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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the video to the full opening the planetary symbols of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter explode but the one for Venus simply circles around. Also, at one point Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are shown on the ground in apparent despair during the Silver Millennium before scenes in which they rise up again to fight, but Venus is just shown by the back thinking, and her 'rise up and fight' scene is just her turning around with a 'let's kick some ass' face. Why this difference in treatment? Because she's the leader and the Senshi who has been through the most.
    • The explotion of the planetary symbols can also mean that the first three girls' memories were sealed entirely, while Minako remembers enough (if not all) of her past life to know who she really is and how crucial is for her to defeat the Dark Kingdom.
  • In the opening, when Usagi is looking at Mamoru, Minako is the first of the Senshi to appear, beaten only by Luna who apparently was already on her body. Of course Minako would show up first: Usagi was looking at her love, and Minako is the local Love Goddess.
    • Plus in the Manga, Minako is most likely Usagi's closest friend of the inner senshi.
    • Could also be a hint that Minako was actually the first, and hence most trained, senshi out of them and likely the most powerful, next to Usagi.
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  • Of course Minako didn't cry out 'Venus Power, Make Up' in Act 8 like the other senshi: she's still posing as the moon princess and saying that out loud would have given it away that she's a decoy.
  • Among the Sailor Senshi transformations, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter's have them enveloped by their element, while Moon and Venus' have them enveloped by ribbons. Either a hint that Sailor Venus is the highest-ranking of the Sailor Senshi after Sailor Moon, or possibly an allusion to Venus being Moon's Body Double. And they definitely did it on purpose, given that in the original anime Venus' transformation didn't have ribbons but had her circled by a stream of stars.
    • In season 3 Venus' tranformation is back to streams of stars. She's not Sailor Moon's Body Double anymore.
    • Speaking of the stars, they are still present in Sailor Venus' transformation in season 1 and 2. The five-pointed star is a symbol of both the planet and the goddess Venus dating back to the sixth century BC and the legend of Aphrodite/Venus using the Star of Evening (the planet Venus) to guide Aeneas and the survivors of Troy to Italy.
  • When Koan is playing being a fortune teller she's incredibly accurate in describing her customers' past before saying when and how they'll die. Given she's from the future and the Japanese police keeps extensive records on everyone, she probably stole the files and is using them to describe her customers' past... And possibly their deaths too.
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  • In Act 10, Rei gives a small speech about what the moon phases mean when it comes to divination. The New Moon in particular is linked with death and destruction. Season 3 introduces and focuses on Saturn, the Sailor Guardian of Silence and Destruction, with an opening that focusing on the New Moon.
  • When the Inners first meet a Daimon at the start of season 3, Mamoru openly tells them to deal with the monster while he keeps Naru and Umino out of the way, in the latter two's presence. Not sure about Umino, but Naru did hint that she knew about Usagi being Sailor Moon...

Fridge Logic

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