effects from the 90s anime (which also includes the transformation sound effects). Oddly enough, the original sound effect artist Yasuyuki Konno was involved in both this series and the 90s anime.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many viewers figured that the series was going to go into the Wiseman arc due to the fact that the series was serializing 1 act per episode and the To Be Continued card showing Princess Serenity holding the Cutie Moon Rod.
    • Quite a few people in Latin America predicted that their Spanish dub would use the original Japanese names.
  • Jossed: When the Latin American Spanish dub of Crystal was announced in early May, many fans assumed that Mariana Ortiz would replace her late mother Araceli de León as Sailor Jupiter. However, by May 21, Cristina Hernández confirmed in an Instagram announcement that Adriana Olmedo would voice Jupiter. This did not go over well with fans, and it is believed Executive Meddling led to Olmedo being chosen over Ortiz.
  • The Merch: A new wave of merchandise has already swamped shelves in Japan, but this time around, merchandisers have a chance to practice Multiple Demographic Appeal. Bandai courts adult women, for example, by selling Crystal-branded Swarovski crystal "tiara rings" at over one hundred dollars each.
  • Milestone Celebration: The initial announcement for Crystal happened during the 20th anniversary celebration of the franchise. Some Crystal merchandise also bears the 20th-anniversary logo, despite being released two years later. Likewise, the two-part film adaptation of the fourth arc was announced during the franchise's 25th anniversary.
  • The Original Darrin: In the German dub, Sabine Bohlmann, the original voice of Usagi/Sailor Moon, resumed her role after being replaced by Inez Günther for the remainder of the '90s anime after Bohlmann went on maternity leave.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Aside from Kotono Mitsuishi, who returned to reprise her role as Usagi, Crystal inevitably replaces every one of the original Japanese voice actors not only because of the first anime dating back to 1992, but also because some of the cast have either diednote  or retirednote  long after the series was broadcast. Interestingly, a couple other actors from the original series return for Crystal... as different characters! For instance, Mami Koyama, the original voice of Esmeraude in the 90s anime, returns here as Queen Serenity.
    • In the German dub, everyone else apart from Sabine Bohlmann was recast. Makes sense with Makoto, whose original German voice actress Veronika Neugebauer sadly succumbed to colorectal cancer in 2009.
    • The Italian dub of the original 90s anime was recorded in Milan at Deneb Film and aired on Canale 5. When Crystal was picked up for broadcast by RAI in December 2016, most of the original cast was retired and RAI uses Rome-based recording studios for animation projects; as such, the dub was recorded at La and everyone was re-cast, including the Sailor Guardiansnote .
    • The European Portuguese dub also replaces all of the original voice actors with the exception of Cristina Cavalinhos, who reprises her role as Rei. As with the Japanese version, some of the actors from the original series return as different characters, such as Cavalinhos voicing Luna of all characters.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub:
      • Most side characters and some main characters, including Makotonote , were recast either due to their voice actors having passed awaynote , were ill at the time of recordingnote , have retired from voice actingnote , are now living out of townnote , or left/resigned from Dubbing House altogether over disputes with said studionote .
      • Like the Japanese version, some of the original actors return as different characters; like Magda Ginernote , Alejandra de la Rosanote  and Ruth Toscanonote .
  • The Other Marty:
    • When Crystal was first announced, Toru Furuya was originally set to reprise his role as Mamoru. However, he was eventually replaced by Kenji Nojima.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Rocío Garcel originally reprised her role as Luna from the original series. She had recorded the first four episodes when, due to her fragile health at the time, her doctor recommended her to take a break from voice acting. As such, Irene Jiménez replaced Garcel as Luna, and subsequently redubbed her dialogue for the first four episodes for consistency. Garcel has since recovered.
  • Posthumous Credit: Despite succumbing to complications from breast cancer midway through the Death Busters arc, Yuko Mizutani recorded all of her lines months in advance and was given a credit as Ikuko for the last seven episodes of the third season.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Rei's Japanese voice actress, Rina Sato, was a huge fan of the original anime series as a child.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Both of Cristina Hernández's children have roles in the Latin American Spanish dub. María García voices Naru Osaka and Eduardo Gutiérrez voices Shingo Tsukino.
    • Alicia Vélez, Kuri's LA voice actress, is the daughter of Cony Madera, Diana's actress.
    • Jorge Roig Jr., the LA voice actor for Kenji Tsukino, is the son of Rocío Garcel, who was originally set to play Luna before her health problems surfaced.
    • Gaby Willer, Kaolinite's new LA voice actress, is the daughter of the late Liza Willert, who voiced the character in the original series.
  • Role Reprise:
    • Kotono Mitsuishi returns to reprise her role as Usagi/Sailor Moon after the 17-year gap between the 90's anime and Crystal, but her voice is noticeably different. She sounds exactly like Hummy, and her wails and whines channel Ebichu. Not only that, but Mitsuishi is one of the only original cast members to reprise her role this time around.
    • The same goes for Usagi's German voice actress Sabine Bohlmann, who returned to voice the character after she went on maternity leave when the 90's anime first aired in Germany.
    • The entire English cast of the Viz Media dub reprise their roles from Viz's re-dub of the 90's anime as well.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Patricia Acevedo (Usagi), Rossy Aguirre (Ami), Mónica Manjarrez (Rei), María Fernanda Morales (Minako), Cristina Hernández (the second Chibi-usa),note  Salvador Delgado (Artemis), Paco Mauri (Wiseman's second voice), Irma Carmona (Michiru) and Cony Madera (Diana) all reprise their roles from the original anime.
    • The European Portuguese dub has Cristina Cavalinhos reprise her role as Rei from the original series.
  • Schedule Slip: Crystal was announced during 2012's 20th Anniversary Milestone Celebration for a Summer 2013 release. That got pushed back to Winter 2013, then even further, until its actual July 2014 debut.
  • Technology Marches On: Crystal makes a point of updating prior versions' outdated tech.
    • In the original 1992 version of the manga and original anime, Ami's seminar used floppy discs for brainwashing. Following the Orwellian Retcon in the Updated Re-release of the manga, Act 2 of Crystal uses a CD-ROM.note 
    • Also in Act 2, the computers now all have flat screens, as opposed to using a school desktop in both versions of the manga. Usagi said in the 90's anime that she doesn't know how to use a computer, and the manga points out the same too, now she has her own pink laptop with a bunny print on it.note 
    • In Act 7, the VHS cassettes from the evil video store (which are also used for brainwashing) are now DVDs. In the same episode, Ami uses a "FinePad" instead of her special small handheld computer to look up information about Sailor V.note 
  • What Could Have Been: When Crystal's Latin American Spanish dub was first announced in May 2018, its translator Brenda Nava said that they would use the North American names that were used for the first anime. However, Toei made a last-minute decision to use the original Japanese names.


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