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  • Comes with some Mood Whiplash considering what came before the moment, but...
    Priestess: "By the way, where's the other one?"
    Nobunaga & Mitsuhide: "Eh?"
  • When Date-sensei gives an Info Dump as to her and Hideyoshi's origins, it becomes clear that no one is listening.
    Nobunaga: "So you're from another country, yeah?"
    Hideyoshi: "That's about right."
  • When Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, and the others find Date in the forest, forced to tell 100 ''good' stories, she begs them for help, and the scene even his a musical build up. Then...
    Mitsuhide: "Goodbye." *Music stops*
    Nobunaga: We're in the midst of Hawk Hunting."
    Date: "What!?"
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  • Ieaysu's brillant plan to cheat during the Kite fighting tie breaker is foiled by her Onee-chan Yoshimoto. "Fair and square is my motto!" Ieyasu's slow realization of how screwed she is is priceless.
  • Mitsuhide unintentionally telling Hideyoshi her plan to get Shingen and Kenshin's armor pieces. Akiren's mouth is sometimes her worst enemy, but what's even funnier is Nobunaga's punishment for her. Meganekko tend to be Blind Without 'Em.
  • Mitsuhide's plan to improve Nobunaga's image in Saigoku backfiring.
    • To elaborate: "Nobunaga is well-loved by all, so people bring their children so she may pat their heads" becomes "People bring their children to Nobunaga to be treated" becomes "People offer up their children to Nobunaga" becomes "Nobunaga desires children flesh" becomes "Nobunaga, the Cannibal of Owari"
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 7.
    • To start... Goddammit, Yoshimoto! Goddammit...
      Yoshimoto *clad in every colour of fabric the series has used so far*: I thought the clothes I had for the play were a bit plain. What do you think of this?
      Hideyoshi: Aaah... You're going to wear that for the play?
      Yoshimoto: Hmm... It's still kind of plain... *change to shrine maiden outfit* Then I'll try this! *change to kunoichi outfit* Or this! *change to panties and hand-bra* Or more bold! *change to Playboy bunny suit* More showy! *cut to Yoshimoto atop what appears to be a multicolour neon crystal Christmas Tree* Oh ho ho ho ho ho!
    • Shiro. Just... Shiro.
      Shiro: "I almost suffocated in Shingen's butt."
      Hideyoshi *later*: I thought she [Kenshin] was gonna kiss me!
      Shiro: What's wrong with that? It wouldn't hurt you.
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    • Mitsuhide contemplating the performance in the bath, descending lower and lower with every change of mind.
      "What to do..."
      "If the play fails, Hideyoshi's reputation would be ruined."
      "It would be wonderful."
      "But if the play succeeds, then I can sleep with my Lord, even if it's in front of everyone!"
      "I can't pass that up!"
      "But if I do that, then the play will be a success."
      "But I can't give up on sleeping with her!"
      "But if my Lord embraces me..."
      *Mitsuhide's mouth descends below water level*
    • Finally, Hanzou being not satisfied by Ieyasu's orders.
      Hazou: I changed Nobunaga's script, like she said. But that's to simple. There's got to be something else I can do! Oh, a flint!"
      Ieyasu, after the stage is alight and everyone has evacuated, with her staff raised to Hanzo's back: Haaaanzoooou!
  • Despite the overall seriousness of episode 11, it doesn't stop Ieyasu and Hanzo making the same horrifying trap montage from Episode 6 absolutely hilarious due to the way Tokugawa treats her shinobi. The crown goes on when Ieyasu arrives at the place where Nobunaga is storing the Crimson Armour.
    Ieyasu: *sees the armour, but stops herself from stepping onto the floor*
    Ieyasu: Hanzo.
    Hanzo: *appears* Ma'am. *takes four steps before falling into a trap*
    Ieyasu: Hanzo.
    Hanzo: *appears* Ma'am. *takes two steps before falling into a trap*
    Ieyasu: Hanzo.
    Hanzo: *appears* Ma'am. *takes three steps before falling into a trap*
    Ieyasu: Hanzo.
    Hanzo: *appears* Ma'am. *takes five steps before falling into a trap*
    Ieyasu: Hanzo.
    Hanzo: *appears* Ma'am. *takes seven steps before falling into a trap*
    Ieyasu (frustrated): All you Hanzos, go at once!.
    Hanzo: *seventeen appear* Ma'am. *all rush forward, falling into traps*


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