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We will finally see Umino without his glasses
  • Haven't we waited long enough?

They lied when they said they're only covering the first arc.
Even considering filler, 26 episodes is just too many to cover the first arc. It is, however, enough to cover the first two arcs. (Food for thought: If they do one episode to one manga act, they'd actually end at the beginning of the third arc.)
  • Maybe the second part of the series will be the long-awaited Codename: Sailor V anime?
  • On the other hand, after the introduction of the core cast the manga rushes through its first arc's plot points at breakneck speed, with little time spared for characterization for anyone who isn't Usagi or Mamoru. Rather than stick to a 1:1 adaptation of manga chapters to episodes, the pacing may very well slow down a little once the core cast has been assembled to allow for a little more character development for the Inner Senshi and the Shitennou, in which case the Dark Kingdom arc could easily fill the full 26 episodes without diverging from the manga as much as the original anime did. Act 3 may provide the first indication of which direction the series is going to go in that respect, depending on whether Jadeite gets his manga-canon death or not.
    • Possibly. Another food for thought: The last eye catch features Neo-Queen Serenity and the Cutie Moon Rod. Concepts introduced in Arc 2.
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    • At this point hard to say. Everything played out exactly as it did in the manga, but the next episode preview might hint that Jadeite's still alive. It's kinda hard to tell if it's him or Zoicite.
    • It looks like Jadeite teleported away, rather than dying. That and his reaction to Rei suggests the anime is going to go into more detail regarding the past relationships between the Shitennou and the Senshi, previously only hinted at in artwork. Takeuchi did say the new anime would be covering things she couldn't put into the original manga because of time restraints...
    • Another rumor is an episode or two will be devoted to the 'Casablancas Memory' story about Rei. Which if true does mean if Jadeite isn't dead now, he eventually will be, as the enemy in that chapter was Zoicite trying to avenge Jadeite. Episode 5 might give us an answer, since they drop a hint on the next episode's content in the last few minutes, and Casablanca Memory takes place between Makoto's arrival and Minako's.
      • As of Act 4, Jadeite is still alive.
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    • See below.

The last 12 episodes will have additional anime-only material of some kind.
It's been stated that this show will have 26 episodes, but that it will also "only" cover the first arc. However, rather than divert from the path of the manga like some fear it might, instead, the first 14 episodes will be the initial 14 chapters, but then after that, it will have "something" exclusive to this anime version. What that is however, is anyone's guess: filler? Sailor V(enus)'s origin, plus some of her adventures? the relationship between the Four Heavenly Kings and the Sailor Guardians? All of the above? More than that? Who knows?
  • Jossed by confirmation that episodes 14-26 will cover the Black Moon arc.

Crystal will adapt the Black Moon storyline too.

As many people have pointed out, there's no way Crystal is only going to be the Dark Kingdom storyline. Not with the way the series has already played out. The source of the confusion about what they are going to do seems to be that the series is supposedly "only going to cover the first story arc", but is also going to be 26 episodes long, and that can't possibly work if "first story arc" means "only the Dark Kingdom storyline". Adding in the Black Moon storyline does make that work, and seems quite likely. Here's why:


1) Minor point, but it's been noted that the "To Be Continued" screen seems to be depicting Neo Queen Serenity, with the Cutie Moon Rod in scepter form (along with some Gratuitous French). This artwork is based on concepts introduced in the Black Moon arc.

2) There are not enough episodes without it. The anime has stuck to a consistent "one act = one episode" system, and contained no filler, and that is unlikely to substantially change, but there's nowhere near enough material for that without the Black Moon story. The Dark Kingdom storyline only runs 12 ½ acts, but add in the Black Moon storyline and that jumps to 23. Still falls a bit short of 26, but not by nearly as much (And the "Casablanca Memory" story idea is still in play).

3) 12 ½. Not 13. See, there is NO break between the end of the Dark Kingdom storyline and the beginning of the Black Moon one. Act 13 begins with the final part of the battle against Metallia, there's a bit of an epilogue and then it goes straight into Rei having a premonition of Rubeus and ends with Chibi-Usa's arrival. Act 13 is even titled "終結 そして 始まり - Petit etranger" (Owari Soshite Hajimari - Petit etranger). The Japanese bit means "An Ending and a Beginning" and the last part is Gratuitous (and apparently incorrect) French, meaning "Small Stranger".

4) Which brings us to the last point, titles. The Dark Kingdom storyline uses fairly normal titles:

  • Act 1: うさぎ - SAILORMOON (Usagi - Sailor Moon)
  • Act 6: タキシード仮面 - TUXEDOMASK (Tuxedo Kamen - Tuxedo Mask)
  • Act 10: MOON - 月

The Black Moon story does the same:

  • Act 14: ブラック·ムーン·コーアン - SAILORMARS (Black Moon Koan - Sailor Mars)
  • Act 18: タイムワープ - SAILORPLUTO (Time Warp - Sailor Pluto)
  • Act 21: NEMESIS - 暗躍 (Nemesis - Anyaku) [Anyaku = Secret Maneuvers].

The rest of the story arcs, however, have a slightly different title scheme:

  • Act 24: 無限1 - 予感 (Mugen 1 - Yokan) [Infinity 1 - Premonition]
  • Act 27: 無限4 - SAILOR URANUS - 天王はるかSAILOR NEPTUNE - 海王みちる (Mugen 4 - Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka; Sailor Neptune - Kaiou Michiru)
  • Act 30: 無限7 - 変身 - SUPER SAILORMOON (Mugen 7 - Henshin Super Sailor Moon)

  • Act 34: 夢1 - 日食ドリーム (Yume 1 - Nisshoku Dream) [Dream 1 - Eclipse Dream]
  • Act 37: 夢4 - ジュピター·ドリーム (Yume 4 - Jupiter Dream)
  • Act 41: 夢8 - デッド·ムーン·ドリーム (Yume 8 - Dead Moon Dream)

The last story arc does away with individual titles all together: "Act 43: Stars 1" (スターズ1), "Act 44: Stars 2", all the way to the series ending "Act 52: Stars 10".

So it's easy to see those as more separate. Essentially, there's the first (formally untitled) storyline, then the "Infinity" storyline, the "Dream" storyline, and finally the "Stars" storyline. Reinforced by the fact that there is, again, no break between the defeat of the Dark Kingdom and the arrival of the Black Moon Clan. Meanwhile, the Black Moon story definitively ends in act 23, as does "Infinity" in act 33 and "Dream" in act 42.

Yes, this is different from how most fans would see it and certainly not how the first anime treated it, but it does still make some sense.

  • Um, does anyone know Japanese? might be confirmed.
  • Confirmed via the completed episode plan released at the Animate Girls Festival event. The list of episode titles makes it clear that episodes 14-26 will cover the Black Moon arc, with the addition of an episode near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc (Act 12, "Enemy - Queen Metalia") and two extra episodes near the end of the Black Moon arc (Acts 23, "Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman," and 25, "Showdown - Death Phantom") to fill the season out into the entire 26 episodes.
    • That isn't a fillout - that's exactly how the story is broken into chapters in the two manga reprints. Furthermore, this isn't the chapters being broken into parts for a rerelease, it's the other way around: the original manga serialization in Nakayoshi actually had 60 issues, which were then reformatted into 52 chapters for the tankoubon collection. Later reprints simply used the original chapter count, and made up titles for chapters that were previously merged (the serialized version never had individual chapter titles to begin with, they were first created for the tankoubon collection). The Sailor V finale did the same. In that version, which Crystal seems to follow, the final chapter of the Black Moon series ("Saisei ~ Never Ending") is indeed Act 26, so it all matches.

Even if Jadeite didn't meet his fate like in the manga...
Even if he did teleport away, that could just mean that Queen Beryl simply sentenced him to "eternal sleep" like in the previous anime, which would mean he met his fate either way.
  • Jossed: He does indeed survive in this version of the story, and Beryl doesn't seem especially fed up with him yet. There's even a later scene where all of the Four Heavenly Kings reveal themselves to the Sailor Guardians early.

The Four Heavenly Kings and their romance with the Senshi will finally be explored.
Jadeite surviving the scene where Sailor Mars killed him in the manga already means they're deviating from the manga. However, since Takeuchi herself is overseeing the anime, the changes are most likely planned for her to explore ideas she didn't get to explore like she wanted in the original manga. In Sailor Mars' introduction, Jadeite found himself attracted to Rei and in Sailor Jupiter's introduction, Nephrite found something about Jupiter familiar. This trend will most likely continue with Zoicite and Kunzite being attracted to/noticing Sailors Mercury and Venus, respectively. Jadeite's survival and these instances between the FHK and the Senshi are building up to a revelation about their relationships. Making a further guess, this will take a tragic turn and either the Senshi or the FHK will only remember the past romances after the FHK have finally died. Possibly even worse, the Senshi kill themselves killing the FHK instead of in a failed attack against Queen Metaria.
  • About Venus and Kunzite... We have to keep in mind that Venus does remember their past romance, and, in the manga, has absolutely no qualms at killing her loved ones if they're in the way of the mission. In fact, she has already done it once, and may well have a vendetta against Kunzite for getting Ace in that situation in the first place. I think I'm crying now...
    • Were they actually in love though? I'll definitely agree Venus had a crush on Kunzite but as far as I can remember we never found out if it was mutual or not.
    • One line in Act 8 makes me think Minako knows he's been brainwashed, so it might not come to her having to kill him, unless it's a matter of her death or his.
    • She knew in the original manga too. She still ordered a Sailor Planet Attack on him.
  • As of Act 10, it's pretty much confirmed in text by Sailor Venus that the past incarnations of the Senshi were indeed in love with the FHK, though it's not clear if the FHK ever returned their feelings. However, from the way that scene turns out, the Senshi made their choice already, and will have no issues killing the FHK if they have to in order to protect their Princess.

Minako initially insisted on working alone because she didn't consider them ready now that things were becoming difficult
She's been shown mentoring them through Luna, but after showing up in person she insists on fighting alone. That's the only explanation I can find for this. This, and later accepting their help: they had just proved they could fight and survive even at this point.
  • There's a simpler explanation, which is that Minako has been working on her own for a good year already. Her mindset in Act 8 is based in spending that time as the only person around with the power to stand up to the Dark Kingdom. She tries to leave the other senshi out of the fight to protect them, not because she's specifically thinking of them as unready so much as because she's simply not used to the idea of having allies who can fight alongside her instead of people who need to be kept safe.
  • Going by the manga (from which this series draws a lot), Minako was happy of not being alone to fight anymore. That's why I theorized she wanted to protect them.
  • Another explanation could be that the producers fudged a little bit and took Minako's I Work Alone attitude aspect from the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, where Minako was depicted very much of a loner and not wanting to team up.

The Sailor Senshi had already seen Minako at the Crown Arcade
Minako practically lives there, and the girls were quite surprised when they saw Sailor V's civilian identity...
  • There's no indication that Minako's been at the arcade or the secret base while the other girls were there. Her lines in Act 8 suggest that while she'd been in the secret base before, it wasn't any time recently - she'd been contacting Luna (and Usagi on those two occasions) from somewhere else.
  • She's not been in the base. But at the arcade? She practically lives there and is friends with Motoki, suddenly disappearing would have been suspect.
    • What are you drawing this from? Minako has not been shown to have any presence at the arcade or connection to Motoki in Crystal thus far, let alone that she "practically lives there."
      • I think you're mixing anime up, hon, that's true for the original anime but not the manga.
    • I'm drawing this from the manga continuity (from which this series draws a lot), in which Minako is often at the Crown since the time of Sailor V.
      • While Crystal draws heavily from the manga, it is its own entity which does some things differently. Details from either manga, especially the Sailor V manga, should not automatically be taken as canon to Crystal unless and until they're brought into an episode.
        Even going by the manga, however, the only one of the girls Minako could possibly have run into at the Crown arcade would be Usagi, since Minako has not been in the Juuban area recently and Ami, Rei, and Makoto have all explicitly only just started going to the arcade since they met Usagi.

Minako wants to work alone because she really does have her own mission. A self appointed one: she's trying to help the Shitennou remember their pasts.
She remembers the past, well enough to recognize Kunzite's voice, and thus remembers them as Endymion's misguided guardians. If she can get them to remember their past and their duty, she'd not only stop them from fighting and hurting the others and civilians, they'd also gain four powerful new allies. She didn't want to involve the others because she's isn't 100 percent sure it will work, so they might get hurt, and because she isn't sure they would understand since they don't have their full memories yet.

Sailor Moon Crystal was intended to be an OVA series all along.
The internet streaming is merely a "preview" showing of sorts. In any event, why else would all the animation mistakes be present? The only other explanation is to increase DVD sales with a cleaned up version.
  • Jossed now that the series was Enhanced on DVD by Toei to the point that it got an eventual TV broadcast. The third season was exclusively broadcast on TV.

In the final fight with the Shitennou, Kunzite (and maybe the others) will beg the Sailors to kill them
That is to say, they will briefly regain their senses long enough to ask to die since they're not able to defend Endymion as they are.
  • I'm thinking they won't regain their senses until after they die, since they're currently under Beryl's spell. See, in the manga, there was a bit of a pattern - Mars killing Jadeite and Jupiter killing Nephrite - but that didn't last. And Act.10 of Crystal made it obvious the Sailors can overcome their feelings and kill the Shitennou if they have to ("We are not helpless girls", indeed). So what I suspect can happen is that they will kill their "respective" Shitennou while the latter are still on Beryl's side, restoring the status quo from the manga and allowing the Shitennou to come back as Spiritual Advisors for Mamoru. Who will be killed by Usagi first. If that happens, that would be an excellent example of Pragmatic Adaptation that also fits the theme (girls killing their beloved Brainwashed and Crazy boys because of their duty, no actual romance expansion).
  • All of the above has been Jossed for the most part. They do regain their memories, but then are destroyed soon after by Queen Metaria / Metalia / Metallia.

Senshi/Shitennou are going to be endgame when we see a flash to Crystal Tokyo in the future
There's a reason the guys were kept around as long as they were and Naoko always wanted to do more with the concept of them being paired with the Senshi. Not sure how they'll manage to work it into the Black Moon arc to build it up, but it's likely headed this way.

The Shitennou
didn't actually die. We see Metalia's blast, but no dead bodies or blood or other remains. It's entirely possible that they teleported to safety just in time, and will show up during the climax of the final battle to fight in Endymion's name.
  • Jossed in Act.13; however, what actually happened borders on an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole. In the manga, the Shitennou's human bodies perished under different circumstances, reverting to their stone forms, which the possessed Mamoru carried around afterwards (Kunzite's, at least). In Crystal, the Shitennou were killed by Metalia shortly before Mamoru was killed by Sailor Moon, and in a different location; therefore, there's no explanation how the Shitennou managed to revive Mamoru beyond them magically teleporting to him the moment he was struck.

The Black Moon arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will show Mamoru's Transformation Sequence at some point.
While in the manga Mamoru doesn't transform "on-screen" until the final chapters of the third arc, Crystal, for all we know, is going to end after the second, and the writers might just attempt to stuff interesting scenes/concepts from later chapters into the plot they're working with. The first anime made several attempts at showing Mamoru's transformation, but very few of them were as impressive (like the one in the "Sleeping Beauty" episode). Now, Crystal isn't above Mamoru Fanservice, if the Shirtless Scene in Act.6 is any indication, and the Black Moon arc happens to be the point where Tuxedo Mask gets some actual combat powers (assuming it keeps following the manga). So they might just go and show him transforming once, for the heck of it; after all, the Senshi do have standard transformation scenes in Crystal, even if they're only shown in full once.
  • Jossed. (Shame, though, considering they've worked in Luna's human form...)

Sailor Moon Crystal is set in the Marvel Universe.
Or at least the manga, original anime, the live action series and Crystal are set in the Marvel universe in some form. Why? Because the Holy Sword's inscription basically echoes Mjölnir which when you get down to it, the Moon Kingdom was probably among the realms before it officially became the Nine Realms as soon as it fell. Would anyone from Asgard even know about the Moon Princess still running amok?

The reason Minako was so surprised that Chibiusa was Mamoru and Usagi's daughter
She had figured out Usagi was too shy to ever have sex (and has no idea they may have already have it once).

If they go on to the Infinity Arc, they'll make one significant change to the manga: they'll give the Senshi a brooch or a pen to use to transform with Planet Power.
Merchandising, yanno. Maybe they'll even give them their own versions of the Lip Rods, who knows. As long as they can market it. By this point in the manga, the only senshi who are still explicitly using transformation items are Moon and Chibimoon. However, the only scene where the new items could've been worked in without introducing more plotholes was the moment where Neo-Queen Serenity grants the team new powers (and Usagi gets a new brooch). The Outer Senshi, in the manga, start at the same power level, so they'd have to follow the suit.
  • Jossed. The Inner Senshi are still using the Star Wands, and they copped out completely on showing what the Outers use.

If they go on to the Stars arc, we'll finally see the senshi killed by Shadow Galactica.
The reason they weren't shown could be because the implied scope of damage is much greater than just those five planets the Animamates came from. We only ever get to properly see the senshi from about four non-Solar System planets (Kakyuu & Starlights, Lethe, Mnemosyne, and wherever Phi and Chi were from, assuming they used to be regular senshi), with the implication that they're the last surviving ones in the galaxy besides Sailor Moon and her team - and everyone but the Kinmoku ones are on Galaxia's side. This bring the question of just how many planets were raided by Galaxia. Remember how the musicals had extra Animamates? Those five killed senshi are completely insignificant compared to what was probably hundreds of others similarly killed by Galaxia or by their own people looking for her approval (which is what appears to be the story behind the Animamates). Of course, it could also be that Takeuchi just didn't have the time to come up with their designs...

There will be two more seasons: one covering the fourth and fifth arcs, and an 'anthology' arc covering all the side stories.
Looking back, there's not really enough acts in the final two arcs to cover one season, unless they split the acts up, so they'll make it one. As for the side stories, well, it'd be a nice treat at the end, considering a few of them are quite well known, quite a few are silly and by this point the viewers could use some silliness, and honestly, I'm just hoping for more on Parallel Sailor Moon.
  • Now that the two-part film for the fourth arc has been announced, Toei will have to figure out a way to adapt the fifth arc. Perhaps they would air it on TV or release it as another two-part film.

Sailor Saturn will finally have a proper Transformation Sequence.
She's long overdue for one.
  • Doubtful, unless SMC makes it to the Dream Arc. Saturn never actually was seen using a henshin until that arc when she got her Saturn Crystal.

Now that Yuko Mizutani has unfortunately passed away, Toei will have to figure out a way to recast Ikuko if she does have screen time for the two-part film for the fourth arc. Perhaps they could bring back her original VA Sanae Takagi for the role or recast it with a different actress altogether. Despite how iconic characters like Saint Seiya, Toriko, Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman and Monkey D. Luffy are, there have been multiple actors to play them.

These Sailor Guardians consist of Nobodies
For at least the first season, they look so soulless because they were created after the first anime's Sailor Guardians lost their hearts to the Death Busters.

Character names for the Latin American version
The Latin American Spanish dub has just been announced and most of the original actors are going to return. However, there might be a problem with the names/terminology used for that particular dub. Depending on the situation, the dub may end up using either using the using the names used for The '90s dub or the original names (i.e. Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Rei, etc.). The original names may end up being used anyway to maintain consistency with other dubs such as the French, Italian, European Portuguese and German dubs.

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